●▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬●Soft Touch, Hard Soul●▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬●



  ●▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬●Human Touch, Daemon Soul●▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬●  


  ❤ K Y L E ❤


My Own View Of Catwoman!!

With My Own Story.Brought Her To Life With A Twist!!

She Has Been On Going Since 2009 to 2012 on Youtube!! 

ROLEPAGES from 2012 to 2017!! And Wrealms from 2017 til Now!!

{14 Years!!}

Inspired By

90'S DC Catwoman COMIC: 


She Is The CATWOMAN In Purple!!

Catwoman affiliated properties are copyrighted by DC

No profit is being made from use of these properties or cosplayers.


What's Your Obsession??

7521438059?profile=RESIZE_710x  ~SMITTEN  KITTEN~




Here is a look of some who crawl under her Fur!



Kilala - Yokai - Bakeneko - Nekomata  

D o m i n i c




→Jim←                                        ~NPC~                                         →Neo← 

Partners In 

Kitty Nights Burlesque!!


  Must Be 21 To Enter! Show ID!

No Alcohol, No Guns, No Knives, No Drugs Are Permitted Inside!!

Security Will ~Frisk You~ At The Door!! 

  My Story Is... 




 Before there was Catwoman there was Selina Kyle, Born on a ElseWorld planet Gemiriar. It was ruled under a Dictatorship Government that her parents were respected council members of. Gemiriar was a world that had a reflected a Majestic Steampunk affluence.  It had Animal Souls that walked side by side by the Human counterparts as a separate entity. These Animal Souls go by various names. The most common Familars and Daemons. The older termonolgy is called Phouka. 

When Selina was 5 years old a Fallen Angel that was a Seraphim came to Gemiriar. Her name was Ska Skinwalker. She was following the directions of Lucifer to kill everyone by taking their animal souls.  She would then bring these Animal Souls or Otherwise known as Familiars or Daemons to Lucifer, once they were separated from there human counterpart. There was much chaos on Gemiriar. The people didn't know to how fight or protect themselves from this Fallen Angel named Ska Skinwalker.

At first Ska targeted the adults and their Familiars. But then a bargain was made to extend the adults livelihood. The Gemiriar people were mainly a rich society of materialistic aristocrats. They didn't have much need of a military system and only a few sections were poor. The children's familiars on Gemiriar were taken one by one and killed during a Massive Green Storm that swept the planet in a maddess with the exception of Selina Kyle. The Green Storm was a energy of the Unstable Emotions from the people  with the toxic combination of Powers coming off from Ska Skinwalker that clashed and ultimately led to the Severed Connections of Dark Matter. Dark Matter is an element that combined Humans and their Animal Souls or also called Familairs or Daemons together. But Selina Kyle had escaped that horrific nightmare somehow. She was smuggled off the planet to safety. But not without having some changes that affected her. Her Animal Soul/Familiar/Daemon became trapped inside her body but in feline form. Selina Kyle was then brought to Earth. More Specifically right in Gotham N.J. Right before her 6TH Birthday. Later on in her Adulthood she would meet Michael, another Angel, he would teach her how to bring her Daemon in or out at will. But by this time Selina's name had changed to Kougar or otherwise known as the infamous Catwoman. Where she learned it could change to any feline form. 


 Selina was placed in a Orphanage that was Corrupted and eventually was adopted by a Man named Rex Calabrese.  Rex used to be Known as the Great Underground Cat Burgular working for the Mafia in his Hay Day Prior to adopting Selina. But the Mafia family changed leadership hands and Falcone had since taken control over Gotham City since and no longer wanted Rex's help. Rex then decided to adopt and use Selina to Build a new respected name or brand for himself once again. He conditioned Selina in the Ways of Thievery to Help him get back to being the King of the Cat Burgulars for the Mafias Eyes Once Again. 

Rex saw Special Abilities in Selina, and made sure that she was Only to use certain aspects of what he saw in her. There under his Control and Direction, he Trained Her To Become A Professional Thief. Home Schooled in the Seven Bells Of Pick Pocketing. She was Secluded from Normal Society. She Learned the Arts of Stealing!! And The Ability To Do So! Gymnastics, Parkour, and Street Fighting were some of curricular activities. Along with the Education of Valuable - Fine Art, Money, Precious Gems. How to know the difference between something that is fake or authentic. She also learned about Computer Hacking, Classified Document Forgeries, along with Small Electronic Devices! She Became Extremely Talented at this Craft and Enjoyed The High From Stealing! It was as if she was Born To Steal! 

But even though she was Child Laborer/Thief for Him, she defied Rex on many occasions which led to many physical and mental scars, as never being allowed to keep anything that she stole for Rex. Two of which Impacted her Greatly. One being an Underground Russian Roulette Game she Witnessed. And the other was when Rex had set her up to Fall in Falcone's hands around her 17th Birthday to teach her a Hard Lesson On Who Was The Better Father. Rex began to think this rebranding idea was more trouble than it was worth. He didn't really need Selina anymore because she was too much trouble always rebelling against him. So he dropped Selina Kyle into the lap of Carmine Falcone, where she then became forced to Work for him or Die for him. Rex thought she'd end up dead in a heartbeat, as he didn't have the heart to kill the child he raised and trained himself. Killing girls was never his strong suit. Beat them Yes, mentally and physically but Kill them, no.


 By Selina's 20th Birthday things changed again. A deal was made, between Falcone and Rex. And She was owned by Rex once more who for some reason wanted her back. But that deal was short lived. Selina took matters in her own hands when she had stumbled across a hitman named Chev Chelios. She paid Chev Chelios to Kill Rex. Selina Kyle then became Free of Any Man. She changed her name from Selina to Kougar, and took what she had Learned and Became the Famous Catwoman-Queen of Thieves In Gotham City Today. Never to be owned by Any Man!

She has Stolen Many Valuables throughout her life. She lives on the edge with an Adrenaline Rush from her Crimes running from the Law and Vigilantes! She is a Deadly Cat-Burglar, Feline Thief in the Night or "Night Huntress." But she does have a Heart! Some stolen items that have Helped to Provide Food, and Clothes to the Local Orphanges, and those in need! She will Help Any Stray Cat, and Take them in! She has set up cat shelters through out the city to protect any Felines. She also has seen a lot of Corruption with Drugs, Weapons, and Human Trafficking all over the United States and fights against it. So Be Warned. Don't let this Purple Feline Thief Cross your Mind or set Foot in your Heart.. 


"WE'RE NOT AFRAID OF THE DARK WE ARE ALIVE IN IT"                           

Catwoman really didn't experience much of the supernatural after being brought to Gotham by the work of the Fallen Angel named Ska Skinwalker.  It wasn't until the time of her first boyfriend Ethan and his friends that her life went down a darker road. Since then she has met Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Demons, Mages and Others. But Demons and Werewolves she would prefer to avoid, as they tend to rub her fur the wrong way! She has had many Fights with them. They are always wreaking havoc in her life in one way or another!



Kougar Kyle has built a bigger name for herself, on top of being Queen of Thieves as Catwoman. She runs an entertainment club called Kitty Nights Burlesque under an alias name along with two partners by her side. Neo Felis a computer guru and security provisions and Jim Balent the Head Bouncer and the Advertising Artist for the Club. Who has secrets about himself. Between the three of them they have made an Empire that has Boosted Catwoman's Criminal Agenda through the secrets of dark men's mind that pollute and cloud the city through Sexual Flirty Entainment. What is good for the goose, is also good for the KITTY! 


"SHE WHO SCRATCHES"                                                                                                        

Lore Of Pakhet. Pakhet was a Feline Goddess during the Middle Kingdom Ages. Both of Earth and a Parellel World. She was similiar to Bastet and Sekhmet taking the form of a Caracal feline. She is the daughter of Maahes and Huntheth both Lion Gods. Maashes her Father was associated with war, protection, and weather. Huntheth her Mother was the Hours of Night. Pakhet attributes her war strength as more inner than outward as she was called "The Night Huntress" with a Sharp Eye and Pointed Claw. Pakhet also has duality roles. She was the Goddess of being an Astral Lone Traveler and venturing off between Worlds. She is the protector of motherhood and fights against venomous creatures. Pakhet's temple on Earth was an underground cavernous shrine near al Minya Egypt. Pakhet's crown has a Solar disk and her amulet is a lioness attacking its prey. She is the Great Grand Daughter To The Egyptian God Ra.  But as to who who her Grandmother was, Bastet or Sekhmet is unknown. Pakhet lost her Goddess status of immortality when she was Tricked by a Snake God to become Human and live under reincarnation. Setting her to become more human in each life and forgetting a little more who she is after every death. Kougar knows something of her past being of something of importance with the feline race, but has not discovered yet who she really is. If she does't come to realize she is Pakhet in this life soon, she will never be able to return to her rightful place as the Immortal Cat Goddess Pakhet.  And the Snake God will return to spawn his lesser children from her through force and then Kill her.  Will Catwoman be able to remember soon who she is??? {Updated 2/1/23}



Sexually Flirtatous! {Wink Wink!}   Curious Kitten! {Oohh?}

Devious Femme Fatale! {Smirk!}   Distant & Distrusting! {FluFF Off!} 


{{Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Perception/Ambivert}}

ISTP's are practical, resourceful, adaptable pragmatists, they possess an excellent capacity for understanding how anything works, displaying logical, detached analysis. They have incredible, powers of observation and a great talent for logical analysis. They love to explore and get their hands dirty {Such As Stealing} touching and examining the world around them with cool rationalism and spirited curiosity.

People with this personality type are moving from project to project, building the useful and the superfluous for the fun of it, and learning from their environment as they go. An ISTP decisions stem from a sense of practical realism, and at their heart is a strong sense of direct fairness,

a “do unto others” attitude.

This type of  personality is self-sufficient and very independent, only really happy when undertaking some risky or interesting activity as they display coolness under pressure which helps get things fixed but which may not endear them to those around them.


Ultimately they want to be left alone to live their lives and do their jobs the way they see fit, rarely trying to control others and expecting others not to try to control them. But in a crisis, or when the situation needs in-depth understanding, they will thrive or at least until the crisis is over. They will be difficult to know as they will be quiet outsiders looking in until they are ready. Once they are clear on what needs to be done, they will be difficult to budge and will potentially move too quickly without thinking through all the implications.

However with growth of an Ambivert tendencies they can moderately be comfortable with groups and social interaction to a degree, but also still relish the time alone, away from a crowd. In simpler words, an ambivert is a person whose behaviour changes according to the situation they are in. 

Strengths: Optimistic and Energetic | Creative and Practical | Spontaneous and Rational | Know How to Prioritize | Great in a Crisis | Relaxed

Weaknesses: Stubborn | Private and Reserved | Easily Bored | Risky Behavior 

~Extra Tid Bits~


{↑↑A Gift From Nikki Sixx!!Thank You!!↑↑}

Friends Loved: 

RIP-Tony Stark {I Will Always Remember You.}

To Nikki Sixx Who Hides In The Shadows Of The Night!

May Your Journey Take You To New Heights!

{You Will Always Be My Friend And My Crow!} 


Awaken From One Dream To Enter Another!

Is It Real Or Is It Fantasy? It Is Passion Of The Mind!

-Active Writers: Hiatus

 Nahar'u Kishori


Hellren & Frenemy

Love Triangle

The Past Is Like Looking In The Mirror!!

It Reflects Apart Of Your Soul You Carry!!


Active Writer: -1- 

In Gotham City 

Single-But I have my Cat eyes on Him! 


  Kyle also has a Loving Companion by her side in Gotham City.

A Pet named Charlie! A Florida Red Panther.


 He Is Very Protective Over Her!   10051180055?profile=RESIZE_584x


Catwoman-Aka-Kougar's Kyle's Abilities: Updated 8/4/2019

Kougar's Daemon Animal Soul is named KiTT. KiTT can move in and out of Kougar's body at her will. It can communicate with Kougar through telepathy. Also KiTT can Change to any type of Feline Big or Small, as well as giving her the use of its power when its inside her. Kougar can see through KiTT's Eyes, use its Claws, Have Heightened Hearing, and Smelling, and have the gift of Speed to be used for her Gain. But the Daemon soul or Familiar when outside of her body cannot go far from her. And she is no longer able to use the extra gifts Heightened Hearing, Smelling, Seeing or Speed with her Familiar separated from her body.  And if Injured her familiar needs to be return back to her body in order to be Healed. If kept away to long while injured Both Her and Animal Soul will die. Also KiTT has no gender because it is just a soul.

~HER OTHER GIFT~ {updated 1/7/20}
Astral Projecting is another gift she obtained from being a Goddess. Though she doesn't know how this and assumes other reasons. Astral projection can be done by Sleep or a Meditation state where Kougar can Travel anywhere by using the Daemon soul as a cord to her real body. The Spirit body can Travel to other places on Earth, but she cannot be seen by anyone, except those with supernatural abilities themselves. Vampires, Demons, Angels Etc. But to other realms she can be viewed. Also with Great Control of Low vibrations or Telekinesis. Kougar can move objects to some degree only when she puts all of concentrations into it. However this can only be done in an astral projection state.


"WE ALL WEAR MASKS"                                                                                                                             

Jet Black Long Hair {I'm Not Butch!} ★_╭∩╮(_)╭∩╮_★

Blue Gray Eyes Can Change Pupil Shape ★_()_()_★

Height 5'7 W/O Thigh High Boots  ★__(_ )__★

All the Right Curves In All the Right Places!! 

When Catwoman-Purple Catsuit with Vinyl and Kevlar 

At the Club-Naughty Corsets And Negligee

Everywhere else-Anything that looks Sexy!



Stealing, Emeralds, Canary Diamonds, Muscle Cars That PuuuRRR!

The Smell of Cigarette Smoke, Cologne and Alcohol Breath rolled into one.

Her Abilities of her Daemon soul and her gift of astral projection.

(Jim Balent-Weretiger-Ancestral lineage of Panthera Tigris from the Hyborian Age.)



She's Owner Of Kitty Nights Burlesque.

Her Penthouse is on the Eastside of Gotham, but she has others.

And one Bunker. {Hidden in one of the tunnels}

Men with Power, she says she can't stand, but some Men with Power can be quite an addiction to her, as she Flirts with the Dark Side. Lex Luthor, and Thomas Wayne are the only two who have Manipulated and used Power over her. But Generally speaking she is the One Who likes to be in Control. In her past Rex Calabrese and Carmine Falcone had Power over her as a Child and Teenager. But she got her Revenge since on them. 

She has a soft spot for children in the Gotham Orphanage. And has spent years bringing goods to them anonymously. 

She has also done a lot to help the stray cats in Gotham and helps to protect the Big Wild Cats in Gotham's Sanctuary. 

She also has two other house cats givien to her called, Obsidian and Violet 

Catwoman's Net Worth $80. Million...


~Aliases She Goes By~

Irena Dubrovna or Miss LaPerm-At The Club,

Marguerite ToneMadame Moderne,

Katarina Kyle,

K or Kat which is most often used.


Human Trafficking, Drugs, Guns, Children Used And Abused, Poachers, WereWolves.

Certain people of her past- C. Beritti,  Anthony Malficini, Carmine Falcone, First BF, and a couple of Demons past and present.


~INVENTORY~ Updated 4/30/2022 
Bullwhip w/Kevlar,  Spiked Cat O' Nine Tales,  Throwing Knives,  Blinding Light Capsules,  Boleadoras,  Bolawrap Lasso Device,  Taser,  Wrist Mounted Crossbow,  Caltrops,  Catarang,  Hacking Devices,  Sunglasses w/Headphone Blocker,  Grappling Gun,  Holographic Bracelet Device,  High Pitch Frequency Device,  Lock Pick tools,  Climbing Equipment,  Sleeping Agent: Halothane. 

Her Ride For Getting Around is Victory Hammer 8 Ball Motorcycle

And a 2023 Purple Dodge Charger SRT HellCat Redeye! 203MPH

Unless She is Stealing whatever Ride crosses her Path that she Fancies! Maybe Even YOURS!!!



Bad Boys! 

Dr. Troy Hellyar - {FC-Julian McMahon} Billionaire & Founder of LabCorp. Studied in the Genetic Institute of Bio Science & Engineering. He Specializes In Ancestry DNA - BioMetrics, Methylation, Genomic Imprinting. And Womanizing! 

Robert Burns III - {FC-Brad Pitt} Senator's Aid 

Lee Christmas- {FC-Jason Statham} A Hired gun who carries out his assignments with percision and strict code.


  Do You Have Something Catwoman May Want To Steal?

Would You Like To Hire Her To Steal Something From Someone?

Or Maybe You Could Be Involved In Whatever Mischief She Gets Into With Her Enemies?

Do You Want Her To Get Tangled In With Your Enemies?

Or Maybe You Want To Meet Jim Or Neo Instead?

((If So, Leave A Meow In The Comment Box!!))


Current Threads  

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But Play By Your Own Rules You Set On Your Page!!

Don't Take Advange Of Mine!!







June 5

Character Age


Character Abilites

~MORE ABOUT DAEMONS/FAMILIARS~ Kougar's Daemon Animal Soul can move in and out of Kougars body freely. And can give her the use of its power from the inside, by allowing Kougar to see through its Eyes, use its Claws, Have Heightened Hearing, and Smelling, and have the gift of Speed to be used for her Gain. But the Daemon soul or Familiar when outside of her body cannot go far from her. And if Injured it needs to be return back to her body in order to be Healed. If kept away to long while injured Both Her and Animal Soul will die. ~HER OTHER GIFT~ Astral Projecting is another gift she somehow obtained. Though it is not sure if it was due to the events of her childhood or was predestined. Astral projection can be done by Sleep or a Meditation state where Kougar can Travel anywhere by using the Daemon soul as a cord to her real body. The Spirit body can Travel to other places on Earth, but she cannot be seen by anyone. But to other realms she can be viewed. Also with Great Control of Low vibrations Kougar gives off she can move objects to some degree only when she puts all of concentrations into it.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Hello I'm Kougar Kyle.  Address me as my Character. (I'm a 10 + year Vet Rper.) I don't go by the pronoun Fad. Cosplayer & Actresses Used: Kamiko Zero, Jemma Pepper, Nerdy Siren, Alexikens as Catwoman. Katie McGrath, Dita Von Teese as Kyle Herself! Various Pics are used in my Stories! Writer Must Be Over 21. Plotting Ideas Past & Present is Welcomed.  All Threads Get Saved. If the Rper Wants to read Our Personal Thread and have access to it, please PM me your email address. Your email remains private. This Character Of Catwoman Is My Take Of Her. If we agree to write together than I expect you to write in a timely manner. The Creation Of Kougar Kyle And Her History Took Years To Develop And Is Ongoing. Don't Steal My Twist To The Character! My Character is a Thief, but I am Not!! Treat Me With Respect In The RP Community!!

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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - Kit-Kat!!!!!!

  • ~~Mayor’s Office~~

    *The Mayor didn’t disappoint, the entire City Board and a few other honorable mentions showed up to hear this new energy bill.  Dr. Tate was with Thomas as they entered the room, Sam was waiting downstairs with the car as usual, keeping an eye and ear out for anything that seemed out of place. 

    The Mayor sat at the head of a long table that he had brought in to seat everyone, Thomas at one point thought about running for Mayor of Gotham, but decided against it after giving it some serious thought, but realized he couldn’t run the Casinos or be Batman as Mayor.  Everyone sat down, as Thomas introduced Dr. Tate to the room and let her do her thing.  She spoke about how this little device could power an entire city and then some, for years.  There were no residual effects, no harmful emissions, just pure clean energy.  The meeting lasted for about two hours and when it was finished, the Mayor shook Dr. Tates and Thomas’s hands, thanking them for showing them this.*

    Mayor:  Let me thank you both and you will be hearing from my office shortly, I just need to talk this over with the City Board members.  Are you going to join us to discuss this Thomas or are you needed elsewhere?

    You hit the nail right on the head, I wish I could stay, but I really can’t, I have some business to attend to back at my office, but I am sure that whatever decision you make will be the right one.

    *With that, both Dr. Tate and Thomas left the Mayors office and headed down to the waiting car.*

    Sam:  So?  How did it go?

    Went as well as can be expected considering now we just have to wait for the City Board Members to finalize the deal

    Dr. Tate:  I am sure it will go as planned Thomas; you were very persuasive.  But I really need to get back to the University, would you be so kind as to drive me?

    Not a problem Miranda, we will swing by the University on our way back to the Casino.  Let’s not be strangers, 10 years is a long time

    Dr. Tate:  Yes it is, and I am sure we will cross paths again

    *Sam opens the door for the two of them and they get in, he then closes the door and gets in the driver’s side and heads off to the University.  Once there they drop off Miranda, Thomas says his goodbyes and then they head on off to the Casino.  There is much to do before tonight, and Thomas just hopes that Catwoman will be around to discuss their mutual problem.*


    ~~Midnight – Abandoned Amusement Park~~

    *Blake still couldn’t figure out why here, the place was falling apart, there was nothing but garbage all over the place and the rides, well they weren’t functioning at all, or were they.  Right when he said that an old roller coaster car pulls up to his location, and the mechanical voice says “Get in, we have been expecting you Mr. Blake.”  He looks around and then gets in, what the hell could possibly go wrong.  Once seated the lap bar comes down securing him and the car rolls off into the night towards the big top.  The car lurches forward, the wheels screeching and creaking as it goes.  It make a quick left and then a quick right and then picks up speed as it enters the big top.  The lights are dim, but off in the distance there is a bright light shining down on what looks like a throne or some makeshift chair and seated in that chair is the “Boss” he assumes.  The car comes to a stop and the lap bar releases, and he steps out of the car to be greeted by two guys dressed as jesters.  He has seen a lot in his days, but nothing quite like this.  They each step to his side, one on his left the other on the right and they lead him towards this throne.  As he gets closer he notices someone sitting on it, he has to squint his eyes as the light is so bright and after his eyes adjust he sees who it is, it is the Joker and then she bursts out laughing*


    Joker:  Welcome Mr. Blake, or do you prefer Catman? 

    *And with that, Blake just realized he just left reality*

  • From the corner of his eye, Jovan watched the vampire leave for the stairs briefly. His lofty gaze shifted back to the Catwoman to give her another assessment. Who was this broad coming in after hours? Not to mention they were both covered in fresh hell from whatever happened and the vampire’s head couldn’t have sunk closer to his shoulders when he noticed he had a witness in the shop. It all smelled fishy. 

    “Weeell bless your heart, little miss Kitty…” A hint of a natural southern accent slipped out of Jo’s words when he spoke. His head tipped and his chin rested heavily on the edge of his palm. “All that sugar would go down better with a drink, you know that? Did Count Chocula there even treat you to dinner before he took you out on whatever con job you just came back from? You know, I could get off at any time.” Jovan gave a wink.

     The vampire returned through the doorway with Kougar’s bag. The presence was felt even to Dom as he walked back down the shop steps. It was as if something were clawing and pushing to avoid the wards set in place. One cursed object at a time, or so he thought. What the thief chose to do with the book was less of the vampire’s concern. If the blood mage chose to assess it at some point or another, so be it.

    “I came back with what I promised, no one needs to get upset any further than they already are.” The warning slipped through Dominic’s gritted teeth, still noticeably irritable by the chemist’s presence in the room. Jovan’s smug grin and Kougar’s own detective skills might be able to read through the lines: just don’t tell Dahlia. 

    The bag and all its contents were handed to Kougar, and Dominic slipped behind the counter that Jovan was leaning on. Jo’s eyes looked back to keep an eye on the vampire when he passed by.

    The back door behind the counter was then walked through. Dominic came back out with a brown paper bag that was packed neatly and rubber banded to give hints of what it contained. A second item was stacked underneath it. A manilla envelope about a quarter inch thick with documents was closed neatly. “Now then my dear, let’s settle why we came here tonight.” He set the money on the counter, but never removed his fingers from atop it. “You can count it now or later, whichever you prefer, but I can assure you it’s all there.” 

    Amber hues landed on the envelope and then back to Kougar. “I gathered what I could find on your ‘pet project’. Should you be questioned, you found this information on your own.” Dominic’s brow raised to make a point of it and he waited. “Do we have our deal?”

  • Once the arrangements were made, both parties took their slow and wary steps back off the tracks and back from whence they came. Jason wouldn’t be the first to turn his back on the wolves he had so tenuously made his deal with. After all, he wasn’t so sure he would have the backup he was promised once he reached the platform. Had he made the right deal? Was it really his problem to hunt down who had slipped him the job through Paradox on some late night? It didn’t matter now. The choice was made and the Hunter had a sneaking suspicion that he had to sell it to both sides, not just the one. 

    By the time his boots left the last set of tracks, he had not only turned around but picked up speed in order to place a palm on the concrete and leap up onto the main level of the station’s platform. He hadn’t heard screaming during the ordeal… was that a good sign or not?

    Jason pulled the hood over his head taut and let the curse take its hold. Now hollow sockets cut through the dark to see where the Catwoman was headed, likely begrudging by the way she had already turned tail from the location and the men on the tracks. Silently, Kei followed. His own mind was reeling on the issue. The idea of what next. The conversation that was due to come soon, and whether or not he would be figuring it all out alone. He kept up not far behind her, but certainly not shoulder-to-shoulder. His senses reached out at every passing corridor, should there be a chance the wolves had other ideas than keeping their word. 

    “They don’t care that it's me, you know. They would have hunted any scent they followed that night, and they might’ve too.”

    Once he felt far enough off from the station, Kei’s raspy tone spoke just loud enough so she might hear.

    “Mercenaries are killers, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only ones that pull the trigger. There’s still a killer out there, and one that actually meant it. All this talk about a deal, and a cure? Something doesn’t add up.” His words paused momentarily while he thought. 

    “-And it doesn’t matter how many ways you’d ask, I’d sooner kill one witch than fight off a dozen wolves that didn’t need to be on my case in the first place.” His voice couldn’t have sounded more adamant… apprehensive even?



  • Hey how are you. Thanks for accepting my invite. Would you like to RP? 

  • Miss Polly was used to serving another. She never lived in her own to make herself happy. She sorta did not know how to. Maybe in time she would learn such things. 

    She listened in on the phone call and tilted her head to the side. Pondering what she could do. 

    "Friend. Never had one before. If you need help. I can help. I can change my form back to travel size and come with you. If you want me to."

  • (Thank you. . Yours is not bad either. )

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    Hope ya been well Koug been awhile <3

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"{Hello. If you wanna talk plotlines hit me up in private in box messages. And we can discuss it.…"
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"(Hello, I was just curious as to what your character does to maintain his type of lifestyle? And…"
Mar 15, 2023
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"Hello, I just wanted to say your mask is rather interesting. And so is your profile. "
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