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"Sometimes I wonder if a lonely, broken bird can have the company of a hungry predator..."




Ryan was born to a drug using family. Her mother and father weren't planning for a baby. She was conceived while they were on substances. For some reason, her parents let her grow inside of her mother's womb until she was born. And when she was out, she was sold for money. Drug money.


She was shipped off to an industry called Itex. Once there, she was stripped of everything that was a kindness and dignity. The newborn girl was raised in a dog kennel, no bigger than the size of a average coffee table.
Injections, medicines, machines. All her life, these things were apart of her. She was treated like an animal.

One day, a man with a white coat walked into the room. Ryan was but five years of age. He ripped her from her cage and slammed her into a cold, steel medical table. He restrained her arms with leather and dragged his huge machine over her body. What it did was fuse her DNA with the one of an avian. (Most likely a raven because of the color of the feathers.)

It would only be a few weeks until those black wings would tear, rip and burst through the skin on her back.

The experimenting never stopped. She gained the speed and stamina of a cheetah, the strength of an elephant and ant combined and the looks of a supermodel from playboy.

They called her Project 0: Man-Made Angel.

She, finally, escaped when she was sixteen. The scientists had put her cage on wheels and pulled her along towards another laboratory. It was loose, the bars. She bent it quickly, running out so fast, almost like the wind. For the first time, she smelled the fresh air, saw plants, animals. It terrified her at first. She flew into the city that night, catching a glimpse at a billboard. She didn't even have a name. So, this experiment picked one for herself. She stared at the name Ryan. And at that moment, it was hers.

Fast forward a few years. She is settled in, mostly. Little Birdie lives in an abandoned apartment complex on the west side of town, and works at a Strip Club named The Devil's Angels. She's lucky she doesn't have to work on the street corner anymore. She still wanders, having nowhere to be. Though, the nightmares still follow her like a lost puppy...



For now, Ryan has nobody to rely on. Loneliness consumes her everyday life. 


Ryan has mid-back length black ringlets, shimmering oceanic-blue eyes, and very soft,  pale skin. She is around the height of 5'7 and her true age is unknown, but her looks make her appear to be 22-26. But, who knows? She could be younger or older due to the fact she's never seen her birth certificate. Her breasts are very...busty. You will always see her in any clothes that will fit her hourglass figure. Never judge her graceful looks, because underneath is an unbelievable strength.


Reading minds - Ryan is able to peer into the minds of almost anyone she meets.

Super Strength - Ryan is able to lift up to thirteen tons. 

Excellent Memory - Ryan is able to remember a lot of things, most of the stuff is useful to her. 

Incredible Speed - Ryan is able to move at the speed of sound, if she pushes it. She is just...really fast. 

Feathers - Ryan is able to transform her feathers into razors if needed.

Multiple Languages - Ryan can speak almost any language, including the ones of Nature. 

Healing - Ryan can heal. BUT, she cannot heal herself. When she heals, she is given the injury that the person she is healing had. (Ex. Chest wound)

Wisps - Ryan has these black, smokey wisps that can choke whoever they touch. Or they can be good, helping her achieve her goals. The wisps can also take the shape of any animal Ryan chooses.

Screech - Ryan has the loudest, and high pitched screech than any other being. This can burst eardrums, split earth/buildings, etc. 

The Other side: 

Due to the long years of experiments upon Ryan, she grew dependent on them. Her daily injections at Itex turned into something she needs to live a normal  decent life. If these injections are not given to her....well...it isn't pretty.

 She is released. 

 She is not to be messed with.

She has no name.

She is anger, frustration, madness, bloodshed.

She destroys everything she can get her hands on.

She is indestructible so far. 


Ryan can never remember when She is released. It's the same coming back when fading away. Black then color. 

Then seeing what She has caused.

Ryan hates Her. She wants the terror to end. So, this is why she avoids conflict with anyone. Friends over enemies. That's the best method, right?

But...it isn't working as well as it used to. She has found a way around the smiles. Ryan needs the injections again...but the risk is too great to go and get them at Itex..

The Little Bird doesn't know what to do....

Facts about Ryan:

~Ryan's most common nickname is 'Snow White' since she's so pale and animals adore her in every single way.

~Other nicknames include: Angel, Little Bird, Dove, Chicken Wing, and Ry.

~Ryan has a collection of seashells and other sparkling items. She is instantly attracted to those kind of things...since she is part bird. And they are pretty.

~She loves when someone kisses her wings or her hands. Especially her hands. She thinks that as romantic. 

~She holds anything she can obtain that is useful on her person.

~So many people ask for her secrets. She'll tell you if  asked politely. 

~She believes everyone deserves a second chance to change their mistakes.

~Her favorite colors are blue, black and white.

~She's terrified of thunderstorms. It reminds her of the times she spent in a cage in an empty room while the storms brewed and flashed shadows on the walls.

~Ryan is basically a Mother Nature on Earth. Nature loves her and she loves it.

~She is not a big meat eater, since she loves animals so much. She prefers to eat from plants more than anything.

~She can only be triggered through flashbacks of her past, or conflict with a violent being.

~She is a /phenomenal/ cook. Everything she makes, especially sweets, will make you melt. It makes the most horrendous beasts crumble to their knees. 

~She also loves to eat. Like, a lot of food. She wouldn't stop if you let her.


Where could she be? Who knows? She could be anywhere by now. Just remember, when you see a bird, make sure it really is a bird~


Rules of RP:

-At least a paragraph for a response. I have no preference, but this would be for proficiency. 

-18+ activity is here. So, if you are young, you have been warned.

-I love to Roleplay a ton of different ways. Please, don't be afraid to ask for another setting if the current doesn't tickle your fancy.

-Have fun! That's what we are here for, right?






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