A child was conceived under the influence of herion.

Her unknown birth parents were as high as a bird.

Ironic, isn't it?







What other choice did they have?

They had no money for a child,

much less wanted one in the first place?







Those two looked into every possibility to make some quick cash off of this "miracle" they have created, finding it worth something at the least.

At last, they found their answer in the form of a door to door salesman. For a company called: ITEX.

He was let in with the promise of making the two a fortune off of the misfortunate situation they were in at that moment. 

He explained that in exchange for the unborn child, he would grant the parents an easy ten thousand dollars for their troubles. 

Of course, they accepted, not really caring what happened to the baby after its birth in a few months. 





November 24, 199x

2:42 AM


Hours of meaningless and loveless labor for this child. In the company's hospital bed, ready to steal it away when it emerged.

A beautiful baby girl.






 As promised, the couple were given their ten thousand dollars for their time and were sent free after the woman finished her part. 

Little is known what happened to these two. Some say, they left NYC, and fled to Alantic City where they overdosed a month or two after the exchange. 








As for the child....





So began her life of nothing but torment. 

The program she was handed over to was called the By-Half Plan. In short, Doctors and Scientists wanted to play God with a human, and turn them into an immortal being. 

The plan was to create the world's first and only manmade Angel, able to travel between realms and speak with the Deities themselves about the upcoming Apocolypse, as forseen by the Biblical texts. Humankind aimed to save their own skin, at the loss of one of their own.












The first done to this baby was place her in this cage, like a feral dog. It was almost an ordinary dog crate, except with very hefty locks on the outside, to prevent her from escaping.

At a week old, the experiments began. Very small ones. Simple pricks of needles, injecting chemicals into her fresh, untouched veins, attempting for her to grow a tolerance to them for the future. They wanted her to adapt. 

Week two, ITEX had their first flatline for Subject 00. Brought back after twenty minutes of desperation to not have to start over, since they only had a certain amount of time and budget.

When her brunette hair started to grow out a month in, ITEX employees realized something. They got to shape an Angel. Whatever they wanted her to look like, it was their choice. 

A poll.

One needle to the skull, her locks would change in color permanently. 




Another change. Her eyes. One needle to each eye, sinking right into the soft tissues, injecting the most stunning blue pigment they could get their hands on.

As she increased in age, so did the experiments. 

At the ripe old age of six, a major procedure needed to be done.

Ripped away from the cage she grew up in, Subject 00 screamed bloody murder. It took minutes to strap her to a cold metal table, leather digging into her pale flesh, constricting any movement. A strange, large machine was brought over the child. Of course, she never knew what was happening at the time. 

With her arms extended and strapped down, veins were perfectly bulging from the skin, easy to detect. 

Two thick medical IVs were stuck into her veins, causing the child to continue to scream. Attached to the strange machine, the Subject was ready.

Moving to the sides of the table, one Doctor flipped a few switches, causing this pinkish liquid to slowly trail through the plastic tubing and into the little girl.







The girl cried, begged, squealed, screeched, shrieked.

Until there wasn't anything coming from her lungs anymore.

She laid there, motionless, but concious.

The pain ran throughout her body.




It finished after an hour.



What the child did not realize was she had small percentages of animal DNA flowing through her bloodstream, shaping the cells she already had. 



































After this major procedure, it was nothing but training her mind, her body, and her loyalty.


Like before, she was barely fed, only given supplements to keep her alive. She was starved more often to test her, if she would bite the hand that fed her.

She would be forced to run on treadmills for days at a time, stamina and speed checks; to lift up to sixty tons at a time, strength and endurance checks; to injest the knowledge of every language and be able to speak it, however never taught to read or write.

It would only be a few weeks until those black wings would tear, rip and burst through the skin on her back, meaning she would have to learn to fly, like a baby bird forced from its nest. 

She was fifteen.




At the age of sixteen, she had her chance.

 The scientists had put her kennel on wheels and pulled her along towards another laboratory. It was loose, the bars.

Subject 00 had only seconds for this plan to work.

C R E A K !

The young lady was able to bend the metal bars far enough for her naked, thin, and yet thick frame to fit through. Using the speed that the Doctors and Scientists gave her, she bolted as fast as she could to the nearest window. 


C R A A A S H !





She was finally free.

For the first time in her life, she smelled the fresh air, saw the nature growing and roaming around her, felt the grass on her bare feet. She was...entranced, yet strangely terrified.

That quickly changed with the danger behind her. 

Spreading that twenty foot wing-span, she's off.









Subject 00 glided into the city that night.

NYC, the city that never sleeps.

 She was cold, naked, hungry.


Taking the first chance to land, she slid into an alleyway behind a fast food chain. 

The smell from behind the dumpster nearby was so off-putting but incredibly enticing since she was hungry.


Ignoring any morals (as if she had any) she dove in the trash and fished out enough stale bread and fries to fill her for the night.

At least, before she vomitted most of it up later from the conditioning her stomach had been put through.

Subject 00 quickly adapted to eating after the second time throwing everything up.




Sitting there, the lady gazed around at her surroundings. 

Everything seemed so lively for it being this dark outside. She didn't understand anything around her.






Seeing a billboard above her head, the lady took herself up to stand at the ledge, looking at the letters in front of her.

She couldn't read it, however.

It was for a Gentleman's Club.

But...she stared at the name of the man who ran it.


The name seemed to stick...

And in that moment, it was hers.











Moving forward a few years of struggling for shelter, spending nights in strange men's beds for cash, fishing through dumpsters for scraps of food or clothing...

Ryan has learned what it is like on the outside.

Well, not entirely.

Some things still aren't branded in her memory.







Ryan managed to find a job without any background check! One where she wouldn't need to learn to read or write.

She became a stripper at a local joint called The Devil's Angels.

As far as the owner is concerned, she is another broken woman from a shitty alcoholic father who couldn't keep his hands to himself.

With her thick, voluptuous frame, long ebony curls, shining oceanic colored eyes, pale fair skin, he couldn't have asked for a more beautiful woman to work for him.

You would think they would question the giant wings on her back, right?


Everyone who comes in sees the wings as a prop from how drunk or high they are. No one questions if they are real.

Perfect for Ryan.





Not everything is all rainbows and sunshine however....






The nightmares of her growing environment still plague her mind every night when she closes her artificial eyes.

The stabbing,















Moving on from this is going to be a very difficult task for the Little Bird.

With ITEX still searching for their lost subject, to the struggle to feed and clothe herself every day and night.

But in the end...








She's ready as she's ever going to be.

















Subject 00's Official Doctorial Checksheet:



 Physical abilities:

  • Training has allowed Subject 00 the ability to lift up to 60 tons with enough rage.
  • Speed is a key factor for the Subject. Last clock in: 102 MPH.
    • Can be increased with enough outer stimuli.
  • Flight is critical for Subject.
    • Height is not a factor, only air quality and pressure.
    • Atmosphere flight: still not possible.
  • Healing factor is still a progress.
    • Subject 00 can heal others, but not itself.
    • Takes on others injuries on its body.

Mental Abilities:

  • Subject is able to analyze minds of anyone it has come across, even the most reluctant to let it.
  • Excellent memory tests
    • Able to recall every previous lesson at the snap of fingers.
  • Language tests are successful.
    • Every language can be translated by sense of hearing, including creature.

Spiritual Abilities:

  • Black, smoke-like wisps work as intended. Choke whatever living being they touch if inhaled. Can also take the shape of any animal it chooses.
  • Subject seems to have an attraction towards animals, and they seem to attract back. 
    • "Mother Nature" aspect.

Others "aspects" noteable for Subject 00:

  • Likes to collect shiny items, such as paper clips.
    • Could be a factor of the Raven DNA
  • Able to use anything to its well being. 
    • Turned metal fragment into knife by strength
  • Seems to like the colors blue, black and white.
    • Ironic.
  • Does not like meat.
    • Will eat if starved beyond recognition
    • Prefers plants and plant by-products
    • Animal by-products such as milk seem to rest well with it
  • Terrified of thunderstorms
    • Due to fact of living conditions throughout life
      • Alone in labortories


Overall, Subject 00 still in need of work. Some failed tests can be redone next session.


ITEX Head Researcher

 By-Half Experiment 





















Current Status: 

Walking home from work.












"Hm...Extra shifts aren't worth it..."






Rules of RP:

  • At least a paragraph for a response. I have no preference, but this would be for proficiency. 
  • 18+ activity is here. So, if you are young, you have been warned.
  • I love to Roleplay a ton of different ways. Please, don't be afraid to ask for another setting if the current doesn't tickle your fancy.
  • Have fun! That's what we are here for, right?









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