My story is as old as time itself. I, a crowned prince of hell fell for an angel

Be'lial was presented on my name day, I am one of the four crown princes of Hell with one sister acquired by other means. I was considered to embody immense wickedness or iniquity. I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of emotion. Do not mistake my looks and charm, I am demon.

If I were to give you any advice, it would be to mind your words carefully around me, for you might find yourself with much regret. Souls are my trade, my nourishment and entertainment. I barter for it, blackmail with it and use it as leverage. Words are my toys and deals my games....
Would you like to play a game? 
I promise I'll behave. . . 

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Brokenhearted and Vengeful

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Appearance changes with my mood.

Character Personality

Refined, snarky, flamboyant, Boyish, Cynical, Sarcastic and very accommodating in other words... British.

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Your conscience

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I'm a demon. Feel Free to guess.... (Everyone else has)

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Like i would tell you...

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Paragraph, Multi-Para, One-liners, No-Preference

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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Very flexible.

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  • The rose is red,

    the violet's blue,

    The honey's sweet, and so are you.

    Thou are my love and I am thine; 

    I only ever have eyes for you. 

  • Well?

  • I'll deal with you later asshole

  • (Kougar use her astral projection dream state to watch the demons secretly converse. As she is mildly curious by what's the two spawns of hell are up too. Maybe such secrets would prove to valuable for the future to keep souls protected from the grasps of darkness the bleeds on the earth's plain that are inhabited all.)



  • Mephistoheles would roll his eyes for a moment as he listened to his cousin speak. He would then tap his cane on the ground for a moment while clicking his tongue. “I have not been my self lately, not only that my son has gained control over my realm. I no longer have hold of it now.” He explained while his eyes would go back to looking at Be’lial.


    ”We May have our differences but even you know I don’t come to you for just anything.” He said while walking closer to Be’lial. “I believe my son let them out so that he could capture souls  who made deals with me. If they kill them, my existence would cease.”

  • “Calm down Be’lial, this has nothing to do with your brother. This is more of a business thing, one that is merely involved with conversation. Lucifer is not here, be has other matters that he wishes to take care of on his own.  For now it is just us, so please be still and breathe man.”


    Mephistophlese came from the shadows wearing a black long coat with a fedora on his head. His cane held tightly in his right hand. His eyes black as coal  turned into a normal shade of blue. He would then smile wide as he would walk over to him him pacing on the fellow demon’s shoulder. 

    “I would not lie to you, you should know that my fellow kinsman.  You see I have been swamped with souls. When I was busy some of the demons slipped out of hell without my notice. I need your help on finding them.”


  • Awwww... so sweet, you care! 

  • [ Growls ]

    I'm not your pet, your spy, your little buddy, or your fucking bellboy alright! 









    What o you want?

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    Fuck off Demon

  • (Hello there, care to write some time?)

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