(Beware- major ACOTAR Spoilers Ahead) 

Lord of Night | Death Incarnate | Night Triumphant | Amarantha's Whore|
His Darkness | Rhys, Rhysie
Date of Birth: November 20th
Age: 535
Eye color: Deep Blue-Violet, with the sparkle of stars
Species: Half-High Fae, Half-Illyrian
Family: Mother, Father, Sister (Deceased) 
Brothers: Cassian, Azreal (Adopted) 
Cousin: Morrigan
Powers: Darkness Manipulation, Winnowing (Teleportation)
Daemati Abilities (Mind control, telepathy, memory seeing and manipulation), Glamouring, Flight via Wings (not always physically manifested), Misting (great feat of magick that can turn enemies into...red mist, rather draining), Shape-shifting (wings or into his beast form), Illyrian combat skills 
A Court of Dreams: Velaris
And a Court of Nightmares: The Hewn City
Prythian Is a Magical Land of Fairies 

Separated from the mortal lands by an invisible wall that prevents the crossing of either the humans or the fae into the others land, crafted after a long-fought war to free humans from their slavery to the fae. 

From the fall of human slavery and the Kingdom built on it rose Seven Courts, ran by Seven High Lords:

The Seasonal Courts: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter- locked in eternal corresponding seasons by great acts of magic. 

And The Solar Courts: Dawn, Day, and Night, who do not alter the sun's path but instead have peak beauty at their given times.

Born the only son of the High Lord of the Night Court and his Illyrian mate, Rhysand was raised both as an astute member of the Court, a gentry, as well as a warrior. His mother took him to train among her people when he was just eight, not wanting him to only rely on his Fae powers; the Illyrian’s- a species of Fae with large bat wings- are fierce warriors and excel in battle and all manner of fighting and warfare, skills he began to efficiently acquire.
It was in one of these war camps that Rhysand's true family began to take form.
Cassian, a bastard child, was treated harshly by the unforgiving Illyrian’s, forced to make his way on his own from the time he could walk. The Night Court being in the North there were harsh winters to contend with, and it was one of these terribly cold nights that Rhysand spotted Cassian on his way to his tent at the edge of the camp. Rhys invited the fierce young man to stay with him and his mother in their cottage- though they were not so fast to being friends and were often at one another's throat. It wasn't until over a year later, when Azreal- a child of shadows-, was dumped among the Illyrian’s, and all three boys found themselves as outcasts among the warrior people, that they decided it was best if they put their differences aside and worked together- seeing as they were the only allies they would gain among the Illyrians.
Rhysand rose to power after the Spring Court High Lord and his son's slaughtered Rhysands mother and sister on Night Court land- expecting Rhysand to be there as well. This horrible and unlawful act caused his father to retaliate, taking Rhysand with him to the Spring Court.
The two eldest of the Spring Court heirs were struck down by Rhysand himself, who held their minds with his Daemati abilities while he struck them down. However, he had made his father promise not to hurt Tamlin, the youngest son of the Spring Court, nor his mother- not wishing for any more bloodshed. Yet his father disregarded his pleas, and after killing the High Lord of the Spring Court and his wife, went to kill the Tamlin as well, the youngest son and last heir to the throne.
Rhysand, not wishing to shed any more blood, held his father’s mind as he neared Tamlin's room, trying to convince him to leave the youngest son, who Rhysand had grown close to over the years. This, however, only left his father open to attack, and Tamlin, who opened the door to the smell of his slain family’s blood, struck Rhysands father down.
And in a shared moment both boys gained the power and rule of their respective courts on the same night.

The Night Court had fought on the side of freeing the humans during The War, while the Spring Court was allied with the powerful King of Hybern, who wanted to maintain ownership and dominion of humans. 

With the War ended and new High Lords in power, Prynthia fell into disarray while new boundaries were drawn and alliances formed. 

But the King of Hybern never game up his hope for returning to the old ways of superiority- and after a few hundred tenuous years he sent out generals to infiltrate the courts and find their weaknesses. 

But Rhysand, and his father before him, had been prepared for the instability- they divided the Night Court in two; hiding one great city, Velaris, away, erasing it from history books or communication, swearing the merchants into secrecy. Here lesser and greater fae were equals, male and female were equals, and Rhysand is a benevolent ruler- The Court of Dreams. 

The rest of Prynthia and Hybern only known of the Hewn City- a monstrous city built into the interior of a mountain range, filled with those who had not the mindset for change, who preferred their gruesome and dark beliefs. 

The Rest of Prynthia and Hybern only know of Rhysand as a monstrous tyrant- a powerful ruler not to be contended with



Rhysand has two personas, one intricately woven to hide the truth. The High Lord of the Night Court is an elegantly brutal ruler who presents himself as bored and uninterested. Calculating and cruel. Delights in the misfortune of others. But the reality behind this facade is that Rhysand is a dreamer and benevolent man. He cares more about protecting the people of Velaris than how the other High Lords think of him. Indeed, being perceived as a ruthless tyrant is safer for his people, ensuring nobody makes moves on his territory. But Rhys does not abide the many shortcomings of his people. Where female fae are often disregarded as lesser than males, Rhysand's second and third in command are both women. Where lineage and royalty born are highly valued among the High Fae and the Illyrians, both of Rhysand’s adopted brothers and fourth and fifth in command are bastard children, dismissed by their parents. He adores his inner circle, regards them all as family, and he would give anything up for his family or his people. That being said he is a remarkably sarcastic and flirtatious person, often coming off as frustratingly casual and dismissive, but also very charming. A fierce elegance clings to everything he does. When he is alone, however, he carries the weight of his world on his shoulders and can be known to fall into bouts of depressive withdrawal. But often combats this by spending time with the inner circle, or in Velaris, the city he loves so dearly.

He is very arrogant, as he knows exactly how handsome he is, occasionally throwing jokes and comments about his heartbreaking beauty. He is extremely dark in terms of his behavior and has an air of mystery, swagger, and sensuality surrounding him. He handles things with a certain level of casualness, courteousness, and grace that is as savage and dangerous as it is beautiful and remarkable. But most of this is just a mask. Under it, he's a kind, generous and humble person. He is a "shameless flirt", and an expert at manipulation, deception, trickery, and lies. He is also able to hide his emotions flawlessly most of the time.





Amren is Rhysand's second in command. He once invited Amren to go to bed with him, but was met with harsh opposition as she laughed herself hoarse. She helped teach Rhysand how to control his powers.  Amren is a being older than the High Fae and is extremely powerful and knowledgeable in ancient magic.



Mor is Rhysand's cousin and third in command. They spent much of their childhood together, and are the only blood family either has left that they love. She is a elegant and loving fae and a fierce warrior, often left in charge of Velaris when Rhysand is away, and often the liaison to the Hewn City- where her cruel father serves as Steward. 



Rhysand consideres Cassian his brother, but additionally Cassian is his Commanding General and runs Rhysands armys and forces. He manages the training of his warriors and helps plan for him strategically. 



Az is Rhysands second brother and he cares deeply for him the same as the rest of his inner circle.  Azriel is a rather insular male, a Shadowsinger (a master of shadows) and Rhysands Spymaster, he is a quiet and withdrawn observer most of the time but Rhys trusts him to find out any information he might need. 


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      As Rhysand touched Maya's back, even in the guiding, gentle way he had, her body visibly tensed, if only for a moment. The contact sent a shiver down her spine, reminding her of the ever-present danger that lurked in the shadows. She had yet to get comfortable with her back being touched, exposed even, especially with fairy hunters lurking about. That's where her wings were hidden, retracted into her being for the moment, delicate extensions of her very essence. But as soon as he began to introduce his siblings to her and explain their evening route, Maya did, in fact, forget about the situation.

      The siblings went back and forth with their own jabs, their laughter and teasing filling the air like a harmonious melody. Maya inwardly giggled at certain parts, her ocean-blue eyes turning upwards to Rhysand with a small smile. It was one that also held questions. "Rhysand," she began, her attention turning in the opposite direction as the flashing sign of a bar drew her gaze. Maya had never had alcohol, not that it was on her to-do list. The sign had simply done its job and drawn attention to itself as it should. The fairy blinked her eyes a few times to divert her attention back where it belonged. "Maybe I am not as well-versed in my own history's knowledge as I thought," she paused, "but I have never seen Fae with wings of a demon."

      Maya continued with them the rest of the way, her mind a whirl of thoughts and emotions. Everything stuck out to her, making deciding on a single restaurant tough. Her ocean-blue eyes panned from the shops alongside her and across the street to the adjacent buildings. With the peak of evening time waning, some stores and restaurants were closing, their lights dimming as if signaling the end of a chapter. Meanwhile, others appeared in full swing, their vibrant energy spilling out onto the streets. LED signs with slices of pizza and booze flashed in tinted windows, casting a kaleidoscope of colors on the pavement. Eateries had their interior lights dimmed in a welcoming manner, creating cozy sanctuaries for diners. Other establishments had their doors open in an inviting way, the sounds of laughter and clinking glasses drifting out.

      Maya took a moment to look back at the boys. She had decided she'd continue walking and let them settle on something. She brought a dainty hand to her chest, clenching at a necklace that once was. It was lost now, stolen by the same hunters that nearly took her wings tonight. The necklace had been a cherished keepsake, a link to her past, but she had come to learn that its importance paled in comparison to her survival and freedom. She had stopped searching for it not too long ago, accepting that some things were meant to be left behind. 

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    Maya felt the magic brush past her instantly, a tingling sensation that made her pause. She wasn't sure what it was exactly, but after several seconds of pondering, the fairy realized. Her hair, usually kinked and unruly, was now smooth and perfectly placed. Her skin appeared free of grime and scrapes, a rare occurrence in her adventurous life. But why didn't she feel any cleaner? Ocean blue eyes panned down to her hands, turning them over, then palm out, inspecting them for the same indicators she'd assumed from her reflection. She was clean.

      Maya watched in awe as the others transformed into the best versions of their human selves. Gone were the black wings and pointed ears that marked their true identities. It was magic, she understood, a powerful camouflage. It appeared everyone was hiding in the human world. It was a sad realization that standing out was unwelcome. Other species weren't welcome. Fairies weren't welcome. She wasn't welcome.

      For a moment, she felt a pang of sadness. Her home was full of vibrant colors and natural beauty, a stark contrast to the dull and monotonous city of New York. But here she was, trying to blend in, to become invisible in a sea of sameness. She glanced at her companions, noting how seamlessly they adopted their human guises. It was fascinating. 

      Maya then took his hand, her dainty fingers slipping into his palm with a gentle touch. What did she want to eat? She'd never really thought about it. "I don't know what to eat," she replied, her head shaking slightly. "I have not tried many of these foods," she admitted, feeling a bit overwhelmed by choices. "I'll enjoy anything."

      As Rhysand introduced his brothers, Maya couldn't help but chuckle softly, covering her mouth with her free hand when Cassian's reluctance was evident. It was odd, but she could sense the bond between them, a kinship that ran deep. She admired it, envying the sense of belonging they shared. She made a mental note to remember their names, hoping it would help her feel more connected in the future.

      Maya's attention turned back to Rhysand as he asked for her name. The question caught her off guard. No one really asked for her name. For a moment, she was speechless, her mouth parting but no words coming out. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, the fairy spoke with a more relaxed smile, "I'm Maya."

      As she said her name, she felt a small sense of affirmation, a connection to her true self in a world where she often felt lost. She looked up at Rhysand, meeting his gaze with a newfound sense of confidence. This place was strange and different, but perhaps there was a place for her somewhere after all.

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      Maya didn't think she was tired of the Humans yet, as the darkened man had admitted. She found many things fascinating, like the way glass doors knew to open and close on their own when someone was close by. Still, as a hand outstretched in her direction, Maya's thoughts snapped back to his question. She felt a slight discomfort. She'd never seen Fae like them, especially their wings. Of course, Fae was a general term that often included Elves, Fairies, and even more rare species like Undines in her eyes. She supposed it was possible. Was he lying? Or was Fae really in his blood?

      Maya's stomach practically leaped for joy at the sound of dinner. It was a gurgle that she was sure he could hear from the few feet away he stood. Her ocean-blue gaze shifted towards the piece of bread in her hand. She raised it slightly, inspecting it in silence before panning her gaze back over to the men he called siblings. She too had a sibling but didn't travel with him. In fact, it was her own rebellion that continually pushed him away. She and he were not alike.

      Maya lowered the bread to her side, eventually releasing it and allowing the roll to fall to the ground. "Dinner, I'd like that," she said with a small nod and a partial smile. It was clear there was still a pang of distrust and discomfort in her features, yet hunger appeared to have gotten the better of her judgment.

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      Maya gave a slight jump as the mystery man moved from his position, drawing closer to her through the haze of darkness. She'd seen their wings, their claws even. What were they? Round blue eyes turned in his direction as he spoke. He didn't seem hostile, not to her anyway. Whether it was a facade or not, Maya really didn't have much more to go off of. His apology was low, and his tone smooth as honey. Had it been any other woman, they might have been swept off their feet without thinking about any of the consequences. Yet, here was Maya, the current street rat of New York. At this point, she couldn't give a damn how attractive this man before her was. Could she even call him a man?

      Maya disregarded his comment about the tough night and instead moved her gaze toward the two men in the alleyway. Slowly, she sat up onto her knees, her heels being the resting position for her backside. Her gaze swept over the first, then the second. Turning back to the man at her side, Maya began pulling herself to her feet, all the while making sure that piece of day-old bread stayed in her grasp. It was her dinner, after all; she worked hard for it!

      "Your brothers," she paused for a moment before finishing her inquiry. It was something she had to settle in her head. They were family, not hunters? Not someone out to get her?

      "What did you do to those two hunters?" she questioned, turning her form to now face the man she'd yet to get the name of. There was a curiosity in her voice, mixed with a hint of wariness. Maya turned once again to the alley, half expecting the duo to return. But they were gone. The fact that he and his brothers could have ended the hunters' lives but chose to let them live reflected a bit of rationality that Maya hadn't seen as of late. If anything, his actions today had embedded ever so little trust into her mind for the man.

      The next statement, though, is what caused her to turn her attention once again back to the man in black. "Your kind? Demons?" she asked, curiosity in her tone. The word hung in the air between them, heavy and charged. The city's distant sirens and the occasional honk of a car horn seemed worlds away from this tense moment.

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    The hunter froze, his eyes glazing over. Was he in some sort of trance? Maya sat there for what seemed like an eternity, her mouth hanging open in shock and fear. But as quickly as the moment came, it passed, and the fairy's ocean-blue eyes lifted to the new arrival. Her caramel-tanned fingers clutched the old piece of bread in her hands as he spoke.

    His question sent chills up her spine, even though he seemed to be the helpful one in this situation. Perhaps it was Maya's fight-or-flight response that caused the wave of chills and goosebumps across her arms. Beautiful, translucent wings erupted from her back, a nervous habit of hers. Realizing what she had done, Maya quickly crawled backwards a few feet from her fallen position before pulling herself up in one nimble motion. Her wings flapped wildly like a hummingbird's, lifting her from the ground and onto the building directly above them. She landed with a bit of a thud, still shaky from her earlier encounter.

    He spoke again, this time two more men appearing behind him. Was he a friend or foe? This question ran through her mind. Were they hunting the hunters? Were they hunting the hunters in order to hunt her? No, surely not. She was being irrational now. On her hands and knees upon the rooftop, Maya's fingers curled over the edge, gripping it as she peered over the side. A chunk of her day-old bread fell into the darkness below, and her fingers tightened around her food to prevent further mishaps.

    The fairy's wings retracted, leaving her dimly illuminated spot once again in darkness. Her round blue eyes watched the commotion below, though the rational side of her still urged her to run. She wasn't hiding after all; she had only created enough distance to get herself away from immediate danger. Anyone who looked up could clearly see her, peering back like a cat in the darkness. She had to admit, the man in black had saved her, but her cautious nature of late had led her to distrust. So instead of answering, she decided to watch this play out and make a break for it if she needed to.

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    Early Evening | Somewhere in New York

    The alleyways in New York were always dark, regardless of the time of day. Eerie sounds and even eerier people lurked there, and for the moment, Maya was among them. Following the trail her deceased mother had laid out for her, the fairy found herself in a hopeless situation. The shift from the forests and comfort of Katalam to the grimy streets of the city was a jarring change.

    Maya had been running. She'd been running from multiple entities. In her mind, it seemed like everyone was out to get her, though, realistically, that was far from the truth. This poor fae had simply made the mistake of showing herself to the wrong people—fairy hunters, to be exact. Her wings were precious to them, though she didn't know why. During her travels with her companion Jett, this had not been an issue. But with her allies, Mammon and Jett, now dispersed, she was left on her own, an endeavor she had originally wanted and anticipated from the start. Maya was smart, but there was so much outside her fae dwelling that she'd yet to see. This lack of experience had trapped her in troublesome scenarios from time to time. The result this time was her impending departure from New York City, something she was more than ready to accomplish. The city was overwhelming to her; the transition from lush forests and cozy streams to concrete walls that closed in like prison cells was suffocating.

    Rustling erupted in the darkness. The pitch-black of the alley was filled with curiosity. Inside, our little fairy managed to happen upon a typical large green industrial dumpster. Inside, dinner rolls and large baguettes lay. Her caramel colored hand snagged one before she hopped back out, eyeing her prize in the darkness. Maya was a beautiful creature, though she never emphasized it. Her eyes were a lovely ocean blue, her frame thin to the point of almost looking frail, yet somehow it suited her well. Her hair was a dark brown and usually fell in kinky coils around her shoulders. This beauty was concealed behind a simple tan tank top that now looked darker than its original color with filth. She also wore a pair of cargo shorts that broke mid-thigh, exposing much of her scraped and dirt-covered legs. Still, she eyed her prize, a breathy smile of excitement peeling across her features in the darkness, before taking a long-awaited chomp.

    A piece of metal clanking further towards the road pulled her attention for only a moment before she returned to fetch another bite of day-old bread. It was a sound any seasoned person, human or fae, would have taken as a warning, but Maya, being too new and naive to the outside world, was unaware. Unaware until it was too late. Two figures illuminated in the faint moonlight appeared in front of her. One carried a rather large machete while the other stood further back, its features indistinguishable. "We've found you, little fairy," a man's voice echoed through a chuckle of satisfaction.

    It was the hunters. They'd been relentless since they'd discovered her in the open with Mammon. She'd not actually seen them until the two parted ways, or more so, until she escaped. Either way, it always appeared to be the same duo or at least one familiar face that tracked her. Hell, if it was fairy dust they wanted, all they needed to do was ask. Maya never used it; she didn't even know what it was capable of, as a matter of fact.

    It was dark, but luckily the moon's light had given Maya enough warning to scramble back a few feet to avoid the charging grasp of the hunter. "Your wings will make a nice trophy," the far-back assailant echoed as the frontmost man now slashed with the machete. It was a false swipe, as clearly he was not aiming to harm Maya. Not yet. "C'mon, pull 'em out, let me see," he taunted.

    Maya let out a small shriek before leaping backward once again. Her heel hit an obstacle, unidentifiable in the darkness, causing her to fall backward onto the ground. Her fingers coiled around her half-eaten dinner roll as her ocean-blue eyes panned upward to the assailants. She was in quite the predicament now...


    (Hopefully, this doesn't come off to damsel-ish. I don't usually play that kinda role, but I think it's fitting at the moment for our characters!)

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    Yes! This sounds like a good idea to me! Is there any specific spot you'd like to start out? I don't mind sending a starter, I just want it to be a comfortable start for us! I'd hate to throw you in the middle of the railroad tracks or somewhere he typically wouldn't be XD Also do you prefer comments / inbox / Forum writing, just so I know where to send the starter.

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    Ohh okay! I was reading about it in your profile, but wasn't sure what the actual race was. Haha! I get curious about stuff! I love reading profiles XD Maya doesn't have much going on. She's actually homeless and just steals food and lives off free samples for the moment! Geez that sounds pitiful LOL! Maybe we can start on Earth and just move to Rhy's kingdom? That'd be a fun adventure for her! Maybe she can learn how to not be a fail fairy XD

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