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He seems cold to most and doesn't talk much to those he doesn't know, but he would gladly risk his life to protect those he considers his friends. He also hates to see weaker people picked on by those stronger and will usually step in to help if it seems to be going to far.

Character History/Story

Drauf was born in the year 750 in Scandinavia, but he never knew his parents. His guess was that when they noticed that he had been born with the curse of Lycanthropy they left him out in the forest to die like the animal they thought he was. He was saved when he was taken in by a pack of wolves who raised him until he was about five years old. It was then that the wolves were killed by a group of hunters and after a long fight they finally managed to catch the youngling in a net and bring him back to town. He doesn't remember much of his childhood as it's just a blur of trying to learn the ways of man. He never was good at social skills and intellectual studies, but he made a hell of a warrior. Using his abilities as a Lycan and his natural talent of war, he carved a name for himself and led many raids along the english coast. In his prime they called him the Drought due to the lands that his raiding parties passed through being decimated to the point that they resembled land that had been ravaged by years of drought. He continued his raiding parties. He continued to lead the raids for the entirety of the Viking era and never found anyone who could match him in battle. Despite his long career none outside of his brothers in arms believed that he could be as old as the stories claimed and most assumed it was just a title that got passed down from generation to generation. When the age of viking ended he moved on and began to travel the world. (WIP but it's a start)

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Paragraph, Multi-Para, No-Preference

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Fantasy, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adult

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  • Hmmm Ayesha is out travelling. Wherever he is currently she could bump into him? She's mainly in her wolf form at this point.

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  • (Did you have any ideas in mind? You know she is a cop with a whole vengeance stick going on.  So if he is a sinner and all. Be warn she may try to gun for him

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  • Sure! What ideas did you have? Also, let's plot in inbox for now then start the rp in comments.

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  • || Sure we can. Minimum of 2 - 3 paragraphs, decent length, detailed enough to carry the thread forward. I tell everyone the same thing before I start writing and I always pre-plot. Inbox me to discuss thread ideas further. ||
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