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My story is as old as time itself. I, a crowned prince of hell fell for an angel and it almost destroyed me. I was always one who was lulled to life by the light and all that lived in it. It intrigued me and raised questions that were never even thoughts before. One flame in particular pulled me so close to the sun that nothing else existed save for it. Despite all we knew, it was as if we were newly formed and seperation was not an option.



Everything about her consumed me until it finally did..... consume me.


Its funny how getting burned can bring you back to perspective. I've been fooled, I've been a fool for it. I know better now and where my place is and always will be.


The dakness has always been my home and I've strayed too far from it.



This is what was presented on my name day, I am one of the four crown princes of Hell with one sister acquired by other means. Being that I'm not as favoured as my older brother Lucifer, my being was neither required or monitored. I was free to roam in and out of the realms without question and the very fact that no one cared enough to question said it all.

I was considered a romantic, a dark spice that can stain the air as well as the senses and oh did I stain. I could change the eneregy of a room by just entering it. I was considered to embody immense wickedness or iniquity.


I don't know what they are talking about and I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of emotion. I can lure better than honey, satisfy better than the greatest of pleasures and tear you apart finier than any device ever made in the ether. I am that dark hunger of desire. That tempation that drove you insane till you gave in. Most times.... I'm just another male just trying to exist. But do not mistake my looks and charm, I am demon.


If I were to give you any advice, it would be to mind your words carefully around me, for you might find yourself with much regret. Souls are my trade, my nourishment and entertainment. I barter for it, blackmail with it and use it as leverage. Words are my toys and deals my games....7081971270?profile=RESIZE_584x
Wouldn't it be the perfect crime if I stole your heart and you stole mine? 


June 17

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Refined, snarky, flamboyant, Boyish, Cynical, Sarcastic and very accommodating in other words... British.

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I'm a demon. Feel Free to guess.... (Everyone else has)

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Like i would tell you...

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  • 10918449078?profile=RESIZE_584xI am this bored. Need a victim..... Time to go Shopping. 

  • Be'lials presence was nothing more fart in the wind. To get away and flee from such an unattractive thing seemed best. Everything that spewed out of his mouth was lies and more lies. Then the quick snap of pain sent her eyes to go wide. Burning pain, ripping inside her back and inside of her. To feel him brush up against her in his effort to tease her existence though sense of touch whether he was trying to bring a sick twist of pleasure and pain was just like what an inncubus does. But Kougar fought to block out most of the burning sensation of his cruel touch. Women had always had a higher theshold of tolerence toward pain. And she was tired of listening to this piece of garbage before her. He was crazy in the head. Filled with maddness!! And all for what?? Why?? Because that is who he was, just mentally disturbed. There was no rhyme or reason for his actions. It just what Demons were.

    Kougar didn't care what he said about her son. His words fell on deaf ears. Be'lial's name alone meant Never To Rise. So how could the Demon get an errection long enough with a name like that to pregnant anyone? And further more Kougar's child had a Familiar, it had a Daemon. It had an Animal Soul. Which was the only thing Belial was interested in to begin with. It's what every Demon wants, to send every Soul into the Black Abyss. That is what this whole damn thing was about. A rare Dhamphir that had a Soul.  

    Why else hadn't he tried again to pregnant her or someone else for another offspring? Because he didn't want an offspring to take his place in Hell.. He just wanted to collect the Souls for torment. And its why she kept her Daemon Soul inside her most often when he was around. For fear of permanently being stuck into the abyss like a wasted zombie stuck in the foul stenches of sulfur. If she had the power to block him forever, she would have done it in a heart beat. 

    Luckily enough his leaving was a blessing, as she collapsed to the ground to recover. She'd have to find someway though to keep him away from her Family. She had to do something to protect her son. She ran her fingers through her ebony hair, before standing back up. If looks could kill, Be'lial would already be dead. Whatever it takes, she'd Kill Him!! And she'd Enjoy every second of it with a Sinister Snear!! But how?? She'd work on it!

  • Happy Fucking Birthday Asshole!!


  • Dear Be'lial, I've contacted your Angel. But I see she has not come to see you yet. I bet that Hurts? Your number one fan who is addicted to you since the beginning of.... Time? And she hasn't jumped at the chance to reconnect. Maybe if you didn't hurt everything around you you'd have more friends. But I guess you have Aura. A Demon's best friend is a Wolf? Yes? Unless of course that mutt has left you too? I wouldn't be surprised if she did. You know, I think I almost feel sorry for you. Key word. Almost!

  • Community Leader

    I might not be strong, but I'm brave! I won't bend so easily! (Feel free to toss any ideas you have. I'll do the same if you have nothing in mind yet.)

  • Do you remember the night I came too. After the hell and chaos you created. And you took the form of John. Remember that! Because I wouldn't touch you with a 10 foot pole if I had known it was you. Your face is too damn ugly to sleep with! Truth hurts Bastard. You have Nothing that I desire. You have no heart. You have black puss beating in your chest. Your energy is nothing I desire. You are not capable of loving anything but yourself. You couldn't win me for a free f*** willingly no matter how hard you tried. I'd rather get off alone if you were the last male on Earth. Puurrrsss!! 

  • Community Leader

    Who knows! I might still run away xD! If you ever wish to write, I think I'd enjoy trying to plot something out with you!

  • Dear Pathetic Demon, your ego is far out there you don't even realize how blind you are. You have nothing I want. I'm just fine without you. 

  • What I do is None of your business. You show your face like once a year and expect me to drop everything for a Demon that I don't even like. Sorry sweetie, I don't work that way. Go back to the beach and pound sand. Maybe Ska will play with you? 

  • Community Leader

    Hi hi! Thanks for accepting my invite from a while back! I've been hiding for a few weeks! Nice to meetcha! I enjoyed reading through your profile~

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