Interview: Session 1 [Cat Talk]

Kougar arrived at the overlook just at dusk, and stared down at the person who invited her here. As there is a cup of coffee on the table with her name on it.


“Well you finally got me here by bribing me with coffee. Happy?”


“Yes, we finally now have the chance to talk.”


“Talk about what? You created me… What is there to say?”   


What does it feel like to be Catwoman? You’ve been Catwoman for Ten years now. What have those years been like for you?


Laughs “Seriously? You wanna know? This is why you had me come here? I could be doing more Productive Things Right Meow!! But if you want to know, Sure! Being Catwoman has and is Everything you have Never Been! I started out doing simple crimes. Stealing from jewelry stores and art museums. And I made enough money to have my own penthouse. Which is more than what I can say for you! But the history you gave me, was very hard. And I learned a lot of harsh lessons to get where I am now. Lessons I have tried very hard to forget sometimes. But I can’t because it's how I’ve come to think the way I do, and do the things I do.”


“I’m sorry about that. I started out giving you a traditional comic book story, and then later tweaked it to my own as time went on. As a matter of fact, I knew before I even created you, that your name would get altered. It was just a matter of having the guts to do it. And then having to deal with all the naysayers.”


“Yeah, that part wasn’t fun to deal with. But I Kicked Ass and Got Through It…”


“That we did.”


“Don’t be taking the credit for what I had to deal with! Just because it was your idea on altering my name, and character. When you changed my name from Selina to Kougar, I got shit from people who didn’t like the idea of me changing because they thought of me as that DC Catwoman. That made the road getting here more difficult! But…I will say this, I’ve never felt more Alive, figuring out who I am and what I wanted!! And I feel Damn Sexy being in my Own Fur Now!! Shit, Look At Me!! I have been Rocking My Long Raven Hair and Killer Boots!! And this Puurrfect Purple Outfit all this time, with very Sharp Claws! Heck, I’m Taller than a lot of men out there! And as I grew into who I am now, I started to realize things. That I am Firm believer of Rocking My Feminine Qualities while still Kicking a Man’s Ass!! Power Doesn’t Mean you have to Look or Act more like a Man to play Ball with them!! Power Means Playing Ball and Being True To Who You Are And Love Being The Opposite Sex from them while standing for what you believe or want!! That’s why I will NEVER Cut My Hair Short, EVER!! Long Raven Hair is a part Of What I Represent As Catwoman!” F--k The New 52!


“I am very proud of you for that, that you understand how I felt and that you stuck to your Whip so to speak in not changing those attributes for anyone else. But let’s move on from that and talk about your Trust issues, if I may?”


“You mean Youurrr Trussst Issues?!?! That part is the ugly extension of You!”


“Listen, I created you because I could Identify with you on many levels. And I did noticed after awhile you did come to Trust a few people.”


“Yeah, your right I did, and so Did You! But I still had my setbacks on the trust thing. But what I did learn was what to look for in a person, which wasn’t as easy as one thinks. And that I don’t need to have a whole bunch of friends in my life and be popular. I can be comfortable being in my own fur as a True Outsider! I’m not one of those Fake people if you catch my drift.”


“Oh I do.”


“Just having a few True friends that I really Treasure, Adore and can Count on is all I need! F--k, be proud of who you are, and celebrate You!”


“I am now, in small ways, thanks to you! So, do you know why I changed you from being that DC Catwoman from the comics, tv and movies that everyone knows?”


“Because you didn’t want me to be just another Cat Wannabe that had already been done, DuuHH! You wanted me to be separate from all the other Cat-Women Wannabes out there. You gave me a Familiar/ Daemon and Astral Projection. But what I don’t know is where that idea came from?”


“The Familiar/ Daemon came from the movie called The Golden Compass. And it’s where the idea of making you different was born. And I studied up on Dark Matter and Dark Energy as I pieced together how it would work for you. So you aren’t an exact copy of the movie. But I did make you born not from earth. Now the Astral Projection came from the Tv show called Charmed. Prue Halliwell had that power. But no you are not a witch. And neither am I. I am just a simple earthbound nature lover, who likes witches. And who knows some inner magick of my own. Also I tweaked your Familiar/Daemon to work in conjunction with Astral Projection for long distances travel. You see a lot of my ideas come from little things in movies and tv shows that I see and that inspires me. And it’s also goes into my plotting for certain stories sometimes too.”


“And that is why I'm so Purrffectly Awesome Being Catwoman!!" Puurrrss!!


“Yess!!" Clears throat. "Also about your name Kougar, I wanted you to identify more with Big cats than with small domestic cats. I grew up enjoying movies like, Kimba The White Lion, before the Lion King Ever Existed! Bringing Up Baby, Cat people, Born Free, Who’s That Girl, and Charlie The Lonesome Cougar.”


“Ohhh, so that’s where I got the name for my pet! But Charlie isn’t just an ordinary Cougar. He is a Florida Red Panther. And it's kool to finally know where my Habitat sanctuary in my penthouse came from.”


“Correct, that’s where the idea of Charlie came from and your Habitat Sanctuary in your penthouse! And I just changed those ideas slightly to fit your life and not copy a movie completely. I wanted you to be more wild than a domesticated feline and to always be around other big cats, not just the small ones and share those big cat qualities. Like climbing a building that would metaphorically replace a mountain. Or stalking larger prey such as Man or Supernatural Beast. I wanted you to handle Bigger Things. And be that Lioness with Pride.”     


“Now let’s discuss for a moment about your long career as a thief.”


“Okay? So, years ago I used to enjoy in how I would steal jewels, art and money. I love things with Bling and Priceless works of art. And I love how I would obtain these things with my gymnastic and cat like flexibility. But then I realized I wanted more. And I didn’t like being looked at as a bad person or villain all the time. But at the same time, there was no way in Hell I was going to stop being a Thief. I was proud of my Skills and enjoyed the Challenge. And I Loved the Fame of being Catwoman!”


“That’s because I wanted you to grow. I wanted you to find more and not always be attached to inanimate objects. Your attachment to things was stemming back to your lack of trust. I wanted you to travel and to let yourself go and be free to explore life and make your own decisions of what you encountered and learn from it.”


“And I did that. I went out, made a couple of friends. And made that Adventure happen! I’ve traveled all over the U.S. and Outside the Country. I’ve been to Russia, and Africa, and Off the map places for which I am grateful for. But.. You might have helped to make that happen for me.. But I also did things on my own too, that you can’t take credit for. Like when I collared that Guy years ago!! You know the one I’m talkin’ about! That was soooo much FUN!! Ohh and do you remember when I also had that Wild Naughty Love Affair years ago, that you would never do!! Because your too much of a pussy for that!”


“Whoa, back up!! My sex life is Off Limits!”


“Bullshit!! If it wasn’t for me teaching you a thing or two, you’d be Tied up in a Ball of Yarn!! I gave you the Control you were looking for!! And you can Thank me Later, Meow!!”  


“You know what I think we're Done here!”



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