"We are celestial bodies orbiting

each other, waiting for

our inevitable collison." 



 Ascended | Celestial | Seraph | Traveler | Blessed 

 Pronounced: CAEL-es-TRA

Latin | "of the Stars" 

"of the Heavens" 

Nicknames | CiCi or Cael; 
(Ari if she's going by Arietta)

Current Alias(es): Caelestra or Arietta 
(depends on the city she's in)

 "I am destined to illuminate you

by burning myself up."
- Maurice Blanchot

Her mind is a battle ground of forsaken feelings and troubling memories, of long bloody wars and painted wings. Things she almost remembers are haunted by a song someone sings, once upon a memory. Nightmares shake her awake at night and her tears have long since stained a path down her cheeks. Phantom pains hold her hostage. Betrayal keeps her bed cold like a coffin. They all seem so far away, yet if she reaches out she swears she can run her fingers over them. To touch them and taste the sweetness of heaven, and yet the memories glow as dim as an ember. Some days, she thinks the memories are only dreams. Things her heart used to know and she longs to remember. 

A greek lover once named her Caelestra, latin in meaning for "of the heavens" or "of the stars." This is not her real name. Her real name is lost in the tattered pagess of her past, but she adopted it as a manufactured persona.  Don’t let her false identity deceive you, because to her it as real as you and me. 

From Key West to Minnepolis and NYC to LA, she travels from one bus stop to another, keeping a collection of ticket stubs, attempting to connect the dots in this short life she has led. She's caught somewhere in between chasing after the foggy memories she cannot place and the new identity she is creating. It's a kind of tug-of-war destined to leave her questioning what is real and what is not, who she is and who she wants to be. The memories are hers and they play through her mind like a broken record player.  

The cacophony of it all is drowning out the silence she craves for. In it, she is seeking for herself. Old or new, it does't matter which. This started out as a girl dies and is reborn story (because the world needs more fresh starts) but somewhere it began to convert into a bitter tale of retaliation. The enemy is: herself, whereupon she is beginning to lose herself with every tale she crafts, every life she touches, every friendship she sacrifices, every 'home' she leaves in the rearview mirror.


New York City, NY 


"It's Winter in the City." 


90% Intact



Between reality, and fantasy there is a place where nothing substantial exists. An immaterial corridor where nothing on either side of you matters in the real world anymore.  Inside this hallway of in-betweens, time has no reference, space has no matter, but dreams -- become tangible. When you are there by choice, the manipulation of immortal desires is only an afterthought.  But, when you are there by force that afterthought becomes a whisper to a scream.

In between death and life, in between the space of haunting memories and blissful peace, she remembers floating through a space such as this. It is the earliest memory she has and when she was surrounded by the peaceful embrace of this space, she felt at home. this was what Ascension after death felt like. However, the powers that be had other plans. Angry and devastated to be forced from it's embrace, she dug her claws deep within. Wrapping every fiber of being throughout it. In her wrath, as she was forced to leave, she promised she would keep a piece of it with her. 

She did. The day she was reborn she stole something from within the Aether, selfishly took it with her. What exactly that kernel of power is to her is unknown, but two things remain true: now she can access the Aether whenever she pleases and she can hear the voice of it within her.

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed,

it can only be changed from one form to another."

- Albert Einstein



  • Immortal (extent unknown)
  • Empath: Empathic reception/projection 
  • Engery Wielder (new): currently able to recognize and minimally manipulate any type of energy from the environment around her (Extent of use to be discovered)
  • Planeswalker (new): can travel to other planes of existence, myriads of different realities all simultaneously coexisting within the same expanded cosmology. (Limited between current reality, the Aether, and Nahar'u Kishori)


  • Too much energy can overwhelm and overload her
  • Too little energy can leave her helpless and damn near human
  • Poor control of empathic gateway (result of chaotic memories/emotions)
  • Can be stuck in the Aether or inbetween planes if her emotions/mental capacity is unstable

 "All discarded lovers should be given

a second chance, with somebody else."

- Mae West

Nothin stops you from loving her. She's a smooth-talking charmer, bubbly, and optimistic woman that builds connections faster than an artist can draw a quick sketch. Just because she is introverted, doesn't mean she is a mouse in the corner. She's quick to make acquaintances, but slow to make friends. Based on how 'long' she's willing to stay in a place will determine who she approaches and for what. There's no shame in being a lover, of life, of things, and of people. She doesn't shy away from falling in love, with the stranger on the street or the stranger in her sheets. She has an inherent fascination to love you, down to every cell in your body, and she'll do it ruthlessly. Right before she walks out of town without a word. That being said, her true friends are far and few between. They are scattered across the realms she has come to know. 

*Please note, friendships are separated. Think of them as Canon story lines. Medieval/Fantasy Based threads can/may be looped under the Kishori Section*

Romantic Interest(s): (x0) 

Orientation: Pansexual


Free Birds- Friends she makes in/between cities (Urban Fantasty -Realm 1)

-Slot Open
-Slot Open
-Slot Open


Nahara'u Kishori - Friends since she can remember (Fantasy/Modern - Realm 2) 

(Best Friend/Soul Bonded) -  History is destined to repeat itself with these two. Every time one of them is in danger they always figure out a way to ground themselves in each other. Literally. The power coursing through their veins tapps into each other's soul. To kept them grounded they have tethered their souls together. He became her soul mate in every sense of the word, except lover. Though many have often compared their bickering to an old couple, even after her rebirth. He is her best friend, her dark knight, and the man she would give everything to save. Always.

(Lover, Friend/Enemy) - Destined to forever be torn apart, he is a stamp on her fate, one that no matter how much everyone tries to make him fade away, he constantly returns. She hears his voice in her head and remembers fragments of them together. All she knows is that whatever they shared...she lived for it. Now she recognizes the uncanny connection between them. While she's interested in exploring it, she can't help but recognize that he is the cause of her friend's pain. Friends or enemies, she doesn't know. Only time will tell with them.

(Best Friend) - Memories haunt her dreams. Now more than ever Kougar's face follows her where she goes. She tries to deny it, hide behind the happy go lucky mask of her youth, but she knows they share a past. One that she can't deny. In their past, there is pain and betrayal, happiness and love, enemies and friendship. What they have now is messy and in the midst of recovery. Wherever they go, will be up to them to carve out together. 

(Friend/Enemy/Companion) -  These two have always had a strange relationship. Not all eggs are rotten. Since her rebirth, she has championed for Aura. Despite memories and odd feelings telling her otherwise. Dubbing her the puppy of the estate, but also someone that she could trust (past betrayals forgotten).  Aura helped deliver Kougar and John's son,  Kyle Skinwalker Tehrror, Cael knew she could trust the wolf. Unless Aura proves her wrong in this life the way she may have in her previous.

I'm a passionate, cheeky, character development based creative writer who likes to craft stories with like-minded peeps on the interwebs. ^_^

Caelestra's FC: Kirsten Zellers
Genre: Modern/Urban (Fantasy)
Style: Novellea, Multi-paragraph
Third person

YAY! Friendliness; collaboration; sarcasm and humor; detailed narration; objective-oriented scenes; action scenes; characters with depth and ongoing exploration of it; multi-layered plot; the occasional well-placed one-liner/poetic prose

YIKES! Shadiness;  misplaced fuckery; nagging about post(s); inability to keep IC and OOC separate


Stories of an ubran fiction/fantasy take place most often in cities and our present day times. These are the worlds we craft where the supernatural lurks in the shadows, is only stories of old and myth, and doesn't have a dominant presence in society. Aka mortals still rule. Consider these stories your adventures into the secret and unknown, where characters don't weave their abilities into society or their every day lives. Bring your grit and grime, your crime and drama, your love tales gone poorly, or your happiness trips. 

-Any major city
-Any small town
-Cabins in the woods
-Any coastal adventure

L.J. Smith
J.R. Ward
Neil Gaiman
J.K. Rowling
Lawrence Davis


YOUR TYPICAL FANTASY ADVENTURE (potential for modern twist)
Stories of fantasy take place most often in the fantasy worlds we create. These often have less of the modern realm feel to them and more of a otherwordly feel. Creatures coexist together in full knowledge of each other or stories of each other. It is possible for this to have a more modern feel/world. However, the rules for how creatures move through those spaces and time are different. We create this together. Think along the lines of Final Fantasy, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, X-Men, Avatar, Avengers, Pacific Rim, Valerian, Ready Player One. These timelines can be medieval in setting, other wordly, futuristic,  post apcololyptic, etc. 

Depends on the kind of story you wish to puruse
-Collaboration/A little early plotting is a must


DC Comics
Marvel Comics
Scott Westerfeld
J. R. R. Tolkien
Michael J. Sullivan
Dungeons & Dragons



Cael learns more about her abilities and gets comfortable with them: Currently she knows very little about them. To her they are so forgein they almost scare her when she uses them because she isn't sure what is happening. Because of this she doesn't talk about them often either. 

Cael finds friends and/or family: Vagabond by nature, she isn't one to really settle down. I'd be interested in exploring her gaining some friends that get her to stay in one place longer than a few weeks/months. This will also unfold naturally in an SL so this doesn't have to be met/pursued.

Cael learns more about the Aether: This is an area she knows very little about. Don't know many who write about the Aether, so if you do, let's plot! I would be interested in eventually making this a point of conflict/tension in her story line. 

Plots do not have to be limited to the above. They are a few ideas to start from if we don't know where to begin or what to start with. 


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  • The scent of the roses was immediately caught by Kyle just before entering the shop. It was a pleasant scent that was warm and inviting much like the season of spring. It’s interesting how a simple scent can change a person’s behavior in a matter of a seconds. One could be as relaxed as being on a beach sunbathing while another scent could possibly make you lose your mind and become crazy and not know why. A scent is just as powerful as any of the other senses. And those who do not pick up well on scents are said not to be in touch with themselves on a deeper level. But for Kyle picking up on the things that revolved around the five basic senses was very easy. However that sixth sense that illuminated within her wasn’t fully recognized or in tune as the others which was the reason of her coming here.


    Kougar’s boots would tap along the floor with every step she took, letting her own strides create the rhythm and natural beat to be the reflection of her calm state.  Blue gray eyes would glance through those raven locks that fell so eloquently from her forehead to look at the items on the shelves. Bath salts, amulets, books and more filled this little shop. But there were only three things that got her attention the most when she came to the glass case with peaked interest, Kougar raised an eyebrows in awe.. The first was a crystal cat skull that was something very extraordinary. The shell forming the feline skull shimmered in the warm light of the room. It didn’t need much light to give it that sparkle formed by what could be the richness of the core of the earth or maybe formed by the majestic waves of the oceans that give it that purifying salt crystals that is essential to life and healing. There was something that was just so poetic and precious about it. That essence in spellbinding magick in the death of a cats can also be beautiful. Continuing the growing and healing doesn’t just end because the body does. And this was a puurrfect example of that representation.


    The second thing Kougar noticed was the Boline. An item that could be used as a weapon or in spiritual purposes. It was an interesting piece as it had symbols carved into the hilt of it, as well as the crescent blade. A green gem was embedded into the grain of petrified wood. It may have appeared to be something very ordinary, but the vibrations of this magical item spoke of how old it truly was. It was an interesting tool, to say the least, and what was more interesting is that Kougar felt as if she had seen it before, but not in another shop or of her ever owning one because that wasn’t her style. But she felt she had seen this tool someplace else before, maybe belong to someone else. But who? Kougar would take a picture of it with her cell phone to look at it again a little later.

    Then as Kougar put her cell phone away she couldn’t help to see a small statue in the back part of the glass case. An angel in a white dress with blue tones with a red stone embellishment upon the top center rim, along with a red tiara to match. Her hair was lovely with long locks of silver strands that were turning midnight blue towards the ends.They were like ribbons blowing in the charging power of energy that she was producing, as she held a radiant moonrise, about to set it free into the twilight sky. Everything just glowed from the power she bestowed but in a sense of calmness and serenity. Kougar couldn’t help but to think of Ska, when she looked at this angel. Ska was by no means a saint and did indeed have a dark raw side to her. But she also possessed a pure innocent childlike healing side that was also serenity.

    But Kougar would fail to notice the chalice because a voice prompted her attention away from the glass case to see the petite woman that had asked Kougar to follow her. Kougar just gave a nod with a smile and followed behind as she passed through the beaded drapes making their shimmering sound. Kougar would then descend down the stairs and notice how her boots no longer made a sound. It was very weird for boots to be silenced upon wood stairs. It was almost as if her physical body entered a place where her footprint of her life was being cleansed. Kinda like an artifact that is found in the earth and had to be cleaned before it can be properly observed to what it is, and therefore an impression can’t be made upon the spiritual plain just yet. Then, as Kougar continued down the hallway of stairs, the change between what was part of the normal building from ground view to a time much older would be revealed. The brick lay of stones in this basement would be an indication of a whole nother era. Kougar had seen this type of thing before and was quite accustomed to it, as many tunnels connected into basements of various business. It was something that was done a lot back in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries for many reasons. But this felt slightly different here. The energy that flowed through was something that couldn’t be described as she had never felt this before. Like having a high from an adrenaline rush and being in a calm meditative state at the same time. It didn’t seem fathomable to feel both at once.


    When the woman announced of Kougar’s arrival and then left, Kougar looked over her shoulder to watch her walk away for just a moment before looking to whoever was down here with the soothing melody. Kougar approached with a casual stride, her body fluid and confident even in a place she had not been before. She was here for answers, whether they were good or otherwise, and felt no reason to have any other emotion than that, providing this wasn’t all just smoke and mirrors of the decor to make you really believe whatever words are said to be true. Time would tell.


    “Hello? I’m Kyle.”        

  • { No, nothing in particular. I'm sure whatever you come up with will be great :) }

  • Busy week. Replies will come out on the weekend once this all slows down. For updates on threads, see threads section above. 

  • Music was something they both shared with one another that sat happily in there hearts, no matter what was going on music seemed to pull there souls and mind out from that drak place. Kanes hues focused on Caelestra for a long moment as she laughed and smiled, her smile for the first time he'd seen met her soft kind eyes. ' Plus, you'll never know what you'll get ' Kane smirked warmly as he grinned warm before speaking " I wont huh? Well I'm sure it'd be something worth while " With a chuckle he brought the whiskey to his lips taking a long swig before he watched Caelestra stand to her feet while reaching her hand down for him to get up and come with her, suprisingly she was very storng for her small size.

    Downstairs the two made there way back to his dim lighted den, Caelestra took a seat at the piano while Kane followed along as he took a deat beside her. Her fingers practiced on a few notes, Kane would watch hearing the softness of her voice over come the notes of the pianos keys  " Show me anything " Kane didn't care what he heard, after a night light tonight all he needed was that music to take him away.. only if it was for a few moments, and he could sense the same from Caelestra.

    Kane smirked shaking his head " I would never " Bringing the drink to his lips he drank the smooth whiskey down slowly, drunk and at this point much happier than he had been the entire night, they both had there minds at ease while the sound of music took them both away. Caelestra slim fingers touched each key with such passion, and love. You could sense the feeling of her soul while she played, that was the beauty of it. The way her body now relaxed and her eyes would flutter closed with a sense of ease here and there, he watched every movment.. every detail about her in this moment, Caelestra was extraordinary that was forsure. Kane didn't even know her fully, they hadnt shared many moments together through life.. But he felt like he knew her, she felt like home? She gave him a sense of ease.. this couldnt of been just the feelings of being drunk, or maybe the way music spoke to him clouding his brain and feelings at the moment? could it. . . Kane hadnt felt emotions in such a way in very long, and when he did it all turned to shit long ago. Placing his whiskey down he'd stay quiet and listen to the sound she placed into the atmosphere around them both.

  • ' Hunt them down ' Kane sat in thought for a long moment, not all people his kind were like this. Jake being so young didn't know any better, it was definitely Kanes fault for not realizing he wasnt completly ready to be out on his own.. as well that those unfortunate events had to happen on the same night Caelestra was trvaeling onto there land. But Kane understood how it looked from Caelestra point of view, two attacks already, one dead.. Kanes kind wasnt looking very great on there end at this point.  While Caelestra sat across from him he watched her small frame slide down the wall, her thick wavy hair in a mess and soft eyes glazzed over in thought while she drank the other large bottle of gin. Kane gripped his fingers along the bottle in his hand as he took a long drink, he was now very much so drunk and no longer just buzzed. Which was exactly where he wanted to be. Whenever Kane did get drunk he was I guess you could say a good drunk, not like most men where they couldnt control themselves and there actions around other people or women.

    Kanes mind trailed off when they spoke, it was what he needed.. Well I guess it was what they both needed in this moment. " Singing huh? " Kanes grinned warmly while he spoke before taking another long drink on his bottle " Sing for me? " With a smirk he sat across from her, being they were both drunk and it wasnt safe to be dancing all over the place singing seemed to be the best option at the moment. " It's only just us to, I'm not hear to judge you. " Kane grinned bringing his legs up in the sitting position curious to hear her voice, he hadnt heard anyone sing sense his mother.. and sometime at there pack gatherings his cousin Caroline would sing for everyone around the campfire.

    The more they talked the more he was able to analyze Caelestra, and not in a werid stalker type of way.. Just more in a way of getting to know her, learning things. The way her nose with scrunch up before she rolled her eyes or laughed, the way she teased at her hair with her fingers when she was nervous about something that was happening or when she was in a deep thought. Kane watched while she looked at him almost like she was analyzing him, as if Caelestra may have had a thought or two about him but kept them to herself.  She was definitely something, that was forsure.

    |  The site seems to be okay now. But for the story it's going well with me! If you have anything to add feel more than welcomed to message me and let me know.  |

  • It was certainly something they shared. Lars could almost love any job that involved these machines, especially restorations like this.  His green hues roaming the van again, there wasn't an ounce of doubt in him that this would soon be everything she wanted and there also wasn't any doubt that he could accomplish that with what was once merely a hunk of junk to someone else.  No, it was not ready to fall into a junkyard and become a hunk of metal, not if he had anything to say about it.

    " Well.. as I said, experience has allowed me to reach that ability." He kinda sorta brags, but with humor laced through it that would clear any real ego trip. Lars was certainly proud of his work, but he's never been arrogant with it. Lars isn't very good at arrogant at all, really. At least, not after the whole "incident" that left him a new man.

    Fortunately for her, Lars wasn't bound to rush her through any decisions. He wanted this to be everything she wanted, although thinking to himself after hearing how unsure she was, he thought he could probably show her a few sites where she could pick through what she liked. It's just some similar thinking that has him cracking another smile when she mentions about using a laptop. That would likely be the best place to start; the internet. 

    " Sure thing! It's funny, 'cus I was just thinking about a few sites with some custom and basic equippment and ideas for car interiors. " Waving her along to follow him, he turned and headed back through the shop to the front to enter into his office space, reaching the computer to tap at the keys a navigate a bit before he brought up a few sites he knew, that he'd often used before when he'd done other projects. Once this task is done, he moved aside to offer her the seat and pointed to the screen, vaguely as he spoke.

    " Go nuts. This is just the basic things, y'know, steering wheel covers, seat covers and if you even wanted fabric or vinyl, mats and ect. Then we have the matter of the back of the van and what you want there. The dash, too. You probably use bluetooth, yeh? Or would you rather I leave the old radio?" She was young, at least as far as he could see and he only assumes people nowadays mostly preferred the new set ups of the touchscreen and bluetooth connection. 

  • Silence, silence was all he needed in this moment.. His head rested in his plams as he sighed heavily yet no tears, nothing.. was he broken? Humans were wired to have emotions, to cry and mourn the loss of someone close to them. Those thoughts were then interrupted when the strong smell of bleach filled his senses, brows frowned curiously while he lifted his head as his hues focused on where the large blood stain had laid only hours ago.. It was clear Caelestra cleaned, something she shouldnt have had to do. The wood was stained much darker then the rest of the wood in the surrounding areas, standing to his feet Kane would open the closet door reaching inside while he took out a large area rug laying it infront of the door and over where the blood was once pooled. Kanes hand grazed the back of his neck slowly shaking his head while he than smelled Caelestra inch near above the stair case from out of her guest room.  ' It was a wolf, wasnt it '  Kane eyes focused on Caelestra, the only sain thing he felt surrounded him in this moment while a slow node came from him  as his hand gripped the stair case's wooden rail.

    "  Yes  " Kane spoke while his voice at the moment was quiet, watching her he blinked slow while making his way up the stair case where he eventually stood beside her. Caelestras breath smelt of pure gin, there was no judgment being a drink was all he wanted at this moment as well.. Kanes hues focused down on her once more, he could feel her emotions running wild but as of now more contained from the buzz she may have been feeling from the alcohol. "  Why can't I feel anything " His voice deep and confused, shaking his head Kane walked over leaning along the wall to the dark hallway that led to the guest bedroom and Kanes own room " I feel numb " Kane wnated to feel just something but at this moment it was completely impossible. With the shake of his head he sighed heavily " You didn't have to clean all of that, but.. thank you " His words genuine and honest, he didn't know if he'd havr the strength to clean his own cousins blood.. But it shouldnt have been left on her to do so.

    Inside his room laid the other bottle of gin they were drinking much eariler in the evening prier to what had happened, Kane walked inside while taking it from his room.. now back in the hallway he stood bottle in hand as he slowly took a seat his back leaning along the wall " Join me. . . "  He would understand if she didnt care to, but at this moment Caelestra brought a calmness over him.. Maybe it was cause for once he didnt feel alone. The lighting to the hallway dim and relaxing drinking back the bottle as his buzz grew, handing it off towards Cael he'd sigh heavily with the shake of his head " Now, tell me.. " Kane needed something, just anything at this moment to put his mind in a different place " Tell me something, anything.. " His head would turn while his hazel hues focused on her, Caelestras hair glowed in the dim lighting.. while he sad eyes starred at the bottle between her thin hands, those hands he rembered playing the sweet melody only hours ago, if only you could turn back time.

    |   I did, my apologies. I thought I was deleting somone elses comment but mistakened it with yours. But it worked out fine, your reply was great! I hope you are still feeling okay with our story, I think it's going great. Let me know if you want to change or add anything, I'm all ears if so!   |

  • Death

    Death seemed to be the only thing Kane had ever really experienced throughout his years of childhood and now his adulthood. From the loss of his father to the passing of his mother and grandfather.. To losing what he thought was the love of his life to another man, and now this.. Kanes cousin Richard , his body cold lifeless and just gone in a matter of seconds right before his and Kye's eyes. There was nothing Kane could do, there was to much damage, his vital organs torn to shreads beneath his slashed open abdomen along with much more that couldnt be just fixed by simpley going to a hospital. Weakness, Pain, Hurt, Loss .. So many emotions were going through Kanes body he couldnt even process what was going on. Kye cursed under his breath, shaking his head he held back the tears welding within his eyes glacing towards Kane  " I tried, I did all I could Kane!! I -- " Kye's fists clenched together so very tightly while Kane rose to his feet  " I know Kye, There's nothing else you could have done. We werent prepared for this to happen! None of us were. " Random attacks werent common with wolves, many wolves knew others boundries and wouldnt beagn a war against another.. Unless there was an act of trespassing which wasnt very common. Kane had many memories with Emerons fathers & mates pack, and they were not good ones.

    Kane gripped Kye's shoulder, he couldnt sense Kye was making all of this out to be his fault and it wasnt .. None of this was anyones fault. " Kye " Kane shook his head until he'd watch Kyes eyes glance behind him in confusion, turning he seen Caelestra Damnit Kye curiously looked towards the beautiful woman standing in Kanes home, he knew Kane was busy but he didnt know he was in the company of a young woman or he wouldnt have brought Richard to the door like this. Kane sighed heavily, this was the last thing Caelestra needed to see, turning his hazel hues watched as his uncle and a couple other of his pack members made there way towards the cabin home in there large trucks and jeeps through the snow while there engines roared up the driveway  " Kye Take Him! I will meet you all here soon. " Kane closed to door, his eyes confused at everything that had litterally just happend before his eyes in a matter of minutes.. Kanes hues focused on Caelestra, his hazels orbs saddned but he tried to show no weakness like he had his entire life  " Are you going to be alright staying here for a bit, I need to help them " Kane didn't just want to leave her here alone after of course what had just happened, but it was manditory when a pack member died to free there soul in the ceremony of a fallen pack member.  Kane shook his head  " I'm sorry " All Kane had in his eyes at this very moment was pain, he sighed heavily shaking his head while his hands lifted.. Slowly his plams clenched the back of neck pacing around for a few moments tryng to take everything in.

    The night moved on, Kane had made sure Caelestra would be okay being here for a few hours while he left with his Family, although he knew no matter how safe she may have felt in his home the terror she'd faced in the last couple days wouldnt terrorize or huant her mind 2:30am The front door would open as Kane walked in, Kane looked angry while his eyes sat in pain. . Dropping his coat to the floor while he than sat at the bottom step of his home, holding his head in the plam of his hands while is elbows laid onto his knees. All that went through his mind at this point was to get even, This Was War.

  • The shop was quiet, the workers having gone out and she was his only priority for that evening, so it was just them two as they walked into the other part of the shop. On the way, he had quickly reached for the heating dial, turning it up a bit. The gesture an afterthought where his main course of thoughts went through the motions on what he wanted to start with first in showing off the work that was coming along. Damn he's too excited, but he manages to keep it at bay without it being too obvious. 

    What can he say? The man loves his job.

    " Ah." He loved children. His tolerance was beyond what many could handle and that's beside the point he was a damn vampire and a big bad "monster" that shouldn't care, but he knew well enough of the struggle they could bring upon others tolerances and therefore understands what she meant and had enough sympathy.  " 

    When she moved on to tell him of her excitement, Lars grinned and looked back at her.

    " You and me, both." 

    The grin only spreads a little more into a smirk when he no doubt heard heard the jump in pace of her heart. It doesn't temp him. Thank some higher being, it doesn't tempt him. His gaze veered off as his mind warned him, the grin dropping slightly, but he shakes off the concern for now..

    " I'd be a complete failure if I had as much experience as I have and couldn't bring this vehicle back to all the potenial she still has. " He laughs soflty and crossed his arms, looking the van over again. Then his gaze had moved to watch her, taking in the curiousity and maybe even awe in her eyes and for which he would smile softly to himself because he was more than happy to make this happen for her.

    " Well.. I need you to start putting together the interior. I'll do the major physical work of course, but I want all your ideas, I want you to make this all yours. All and any details to have this van fully fit your needs. I still have the matter of the engine to work out, but I'm confident that it's time we start on the interior. "


  • While upstairs the urge in Kanes body to transforme was outrageous, the only way it could be explained was his soul felt as if it was tugging at his body trying to release itself. The full moon was bright as ever shinning through his windows and into his room, along with the light from the frie place he was tending to.. taking in slow deep breaths he knew how to control himself .. when to release the beast from within. Suddenly large howls would be heard from outside, being Kane had already let his pack know he wouldnt be joining them for the next few full moon nights he knew things may get a bit crazy without him out there! But Kye was his lead so things couldnt have gotten to out of hand. Foot steps were heard moving quickly up his stair case while Kane grinned warm, it was more than obvious she felt save around him and at least that was a good sign. Kanes hazel hues turned seeing the new bottle in her hand kind of like a peace offering while he spoke out towards him softly " No sulking over here, just felt as if we both needed a minute " Kane stood to his feet while placing the large metal stake to the side taking the glass Caelestra held in her other hand  " Thank you " Taking a seat on the end of his large bed Kane patted the spot beside him " Come sit, I wont bite " With a slight laugh he brought the drink to his lips sipping some back slowly.

    Large howls came from outside once more while he glanced out the window than back towards Caelestra, seeing she did have a slight anxiousness to her facial features " Don't worry " Kane grinned warm while he than looked off towards the fire slowly before speaking once more " Emtion is a hard thing for me, I don't see or share it with many people. Nor have I seen a woman in a emotional state of anger in a long time.. " Kane gripped his glass slowly looking to the shinny liquid dancing from within the glass " Brings me back to the days of seeing my mother so hurt, about my fathers passing. When something happens most of the time we dont have control over how we feel, so its honestly normal to explode. But it's just something I'm not used to anymore, I guess I've held back a lot of emotion throughout the years " Drinking back his drink slowly it eased his mind and body, truly helping his body from wanting to be set free into the night.. The buzz forming once again Kane sighed " Tell me, somthing you've never told anyone " Kanes hues glanced towards her slowly, he didn't know exactly if this was great to ask, but there needed to be some sort of closeness the two could share bring stuck in the same home.

    The flames danced from within the fire, Kanes walked over taking the bottle into his grip while filling his own glass and offering her more if she'd like - - - BANG BANG BANG  Kanes brows frowned, he'd thought he'd smelt his pack near, but that was only because of the full moon and them running amongst the forest around his home. Placing down the glass and his own the loud sound once again came from the front foor once more BANG BANG BANG Kane looked towards Caelestra " Stay here " Kane walked out from his room while he made his way down the hallway and down the large stair case, now opening the front door Kane seen Kye his cousin with fear in his eye's " Kye! Whats Going On?! " Kane looked around curiously out the front door and beside Kye was Richard Kanes cousin, large bite wounds to his neck and lash wounds to his stomach area " What the hell happened!! " Kane looked towards Kye as he walked out of the front door closing it. Kye spoke his voise full of anger while his hand balled up in fists " Emersons pack Kane, her father came onto our land! Did what we could but of course they had more than us. " Emerson was Kanes first love, and of course Kanes rival pack.  Anger grew in Kanes body while he sighed heavily " Get Richard.. " Kane than stopped speaking when there was no longer any breath coming from Richard, Kane kneeled down slowly checking his pulse ... nothing ... he was gone.


    |  Sorry it took me sometime to reply, Iv'e been very sick but luckily feeling much better today !!  |

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