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Do you have a serious problem with a ghost? Werewolf sighting? Maybe you let a vampire move in and their sucking you dry. Either way for all your supernatural problems Seymour Sees more can be your solution. Contact use through there and be sure to bring us all the information you can about your paranormal problems. Afterall the devil is in the Detail. Our office is located in Hasden, Massachusetts. 

Sacred Order of the Raven

Formed in the eleventh century by a Templar by the name of Sigmund Seymour. Throughout history this secret group of templar knights travelled the world in search of magical items and artifacts. investigating the claims of supernatural. In the modern era this secret order of guardians exists across the world. Mediators between the natural and supernatural communities. Exorcists and monster hunters belong to the Sacred order of the Raven. Their recruitment process is still largely unknown even among those who are aware of the supernatural. Though legends say that if you are selected you will be followed by an "Unkindness" of Ravens. As the knowledge they bestow upon their members is an unkindness to the individual.

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Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Seymour is as plain as they come, from his height to the shape of his face with a naturally neutral expression. His hair is short and well kept often combed to the left, his most identifiable being his emerald green eyes. Seymour walks with confidence in his stature even at 5'10" and 160 pounds Seymour's stride is one of purpose. He dresses professionally in a buisiness suits and long coats and a fedora. He is no athlete but he maintains his fitness well enough to do his job, perhaps a little hard on his liver with the spirits.

Character Personality

Seymour's personality is genuinely caring but because of the way he speaks he can often seem posh or snobbish. Stating things in a matter of fact type of way. His heart is in the right place but sometimes his mouth betrays his intentions. Though he only takes the most serious of cases he cannot refuse something brought to him by the order of the Raven. Often seen in a bar if asked personally he would never take a strange or eerie case again. But Seymour's abilities for some reason turn him into a supernatural magnet. Making him standoffish at first, with a reluctant attitude. 

Character Likes





pastry deserts

asian takeout


Friendly Vampires

Character Dislikes






evil vampires

Character History/Story

Seymour grew up going to a prestigous private school with his fathers position in the united states embassy he lived in the united Kingdom until he was 12 years old, right around the same time that he knew he could see ghosts. He moved back to the states and lived next to a girl named Jill for 4 years the two of them bonded bothing being able to see spirits. When Seymour was 16 his father was moved to Germany where he graduated highschool with an honors and was valedictorian. He stayed in Germany where he reconnected with Jill, the two of them went on ghosts hunts in most of their spare time. Jill was curious to see if Seymour could still see ghosts. She had lost the sight as a teen. Seymour's abilities were sstrong though. His mother had the sight and she had passed it on to him. What they had never told him was their roles in the embassy. Not until one day a raven pearched on his door and Seymour's father knew he had to tell the truth. See Seymour's parents had belonged to a group that was calll The Sacred Order of the Raven. They are those who watch the veil between realms. Seymour's first case paired him with a vampire hunter that could use magic unfortunately she died on the case. Her ghost still haunts him often being the angel or devil on his shoulder. Afterwards the order sent him to a town in Massachusetts called Hasden. A very haunted town. Seymour opened his firm there and is looking to fill positions.

Character Inventory

The magic bag of carrying is cleverly disguised as an 19th century doctor's medical bag. The brown leather is decorated with iron clasps, rim, and handle fixtures. The bag itself doesn't look very large but you when opened and looked inside there is a room with red wall and a red, pink checkerboard floor. The room is filled with shelves that have various tools and items meant to assist him on his cases. This could range from blessed oils to wooden stakes. An iron bar. Even a fire axe incase you need to dome a few zombies or decapitate a bad vampire.

Crepusculum Grimoire
The Twilight Grimoire in english an 11th century book written in latin containing spells and rituals for exorcising demons and evil spirits. Composed in the 11th century by the founders of the Sacred order of the Raven. Filled with rituals that are meant to banish evil from the world from around the globe. Compiled into one spell book meant for the plain walker. They who guard the nexxus from earth's realm. The one between worlds.
The Ring of Solomon A magic ring blessed with protection. A conduit for converting spirit energy into magic. Can be used to travel between the spirit realm and the living realm with astral projection. By tapping the ring against wood or stone the ring can banish demons and spirits for a short period of time. The ringing the ring of Solomon creates in the spirit world is similar to a tuning fork. By tapping the ring and saying a specific command the ring gives the wearer some control over spirits and demons. Ergo gaining the name of a demon during an exorcism

Character Abilites

Seymour is a Clairvoyant with the ability to use spiritual energy and convert it into magic. 

Types of Clairvoyance Seymour can use

  • Precognition- This is only to a certain extent, Seymour cannot predict the future, but he might have a dream about someone he's never met should their paths cross
  • Retrocognition- The ability to see past events though, there has to be a significant past event. Alternatively should he make contact with an intelligent spirit they can enhance this ability
  • Clairaudience- Litereally meaning Clear Hearing this ability allows him to hear and speak with the spirits of the deceased or metaphysical entities such as angels and demons.
  • Clairsentience- Clear Seeing, the ability to see the spirits of the deseased or percieve the manifestations of metaphysical beings in which ever form they present to him.
  • Claircognizance- This is the ability of knowing, many will try to fool you by "Knowing things." But it doesn't work that way. Seymour has to open himself up to that perception if he wants to know something, Often times it's a draining process and once the connection is broken he doesn't remember the message he told the person in question. However there are other ways of knowing. For example Seymour might have a dream about a place or a person that he doesn't remember then end up working a case involving that place or person. He isn't always right and not 100% accurate with the level of involvement. 

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I am writing a book and this is the character I am writing about. I started writing short stories on a blog called medium. But that's enough of self plugging.

I have done this style of writing before actually it's what sparked my passiong for storytelling in the first place. So here I am getting back into it with a character I am writing a novel on. An interesting way to get inside his mind. What other adventures can I find in the realms. 

I work monday to friday my day starts at 4 am. I bring my Chrome book with me. I will try to respond 1 to three times a week. But sometimes it gets tough. 


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  •  Could we do a couple of RP's where Seymour is hunting Fen? It could be super fun!

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