An Introduction to Solomon Seymour

Solomon has always been a strange one, but his parents already knew this. For they were strange ones themselves. Sebastian and Cynthia Seymour. Cynthia was a vetrinarian for farm animals and Sebastian a retired three star general and two years older than Cynthia. They had Seymour around the ages of 25 and 27. At a very young age Seymour knew he had the ability to see spirits. At the age of twelve Seymour spent 6 years living next to a girl named Jill, they became close friends as she too could see spirits. As he grew older the ability grew with him manifesting into PsychoKinetic abilities. While Jill's abilities faded with her age. By the age of 18 Seymour was able to turn his psychokinetic energy into magic. When he graduated, Seymour went to prestigious schools across the world moving with his father base to base. When he graduated Seymour chose to attend college in Munich Germany earning a degree in forensic science. This is where he met Jill once again, she spent her first years of university in Germany, together they went on ghost trips and explored reportedly haunted buildings. Seymour had always facinated Jill with his abilities.


At the age of 25 Seymour started his own private paranormal investigation company called Seymour Sees More. He expected some calls to be false but he never expected the volume of calls he would recieve. Two years into his career as as investigator Seymour was recruited into the Sacred Order of the Raven. Against his father's wishes. Seymour three years later had become a full blown investigator within the ranks of the Order and was given an assistant named, Christina. She worked with Seymour for three years when on a case hunting a vampire lord. She had been used in a vampiric ritual to create more vampires through necromancy. Seymour lost the vampire and Christina. Five years later Seymour hasn't taken on another assistant and Christina's ghost still haunts her. Then on a werewolf case Seymour met Claire Carter, a hunter and part of his prophetic role in the Order. The warrior with an unbreakable mind. Meant to assist The one between worlds. Along with Claire, Seymour has Jacob his research assistant and monster hunter. As well as Ingrid Mulgrave a powerful witch with deep druid roots that acts as his secretary both Jacob and Ingrid are members of the Order.

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