qrv3QZ3.jpg?2&profile=RESIZE_710x"We are celestial bodies orbiting

each other, waiting for

our inevitable collison." 




 Ascended | Celestial | Seraph | Traveler | Blessed 

 Pronounced: CAEL-es-TRA

Latin | "of the Stars" 

"of the Heavens" 

Nicknames | CiCi or Cael; 
(Ari if she's going by Arietta)

Current Alias(es): Caelestra or Arietta 
(depends on the city she's in)

qrv3QZ3.jpg?2&profile=RESIZE_710x "I am destined to illuminate you

by burning myself up."
- Maurice Blanchot

Her mind is a battle ground of forsaken feelings and troubling memories, of long bloody wars and painted wings. Things she almost remembers are haunted by a song someone sings, once upon a memory. Nightmares shake her awake at night and her tears have long since stained a path down her cheeks. Phantom pains hold her hostage. Betrayal keeps her bed cold like a coffin. They all seem so far away, yet if she reaches out she swears she can run her fingers over them. To touch them and taste the sweetness of heaven, and yet the memories glow as dim as an ember. Some days, she thinks the memories are only dreams. Things her heart used to know and she longs to remember. 

A greek lover once named her Caelestra, latin in meaning for "of the heavens" or "of the stars." This is not her real name. Her real name is lost in the tattered pagess of her past, but she adopted it as a manufactured persona.  Don’t let her false identity deceive you, because to her it as real as you and me. 

From Key West to Minnepolis and NYC to LA, she travels from one bus stop to another, keeping a collection of ticket stubs, attempting to connect the dots in this short life she has led. She's caught somewhere in between chasing after the foggy memories she cannot place and the new identity she is creating. It's a kind of tug-of-war destined to leave her questioning what is real and what is not, who she is and who she wants to be. The memories are hers and they play through her mind like a broken record player.  

The cacophony of it all is drowning out the silence she craves for. In it, she is seeking for herself. Old or new, it does't matter which. This started out as a girl dies and is reborn story (because the world needs more fresh starts) but somewhere it began to convert into a bitter tale of retaliation. The enemy is: herself, whereupon she is beginning to lose herself with every tale she crafts, every life she touches, every friendship she sacrifices, every 'home' she leaves in the rearview mirror.



New York City, NY 


"Spring is in the air." 


85% Intact




Between reality, and fantasy there is a place where nothing substantial exists. An immaterial corridor where nothing on either side of you matters in the real world anymore.  Inside this hallway of in-betweens, time has no reference, space has no matter, but dreams -- become tangible. When you are there by choice, the manipulation of immortal desires is only an afterthought.  But, when you are there by force that afterthought becomes a whisper to a scream.

In between death and life, in between the space of haunting memories and blissful peace, she remembers floating through a space such as this. It is the earliest memory she has and when she was surrounded by the peaceful embrace of this space, she felt at home. this was what Ascension after death felt like. However, the powers that be had other plans. Angry and devastated to be forced from it's embrace, she dug her claws deep within. Wrapping every fiber of being throughout it. In her wrath, as she was forced to leave, she promised she would keep a piece of it with her. 

She did. The day she was reborn she stole something from within the Aether, selfishly took it with her. What exactly that kernel of power is to her is unknown, but two things remain true: now she can access the Aether whenever she pleases and she can hear the voice of it within her.qrv3QZ3.jpg?2&profile=RESIZE_710x

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed,

it can only be changed from one form to another."

- Albert Einstein




  • Immortal (extent unknown)
  • Empath: Empathic reception/projection 
  • Engery Wielder (new): currently able to recognize and minimally manipulate any type of energy from the environment around her (Extent of use to be discovered)
  • Planeswalker (new): can travel to other planes of existence, myriads of different realities all simultaneously coexisting within the same expanded cosmology. (Limited between current reality, the Aether, and Nahar'u Kishori)


  • Too much energy can overwhelm and overload her
  • Too little energy can leave her helpless and damn near human
  • Poor control of empathic gateway (result of chaotic memories/emotions)
  • Can be stuck in the Aether or inbetween planes if her emotions/mental capacity is unstable


 "All discarded lovers should be given

a second chance, with somebody else."

- Mae West

Nothin stops you from loving her. She's a smooth-talking charmer, bubbly, and optimistic woman that builds connections faster than an artist can draw a quick sketch. Just because she is introverted, doesn't mean she is a mouse in the corner. She's quick to make acquaintances, but slow to make friends. Based on how 'long' she's willing to stay in a place will determine who she approaches and for what. There's no shame in being a lover, of life, of things, and of people. She doesn't shy away from falling in love, with the stranger on the street or the stranger in her sheets. She has an inherent fascination to love you, down to every cell in your body, and she'll do it ruthlessly. Right before she walks out of town without a word. That being said, her true friends are far and few between. They are scattered across the realms she has come to know. 



*Please note, friendships are separated. Think of them as Canon story lines. Medieval/Fantasy Based threads can/may be looped under the Kishori Section*

Romantic Interest(s): (x0) 

Orientation: Pansexual




Free Birds- Friends she makes in/between cities (Urban Fantasty -Realm 1)


(Unexpected Friend) - Caelestra never expected to stay in a city for longer than a few months. There was never anything she felt committed enough to do so. Until one day, walking by his shop, she had the spur of the moment idea to have a van remodeled. In the process, she had her first commitment since waking up in the hospital and unknowingly the first person she could committ enough to in order to stick around. At least, until he's done with her van. He's become an unexpected aquantiance that she finds herself wanting to spend more time around, carving to figure out what makes him tick. 


Nahara'u Kishori - Friends since she can remember (Fantasy/Modern - Realm 2) 


(Best Friend/Soul Bonded) -  History is destined to repeat itself with these two. Every time one of them is in danger they always figure out a way to ground themselves in each other. Literally. The power coursing through their veins tapps into each other's soul. To kept them grounded they have tethered their souls together. He became her soul mate in every sense of the word, except lover. Though many have often compared their bickering to an old couple, even after her rebirth. He is her best friend, her dark knight, and the man she would give everything to save. Always.


Be'lial (Lover, Friend/Enemy) - Destined to forever be torn apart, he is a stamp on her fate, one that no matter how much everyone tries to make him fade away, he constantly returns. She hears his voice in her head and remembers fragments of them together. All she knows is that whatever they shared...she lived for it. Now she recognizes the uncanny connection between them. While she's interested in exploring it, she can't help but recognize that he is the cause of her friend's pain. Friends or enemies, she doesn't know. Only time will tell with them.

(Best Friend) - Memories haunt her dreams. Now more than ever Kougar's face follows her where she goes. She tries to deny it, hide behind the happy go lucky mask of her youth, but she knows they share a past. One that she can't deny. In their past, there is pain and betrayal, happiness and love, enemies and friendship. What they have now is messy and in the midst of recovery. Wherever they go, will be up to them to carve out together. 


(Friend/Enemy/Companion) -  These two have always had a strange relationship. Not all eggs are rotten. Since her rebirth, she has championed for Aura. Despite memories and odd feelings telling her otherwise. Dubbing her the puppy of the estate, but also someone that she could trust (past betrayals forgotten).  Aura helped deliver Kougar and John's son,  Kyle Skinwalker Tehrror, Cael knew she could trust the wolf. Unless Aura proves her wrong in this life the way she may have in her previous.



I'm a passionate, cheeky, character development based creative writer who likes to craft stories with like-minded peeps on the interwebs. ^_^

Caelestra's FC: Kirsten Zellers
Genre: Modern/Urban (Fantasy)
Style: Novellea, Multi-paragraph
Third person

YAY! Friendliness; collaboration; sarcasm and humor; detailed narration; objective-oriented scenes; action scenes; characters with depth and ongoing exploration of it; multi-layered plot; the occasional well-placed one-liner/poetic prose

YIKES! Shadiness;  misplaced fuckery; nagging about post(s); inability to keep IC and OOC separate


Stories of an ubran fiction/fantasy take place most often in cities and our present day times. These are the worlds we craft where the supernatural lurks in the shadows, is only stories of old and myth, and doesn't have a dominant presence in society. Aka mortals still rule. Consider these stories your adventures into the secret and unknown, where characters don't weave their abilities into society or their every day lives. Bring your grit and grime, your crime and drama, your love tales gone poorly, or your happiness trips. 

-Any major city
-Any small town
-Cabins in the woods
-Any coastal adventure

L.J. Smith
J.R. Ward
Neil Gaiman
J.K. Rowling
Lawrence Davis


YOUR TYPICAL FANTASY ADVENTURE (potential for modern twist)
Stories of fantasy take place most often in the fantasy worlds we create. These often have less of the modern realm feel to them and more of a otherwordly feel. Creatures coexist together in full knowledge of each other or stories of each other. It is possible for this to have a more modern feel/world. However, the rules for how creatures move through those spaces and time are different. We create this together. Think along the lines of Final Fantasy, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, X-Men, Avatar, Avengers, Pacific Rim, Valerian, Ready Player One. These timelines can be medieval in setting, other wordly, futuristic,  post apcololyptic, etc. 128275004?profile=RESIZE_710x

Depends on the kind of story you wish to puruse
-Collaboration/A little early plotting is a must


DC Comics
Marvel Comics
Scott Westerfeld
J. R. R. Tolkien
Michael J. Sullivan
Dungeons & Dragons



Cael learns more about her abilities and gets comfortable with them: Currently she knows very little about them. To her they are so forgein they almost scare her when she uses them because she isn't sure what is happening. Because of this she doesn't talk about them often either. 

Cael finds friends and/or family: Vagabond by nature, she isn't one to really settle down. I'd be interested in exploring her gaining some friends that get her to stay in one place longer than a few weeks/months. This will also unfold naturally in an SL so this doesn't have to be met/pursued.

Cael learns more about the Aether: This is an area she knows very little about. Don't know many who write about the Aether, so if you do, let's plot! I would be interested in eventually making this a point of conflict/tension in her story line. 

Plots do not have to be limited to the above. They are a few ideas to start from if we don't know where to begin or what to start with. 


Replied = (+) | Owe = (-)

| C. G. Sullivan (+)  |Gleeon (-) |  

H.L. (-)  | Kishori (+) | Kougar (-) |

Lars (+) | Spencer (+)  |




Interview: Session 1 [Separate Realities]


September 28

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  • It was the type of look that can leave a person wondering if they made peace with their own miseries, and come to the conclusion that perhaps, they haven't. Lucette already came to understand that, the slightest hint of concern for a stranger actually evident on that face. After all, everyone has that piece in themselves that they always hide. Things that many shouldn't see, better off behind what's bright and shining. Fortunately, this woman didn't seem to be too keen on prying whatever memory that was tucked in those depths.

    The art in question was enough to draw it out.

    As if to rub salt to the injury, they both knew that only the creator of the painting would be the only one who can answer what left this unfinished. Whether they truly chose to go unnamed or not.

    She was one to allow the silence to linger. While the piece had its intended effect, a sad guest was such a dreary note to end the day. Those eyebrows lightly shot up at her words, however. "The Devil?" Lucette seemed surprised, though she still looked pleased regardless that anyone will even pay attention. That was met with a low hum. "Interesting. We've always thought it's some god someone worshipped long ago. That smile looked vindictive, too. But I can see why." But that has been something that people typically associated such adversary with-- isn't it? And there were those who saw the devil as some sort of deity. Maybe that wasn't entirely far from the truth...

    "Do you happen to create art as well? Writing, music, and the like?" Maybe an easier conversation will somehow smooth it up. "You've worded that so clearly that if my council is here, they will agree with you in a heartbeat." She shook her head with a chuckle. "Great folk, always happily drawn to those who understand." The mention of the time seemed to take her back, and one glance at a wristwatch kindled one wistful sigh.

    "Sections of this city can get really dangerous at the wrong time. I can ask some of my staff for suggestions on decent places to stay, but most of them are busy preparing things at the moment..." Her voice trailed off, watching one man in casual uniform who just passed by hefting over a couple of potted blue hydrangeas, briskly disappearing down the hall. At this point, most of the visitors already left. "Or... maybe we can arrange some accommodations for you here-- there's a few travelers and backpackers that stayed with us before. We don't really charge, other than a few bits of help around until it's time to say goodbye. That is... if that's alright with you?"
  • The collision came and went with as much chaos as the room housed, upon his entry. Spencer felt his frame shake when she slammed into him, jolting his reflexes to life for better or for worse. It was for better, or so he thought, as long as no one ended up on the ground and he wouldn’t be paying for broken wares. While her arms tucked in, he had managed to find a defensive being the calmer and more recent addition to the shop. Everything was new. Everything was looked upon with speculation, while for the woman? It might have been another day chasing birds by the looks of it. The foot went back, his own shoulders forward for his palms to damper the blow. When it seemed they wouldn’t topple over, Spencer drew in a breath.

    “No harm no foul,” The man responded within his exhale, his chin tipped down to study just who he had smacked straight into. Standing a little over six feet, he was more height than he was build, or so it seemed. His grip was loose if that while she gained her footing and he let his own posture fall at ease, little by little. He eased back onto his hind foot to put a step between them once the dust had settled in a sense. He tugged the messenger bag further onto his shoulder just once more as a subconscious way of gathering himself and his bearings. The glance over the woman’s shoulder was shared as the sweeping of colorful wings flashed again A sign of another unsuccessful attempt. The woman’s muttering in the back was a testament, piquing the man’s interest as he tried to follow just what language it was...

    So that was Birdie? It was a silly little puzzle piece to be smiling about, but he would for a second or so when he connected it. No matter, he gave a few flickering glances between the shop owner brandishing the broom and the blue-haired stranger in front of him. A hum left his chest in agreement while he watched the macaw where it was now precariously perched, beady eyes darting about seeming to calculate his next flight path. ...Was this a regular occurrence in the shop? He had a feeling. Spencer seemed to snap out of it when he realized he’d taken his eyes off the woman in front of him for too long. 

    Mercury hues shifted front and center to meet rather brilliant ones. His own had never known half the color of the woman’s. They were calm in their presence, while hers seemed just as lively as the shop’s entrance had been when he stumbled in. There was an odd energy about her. Although rarely could Spencer place reasoning to those gut instincts that tugged at him, he had a way of telling how much space a person’s energy took up. How far their aura extended into the universe. Hers filled the room, while others he had crossed with simply kept residence in their own bodies… hers was quite curious. It was an imperceptible sense but felt second nature all the same. That didn’t always mean he knew what to make of it. 

    A hand went allowing pale fingertips to rake through his mess of hair. It hadn't exactly been ‘tamed’ when he walked into the shop; it certainly wasn’t now. The hand fell with a smile afterward. “Of course, no worries at all… I take it this happens often?” He mused with another sweeping glance to the birds above that were making their own symphony to one another. He took a few small strides away from the front door. Birds on the walls, birds on the displays. Birds being sold as a variety of wares along with the souvenirs of the city. It all could scream passion or insanity depending on the audience. For Spencer, it landed somewhere comfortably in between.

  • “I didn’t have a choice.”

    Following her regurgitating her stomach contents, the man simply froze as she became increasingly hostile towards him. For what exactly? The same cold-blooded predators that sought to abduct her? To him, you couldn’t make this up, even if you tried. In a way, it was ridiculous, especially after going through all the effort of saving her.

    His gaze on the woman narrowed slightly as her speech escalated to hollering and screaming, one of the last few things he’d expect in a situation like this. As much as he wanted to fire back, Gleeon bit his tongue, uncertain if she would strike him down with something. Sadly, there wasn’t a lot he could do to de-escalate what was happening.

    Shortly before that bolt of lightning came down, his stance suddenly widened with one arm held up, as if anticipating it hitting him instead. Just when the Hybrid thought he was about to use a certain trick up his sleeve to redirect it, the street was struck instead, sparing him some sizzling hair. All he did after that was throw one hand up to send an air current, which would deflect any glass shards from the lanterns.

    “Listen.” He spoke up, taking a step closer until they’d be inches apart.

    “I did not enjoy doing that, but that man and his friend were about to put a bullet between your eyes, and I wasn’t going to just sit there and let that happen to an innocent woman. I hated myself when I first had to use lethal force on a guy, it was either that or allow my family to be killed just so someone can make a name for themselves. Because I was too merciful a few years back, I lost someone dear to me. Unfortunately, this is the way things are, you CANNOT reason with those kinds of people, evil does exist.”

    A pause came after making his counter-argument before continuing with a sigh. “There’s a massive difference between murder and self-defense. Self-defense is not morally wrong. If I did nothing and let those men shoot you dead like a dog in the street, they’d do the same to me and go on to hurt even more people in whatever career they had.

    There are times where I’ve been given the option to change someone’s mind so I wouldn’t have to do the unthinkable, and I still try to go that route whenever possible. But in a situation like what you and I just faced, no amount of words will be enough. If I had more ways of disarming people, I would’ve done something differently.”

    Now turning his head over to the corpses of the fallen men, both gold and onyx orbs were briefly closed, followed by an exhale out of his nostrils. “We should go before the cops get here. I have a safe house, if you still wanna go there.” Knowing full well that they’d have to make a beeline out of there soon, the firearm he carried was put away. Upon doing so, that same gloved hand extended out, offering it to the woman.

  • When Wa’kan replied back to Kougar with a firm yes in regards to the reincarnation, Kougar did not show any surprise. This wasn’t about some satisfaction if she was right, it was just merely a discussion or reflection trying to see the bigger picture of what all this was about. It was also about being open to any new concept. Maybe there was something more to learn in order to understand the imprints of the past and how it affects the now and the future? But then the Shaman asked a question about Spirits and Souls being the same that made Kougar give a long pause before answering. This was a question that was very interesting.    


    “I think... a spirit is nothing more than a piece of a shadow of the soul left behind… No wait...More like a square from a quilt. A soul would be the whole quilt. A spirit is just one piece of the quilt. But a spirit has an intelligence factor of sorts as it can communicate. Or it can just be a repeating piece of energy that once lived. A soul is an energy that is within everything. It has a personality all of its own and is constantly learning, absorbing, and engaging. It can be felt.” She paused a moment to reflect on that word. “Felt... People don’t talk about conversing with a soul. But they can feel a soul. People can converse with spirits, but not souls. Or not in the same manner I think anyway.”


    Afterwards Wa’kan asked why now for the desired search of the past. Kougar just ran her fingers pushing the strands of raven hair away from her blue grey eyes which were soft and gentle. Kougar presented herself as being that of a soft spoken person in front of  the Shaman even though she was far from being a gentle person.   


     Kougar thought maybe she was having some dueling reality fighting within her. Oftentimes it felt like Kougar had separate lives within her own body and mind. Was it possible a person could have two souls? A twin? She felt like she was carrying two souls within herself with the Familiar or Daemon. It was always a weird feeling because it was two minds but yet one. But aside from that, she always felt like a two sided coin. Or a coin that had been sliced, separating the head from the tail?

    It was as if she was always constantly living a type of passion of the mind. The wake mind and the dream mind. But which was real? Was there a past life where she lived as some sort of feline? Or that she wasn’t a whole person?


    “I feel like I’m not a whole person at times. And other times I feel like there are two of me. I want to make sense of this confusion. How did I end up to this point of where I am now in this life. What should I be learning in this life to take to the next?” 

  • Love You To Hell And Back - Shut Up And Live My Life - Wattpad

  • “Got it, give me one second and I’ll be right there!” He exclaimed over the phone before she eventually disconnected their call, quickly placing his phone back into his right pocket. Now armed with the knowledge of where she was, the man took a leap off the ledge and conjured up a stream of air to slow his descent on the pavement below.

    Just as sparks began rupturing overhead wires and one of the men hot on her heels, one deafening bang was heard echoing in all directions, undoubtedly a gunshot. As a result of that sound ringing out, crowds of pedestrians were sent into a series of screams and frantic cries from panicking. Most people sprinted out towards the streets and took alleyways to avoid whatever confrontation this was.

    Behind Caelestra, one of her pursuers simply fell flat on his face lifeless, leaving a mild blood splatter from impacting his nose into hard concrete. Upfront in the direction she was running towards, a bolt of lightning zipped by faster than she could blink. Instead of hitting her, one of the other men was struck. From this alone, his skin was instantly charred, eyes bursting into crimson splats as his clothing was set ablaze.

    Descending diagonally before her was Gleeon, who had more than likely unleashed that strike. Upon touching down, a desert eagle was pulled out once more and aimed. Now at her side, the trigger was pulled at least three times, two of which struck more of the assailants as the remaining few took cover behind anything in the vicinity, mostly parked vehicles and flights of stairs made from stone.

    “Come on!” Being quick to take hold of her arm, the woman was dragged behind a corner going into an alley as the onyx haired male pressed his back against it. “We need to deal with these guys quickly before the cops show up!” He said aloud before peeking out to take several more shots on the pursuers ducking behind cover, one of which pierced the shoulder of a man and made him wail out in agony.

  • Seattle was a town that the man found himself settled in for a precarious amount of time compared to others. It held a life that was not as hollow as the metropolitan areas on the East, and spared the commercial aesthetic of the West coast that was just below. Out of the few civilized cities he passed through in a year it was one where he could find the space to think. If he couldn’t? The state parks encroached close enough to slip away from it all. The day had been spent doing just that, thinking. Trying to figure out just what his next move was, and impossibly trying to decipher how long he would get to stay before all went awry again.

    It wouldn’t matter that evening once the phone’s vibrations rattled his train of thought and sent it down another route altogether. Another moment later, he was hitting send on the screen and slipping the device into one of his pockets. He was off and walking. Where? Who knew better than the locals, and it only took a couple asks to set him down the path to Otis Street. Mercury hues swept the exterior of each shop, each tourist that would come out happily holding bags in their hands from an afternoon out walking from one door to the next. Spencer’s own traveling through had been without the planes, cars, trains, or boats that shipped many of them in, and took those that worked in the city home.

    Just a few days, he thought. That’s what he could afford in the city until he had to decide what was next. Just as his thoughts went down that path his subconscious caught sight of the sign that made it halt. His chin tipped up to find the words he was looking for. The building’s facade was similar to those around it, sporting the decorations and items to make anyone curious enough to stop feel their pockets start burning. With a moment to study the window out front, he reached out for the handle and opened the door.

    ...So the name was literal. To Spencer’s surprise, he was greeted by the sight of spectators along the walls, many peering down at the ring of the door’s bell to see what the street had dragged in. An odd smile was planted on his face little by little at the sight of it, letting the door close behind. The messenger bag he carried was pulled more securely over his shoulder, otherwise appearing in a pair of dark jeans that tapered, a loose fit t-shirt, and a charcoal hoodie over his shoulders that threatened to cover his fingers when his arms were left to hang.

    He wouldn’t get so much as the first sweeping glance around before he heard the shout. The door’s chiming hadn’t even fully settled before his eyes shot forward to the sound of someone calling out. Two words, all the warning, but no instruction ever came with them, did they?

    Watch out!-

    Dark hues grew wide when his immediate sight was the swift movement of feathers and the shriek of the bird that was hellbent for the door behind him. Spencer flinched and raised an arm up to his face horizontally but before he could brace himself for feathers or sharp talons, once more it was gone and moving. His arm lowered. It seemed he had caught a glimpse of the past few moments in the shop, all with arms up and in pursuit of the avian that had the upper hand over just about anyone.

    Was he any assistance? Who knew, but he wasn’t talking to anyone until the parrot was down. Spencer took a few more steps into the shop, his eyes peeled on the Macaw just as the woman’s when she shouted out her frustrations and- Wham. He’d walked a little too far it seemed, right into her path of pursuit where she was moving too quickly to stop it even if either wanted to. A grunt escaped his lips as the impact left him jarred; his arms went up on instinct to stop from falling back, a foot sliding to brace himself from going backward. His hands caught her rather clumsily, waiting for his feet to feel like they were under him before he gathered his bearings to glance down. “-Are you alright!?” He murmured before anything, eyes cast wide open.

  • A setting sun cast the entire station in vibrant radiance; hues of gold and orange lit up the sky and reflected warmly on the train and travellers as they embraced those that they were leaving behind, some tearfully bidding farewell, others excited to start on a new journey. It was picturesque and almost touching; even for him. Here was peaceful amity, a stunning contrast to the past four days he endured in a whirlwind of fire that was meeting up with a triad of black market dealers who were now scouring Heathrow, searching every corner for the half blood. Kissing him goodbye was not on their agenda; they wanted him dead.

    Hyo usually never travelled by train, preferring the privacy of a first-class cabin miles high up in the sky, however this time he had to avoid obviousness. Trains held a larger passenger capacity, providing him the benefit of better blending in with the crowd. Luggage in hand, he slipped through the crowds with ease, relaxed and focused as he boarded the train, scanning the chaotic aisles as everyone roamed to find their seats and parents struggled to keep their children from running around.

    His eyes locked on an available spot by the window in the left row. Along the way, he could have sworn that he bumped into someone, glancing back to apologize only to be sidetracked as another family passed by, obstructing Hyo’s view. Not wanting to further disrupt the momentum of traffic, he settled into his seat after packing his luggage atop the carrier shelf.

    Soon, the train would start to move; beginning its two-hour course as the sky darkened into a blue-hued dusk. His gaze was set on the scenery flitting by them, his expression unreadably blank and solemn. Every so often his reflection caught the window; the glass-like luminosity of his skin, the India Ink of his eyes reminiscent of two black oceans, the unkempt espresso hair that looked effortlessly undone– the appearance of a normal twenty-something – but inside was a storm of two entities embattled to coalesce. It echoed in his eyes, was hinted in the sad undertones of his being, his nomadic tendencies and the past that fueled him forward against the tide.

    The environment around them fell quiet as nighttime encompassed the dimly lit interior. A service trolley rolled by and he politely declined, knowing there wouldn’t be a chance of alcohol on the cart therefor deeming it unworthy of his time. The tips of his fingers drummed against the armrests, suddenly restless in his own chair.


    He had a few downers hidden in there, bypassing security check. If his mind wouldn’t be at peace – he would force it. Standing up, he unzipped the case and retrieved a small ziploc bag, hiding it well within the palm of his hand. In the midst of returning to his seat the train violently lurched forward without warning then seemingly ceased to stop in its tracks– causing anyone who was standing to lose balance. Hyo grasped the headrest to avoid falling as others exclaimed in shock, clearly alarmed at the sudden mishap.

    They were on a bridge above the strait that separated England from France, and soon a panicked voice was heard on the intercom explaining what they had just experienced was an engine failure.

    The lights flickered then turned off completely, leaving them in darkness.

  • 5728021263?profile=RESIZE_400xyou wanna... what?

  • That's perfect, a train coming from London to Paris perhaps? They can board the same train from that origin and maybe along the way the train breaks down which would complicate things for Hyo being vampiric, as well as giving them a good amount of time in each others presence. Hyo can sense when others are not completely human, although not to the degree a full vampire can, he may just brush it off as an intriguing aura around her. Are you cool with starting? There is no rush, and if you can't I'll understand!

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