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Character Age

Depends on the time period of the RP

Character Species


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

He looks to be in his late 20's or eary 30's but his hair is a grey color as if he were much older

Character Personality

He tends to be a hard ass to people he doesn't know but anyone who gets close to him knows its all just a show. He is very loyal and protective of the people he cares about

Character History/Story

Drauf was assumed born around the year 750 in Scandinavia, but he never knew his parents. Left out in the forest to die, he was taken in by a pack of wolves and and raised in the wild for several years. He would found and captured, but it took a squad of elite hunters to bring him down. From there he was raised as a slave and forced to hard labor until he was saved by a band of vikings who raided the village. Joining with them he made a name for himself as he learned and adjusted to life with people. By his mid twenties he had already proven his place within the village he now called home and had made a name for himself as a fearsome warrior. Everything was going great for him, but he couldn’t stay put for too long and after gaining the blessing of the town elders he packed his things and headed out. He has traveled the land ever since, and used to return to his home every so often to check in, but stopped once the people he one knew and cared for had started to grow old and pass on. Not being able to handle it he hasn’t returned and was probably forgotten completely.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adventure

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  • (Hello thank you for accepting, have anything in mind for a plot between our characters?)

  • ((Hello! Thank you for the request!))

  • Something within her took a chance then on the stranger. β€œMarlena…!”She found herself fumbling for her name as she called out to him before he turned to make his way to August. β€œMy name is Marlena. It’s nice to meet you Drauf.” Well, it didn’t mean that she couldn’t help move the initiative in trainee along. After all, August found that that was all she was known for, just a pretty centerpiece for part of something bigger. Perhaps today she could prove him wrong on that end and she hoped the consequences would be minor this time around, she hated to make a fool out of him by accident. Tugging at her show robe at the thought of it, she then urged her stallion friend by pulling a little on the reins for her to come along with them. β€œSo where abouts are you from, Drauf?” The name itself sounded like he came from a far away place, sounded foreign and potentially had rough beginnings just like her.

  • Marlena Rosenbluth was a star. Her husband, August would never let her forget it. It was difficult enough having the world on her shoulders that sometimes she would stop in between shows to take it all in, tilting her head back in the warm breeze of that summer letting the wind wash over her. It truly was the smell of a new beginning, the flowers and theΒ Β grass enveloping her senses. It was hard to tell why solitude for a moment gave The Star Attraction such a good feeling but somehow she seemed to crave it all the time.

    Maybe it was because even after the jeering crowds Marlena was all there was. In fact she would be nothing if not had her husband found her just sitting alongside one afternoon watching the parade of jubilant performers and animals. He'd simply plucked her out of the row and built her up from there. How quickly people could forget or not even know that behind that facade of shimmer and delights were beads of sweat that shook and broke workers backs inside those tents. The dedication and live or die was ramped with tenacity, that everything according to August was to go perfectly.

    You never broke and for that Marlena never stopped, and did as she was told. The blonde now walked alongside the pastures procuring one of her horses from it’s day’s graze when a voice interrupted her thoughts. Lifting her head a masculine voice spoke and approached her side to see a man of muscle and stature asking for the one in charge.Β  Assuming that it was her, what more could that do to help him. β€œI'm sorry you must have me confused with someone else." Marlena shook her head, stroking the horse’s mane as a reflexive gesture giving a polite smile back. β€œI do believe you’re looking for the main man himself, August though. He should be inside the big top, if you go on ahead up the trail past the tiger and lion pens, you won't be able to miss it.”

  • That sounds like a good start for us. Would you mind starting us off? If you are unable to, I can always try. Not to worry.Β 

  • I would love to rp. Do you have any ideas? Perhaps Drauf could get work in the circus, if we are going by an alternate world.Β 

  • You are welcome thank you for requesting.Β 

  • (Hello thank you for the request)

  • we had a plot and you said you'd try to start but I've not received anything. I believe this was the idea; After a battle each has been in, seeing others near could startle and assume the other is a hunter.. like that??

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