A child was conceived under the influence of herion.

Her unknown birth parents were as high as a bird.

Ironic, isn't it?







What other choice did they have?

They had no money for a child,

much less wanted one in the first place?







Those two looked into every possibility to make some quick cash off of this "miracle" they have created, finding it worth something at the least.

At last, they found their answer in the form of a door to door salesman. For a company called: ITEX.

He was let in with the promise of making the two a fortune off of the misfortunate situation they were in at that moment. 

He explained that in exchange for the unborn child, he would grant the parents an easy ten thousand dollars for their troubles. 

Of course, they accepted, not really caring what happened to the baby after its birth in a few months. 





November 24, 199x

2:42 AM


Hours of meaningless and loveless labor for this child. In the company's hospital bed, ready to steal it away when it emerged.

A beautiful baby girl.






 As promised, the couple were given their ten thousand dollars for their time and were sent free after the woman finished her part. 

Little is known what happened to these two. Some say, they left NYC, and fled to Alantic City where they overdosed a month or two after the exchange. 








As for the child....





So began her life of nothing but torment. 

The program she was handed over to was called the By-Half Plan. In short, Doctors and Scientists wanted to play God with a human, and turn them into an immortal being. 

The plan was to create the world's first and only manmade Angel, able to travel between realms and speak with the Deities themselves about the upcoming Apocolypse, as forseen by the Biblical texts. Humankind aimed to save their own skin, at the loss of one of their own.












The first done to this baby was place her in this cage, like a feral dog. It was almost an ordinary dog crate, except with very hefty locks on the outside, to prevent her from escaping.

At a week old, the experiments began. Very small ones. Simple pricks of needles, injecting chemicals into her fresh, untouched veins, attempting for her to grow a tolerance to them for the future. They wanted her to adapt. 

Week two, ITEX had their first flatline for Subject 00. Brought back after twenty minutes of desperation to not have to start over, since they only had a certain amount of time and budget.

When her brunette hair started to grow out a month in, ITEX employees realized something. They got to shape an Angel. Whatever they wanted her to look like, it was their choice. 

A poll.

One needle to the skull, her locks would change in color permanently. 




Another change. Her eyes. One needle to each eye, sinking right into the soft tissues, injecting the most stunning blue pigment they could get their hands on.

As she increased in age, so did the experiments. 

At the ripe old age of six, a major procedure needed to be done.

Ripped away from the cage she grew up in, Subject 00 screamed bloody murder. It took minutes to strap her to a cold metal table, leather digging into her pale flesh, constricting any movement. A strange, large machine was brought over the child. Of course, she never knew what was happening at the time. 

With her arms extended and strapped down, veins were perfectly bulging from the skin, easy to detect. 

Two thick medical IVs were stuck into her veins, causing the child to continue to scream. Attached to the strange machine, the Subject was ready.

Moving to the sides of the table, one Doctor flipped a few switches, causing this pinkish liquid to slowly trail through the plastic tubing and into the little girl.







The girl cried, begged, squealed, screeched, shrieked.

Until there wasn't anything coming from her lungs anymore.

She laid there, motionless, but concious.

The pain ran throughout her body.




It finished after an hour.



What the child did not realize was she had small percentages of animal DNA flowing through her bloodstream, shaping the cells she already had. 



































After this major procedure, it was nothing but training her mind, her body, and her loyalty.


Like before, she was barely fed, only given supplements to keep her alive. She was starved more often to test her, if she would bite the hand that fed her.

She would be forced to run on treadmills for days at a time, stamina and speed checks; to lift up to sixty tons at a time, strength and endurance checks; to injest the knowledge of every language and be able to speak it, however never taught to read or write.

It would only be a few weeks until those black wings would tear, rip and burst through the skin on her back, meaning she would have to learn to fly, like a baby bird forced from its nest. 

She was fifteen.




At the age of sixteen, she had her chance.

 The scientists had put her kennel on wheels and pulled her along towards another laboratory. It was loose, the bars.

Subject 00 had only seconds for this plan to work.

C R E A K !

The young lady was able to bend the metal bars far enough for her naked, thin, and yet thick frame to fit through. Using the speed that the Doctors and Scientists gave her, she bolted as fast as she could to the nearest window. 


C R A A A S H !





She was finally free.

For the first time in her life, she smelled the fresh air, saw the nature growing and roaming around her, felt the grass on her bare feet. She was...entranced, yet strangely terrified.

That quickly changed with the danger behind her. 

Spreading that twenty foot wing-span, she's off.









Subject 00 glided into the city that night.

NYC, the city that never sleeps.

 She was cold, naked, hungry.


Taking the first chance to land, she slid into an alleyway behind a fast food chain. 

The smell from behind the dumpster nearby was so off-putting but incredibly enticing since she was hungry.


Ignoring any morals (as if she had any) she dove in the trash and fished out enough stale bread and fries to fill her for the night.

At least, before she vomitted most of it up later from the conditioning her stomach had been put through.

Subject 00 quickly adapted to eating after the second time throwing everything up.




Sitting there, the lady gazed around at her surroundings. 

Everything seemed so lively for it being this dark outside. She didn't understand anything around her.






Seeing a billboard above her head, the lady took herself up to stand at the ledge, looking at the letters in front of her.

She couldn't read it, however.

It was for a Gentleman's Club.

But...she stared at the name of the man who ran it.


The name seemed to stick...

And in that moment, it was hers.











Moving forward a few years of struggling for shelter, spending nights in strange men's beds for cash, fishing through dumpsters for scraps of food or clothing...

Ryan has learned what it is like on the outside.

Well, not entirely.

Some things still aren't branded in her memory.







Ryan managed to find a job without any background check! One where she wouldn't need to learn to read or write.

She became a stripper at a local joint called The Devil's Angels.

As far as the owner is concerned, she is another broken woman from a shitty alcoholic father who couldn't keep his hands to himself.

With her thick, voluptuous frame, long ebony curls, shining oceanic colored eyes, pale fair skin, he couldn't have asked for a more beautiful woman to work for him.

You would think they would question the giant wings on her back, right?


Everyone who comes in sees the wings as a prop from how drunk or high they are. No one questions if they are real.

Perfect for Ryan.





Not everything is all rainbows and sunshine however....






The nightmares of her growing environment still plague her mind every night when she closes her artificial eyes.

The stabbing,















Moving on from this is going to be a very difficult task for the Little Bird.

With ITEX still searching for their lost subject, to the struggle to feed and clothe herself every day and night.

But in the end...








She's ready as she's ever going to be.

















Subject 00's Official Doctorial Checksheet:



 Physical abilities:

  • Training has allowed Subject 00 the ability to lift up to 60 tons with enough rage.
  • Speed is a key factor for the Subject. Last clock in: 102 MPH.
    • Can be increased with enough outer stimuli.
  • Flight is critical for Subject.
    • Height is not a factor, only air quality and pressure.
    • Atmosphere flight: still not possible.
  • Healing factor is still a progress.
    • Subject 00 can heal others, but not itself.
    • Takes on others injuries on its body.

Mental Abilities:

  • Subject is able to analyze minds of anyone it has come across, even the most reluctant to let it.
  • Excellent memory tests
    • Able to recall every previous lesson at the snap of fingers.
  • Language tests are successful.
    • Every language can be translated by sense of hearing, including creature.

Spiritual Abilities:

  • Black, smoke-like wisps work as intended. Choke whatever living being they touch if inhaled. Can also take the shape of any animal it chooses.
  • Subject seems to have an attraction towards animals, and they seem to attract back. 
    • "Mother Nature" aspect.

Others "aspects" noteable for Subject 00:

  • Likes to collect shiny items, such as paper clips.
    • Could be a factor of the Raven DNA
  • Able to use anything to its well being. 
    • Turned metal fragment into knife by strength
  • Seems to like the colors blue, black and white.
    • Ironic.
  • Does not like meat.
    • Will eat if starved beyond recognition
    • Prefers plants and plant by-products
    • Animal by-products such as milk seem to rest well with it
  • Terrified of thunderstorms
    • Due to fact of living conditions throughout life
      • Alone in labortories


Overall, Subject 00 still in need of work. Some failed tests can be redone next session.


ITEX Head Researcher

 By-Half Experiment  






Friends? What are those?



Jason Kei Hale...is an interesting person that Ryan has associated with in her earlier years. With some romantic tension between them gone entirely after a difficult split and two years of distance, they meet again in Vegas by chance. Now, they are again grouped together with a mission they never finished: take down the organization that created Ryan. Both equiped with different skills and abilities, they set out to stop the organization from creating new threats to destroy humankind.

Current status: Mandalay Bay Hotel, visiting a 'colleague' of his.






Rules of RP:

  • FC: Lily Collins
  • At least a paragraph for a response. I have no preference, but this would be for proficiency. 
  • 18+ activity is here. So, if you are young, you have been warned.
  • I love to Roleplay a ton of different ways. Please, don't be afraid to ask for another setting if the current doesn't tickle your fancy.
  • Have fun! That's what we are here for, right?








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    They were heading down another long hallway now, the noise levels lower indicating little from behind the doors that were present. It was quiet. Even the staff seemed absent from cleaning the rooms that undoubtedly had their bookings few and far between, but cost an arm and a leg whenever they would be penciled in… now a lost bird and a stray cat were making their way down. Rosa could feel suspense from the two behind her, not bothering to look back nor answer questions when the man behind her wasn’t persistent enough to ask again. She walked her way to the doorway that was down its own private hall and slid the key card through the slot. The light flicked green and they were on their way in.


    “Well I’ll be damned.”

    When she said the top, she meant it. When the doors opened, it wasn’t the shallow hotel room he had taken up earlier in the evening. Even while top-notch for the Golden Nugget, it wouldn’t match the space they had entered, in which, he couldn’t call a hotel room at all. Jason found himself pausing before he’d even reached the stairway, walking through the first portion of the top floor in order to get to it. The windows showed the skyline and the lights below where the casinos were in full swing for the evening and the taxi cabs bustled through traffic on the highway. 

    A glance was cast to Ryan, but his expression looked just as blank as when she had walked in for herself. Jason dropped his bag by the edge of the railing and leaned his forearms against it, looking down for the moment. While she bolted down the stairs, he had to stop and process just what he was looking at… just what kind of operation warranted something like this? Surely they had other places they could have hulled up in within the city, or why not the Headquarters itself? The fact made the sight equal parts spectacular as well as unnerving.

    “Rosa, what the hell is all of this?” Jason questioned a little more adamantly, feeling the woman’s presence over his shoulder when she locked the door and followed in after. 

    “The presidential suite,” She answered with her arms crossed, a warmer smile gracing the young woman’s lips as she watched the darker haired woman make her way down with glee. “Go on, take a look. I have a call to make quickly and I will join you both in the living room down below where we can talk… and Jason? Breathe. You can trust me as you do the HS itself.” With that food for thought, he watched her disappear into the hallway leading to the bedrooms on the top floor. Skeptically he paused for a moment before lifting his bags and heading down the stairway. His eyes were on the windows as well as the interior when he passed. The bag was dropped by where she said they would be meeting in order to look around genuinely, his mouth parted a fraction the further he went into the expansive suite.

    “..?” He gave a flinch when Ryan tugged on his shoulder, having been spacing off in his own world. A brow raised high as he watched her, on her own cloud nine as if the building’s elevator hadn’t taken them close enough. He wouldn’t exactly grin, but it was enough to put some ease on that stern face of his, taking one more glance around. “No… nothing quite like this,” Jason admitted. “And I’ve been in a lot of places. Never something like this, especially for a job in the States. I wonder what gives.” 

    After a thorough glance around, Rosa had made her way down the stairs with a set of files in her hand. Her arms were still crossed in front of her properly, walking like a feline that had prowess over the situation. “-You afford it by having enough money that it doesn’t matter at all, or perhaps… you know the right people. In your case, you know something about what might be a more prolific pending case in the Western half of the Hunter Society’s reach.” Rosa’s head tilted, crystalline blues shifting from Jason to Ryan curiously, guarding the manilla folders grasped in her palm with a smile gracing the corner of her lips. “The Mandalay’s Vice has granted our organization approval to book this space, due to some work done in the past on their grounds. Now- shall we?”

    What in the Hell..? He was supposed to be in the desert for a simple rogue level hunt, what was all of this? How did they know anything about what had gone down? Nonetheless, he glanced toward Ryan and gestured with a tilt of his head toward the sofas adorning the main space of the bottom floor. “Let’s hear it then, you’re saying that ain’t the first time you’ve come across something like that out here? What do you know about it?”

    Rosa took a seat on the end facing the staircase, crossing a leg. She waited until both had settled in their seats before she cleared her throat and spoke. 

    “...Firstly, my name is Rosalie Walker. I specialize in forensics for the Hunter Society’s division here in Nevada. I make site visits and make collections on the anomalies that our Hunters encounter at the scene of their hunts… such as the entity that you encountered at the signage museum a night or two ago.” With that, one of the folders was handed over to Jason, stocked with a handful of papers. He opened it up for the two of them to take a look. 

    The first page featured a series of photos including the site the incident had occurred, the vampire’s body where it lay, as well as what it was dragging with it. The scene was grotesque, lit up from flash photography done in the dead of that morning. He flicked through it briefly, catching pages and pages of mostly text, spare a few diagrams of charts and a DNA strand with a certain sequence filled in, notes written in pen along the side. In the end, Ryan probably couldn’t read it, and Jason wouldn’t make sense of it all after one look anyway.

    “What was so special about this one, then..?” Jason had an idea; both of them did. It didn’t mean he’d fess up outright without seeing what Rosa had to offer them.

    The woman leaned forward in her seat ever so slightly. “Mr. Hale, what do you know about vampires?”

    “Everything. And it’s Jason.”

    “Forgive me, Jason- then you know as well as I do, there isn’t any sickness in existence that they are susceptible to. They don’t have the red blood cell count to even think about contracting anything, and their bodies don't outright change after their immortality. Yet here we are with a specimen that has somehow been genetically modified. By human terms, it should be impossible, and it isn’t the first case that has been reported in the last few months.”

  • It hadn’t been the first upscale hotel the man had found himself in over the last couple of years. It likely wouldn’t be the last, but the city had a way of inviting its visitors in with a theatrical appeal. Mandalay wasn’t Fremont street, however. It kept all the elegance of a top tier hotel no matter if the sound of slot machines clanking carried on for all hours of the night. Although calmer to his core, Jason looked about the entrance just as aimlessly as she had. If they had to seek out the woman themselves he wouldn’t have known what hall to head down.

    They didn’t have to. Out came the woman clad in heels and walking confidently toward them both. Light blues held a spark to them no matter how subtle it was. Pink lips posed with a smile toward them both, studying first and foremost the man that she had data on… the anomaly of a woman next to him and what her story was to all of this would come later.

    There was a pecking order to be had between the Hunters, whether Jason knew it was coming or not. He found himself biting his tongue before he could get started, the woman snatching the floor away from him in one or two fell swoops. It was a sensitive matter, after all, she couldn’t have the man blubbering in the lobby.

    “A pleasure I am sure, now let’s be on with it shall we?” With that, Rosa gestured down a neighboring hall and started walking just a half-pace ahead of them. It took a moment’s pause before Jason started to follow, studying the blonde, then Ryan before he shifted the bag over his shoulder and started walking. 

    The hallway grew quieter the longer they walked, her eyes out for the elevator signs up ahead. As a result, they veered right into a smaller corridor where an illuminated button was pressed to go up. As soon as the doors opened a couple would walk out, leaving the elevator empty. Rosa lead and took a space near the buttons after tapping a floor, crossing her arms. 


    Jason took a stance in one of the corners and wouldn’t speak this time around. Not when the doors would open and close to a new passenger on occasion, his mind losing track after a short while. The higher they went, the fewer occupants would enter until the elevator was no longer slowing down.

    “...I had heard about Egypt, my condolences,” Rosa chimed, shaking Jason from his daze.

    “I’m not talkin’ about it,” He answered dryly.

    “Dear I won’t ask you to,” the woman replied. “-but Alice, how is she?”

    “She's fine... taking a break,” He replied rather shortly, eyes glued on the elevator doors… wait a second. Had his ears just popped? How long had they been on the damned thing? “...Where the hell are we going, anyway?” He questioned.

    Rosa looked to them both with a glint in her eyes and a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. “The top, Mr. Hale, and we can all speak when we get there.” 

    And the top it was. By the time the doors finally opened to their stop, the woman stepped away from where she was standing. They were on floor fifty-eight, the 42nd story of the building in reality with all strange numbering systems set aside. As they exited the corridor, the walls of the hallway held few doors if any until they reached one in particular. With the click of a keycard, the door opened and led down a more private hall… and at the end of it?

    Rosa pulled the door open first after sliding a key, holding it open for the two. "Make yourselves at home."


  • The call was cut off and the phone returned to Jason’s pocket in no time. It seemed they knew something themselves, whether or not it was the truth, half-truth, or useful at all would be determined by the end of the night, or so he hoped. A nod came when she questioned the timing of the meeting. They worked quickly, and that was an understatement from what he had seen out of the organization since his interest in it. 

    “Tonight it is… eight o’clock.” Jason confirmed. In the least, now they had something to look for. It beat skimming the streets another night following calls that could be just about anything. Also, it was something to dwell on other than the silence in the room and any other shreds of the past that were left to be discussed. “That’s where she said, Mandalay… I don’t know whether I should be surprised or expect it by now,” He murmured. In the end, he just knew better than to question. For the kind of shit work the organization handled, there were few limits on what they would do.

    “I’d never thought about it… whether they would’ve known anything about it or not. Now I just wonder how much they do know.” Not that he didn’t have his fair amount of events to keep the corporation out of mind. It’ll be fine, he thought. It opened up the possibilities now on just what could be done. When she spoke up again his eyes rose from the blankets and returned to her. There was a slow nod from the man, whether it was for time to prepare, or the night’s activities wearing down on that expression of his. “Let’s plan for just before eight, the main entrance closest to the Luxor. Dress comfortable, but be ready for whatever might happen.”


    ...And that was that. After she had left to carry out her own planning, the rest of the day went without trouble on Jason’s part. He stuck to the hotel room that had yet to cause him trouble. By the time six o’clock rolled around he was done packing his bag and had gotten some rest in while he could. The HS had shaken him of that nocturnal streak, but it didn’t mean it was replaced by anything consistent in return. 

    Down he went to the lobby, checking out of his room early and stopping to have one last drink on Freemont before he headed back onto the streets to find a cab. He could’ve lived in Vegas, but if only his demeanor had never been what it was. The sin city would have chewed the man up and spat him out if he had grown up here instead of the boroughs. After all, New York was a city built on business. Las Vegas was a city of recreation, and around every street corner, he was reminded of it.

    7:50PM | Mandalay Bay Hotel | Valet Parking Entry

    Jason had gotten there first, whether it was by design or just restlessness. He took a stance not far from the ground entrance of the hotel, watching the valet parking employees do their jobs just as cab drivers dropped off and picked up their passengers. His bag was guarded by his feet, dressed in street attire: dark jeans, a white t-shirt that was more tolerable in the dry heat. A denim jacket was draped over the top of the bag as he waited. Blue hues a sweep now and then, checking his phone on occasion.

  • When no questions came to what he had shared, he wouldn’t bother on continuing any deeper. In the end, it didn’t matter how he operated just so long as he was doing their work. Unfortunately, the mess he had stumbled upon in the gambler’s city counted under that umbrella. For now, Jason’s plate was set down when he’d had enough of it, left to his thoughts up until the phone vibrated. Only a handful or two in total had the number to begin with, so when it rang he picked it up in a matter of seconds. 

    “Yeah… it’s him,” He responded to a murmured tone on the other end.
    “I’m still in the city, they said to wait and keep an ear out.”
    “What time do you want to-”
    “Alright, name your place.”
    “Seriously..?” Jason’s eyebrow’s raised. He glanced toward Ryan once from the corner of his eye. He cleared his throat.
    “Also, I’m bringing someone.”
    “A… witness. Someone you’ll want to talk to.”
    “Alright. We’ll be there.”

    The call went on for only a minute or so as the essential information was passed back and forth, or so it seemed. There was a hint of surprise in the man’s tone as he questioned the person on the other end, not necessarily bad, perplexed more than anything. Eventually, the call was hung up as he hit the button. 

    “We’ve got a meeting tonight,” Jason announced. His eyes were on the device for a moment or so as he saved the number that had called. He then turned his attention to her. “But… she said to back up and head out. We’ll be meeting over on the New Vegas, get this–Mandalay Bay.” So much for low key. What the hell did they have rooted all the way over there? He cleared his throat. “She said her name was Rosa. Apparently she’s been following the same trail that you have, and trying to make a connection out of it all. It’s a start, maybe she has some information for us.”

  • Silence had never bothered Kei, or in the least, it was something he’d taken salvation in as a kid, or was able to push aside when he was older. It was no different now as he put his attention to his meal which had been well overdue with the way the night had transpired. Drinking was always something he’d done better with on an empty stomach, but on the ‘clock’ he was better off being in tip-top shape. He broke the silence with his comment. He couldn’t rightly control how involved the HS became if they chose to take matters to their own hands, but he could mitigate that in the meanwhile when they knew little to nothing. “I know... It’s something to keep in mind, I don’t know anything for sure. At this point better be prepared than nothing.” Yet, here they were sitting in a hotel room eating room service waiting for the phone to ring. The sooner they would move the better.

    A flicker of a glance went toward her plate when she offered, and he shook his head a tad and murmured a ‘thanks’ after. He watched as she made her way to the window, still picking at his plate halfheartedly as he thought. He glanced up again when she posed the question. “On the off chance I’m not on a hunt, I can be anywhere. I’m not restricted ‘till the phone rings. Doesn’t matter, if I’m close around and they’ve got a lead, then I’ll take the job if I’m up to it… if the phone goes quiet, then I can always head back and find something from the Headquarters.” Jason set his plate down the moment after with a heavy sigh. “They classify me as a Rogue, which means I’ll take just about any case on the ground that’s a mid-level disturbance. Vampire infestations, wolves, humans stepping out of their bounds, shifters, urban legends that aren’t so fake. I’ll work with others on higher security cases. Those are the ones that’ll generally take me oversea if I have to. They’ll pair us together based on what the case needs; they’ve got a lot of smart men and women sitting in their chairs waiting for the call.”

    It was home whether it tore him apart or left him damaged from what he’d see. Some came to the Hunter Society from youth, others like him found it later on and called it a source of stability. An outlet. He’d lost his bite to kill and he’d been kept occupied with a purpose; it was more he could have said before it all. Jason sat up straight when she posed the question, furrowing his brow some. It was a fair question no matter how easy the answer felt in his own head. His eyes lowered to study the carpet.

    “Understanding, for one. There’s nobody in the Society that hasn’t gotten there without a story. There’s kids that lost their families to the supernatural world, and the Society is who took them in. Kids with scars that make you wonder what they came from, men and women that wouldn’t have been right otherwise. A lot of ‘em grow up wanting to fight so it doesn’t happen to others.”

    Jason gave a slow nod toward her. Of course he understood, and neither needed any distraction from what the primary culprit was either. How far would the HS go with it, the moment they truly got involved? He’d learned things in the past months about the organization that made him wonder but it wasn’t a concern for now. “They’re out to restore balance to things and that comes first. If you’re not a threat to that, then they’ll keep to that. I’ll try to do what I can to make sure it stays- ...”

    Right about then, his phone started to vibrate, breaking his train of thought. His eyes darted to the source, picking it up to check the number. He gave Ryan another look before holding it up to his ear. “Hello? -Yes," There was sound on the other end, a woman's murmured voice if she were to attempt and listen in. Slowly but surely he was nodding his head subconsciously.

  • He still needed that drink. They had food coming in the least, so he’d have to make do with the tension and awkwardness and emotion in the room. He was getting better at it, but there were some things the past couple of years hadn’t been able to train him for. 

    “I thought you would’ve remembered, leaving me down for the count in an alleyway that night.” Jason’s brow raised with a light amount of cynicism to his tone. “I hadn’t seen you for months and then that was that,” He was just as surprised by the reaction as confused. How could she not remember? Not that she seemed herself if his memory wasn’t lying to him. “Not that I could blame you... It ain’t the first time a girl’s given me just what I’d deserved.” It was done and over, he’d handled it just like any other death. She hadn’t seemed right that night. Not that his memory was clear with how it ended.

    The result when he moved was no different than picking up a stray to swiftly have it out of one’s hands the next moment. He needed the space, and so he made sure he had gotten it. He’d done so without aggression or sharp words in the least, where a ‘younger’ Jason may have never gotten past those options... The damage was done, time and distance were tricky things. In the least, he couldn’t look back and see himself as clearly as he used to.

    While she took to the chair he’d take his own plate and head back to the hotel bed, sitting with his back propped against the headboard. He settled down in his seat, taking a knife to the steak on his plate as he cut off a section into pieces and started to eat. There was silence in the meanwhile, cushioned by the meals in front of them to buffer the tension that hadn’t dissipated since they had first sat down in the restaurant in the early morning. Now, his mind was reeling on what was next. What could happen. Who might they send, and then what? What if they were alone on all of this? 

    “You know…” Jason started to speak, several minutes later after finishing what was in his mouth. A wayward glance was cast to her. “If the Hunter Society figures out how you’re involved in all of this, I can’t promise they won’t want more from you. I’ll try and avoid it for what it’s worth, and I could be wrong.”

  • “Alright,” Jason responded dismissively, phone in hand. Tip or not, it made no difference to him, nor would he feel the sum drop from his account with the rate he was living nowadays. While the order was given he spent the time studying the photos on the wall or the view from the window. When he finally hung up and set the phone down, he had fallen silent upon his answer to her heavy-handed question. And that was it, he’d spoken his piece. It was the tip of the iceberg of the things he could have said, and certainly not his first go-around with giving out apologies over the past year or two midst reflection.

    No…. He expected as much of an answer, anymore. He would have accepted the fact that forgiveness was a far cry and moved on as is, it was a risk of admittance after all, but no. When she drew near, his head turned some, brow knitting together as his posture was… still. Even tense; he’d never asked for that nor was he comfortable with receiving it by the looks of things. He shifted to avoid when she leaned into him for that matter, clearing his throat and leaning forward some in his seat. That energy could be felt. “Y’know... I never expected an apology, considering the last time we’d met up,” Jason stated lowly. To the demon, it was just another rough night where he’d woken up on the wrong side of the alley, but so long as they were putting things out in the open, he would. He had his reasons for never coming back around and he’d hold to that. Fate be damned, he’d ended up on the high road from where he had been with the help of a certain Irish girl. 

    If she hadn’t moved off him by then, then Jason would be up and moving for himself. He rose to his feet, making the window an excuse to train his eyes elsewhere. His hands went into his pockets, watching the street below halfheartedly. “If this hadn’t have come up, I might’ve been in another state by now... I won’t lie to you, part of me wishes that was the case. Doesn’t matter now, I can’t ignore it. We might as well finish what we started in the City. That’s it.”

    A tad later, a knock on the door came. Jason cast a pensive glance toward her as well as the door, turning to walk across the room. The thirty in bills was swiped on his way so to not hear the fuss over it, and after checking the peephole and unlocking the door, he opened it. A woman was heard on the other side as he traded off the tip for a tray filled with covered plates. The coverings were taken off as their server thanked them graciously for the tip, and Jason took the tray and shut the door. “Have at it,” He commented, a bit more upbeat as the tray of plates were set down on the table, silverware and napkins on the side.

  • Jason cast her an expectant glance when the menu was handed over, brow knitting together once she seemed to recoil at the pages and what they contained… then it clicked. That was right. The corner of his mouth tugged once as if he were about to say something, but it was retracted before he would. Stranged how some of the details had slipped from his mind after so long. “...Alright,” The menu was taken once more and given a brief skim before he’d pick something for himself and toss it back down. 

    “I’m not taking your money, don’t worry about it,” Jason responded a bit stubbornly as she settled out the bills in her hand and placed them on the bed. “I’ll just put it on the bill for the room.” Money had always been a novelty to the man, after all. Whether it was a lack-thereof growing up, or a surplus he couldn’t use to better himself any in his cursed life. To the comment of the feathers, he glanced around the room with a raise of a brow and huffed amusingly. “I’m sure these hotels have seen stranger. And I’d bet you’re not the only girl on Fremont right now sporting feathers, either.” The poor man’s culture shock was inevitable the moment he’d stepped into Old Vegas, for better or for worse. 

    During the span of silence, he’d pick up the phone and make the call, glancing out the window in the meanwhile. “I’d like to make an order up to a room…” A quiet, yet strangely polite voice was given to whoever answered. A hand was slid into his pocket as he waited for a response and to be told to continue. The order was made, his own first: a New York strip, cooked medium rare. A side of potatoes and a salad on the side. A glance over his shoulder to her was given briefly before asking what they had ‘without meat in it’... Pasta with marinara sauce was decided from what she’d suggested, a salad. A bowl of fruit, fuck it, why not have a backup plan? The room number was given and a few more nods of his head were given to whatever the person on the other line was asking. Finally, he set the phone back down on the receiver. “Twenty minutes,” Jason commented. The silence overtook afterwards when there wasn’t a conversation to resume.

    Well, there was. An old conversation, one that should have been brought up years ago. One that they’d never let happen. Now it was, no matter if it put weight in his chest or not. He sat down again following the order, on a different edge of the bed with his shoulders turned to glance over at her. Blue hues held nothing less than a forlorn expression, lips pursing silently. He waited it out until she finished speaking, no matter if it felt like time in the room had stopped. Jason pried his eyes from the carpet when he started to study it, keeping them on her.

    Then he left her in silence for what was a painful amount of time. He let his eyes fall on the edge of the bedding, thoughts going back to a time and place. He had to sift through the blur that it had all started to become, shoving other ‘demons’ aside as he thought to that night. The night it had all soured, the night he’d lost his head for the very last time and walked out. The night he’d tried to off himself at the bar in the most inefficient manner he’d come up with thus far only to wake up inside the theatre walls the next morning.

    “...I panicked,” Jason stated in a whisper-like tone. “I... had about as much control over myself back then as I had anything else in my life, and… I panicked.” There was a drawn-out pause as he thought, and once more he forced his eyes up off the floor. He owed her the eye contact of it. “I wasn’t in the right place. All the while I was turning into my old man, I could feel it and I hated it… sick in the head and no better than my habits. I couldn’t handle dealing with my own emotions, let alone somebody else’s. But that night, I...” Jason looked away again. He exhaled a breath, running a hand over his face. “I just lost it... I did what I’d always done which was push away all my problems, and there wasn’t any going back from it this time.”

    Another silent moment where he’d train his stare elsewhere, expression fallen. 

    “At the time I don’t think you could’ve fixed what I had going on... Hell knows I wasn’t something that you deserved to be dealing with.” He swallowed and took a breath. “And I have to live with some of the things I’ve done. I’m not proud of it. I’m trying to... but you shouldn’t have had to. I know it doesn’t cut it, but… I’m sorry.”

  • It didn’t seem to matter whether she was interjecting or not, Jason’s voice still went on. In the end, was it too harsh? The sense of static that lingered in the room after the words left his mouth was a testament to whether he’d overstepped or not. He could have judged by the glance she was giving once she had turned around, leaving the window for the moment… he bit the inside of his lip silently when he knew the words, that name, had slipped out far too easily. “It isn’t a one-person problem anymore... and I don’t think it’s a one-person job either.” Jason responded a bit more slowly. 

    There was still some truth. The ship had sailed on whether or not it was a matter of his comfort over others or not. He felt a moment of relief when he seemed to win over the matter, all until a wayward look caught the woman’s sharp stare. “I’ll be as careful as anybody,”  Jason’s lips pursed. With a glance out the window for himself, he spoke under his breath. “Matter-of-fact, I’ve been careful… not as bulletproof as I thought.” The pet name came back to bite him and he pursed his lips, falling to silence. He’d still manage to win some time whether she was truly on board or not.

    “I know... I’m probably the last person you wanted to end up seeing here,” Jason stated quietly, filling in her words where they trailed off. His eyes studied the carpet across the room when his hand rose to rub the side of his head. His tongue was bitten, leaving an awkward amount of silence after. The words were stuck in his throat when he didn’t fully know where they were headed.

    The next question had his head raising just as soon as it registered. Pulling his thoughts out of monsters and Hunters and the skeletons in their closets, he blinked. Jason cleared his throat and snapped out of it the moment after. Standing up from the bed, sending feathers freefalling once more when he’d moved, he went to the nightstand and fished through the forms atop it. A room receipt, the ‘courteous’ message about saving water… a folded menu was snatched off the surface after. The top read Paradise Cafe, from the casino’s ground floor. Jason looked it over once or twice and then handed it to her. 

    “Have at it... Figure out what you want n’ I’ll look after and call it in.”

  • With all that had happened, some things were better left not known. Not remembered in the least, but with each hunt that came to pass it worked to average out the atrocities that occurred in the last. He used to encounter the same with his deaths. Now it was a matter of finding ways to cope with what he had prevented. What he had encountered. More importantly, the things he couldn’t prevent. One location after the next, if he returned to check up on the theatre once a month it was luck.

    At her tone, his brow raised amusingly. Another shift from the bed was made as he walked to the bag against the wall and unzipped the front pocket. The small navy booklet identifiable as a passport was pulled free and opened to the sight of a handful of stamps across the early pages. “Believe it, feet off the ground and all. It takes a couple doses of medication... A good drink. A pair of headphones.” It was the wonders of not having a damned choice at the time. If a hunt were offered on US soil he’d take the drive over a flight any day. 

    The passport was tossed back on the bed and he took his seat, letting the silence persist when he had spoken his peace. As she spoke up again Jason’s eyes shifted back toward the chair. When nothing immediately came after it, he pursed his lips and averted his gaze until she continued on. “It’s kept me busy... that’s something I needed. Something real. Something that makes a difference and all.” A hand rose to rub the back of his neck, leaning back in his seat. To her finishing words on the matter, his eyes went back once more. He faltered for a moment, studying the floor briefly. “...Yeah. I’ve got a girl,” He only wished the answer could be as simple as that. Jason cleared his throat. “It’s… complicated. She has her own work, I’ve got mine. She’s been at it longer, I don’t do too much worrying.” In the end, it was a half-truth. One far easier to unpack than what was going on in the cat’s head. 

    With a slight shrug of his shoulders, he was moving on. Within the next few moments, he shot a wary glance when she leaned forward to take his hand. Jason froze in wait, jaw tightened. “Best case scenario, no more accidents. What happened to me might not happen to anybody else. I think it’s my responsibility to handle the spirit that’s in there.” Then, he could do something with it or board up the doors for good. Set it on fire for what it was worth maybe, but that wasn’t the current issue at hand.

    He watched her hand slip away, not that he didn’t expect it. We. That was right. When she questioned the choice of wording, he was straight-faced. There was silence from the man as he listened, in turn watching her get up and turn her attention toward the window. “You’re not dragging me into anything I haven’t already signed up for.” He cleared his throat before continuing. “And if it ain’t me, then there are a lot less capable people out there that’re already getting hurt. These things aren’t monitored. They might not give a damn whether its man, woman or child, they’re doing their job or surviving. Little Bird, you’ll need whatever help you can get.” Who was this man, and where had the demon in the theatre ever gone?  

    “...and all due respect, I’m not giving a choice.” Jason’s tone was stern. “I’ve spent my lives on plenty of less admirable things. I’m not turning my back on something to this scale. I can’t.” Not to mention, the nails were placed in that coffin the moment he called the vampire in. He’d left his own fingerprints on the issue and he’d be damned if walking away from it came back to bite him. When she spoke again, he watched her body language with a furrowed brow, listening in silence. Goddamn, how things had changed, whether it was one way or another. 

    “How ‘bout this,” Jason prompted quietly. “I’m waiting for a message over what happened last night. Whatever they find out about it, whatever they can come up with… I’ll have somebody on the case from the inside that might be able to help us out. It could be a day, a few, I’m not sure. We can see what they know, what they’ll be willing to tell us. If I can get another set of trained eyes on the issue then I will.” His lips pursed in thought, eyes to the carpet. “Then we’ll work our way up. If we’re careful enough, one of these nights we might come up with a lead to follow.”

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