"Apollo" - Self
"Sinnabun"- Self, Alice
"OddBall" - By the Grimm Family
"Applesauce, Sunshine, Lulu, David" -By Nao
"Q-Tip, Love Child of Jareth, the Goblin King & Dracula" - By Alice
"Teach" - By Margo

"Cookie Monster" - By Sahara
"Swan Murderer" - By Alice, Nao
"Swan fucker" - By Bolt

"He-Devil Goldie Locks" - By Ama
"Mister Swan" -The Community that reads The Weekly Swantinel


Male † Pure-blood Vampire & Day-walker  Elder One of Four Siblings


(Insert some prophetic prose here)

Careful where you step, Sweetheart. Not all that lurks in the night hides in shadows. Some Monsters are made of Sunshine & Gold, smiling at you from across the street in broad Daylight."  



Blood relatives

The below Family tree credit goes to Valentine Grimm. Image by Sahara

Parents - Godric Grimm and Isolde Grimm - unknown status
Eldest Brother - Valentine Grimm - Unknown Status
Niece as Fledgling to Valentine -Екатерина Вахров -Unknown Status (is subject to change based upon Player's decision or past for character)
Second Eldest Brother - Leopold Grimm - Unknown Status
Younger Sister - Sahara "Frost" Grimm - In contact
• No children
• No Fledglings.











 This little hellion is a storm of chaos at the heels of their enemies. As frigid as her powers are and she attempts to be, Apollo is one of the few who sees her 'soft' side. She is someone he always wishes to protect. This is the only one who he never felt abandoned him in his family. They are a strange pair. Best friends. Wing-man/Wing-woman and all. Onlookers may mistake them for lovers, especially with how much they tease each other, but their opinions are far from the truth.





Part 1

Apollo: "We're going to a small mountain town. Where else do you think the Dwarves keep themselves locked up at? And we're stealing a blood ruby, about the size of my fist...or maybe it was bigger." -Gives his hand a confused look-

Sahara: "You'll be the reason for my jail time, one day, Apollo. I don't understand why you have to go and steal things. Aren't you afraid of what Valentine will do if he finds out?"

Apollo: "Psh. Does it look like I care what Valentine thinks? It's not like the man hasn't done any worse. He isn't exactly role model material. Plus, I'll bail you out. You know I would. Then you would be a wanted prisoner." -chuckles-

Part 2

Sahara: "I think I'm in love, Apollo."

Apollo: -rolls eyes- Are you serious? Whose ass am I going to have to kick now?


(insert more prophetic prose here)


Shameless Flirt
Non-committal but not impossible for more.


Ten Years Ago:

A long hallway painted in black stretched on for what felt like miles. You've already crossed through that rackety door from the alleyway. A strange place for the entrance to any place of business. The hallway smelt of fresh paint and primer. Makes sense since the walls caught the light as you walk by. The paint was still drying. The nearer you came to the room at the end the better you heard them: Young monsters talking of things that should never be.

"Have ya ever been in love, Apollonius?" A female's southern accent filled the air. Quieter than it normally did but that's due to the expansiveness of the room they were in. Massive and more like a warehouse main floor than the back-end of a building's first floor.

"Love?" A confused but pleased voice responded. For a moment, silence settled between them. Why ask a question like that?

"Yes, love. Idiot. You know when-"

"I know what love is , Rosewillow."A breathless sigh slipped past his lips. "No, I've never been in love. "

"Have you ever wanted to be in love?"


"Why not?"

"Because love gets in the way."

"In the way of?" A playful growl rumbled in his chest. Apollonius rolled from his back onto his side. One arm propped up his head while the other reached out to touch her cotton candy colored hair. That crazy long mane of hers laid sprawled out beneath her head. Stark contrast to the grey floors and her fair flesh. It's a rare moment for these two. They are the only ones to see this side of each other. Carefree, innocent, and blissful. The time when hopes and dreams have yet to be retaliated by reality.

"Of doing what's necessary."

"Necessary is a blurred line, Apollonius. You know that."

"I do and my resolve remains the same."

"Will you ever fall in love?"

"God, I hope not." A fond smile pulled at his lips and softened those glacial eyes. There was a romantic hidden behind his layers.

"Why?" Rosewillow turned her head to meet his. Faces mere inches away. Green eyes, the kind cut from emeralds in a swirling green jungle, peered up at him.

"Because it means I would be a sap. And what good would I be then?"


There are few people who have entered into Apollo's life that he holds dear. Beyond his sister and those loyal to him that make up his crew, there are only a select few he would consider friends. Even fewer that he would admit were or are lovers. Apollonius would refuse to admit it to anyone else besides them for fear that one day those he holds dear will be dragged into any conflict. Beneath that movie star appearance or attitude, is a loyal, protective, and honorable friend/lover. His friends are few, but they are mighty.





D E M O N  D I R E W O L F


A shared history of broken promises, earth-shaking convictions, and drawn out love. There's a flickering flame left for these two. But put them together long enough and it's a scorching inferno. Apollo believes now more than ever this was the one that got away. A love meant to burn rather than feed his shattered soul. Though they'll always be fond friends, occasionally the lines blur in his mind. Together they walk a tight rope between friends and would be lovers. Alone, they are the power houses of an under world.



Part 1

Naomi: Your hair is so messed up haha you should go look in a....uh..

Apollo: Look in a what?

Naomi: Uhhhhmm

Apollo: I want to hear you say it.

Part 2

Naomi: You're acting like a high school girl.

Apollo: I am the definition of a high school girl.


Part  3 - "The Joke: The Love Child"

Naomi: ...Apollo?

Apollo: It is not a phase, Pup. This is who I truly am.

Naomi: I'm calling you David Bowie from now on.

Apollo: ...Its Jareth.

Naomi: Nope, David.

Apollo: *slams fist on table* I AM THE GOBLIN KING!

Naomi: *stares*

Apollo: *glares*

Naomi: *blinks* But...Vampires can't be Goblins...

Apollo: Don't tell me how to live my life! *is the definition of a high school girl*








After they interfered with each other's hunt, Apollo invited the Hunter along for an adventure. He has Rogues to kill and she is a Hunter. Their relationship is mutually beneficial. At first, he did it out of curiosity: he wanted to know more about how the Fun Sized Smurf ticked. They bantered in a way he didn't with others and it was bound to become an obsession. She keeps him on his toes and he knows he does the same for her. He invited her into a world she knows nothing about: His world.  Will she come to regret it or love it?


Part 1

Q-tip: "What do you know, the Smurf has a sense of humor..."

Twinkle Toes: "Am no' a fuckin' Smurf, ya bollix dit."

Q-tip: "Fine. No Smurf. You don't seem as mischievous as them anyways and that wouldn't be any fun. Twinkle work better?"

Twinkle Toes: "Am warse than a Smurf could ever be."

Part 2

Q-Tip: “Sure you aren’t a Smurf? You sure are playful enough to be one. Fun sized, too.”

Twinkle Toes: "Ya want yer dick 'fun sized' too? Am sure I could take off a few inches perfectly fine."







This precious little vessel first crossed Apollo's path in a bar. With a sweet promise and cheers to the next "bite" Apollo promised to cross Omega's path again. Omega doubted the toast would ever come true. Never doubt the Elder. For in his promise, Nikolas walked straight into trouble. Dabbling in his own curiosity he neared death three times in one night. First at the hand of Ricky, and twice by the equally as sarcastic Helena. Hence Nikki boy's nickname, Smartass. In his own mischief, Apollonius rescued the mortal from his companions and whisked him away for a healing drink. Apart they are completely different. Together they are smooth little criminals. Breaking and Entering may just become a habit...


Part 1

{Always adding or removing}



• Apollo LOVES  all Cookies; hence his nickname: Cookie Monster. 
• Apollo has a Sim Character.
• Apollo's Spirit Animal is the Swan.


Apollo Collage + Family Tree Credit: Sahara Grimm


FC when used: Lucky Blue Smith
Family credit and some background ideas behind Apollo go to Valentine.
Picture credit goes to their respected artists/model(s). 

Everything else is my original creation, including Apollo's past/history.

Anything Swan related is part of an on-going joke. Feel free to ask if you want to start being a part of it. ^_^

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  • That's right, old man! You've got some competition!


    Feel free to bow now. I'll wait.

  • Unlike her mother who was cautious and overall kinder, Agnes wasn't afraid to shove any drunk or high people off of her if they managed to or seemed like to bump or fall on her from dancing. Her brow furrowed, carrying an intense stare, watching Apollo move through the crowd and made eye contact when he peered back at her. She glanced around when they moved through different rooms, at the people, the furniture, and smelling whatever odor lingered on them. What they smoked, where they possibly where, what they could be as well. Agnes took it all in, even so much as to look behind her. When passing the bodyguard at the door, Agnes made full eye contact with him before going through the dark red door behind Apollo. Whatever noise came from the club behind them was gone, only from whoever was talking.  Fresh air, to a degree, from the outdoors was far better than being holed up in a dark, crowded area. 

    She merely watched in silence as each of the moved past her and through the dark red door. Agnes frowned with the same intense stare at the man who reacted to her holding the vodka bottle. She kept her stare on him as he moved to the door, then looked over at Apollo standing near the pit.

    "...Why did we come out here?" Agnes inquired, looking around the patio.

  • Holly blinked form the sudden speed of it. She gaped for just a second when she realized that her hand was snatched. Were people supposed to move that fast? That felt impossible. It was like her eyes closed and suddenly it was grabbed. She only had those few seconds to blink up at it then his face before she registered what happened, who she had hit, and the people around here that were just as shocked as Holly here.

    Her comically 'o'ed face turned to that of panic when she was rushing to get words out. She didn't yank her hand free in fear that he might just hold on or hurt her unintentionally. "Apollonius, am sorry!" Her voice was high with worry. She sputtered about it being a force of habit. Frozen to the spot like a deer in headlights. She'd never been so on edge before but she felt far jumpier than she normally was considering the crap her father had been pulling as of late. It seemed like there was attacks day in and day out now. Yelling matches in the morning and beatings when she got home. It was rattling her head and she was sure in it her brain had been rocked around a few times too.

    "R-Really!" She pleaded as though this was her own father, that he would backlash for such a brazen attempt like that by raising her fist at him. She paused, her mouth returning to that 'o', great big eyes watching him in horror as he tried to wheeze out his words past what would be a sore throat thanks to her. She waited than smiled witlessly. "J-Just don' scare me at all. Am v-very jumpy."

    He released her wrist thankfully, she was able to pull it back and held both of her arms to herself in defense and to make herself seem smaller by all the eyes that were watching she and him. Whispers, sneers, jeers, and common gossip that would go around that the jumpy McLunny girl punched the Grimm kid. She could already hear it but chose to try and ignore it. After some seconds she rubbed her wrist, massaging the bruising that had been there only from her father.

    "Oh." He'd caught onto that? Her eyes showed a frantic flicker between his own pale but oceanic blue ones that she sputtered out, "me da. He likes to scare me sometimes.. gotten bad enough that I punched once, an' never really stopped. I guess.. muscle memory from it, aye?" She tried to smile, play it off, makes it truthful. She shifted her eyes away from him then glanced back up. The shock and fear seeped into a concerned worry. "Yer, okay? I didn't... no too hard to break anythin', yeah?" She would check, but that would be weird and she wanted to keep as much distance as she could, she was still frizzled up by that.

    The people in line finally laid off and went back to what they were supposed to be doing. It moved for the next person to order the coffee, one more in front of Apollo and Holly before themselves. "Do ya know what ya want?" She asked after she had crab-walked to the side in order to move in line herself. She waited up for him, than finally turned forward, hopeful that she had not really harmed him if he were able to move on his own. "Anythin' ye want is fine. Am payin'."

  • Holly felt the breeze behind her before she heard the voice. There was that unmistakable fight or flight instincts of hers kicking in. She whirled around so quickly that the tips of her braided pigtails might have even flicked his nose, earbuds still in her ears. Had her father came for revenge from the night before? Was she doomed? Would her classmates know? Was her father already yelling?

    Her fist was swinging before she could stop herself. The figure was just the right height. It was slicing through the air before she actually saw who it was. McLunny just left his lips before her fist collided with his throat. It was quick and smooth. No ugly blood splatter or anything. He might have seemed to get the air knocked out of his throat though. It was a defense tactic that was quick to put people down in a quick and easy manner, but that would also be a huge maybe here too. It all depended on where Apollo stood on reflexes. Holly's were high enough for her own good. Even after being dazed, tired, and beaten around from the night before she was still ready to scrap if the time called for it. She didn't like to be caught off guard by anyone. She had either landed the blow or she was staring at him grabbing her wrist. Either way, it would lead to the same scenario.

    Because sadly she saw who it was and instantly she gasped, jumping back with a squeak of surprise, hand or hand flying to her mouth, that was, if she made it to that point. If he had her wrist she winced, the entire arm was tender. 

    The few in the cafe to see had paused with their nosy selves to see the outcome of it. 

    Holly's hazel eyes were wide with surprise from herself ant he situation as a whole. She waited for a response, in surprise and possible shock. Her breath held, then she gaped out, "Ohmigod! A-am sorry! Sorry! I don' do good bein' snuck up on. " She plucked her headphones out of an ear, it dangled from inside her shirt as to better hear him if he were either choking on his own breath or possibly glaring and growling at her. "I dinna hurt ye, did I?" She squeezed out to him, ignoring if he had cursed at her. Her eyes scanned him to make sure that she had not done any more damage than just the sock on his throat. She shouldn't have hurt him, not really, she wasn't insanely strong, she was just quick. Most expected a punch in the nose or mouth, but in the throat? New for some, maybe for even him.

    "I-It's just a farce of habit!" Her head bowed, mouth snapping shut. She contemplated herself than looked up at him with a pleading and sorry expression on her face. "I'll buy yer coffee, er a-anythin' ya want e-er both... Er tarts, whatever doesn't matter, am buyin'." She felt rattled and jittery. No longer was she so tired when the adrenaline was running through her veins like little rockets.

    The few in the cafe who had seen were giggling or whispering. there wasn't really too much to talk about. It wasn't like they would get in full on fight, would they? God, she hoped not. It was a total mistake. But people of any day or way loved to gossip about something, no matter how big or small it was.

  • Agnes shrugged casually, what he did was up to him. She didn't know what her mother was up to, nor did she care. One could say that she could just let bygones be bygones and go visit Naomi, but too many years have passed where now it wouldn't make any difference. There would be tension from the elephant in the room, but that's all there would be. It wasn't her business to get into Apollo's relationship with her mother, and neither was it his for how she handled things with Ted. Although, she kept his advice in mind without any acknowledgment.

    Glad to see the conversation drift away, she took the vodka bottle. Indeed, Agnes was curious, but cautious. A hound? No, hounds were dogs that followed orders. She would only do so when given a payment or incentive, in this case, it was the bottle. The vampire was generous enough, and so she followed him with several feet of distance in between. Agnes didn't carry anything lethal on her, but if something went wrong, the bottle might suffice. The wolf was always a last resort or to set in a first impression. Either way, there was a possibility of it coming out if things went haywire, and it would remain a possibility. For now, Agnes was calm and collected on the surface. The EDM pounded in her chest, throat, and ears, easily making her way through the crowd to follow Apollo to the back.

  • There was a slight flinch from Holy that could never be helped. It was her bodies involuntary response. Fight or flight. It seemed the more she fought back against her father the more that he did. There were times as a child were one drunken screaming at a TV would mean her scrambling to get away when he rose his hand to her. It was something that was muscle memory. Get out of there, stay safe, fight back. He had the same movements that could mean that he would be likely to go after someone. Still, she was not assuming of all men. Even she was not so damaged to think it.

    "Tell me about it." Finally, something that they both could agree upon. She hated her father. There was never a day in her life that she could remember that he was a good father to her. He hated that she was born. He hated that her mother had gotten sick and passed, leaving her with said daughter. And he hated her because of the frank point of her existing. There was only one way out, and that was through school and with luck, her full ride for freedom.

    Holly shrugged. "Photographic memory. It's always been somethin' I was able to do. It's like me brain is warkin' mare than it should. Like it's open mare..." Her eyes drifted from the paper in thought. Least did she know there was a solid reason for such a thing. Something she had yet to unlock about herself, and maybe she never would. It was more than just a quick mind, and something more a little... magical.

    Her hand dropped to her side gingerly as he took the papers from her. Her next stop was making the B-line for the door in hope that he would not try to rally her in again. She could not divulge in pleasures of learning. Not in her state. She needed to find a quiet place to sleep, gather her strength, and go off home where she would most likely need to fight another round with her father. She would save enough money to get a lock on her door one day; until then, however. "Ain't no rest fer the wicked. Bye Grimm." She muttered, passing him smoothly, the smell of sweet cinnamon after her as she left.


    Thursday by, Friday was like any other day with teens and young adults ready for the weekend. Holly worked her usual twelve-hour shifts at the mechanic, getting her decent pay for it all too. By the end of the days, she wobbled off home. Tired, sore, and greasy. She got home and faced the usual backlash and finally well-deserved sleep.

    Now though, it was Monday, her day, thus far, had been normal. She had killed her coffee already and it was only noon. She had an hour and a half break before her next class which gave her the time she would need to study and get some last minute work done. There she stood in line for the cafe. Pigtails in her hair, headphones in her ears and a usual thickly clothed jacket that seemed to be getting hotter and hotter to be in now that spring was on its way.  She feared to switch back to shirts, she couldn't risk it. The recent battle with her father left a large bruise on the underside of her arm that went from her wrist to her elbow where she had blocked her father. This arm was tucked in her pocket, it hurt to let it press to her side. 

    She hummed while three people stood in front of her. She dozed lightly on her feet, music blaring out her eardrums and the thoughts of assessments in her head. As of now, there was no care in the world. Just desperate for coffee.

  • Briefly, she was hesitating over that. While she would love to there was still the matter that he father knew where to come in finding her out. He could and would know when to demand for things. He would know when she left, he would know everything. He could talk his way to the school and show them exactly what she was expertly hiding. She enjoyed where she worked now because it meant that she was well hidden from her father for the hours that she was there. He could not track her down and harass her. Thankfully right now was his sober hours. Times where he was either at home in his right mind or was sleeping away the night that he spent drinking. She felt like a home away from Hell where she worked now. If she worked here, it might loosen up time and give her better opportunities, but at what price?

    "U-uh too far." She quickly conjured up to cover her brief seconds of silence. "I live too far... Cannae always be spendin' petrol to get here. Me job now is closer to home. Time is decent. Pay good. Am happy there. Only warkin' mare fer me best interest. Hobby's an' what not. Ye know." She played it off with a cooling smile to add definition to her lie. It sounded winning and passable in her head. He should fall for it easily enough. That, or just didn't care--he shouldn't. She was just one girl among many, she wasn't exactly worthy of worry. "But naw, yer right. M-Maybe in the summer I'll consider it."

    She went back to reading while he took time to position himself comfortably against the wall. She was running over every pretty word that his hand produced. She tried not to be distracted by him. Though there were little comments that he made that at times threw her off. Such as her own concerning pretty in pink Baby-Blue. He did not try to deny it either. The wolfish grin on his face told her that she was spot on with her presumptions. She hummed her amusement, behind it was a bark of laughter. "Mm. Just as many other people am sure strayed fer. An' a few am sure tried to have a catch too. Some succeeded. All men have their kinks I suppose." She didn't care the littlest. She possibly thought him a little more shallow. Holly had a good feeling of Baby-Blue being only got by with a pretty face. It was a wonder she made it this far in college. Let alone high school without having late night sessions with other teachers that sadly fell into that trap.

    While she burned to want such a knowledge from him she kept herself safe from showing too much interest that her eyes alone would betray. Yes, she wanted to know. She wanted to explore and be apart of a college life that she was too terrified to embark in because of the darkening pain on her arms and the thought of torment after. Learning just a bit more, and mingling with those who she might actually find interest in could be her doom come later when she walked through her home door and found her father awake. It wasn't worth it. She turned the page to the third just to prove it, that she wasn't interested in the slightest bit.

    Instead, she covered the appetite of her desperate needs with a charismatic smile, taking eyes away from her freckle blotched face to the wide smile she rarely showed. "No off of us are offered such a gracious time there, Grimm. Sometimes, even when ye moved from the teens, yer still livin' under yer parents roofs, an' they still want ye to be followin' there rules. Am able to do as I please, but gettin' oot, er stayin' oot too late marks fer problem. I might be payin' fer bills but am not fully, an' not everyone is." And she wouldn't be unless she could get out fully on her own and never have to look back at her dreadful father again.

    "Aye, bummer." She repeated, not having looked up from the notes, she then switched it to the new side and was now reading the fourth and final side. Perhaps that would wane him off of so many questions and assumptions. Her long fingers gripped the ends of the paper just a little more tighter. Her lips increasingly pulled down into a gently curved frown behind his papers she held. "Total bummer. Really." She ground out. Than quickly scanning her eye over the four papers she quickly thrusted them back out to him. "Am sure ye'll have grand then. Maybe even Baby-Blue will show up." 

    She switched her strap again and cleared her throat. "Well, am off. Got me job to get to. All you lot will have a grand bloody time then, aye?" She smiled the sweetest she could muster within that moment. She didn't like to be dangled temptation off the end of a string as though she would ever have the opportunity to grasp onto it. "Maybe ya will take notes on that too, mm? Give me a fun incite on what I missed if ya can." They were odd topics after all. There was much to be explored about the history of witches... but the sort of magic? How odd.

  • He did that a lot. More than he might care to know. Not that she watched him or anything at an ungodly rate. Not as much as the rest of the girls in class at least. But there were times where the teacher was talking and his TA seemed to be off in his own world, in his own thoughts. Holly could almost see his entire world seeming to fade out like he were in a different time until he came back and came back to the world again. There were enough people who got lost in thought, but him? It was like he got lost in times, in days, years. Like he had more to think about than some twenty-one year old should be thinking about.

    Her own span of thought vanished not too soon after his grunting reply. Her face hardened again. For her, however, it looked more like a pout than it did her being actually angry. He was such a guy. He always strutted around his laisser-flare as though he were higher than everyone, especially females. It annoyed her that guys had such big head about things. It helped with school at least. It told her that she didn't need to worry about such things and focus on what was important. It didn't matter how doofy they looked. His hair for instance, needlessly distracting. She was getting that strange static from him again. Gosh, she just needed to get out before something else of his clogged up her mind.

    "I do say so." She hinted promptly, giving him no room to think otherwise. Momentarily the waning sun caught her eye. She turned to look out at it between the blinds, her hair more of a fire than normal in the setting rays. She watched for a time until he commented on her job and she pulled her eyes away to reply. "Ya get what ya can. No' all are so considerate of students schedules." Her job gave enough for her to live off of and to pay her side of the rent. She wished she could work more and longer. But the sake of her sanity, school, among other things depended on getting just the minimal. It didn't help that her father sat on his fat lard of an arse all day since he lost his job. She thought about running away many times, but that meant that she would have to work, even more, support herself, even more, worry about school work even more. She was between two brick walls, the only way to help was forward.

    Yeah, not the reaction she was really looking for. Holly didn't play the role of the cute and innocent girl very well. She was too reclusive and headstrong. If she wanted something she got it. Sadly it was hard to do when he was holding the notes, she couldn't just yank it away from him. "Body language," Holly answered genuinely. this time she was hinting on amusement there. "Girls cannae get a lot done usin' it. Just like swayin' hips an' Baby-Blue does, caught yer eyes, didn't it?" Calling him out, was she? Perhaps she was more observant than he knew. She wasn't belittling him for it by a mean for it, only calling as she saw it.

    Pleased that she finally acquired the notes, she gingerly took them from him and sat down on top of a nearby desk, quickly scanning her eyes over the small but clear writing. She took her time to read every word as to not miss a thing. Along the lines of wasting time, she did not want to be going home any time soon.

    Her golden eyes darted up from the top of the paper when he spoke, acknowledging that she was listening to him though continuing her read on the desperately needed notes. "Do ye now?" Still going on about the group, huh? One would think she made it clear that she wasn't interested when she said no the first time. Now he was just sounding desperate. She found it easy to focus on the paper for the most part of his speech... until... Yeah, their eyes met, she was very interested in the supernatural. Witches so happened to be her favorite topic. But why would they be talking about that? Would they be studying plays now? Looking into The Crucible now? Strange book for a college class. But she shouldn't get he hopes up. It wasn't like she read it three times, or a few by now. Sounded like an easy book report to her.  And while she would love to discuss the secret behind the actual withes of Salem she just furrowed her brows and stared a little more harder at the words she was reading. "Can't. Busy at night. Curfew to be home by, grown-up stuff. No witches fer me."  She turned the page to the other side. "Am sure ye all will have fun though." Without her. Damned father and his shit. She couldn't get sucked into a social life that she could never have. It would only get her into deeper trouble.

  • Holly kept her hazel eyes fixated on a spot somewhere int he room that wasn't on him or the girls that were making their nasty getaway after another failed attempt at getting something more than just typical study sessions from the cute teacher that looked far too young to be teaching any kind of class. Much less appearing in one and shell-shocking all of the students with the strange aura that was around him. She only did return her eyes to him when she asked for the chapter, then again when he seemed to try to be proving something to her. Her plump lips scowled for a hint of a second, her eyebrows were on a downward decline across her had to a point of nearly forming a V on her forehead.

    They perked up, almost skittish, scared, while he moved his hands. She stared down at them then back up to ocean eyes that were deeper than the ocean. Bravely, Strongly, she dared to jump into them and held her head up. Never would she reach his own height, but she did her best to seem daring enough to challenge his stare. "I grasp the knowledge well enough, thank ye very much." Her head only went higher, even her chin moving up more. "I also am no needin' any savin'. Am a strong lass, I cannae protect meself. I just' don' wanna be dealin' with em all er other people is all."

    Frustrated now with his questions, and continuous pestering as though he were anyone more than her teacher she combed her fingers through her fiery red hair, breathed thickly and shuffling her feet awkwardly. "Ye me da er somethin'?" She accused him. There's that snappy attitude he mentioned. Not like she was the sweetest nor the rudest person out there. She was like any other girl who wanted to get her work down and get through school If only home life was a bit more similar to that, it would help a ton. 

    "Look, Am stressed over work, an money. That's all. Me da is between jobs an' I've been workin' mare hours to be helpin' pay bills, on top of me own school in. Ya see? Am fine, everything will be fine. Once his job is settled' an' we are mare stable with money I'll be fine again. Tip top shape." Mor like when tax season passed and she no longer had to worry about her fother hammering in and demanding money from her.

    Now, if he was done asking about her personal life, she bravely settled her eyes on him again. Innocent as she could make them, sweet as her face could pull, she asked politely. "Now... the chapters? Notes? Anythin' he mentioned that was not in em?" Her smile widened to which could be considered genuine. Swaying her body like his parade of girls often did to seem cute and chipper. He should be able to see that hers was a ruse easily enough. " Please?"

  • Holly politely ignored Apollo's eyes and the question that rested behind them, she knew that he would give her crap for it later regardless. She needed to stop falling asleep. She knew she needed to stay on top of things if she ever wanted to get out of there. Absently her hand rubbed her bruised arm from under the thick coat that she wore. Last night had been one of the more worse nights; her father wasn't taking a no, and she was tired of it. The school was a way of release, to get away. Sadly, as it often was, this was her last class of the day, one to which she often blacked out in from a day of forcing herself to stay awake from her previous classes. Often times, she loved English, she loved learning about it. But it was tax season, her father got money for alcohol, for gambling. She was scared for when he might find her own tax savings from the job she worked on the weekend. She needed something, anything to help her pay for school and their rent for next month. Something that her father didn't dare to care about.

    While her mind raced, a quiz was mentioned, she quickly scribbled that into her day planner and put the book into shoulder bag along with the rest of them. It was soon thrown over her shoulder, and she had to listen to the weak attempts of the girls trying to woo their way into the student teachers pants. Again.

    Baby-Blue eyes face twisted something starch, as though he had offered that she take a stroll through a sewer. "But groups are so..." She waved her manicured hand in the air, attempting to find a word that was beyond her league to say. She looked across at her friend as though that girl would help. She was clueless and stared only at Apollo with a doofy smile. "They aren't intimate enough." She finally got out. Holly wanted to clap. Good on her.

    He said a friends name, she was clearly dazed and went on with her way. No doubt she would get an earful from Baby-Blue as the spotlight had been stolen.

    Holly was only half listening until she heard her name, her hazel eyes landed on him, green flecks within the iris of the golden color. She herself almost turned her nose up. "I don' do groups." She denied quickly, attempting not to look at him. It was far too intimate and erotic for her to do so, and she had no idea why. She actually would love to go to the group though. But if she wasn't back by a certain time that night, bad news would happen. Her father didn't like her home late. No matter the reason.

    She adjusted the strap on her shoulder a few times, attempting to get it off of the shoulder blade which had been hurt the most in the battle with her father. He had been unrelenting. Her tired eyes reflected the night. He'd came after her after she had left her room for tea and he had just come home from the bar. He thought ill doings to her as he often did when she resisted he grew violet. Her back was throbbing with numb pain, her arms were coated in fingerprinted bruise marks. She was sure she had a goose egg on the back of her head the size of China. It took a swift kick to his unmentionables before she was finally released and ran off to her room. Safe from him and his beatings.

    She had zoned out, only hopping back into the world of which she currently was in when the two remaining girls left with a snap and snarl. Leaving out of the room and finally allowing Holly to get the notes she so desperately needed. Easy with a photographic memory. She only had to look at them. It was then, and only after that, the girls left that she looked at him. Steeling herself to do so by strengthening her shoulders and looking at him, stepping closer to him expectantly. "Ye don' need to be givin' 'em any mare reason to hate me, Grimm." She accused him bitterly, her eyebrows down with her frown. "Its bad enough they do fer nothin'." She didn't need any more bullies in her life plainly enough.

    She controlled her small spike of anger, one fathomed from lack of sleep the night before. "Ya cannae jus' tell me the chapter. I can look it up meself." Save him time rather than blabbering about things she could look up anyway. "I-I need to git home... an.. study.." Lies. She'd wait at school until it was time that she could sneak into the house, possibly go past her abusive father, and sneak off into her room. "Okay?" She asked, praying that he would say yes, her eyes big with question.

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