Apollo  Oddball  Q-Tip  

Male  Pure-blood Vampire & Day-walker  Elder 

Age : Unknown
Appears: mid-20s
Birthday: August 18th 
Zodiac:  Leo 
 Birthplace: Scandinavia Region 

Occupation: Business Owner, Kingpin


We all have our beginnings. His happens to start in a home located in the middle of nowhere. That's the way he has always thought of it. Somewhere in the mountains, beneath the dark and looming cliffs, and subject to the forever howling winds. A place where there is little sun and even the wildlife doesn't choose to stray towards. His beginning started there with a complicated family. It wasn't until he left home that he felt like the true beginning of his life was upon him. 

As an Elder his history is too long to recount for every living soul. He's made too many enemies, human and supernatural alike, along the way. But there are a few things he can confirm. He wasn't there for every big historical event. For those that he was apart of, he found a way to know some of the key players. He took a fasination with almost every war. When he didn't dabble in warfare and grew bored of humanities repetitive need for it, Apollonius chose to follow his pursuits in business...or partying....whichever he felt like doing even though they tended to go hand-in-hand.

Don't mistake him. A vampire's memory, while good, isn't perfect. No one can expect that he'll remember every little thing. Some of the history books have it wrong anyways. History is always told from the perspective of the Victor so it doesn't surprise him. Always remaining hush hush on the matters, and to not embarass himself on what he doesn't remember, Apollo keeps his lips sealed about anything related to the past. Though when inquired about, he'll gladly share what he does remember.


A little over two decades ago, Apollonius decided it was time to wage his own war. The war to end all wars. Or so he believes. Tired of watching fueds between species that no longer hold the ground they used to, Apollonius seeks to bring harmony among the supernatural world. There are whispers that he is leading a rebellion and the only reason he is able to get as far as he has is because he's an Elder. Sometimes, it's an advantage to be old. 

Recuirting efforts began with his motley crew but have since expanded to included supernaturals in every city. There is no limit to what they can achieve when brought together. While it is a little contradictory in nature, warriors in his band of misfits are taken on a volunteer basis. No one is forced to wage the war with him. Some only seek refuge, neutral grounds where they can come together to get along. Others want to fight to end the bloodshed and centuries worth of deceit and misguided values. Everyone has their own reasons for joining. Those that do are protected by everyone. They rally to protect their own. While they are on their way to creating the peace he seeks, everyone knows that Monsters are still monsters and their leader doesn't stray from using a heavy hand or the darkness he was given. 

He's no fortune teller. Can't see the future or predict what is going to happen next. All he knows is that he dreams of a day when the conflict is over. When supernaturals come together and live in a strange sense of harmony. A time where useless bloodfueds are resolved and children aren't expected to hold the grudges their parents instilled in them. As far as he can see, the end is nowhere near. The middle of his story is still being written. Hell, he would argue he is still tangled in the beginning of something new. Only time will tell. He just hopes he finds the Kingpin on the otherside of the war before it's too late...



Height: 6'1" 
Weight: 188lbs
Build: tall and lean
Tatttoos: None. Maybe he'll consider one. 
Scars: Plenty. Not all vampires heal the way you think.

An anomonly from his siblings in everyway, Apollonius's appearance is as stark of a difference. Glacier blue eyes peer through long lashes most women are jealous of.  Longer platinum blonde hair is almost always combed into place, but still allows for a few runaway strands. Skin slightly kissed by the sun but still on the paler side. What can a vampire do? Always clean shaven. Clothes undeniably pristine and pressed. Common outfits include dark jeans and a dress shirt of some kind. He doesn't mind t-shirts, but when running a business he always needs to look the part. Casual for him still looks put together and he takes pride in his appearance. Bussiness man or Fraternity boy? He's been described as both.


Lawful Neutral: At first glance he comes off as the silent brooding type. He watches and waits, seeing everyone and everything around him. When he is done being the observer, however, Apollo transforms into a social butterfly: undoubtedly dramatic, self-confident, and playful. He gladly engages in conversations, preferring ones that are centered on deeper topics compared to trivial matters. There is a nautral prowling elegance to his movements, a confidence **coughcough* and flamboyancy *coughcough* that demands attention, and a silent dominance in his curiosity. He's brave, hard to challenge, and damn near impossible to hurt or kill. Arrogance is often mistaken for his confidence, but everything about him is genuine, including that bourbon soaked charm. With a burning determination buried down into the bone he carries his head high with his shoulders back and a consistent cheshire smirk on his lips.

Chaotic Neutral: Having lived a long life, it's no surprise to Apollo that he's gone from one end of the spectrum to the other. Survival makes everyone do things they'd rather not. Only in the last decade or two has he transitioned to a more welcoming sort of character. His fued with his eldest brother drives him to do things he'd rather not speak of. The traits however are there. Obsessions can get out of hand. Being heavy handed has it's perks. Selfish gains are driven by selfish motives and fulfilled by selfish actions. Deceit can be second nature.  Different times call for different measures and he isn't afraid to go there if he has to. 


"Careful where you step, Sweetheart. Not all that lurks in the night hides in shadows. Some Monsters are made of Sunshine & Gold, smiling at you from across the street in broad Daylight."  
Blood relatives

Family is a forgein concept to him. The word is thrown around enough times that he understands that 'family' is supposed to the people you are directly related to. Nature predetermines that the womb you came from and the seed that bore you are your parents. Any other poor soul lucky enough to share the same womb is a sibling. By maternal and paternal instincts as well as nature's defined laws, this family is "supposed" to care about you. 

It's all a crock of shit. 

Maybe in some families this is true. He witnesses it often enough among humans that he hopes, for their sake, it is. Yet there's always a dark twist and only time is willing to share what it is. In Apollo's case, he's one of three children. The middle child of a broken family and he's long since been estranged. Viewed once as the Golden Boy, no pun intended, he was on the receving end of an abusive relationship with his older brother, worshipped by his mother, and  showered with 'tough love'  and strange dissecting behavior by his father. He wasn't able to make sense of the dynamics until he was in the first century of young, twisted life. Quickly Apollonius silqouied himself, learning when to walk on egg shells and when to go bat shit crazy. It wasn't until she came along that his perception changed.

After her soundless birth and the three day ritual that took place, Apollonius snuck into her room in the middle of the day. The slumbering house didn't know any better. He propped himself up on the bed beside her, those wide doe eyes looking at him and her little hands reaching out to his face. She cooed at him and that's when he forever became wrapped around her little finger.


Sianoa Grimm (Mother) and Ragnvald Grimm (Father)  unknown status (NPC)

Apollonius, while in the beginning was on good terms with his parents, now harbors a deep sedated hatred for his father. Somewhere in his heart, he's been able to grant his mother forgiveness. They used, abused, and took advantage of him for his talents.The hatred stems from turning the siblings against each other. 


Demitrius "Demitri" Grimm (Older Brother) - unknown status (NPC)

Convinced by his parents that his brother attacked him out of an innate hatred and disgust for what/who Apollo was; Apollo has spent his entire life in retaliation for it. Apollonius swore he would be faster, stronger, and better than Demitri so that one day he would finally be the monster Grimm wanted him to be. Unbeknownst to anyone, his relationship with his eldest brother shaped the values he lives by now.



 This little hellion is a storm of chaos at the heels of their enemies. As frigid as her powers are and she attempts to be, Apollo is one of the few who sees her 'soft' side. She is someone he always wishes to protect. This is the only one who he never felt abandoned him in his family. They are a strange pair. Best friends. Wing-man/Wing-woman and all. Onlookers may mistake them for lovers, especially with how much they tease each other, but their opinions are far from the truth.

Shameless Flirt
Interests (x0)
Non-committal but not impossible for more. 


A long hallway painted in black stretched on for what felt like miles. You've already crossed through that rackety door from the alleyway. A strange place for the entrance to any place of business. The hallway smelt of fresh paint and primer. Makes sense since the walls caught the light as you walk by. The paint was still drying. The nearer you came to the room at the end the better you heard them: Young monsters talking of things that should never be.

"Have ya ever been in love, Apollonius?" A female's southern accent filled the air. Quieter than it normally did but that's due to the expansiveness of the room they were in. Massive and more like a warehouse main floor than the back-end of a building's first floor.

"Love?" A confused but pleased voice responded. For a moment, silence settled between them. Why ask a question like that?

"Yes, love. Idiot. You know when-"

"I know what love is , Rosewillow."A breathless sigh slipped past his lips. "No, I've never been in love. "

"Have you ever wanted to be in love?"


"Why not?"

"Because love gets in the way."

"In the way of?" A playful growl rumbled in his chest. Apollonius rolled from his back onto his side. One arm propped up his head while the other reached out to touch her cotton candy colored hair. That crazy long mane of hers laid sprawled out beneath her head. Stark contrast to the grey floors and her fair flesh. It's a rare moment for these two. They are the only ones to see this side of each other. Carefree, innocent, and blissful. The time when hopes and dreams have yet to be retaliated by reality.

"Of doing what's necessary."

"Necessary is a blurred line, Apollonius. You know that."

"I do and my resolve remains the same."

"Will you ever fall in love?"

"God, I hope not." A fond smile pulled at his lips and softened those glacial eyes. There was a romantic hidden behind his layers.

"Why?" Rosewillow turned her head to meet his. Faces mere inches away. Green eyes, the kind cut from emeralds in a swirling green jungle, peered up at him.

"Because it means I would be a sap. And what good would I be then?"

Few people enter into Apollo's life that he is willing to trust or hold dear. Beyond his sister and those loyal to him that make up his crew, there are only a select few he would even consider friends. There are even fewer that he would admit were or are lovers.  A deep rooted fear keeps Apollonius from admitting to anyone that he cares for them. The only ones who will know are the ones on the receiving end of it. He puts on a good face for his enemies that he keeps everyone at arms length. But in all reality everyone, including those he recruits for his cause he cares for deeply. Like any battle though, there are casulties in war. Beneath that movie star appearance or attitude, is a loyal, protective, and honorable friend/lover.



After they interfered with each other's hunt, Apollo invited the Hunter along for an adventure. He has Rogues to kill and she is a Hunter. Their relationship is mutually beneficial. At first, he did it out of curiosity: he wanted to know more about how the Fun Sized Smurf ticked. They bantered in a way he didn't with others and it was bound to become an obsession. She keeps him on his toes and he knows he does the same for her. He invited her into a world she knows nothing about: His world.  Will she come to regret it or love it?

Part 1

Q-tip: "What do you know, the Smurf has a sense of humor..."

Twinkle Toes: "Am no' a fuckin' Smurf, ya bollix dit."

Q-tip: "Fine. No Smurf. You don't seem as mischievous as them anyways and that wouldn't be any fun. Twinkle work better?"

Twinkle Toes: "Am warse than a Smurf could ever be."

Part 2

Q-Tip: “Sure you aren’t a Smurf? You sure are playful enough to be one. Fun sized, too.”

Twinkle Toes: "Ya want yer dick 'fun sized' too? Am sure I could take off a few inches perfectly fine."



This precious little vessel first crossed Apollo's path in a bar. With a sweet promise and cheers to the next "bite" Apollo promised to cross Omega's path again. Omega doubted the toast would ever come true. Never doubt the Elder. For in his promise, Nikolas walked straight into trouble. Dabbling in his own curiosity he neared death three times in one night. First at the hand of Ricky, and twice by the equally as sarcastic Helena. Hence Nikki boy's nickname, Smartass. In his own mischief, Apollonius rescued the mortal from his companions and whisked him away for a healing drink. Apart they are completely different. Together they are smooth little criminals. Breaking and Entering may just become a habit...

Part 1

Apollo: "Come on, we'll go around back." 

Nik: "Serious, are you really...?"

Apollo: **pulls hard on the door handle of a bar to snap the lock after hours**

Nik: ...

Apollo: "Oops. I'll send them a check for it later."

Nik: "You've gotta be kidding me."

***silence as the two of them become criminals***

Every leader has his followers. The best teams can sometimes be the ones unintentionally formed. Surprise! Through the years, Apollo collected his fair share of enemies. Apparently, he collected his fair share of allies as well. The motley crew he has surrounded himself with are the ones he calls family. More than his own flesh and blood. While his recruits are critical to The Cause none of them share the same place on the chess board.

Each with their own selfish motivations, his band of misfits chose to follow him into uncharted territories. One of them called him a "mad man"  for thinking he could change the order of things. Yet, here they all are. Apollo entrusts his life to each of them. They've shared bloodshed, tears, lows and highs, and celebrations together. They serve a unique purpose on the team. Each run a special aspect of the daily operations while simulataneously plotting the end of the on-going war. Blood makes you related. But Loyalty, makes you family. This is his true family.  

Characters listed below are NPCs. They often show up in the story with an active role to play and help move things along. If Apollo isn't your cup of tea, these characters may also be played separately. Choose your adventure. 

"Rip" "The Spy/Ghost" - Unknown

Not much is known about their resident spy aka Ghost. Apollo has known him for as long as he can remember and he still doesn't know the man's abilities, species, or even his real name. Ripley is loyal and acts without hesitation. Often a step ahead of the Elder. Apollo owes Ripley for saving his life. Multiple times. In the centuries that Ripley has come in and out of Apollo's life, he's said few word (most assume he's mute), changed appearances often, and altered his personalitiy more. Believed alignment is true neutral. True alignment, unknown.   

"Rose" "The Informant/Voodoo Princess" - Voodoo Priestess

They met in New Orleans. She was your resident voodoo witch, a descendant of Marie Laveau herself and running a shop known as The Black Cat. He stumbled across her path and because of his past dealings with witches decided that she was the one he wanted to befriend. Rose is his business partner.  Provocative, expressive, and quick-witted. Her alignment is Chaotic Neutral with Chaotic Evil tendenancies. It's hard to turn a woman of her caliber from her wicked ways. She may be on the 'side' of good, but the lines are always blurred. Don't be confused, she's always out to get her way. 

                                      "Hel" "The Cleaner" - Wendigo

Their story and how they crossed paths isn't a story often whispered. All anyone knows is that somewhere along the way, Apollo did something for Helena. Ever since, she has been in his debt. While their story began centuries before Apollo ever met Rosewillow, Helena didn't join the motley crew until a few years after everything began. He summoned her and she came. Alignment is chaotic good. She's brash, easily tempered with Ricky, enjoys taunting others, and sarcastic. But she always acts within her limits. "Take a walk on the wild side, kid" is her motto.

"Ricky" "The Tracker/Enforcer"- Turned Vampire

Country boy turned into a military grunt. Cedric would never say this was the best time of his life. While deployed he attempted suicide. In the midst of a war torn land and on the brink of death that his sire came along. She likes to believe she "saved him." In truth, she only brought him from one hell to another. Newly turned and not at all in his right mind for how he could control himself, Apollo gave him a way. He doesn't believe in the cause but he's more loyal to Apollo. He's lawfully good, cocky firecracker, and always wearing his heart on his sleeve.


Codes from: Coders Unite
FC for Rosewillow: Kelly Eden
FC for Ricky: Benjamin Eidem
FC for Helena: Fishball Suicide
FC for Apollo: Lucky Blue Smith
Anything Swan related is part of an on-going joke.
Feel free to ask if you want to start being a part of it.
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  • “Thanks,” Nik answered while he still had time, leaning most of his weight into the wall before he departed back into the subway station.

    Falling into his seat, he was bound to remain up until the phone was destined to ring. Time passed slowly while his mind told him it would be instant, flicking a gaze to his phone on occasions that were often just a couple of minutes in between. No texts. No calls. He watched the time tick down as such until he finally forced himself to leave it be. Once more his eyes closed from time to time, up until he felt his phone vibrate and held it up promptly. The response on the phone came out just as quick, his response not even formulated before the call ended not long after the instructions. Nikolas blinked. Without further delay, the object was shoved into his back pocket and back up the stairs he went.

    Another minute or so would pass. Knowing the car was just around the corner, Nik took a breath. His eyes cast to the shadows that now took over far more of the streets, humming with a malignant energy he could feel under his skin. Could Apollo? Who knew. Delaying just a second longer, he stepped out from underneath the light in the stairway and made his way up onto the ground level. The Vessel’s silhouette would appear as such as he strode toward the car pinpointed. His footsteps carried him from the stairs to the nearest light pole’s base; hardly a direct route but it was a deliberate one.

    The hair on the back of his neck rose as he walked, eyes set on the Cadillac that was parked as promised. Behind the man, the shadows closer to the subway entry were ebbing… moving and shifting, as if they breathed with their own life. The abnormality followed after Nik’s footsteps from afar as if delayed. Holding his breath, the door handle was pulled open on the passenger side when he reached it- the car’s interior lit up at the act and the shadows behind him seemed to suddenly fall still.

    The door shut behind him as Nikolas took a seat and visible sank into a relieved position. His heart seemed to pound heavy in his chest even if the walk had been a mere twenty feet from start to finish. After taking a several-second glance out the window his head turned toward the interior of the car. Regularly light blue hues were dark-rimmed along their interior. “Long time no see…” Nik mumbled sheepishly toward his impromptu driver, a smile subtle at the corners of his mouth.

  • Holly could not comprehend why he would choose it. She hummed thoughtfully to herself then looked questioningly to Apollo with a tilted head. "Was he adopted an' changed his name?" It was the only better thought that she had to it. Yet it could be wrong. It was likely better that she didn't know the truth, one that Apollo likely told her a lie of to anyway. She would have to brush it off. His friends were not her business. 

    "There are always stories to be told of it." Holly corrected gingerly in a soft tone. She didn't want to seem like she was defying him. But it was a human standpoint of what she was thinking on. "It might not wane, but it could go extinct, too. Like the dinosaurs, or the cavemen. Just because it's gone doesn't mean it was forgotten. Same could be said fer magic too." It was the only logical excuse she could come up with. Then she became startled when he all but called her out. Her eyes widened, then she looked away and tightened her lips. "I-If there was magic, there might be different saurces of gettin' food, or powerin' things, er protections. Even more, people that might have magic that could protect themselves and others. S-Sure, there could be those who use it for harm as well, but I would hope that they would do better by it."

    The light seemed to die in her eyes just a little to hear that. She heaved a gentle sigh, then tucked a stray firey hair behind her ear. "I see." Magic was just a myth then. "If there were such a thing as magic, what would ye wish fer yerself? Me? I would wish to get away. New land, different people. Mare oppertunities. A different life." A different father, less beatings, him dead... His friend wasn't the only one that was all too dark. She had her times too. Times where shew ould wish more than anything to change her course of living.


  • Holly produced the smallest of snorts to that. She liked to think herself the person to not hate on people. But Baby blue had started that when she began to pick on Holly herself. Holly always was to her own and never attempted to branch out or try to draw attention to herself. So when he says that. She wanted to say that he would be disappointed, that she was nothing special but a jumpy girl with a bad past. She didn't, and wouldn't. He had no reason to feel pity for her because of it.

    "Aye, fine. No stalkers oot of us then." Because maybe that's what he told his friend too. Not that she thought he would. Or maybe he did when his friend asked who the redhead chick was. Oh well.

    "That's the better way to do it, I suppose." Holly agreed. She found it odd the school would allow or fund that sort of group. While people were not scared of the idea of witches in Ireland, they certainly were not the full topic either. She had no reason or ability to question it, however. She should only be happy that such a thing existed. One that she could dream about being a part of. 

    She tilted her head wonderously to his explanation of who his friend was. "Ripley? Queer name." Then again, this man's name was Apollonius after all. It shouldn't seem like such a weird name after all. "Er, maybe it isn't." She didn't want to upset him, he seemed to have brushed it off though when he went for the chair and table there. Her lips tightened a bit. She could see what he was doing. Yet a conversation with him was not at all unpleasant. She decided she would shoot and hang around for a bit if not as entertainment, then to not seem like such a Debbie Downer.

    Thus, she would follow him. Her things were set down on the table book, shoulder bag, coffee, then herself in the seat that she slid into. A phantom of a smile twitched at her freckled lips, his disgust to the girl was amusing. Holly was not a sort to feel pride, yet in that, she could not help but to. "Not yer type." Holly agreed, she did well not to ask what was. He could keep his secrets.

    The foolish comment made her look up to him, her eyebrows pulling together, then the creased out as she continued by watching him speak. She looked down briskly towards her book when it was mentioned. Her lips tightened just a hint, then she lowered her hazel eyes, only to bring them back up to him as she began to speak, "am not, no. But, the concept of magic. Aye, I believe that these women practiced the lifestyle, lived through it, an' suffered because of it too. Am sure, maybe some, er maybe back then there might have been somethin'." She seemed almost sad to think that there wasn't any. "Maybe if there were any, the world might be a safer place? Just maybe."

    Covering her seldom mood quickly with a drink, she brought up her mood once more than cleared her throat. "So, are there any wee witches in yer group? Some showin' magical talent?

  • It was nice to smile again, and to feel happy in a safe place where Holly didn't need to feel like just enjoying herself would cause for trouble with her father. May that be with him? And her sneaking up on him? As childish as it might seem it fulfilled her a little inside. Hopefully, it would not completely change his views on her, thinking that she might be some girl who enjoyed the thrill of jumping out of places just to scare. 

    Or maybe he already did and that was just putting the nail in the coffin, securing that she as a weirdo? Uck, now she'd done it. 

    Back to her uneasy state.  

    Holly grew nervous once more, trembling a little when he leaned in or freezing when he pointed his finger for her chest. She looked down to the tip of it, then back up to him. She cleared her throat. "A-Am jus' curious, that's all. Why noo think of it as great minds think alike, aye? Makes it less spooky. What if I meant te come back here anyway? Yer the one teachin' a whole murder of wanna-be coven witches, no me." Right, try and turn it around on him. She even pulled back her shoulders, attempting to make herself seem more defiant about it. 

    That stage of hers fell the second he called out her lip. She could taste the coppery iron taste of her blood. Licking it away she shook her head. "Aye, I knoo' thaa'. Am no' a wee lamb. Tha's just what I get fer smilin', me lips break. Best I don't in the future.  An' I have me chapstick, we both knoo' 70% of me water is coffee. So that counts."

    He then went on about the book, her eyes inevitably drawn to the cover of it, attempting to get a look of it when he held it up. She then breathed a light laugh. "One time," Holly teased, "an' now ye got the teacher watchin' ye each time. Maybe you should arrive on time next, aye? Maybe don' be snoggin' with yer dark dressed Grease-lookin' bou fer so long next time." Ah, fighting words right there.

    She shifted on her feet, hugging the book closer to her sloped chest and the coffee mug in her other, she took a ginger sip of it, looking at him over the rim of her cup while he put the book away. She pulled it down, cleaned her lip, then replied with a shrug, exposing the book in her hand. "Just a book. Maybe one attemptin' te figure oot why oot of all the men she gets her claws in why ye ain't one of em. Ye both would make perfect lil milky haired babes. Blue eyes, an' with yer silvery locks, ah, would e a wee babe stealin' the hearts of many." A breathy laugh, then a sigh, she brought the book back to her. "I like diaries. This be one of a witch from the American Salem Witch Trials. Explainin' how she had te'hide herself." She gave a cocky half smile. "No convertin' fer me, sadly. No' that magic is any real at all, anyway." Because if it was, she would save herself from the hell of her father once and for all.

    "What id it yer lookin' for, then if no' to convert em?"

  • The statement earned a smile on the other end of the phone, a quiet huff of a noise in acknowledgment heard. “Yeah… I wouldn’t say you’re wrong.” He responded with some amusement, eyeing the toes of his sneakers all the while. The major difference? Who truly needed sleep and who didn’t.

    He didn’t bother pointing out the matter as he made his plea instead. The words were struggled out as if he didn’t take much pride in saying them… it didn’t matter. Silence hung on the call as he waited for the response. It was either relief from the issues the night had brought forth or relief from burdening the other. Nik took a breath when Apollo answered rather promptly, perking up where he stood, staring straight forward as he now focused on the call before his surroundings.

    “The Grand Ave station... I could meet you on the corner of 54th and Queens.” Nikolas answered after a brief look around. “The stairs are just around the corner from it. If you’re busy, take your time, seriously.” His last words left his tongue with a bitter tasting irony on his end of the phone. He had all night if he wanted to... he didn’t want to.

    “Really?” Surprise rang out in the Vessel’s voice at the promptness. The second statement fortified it, easing him back into his normal semi- slumped posture while he carried on the conversation. “Call when you’re close and I can head out and meet you… after this I’ll owe you a drink or something. I swear.” Nikolas stated.

    What had the kid hiding in the subway system so late at night? Who knew. It was certainly getting cold enough to make one not want to stand in the open air. For now, once their deal had been arranged he headed back into the depths of the subway, adamant on the caffeine he’d sought out before finding the man’s business card.

    “I’ll see you then,” Nikolas stated before eventually the call was to come to an end. He took a seat in wait once more, tilting his head back against the wall as he watched another subway train pass in the meanwhile.

  • The sounds carried on to a volume Nik couldn’t quite gather details from. Something caused the hair on the back of his neck to raise all the same… possibly a demon with a slightly better sense of attention. Who knew. When an answer was chimed back, it came with some relief on the kid’s part. Hearing the phrase, he cracked a tired grin. Listlessly, Nikolas stood from his seat and started walking down the subway corridor. He couldn’t bring himself to carry on a phone call without pacing of some sort.

    “Hey. I know it’s been a while… Sorry it’s late.” He murmured. All apologies aside, a sense of enthusiasm over getting an answer was apparent. Again. Relief. Did vampires sleep? Well, he sure as hell knew they could be unconscious. The thought was soon to be shaken out of his head and he carried on with his question, to the point.

    Awesome. So he was there. One car show away in time, the event now seemed like forever in his books; he had never stumbled on Apollo so easily again.

    What can I do for you? Something tightened in Nik’s chest, the words caught in his throat as he looked down to the concrete below his feet. He shouldn’t have called. He shouldn’t have gotten to that point in the first place. Maybe he could handle it, yet…

    Fuck it. He needed an adult, here. Unless he decided to take up sleeping in the subway system, he wasn’t getting out of this one alone. His pacing brought him to the stairway now, which lead up and out into the city’s crisp night air. He stood back from the opening, opting for going no further than the first light that illuminated the short stairway down. Studying the shadows present up above on the city’s ‘ground’ level, he trusted their forms none as if they were to jump out and bite... Metaphors aside, that was exactly how the Vessel’s night had started.

    “I… was wondering if I could get a ride somewhere.” Nik finally spat out after another ounce of hesitation. His hand raised to rub his face. “I mean- if you’re busy don’t worry about it.”

  • Holly's smell was the heady sweetness of cinnamon. The scents of autumn were always her favorite. It didn't matter the time of year, here now it was slowly inching out of spring and into summer. She still smelled of the sweeter spicy scents. Just like her attitude was. It could easily go from sweet to a bit stinging in a second. Some might take it as her ginger attitude. She explained it to be herself.

    Like the her that she didn't even know up until the moments of her now. A girl who was sneaking up on a boy that she had yelled at, punched in the throat and avoided like he was bad breath so that he didn't utter a word to her about a club that she would never be able to go to as much as she wished. Was what she was doing wrong? Should she have stopped and stopped leading him on to think that she was some caring girl that enjoyed games and companionship? The thing was though she didn't want to stop. She liked to feel like a real person with real depth for once.

    Her eyes lit with pure premature amusement when he curved away from her finger like it were on fire. Giddy on her own fumes for some reason or other. Perhaps the coffee had something to do with it. She was as tired as a rock, after all, yet here she was making fun with it.

    Pearly white teeth were shown under a smile that she pulled. It reached her eyes to the degree that two dimples showed on either side of her cheeks. It avered only a little, her eyes gowning wider when he leaned in closer. Too close, she wasn't used to that once more. She instinctively bit her lip only to regret it a second later when it stung. She had split it once more. The pink tip of her tongue stroked over the cut, checking that it wasn't all too deep.

    "Y-yeah. Well, I was here farst." She told him matter-a-factually with a little shake of her shoulders as she brought them up higher and her back became straight as though to match his height. She didn't even make it close. She was tall compared it Irish girls at only 5'5ft. Yet nothing on him. She rolled her eyes, the sun could catch them both at the right angle. Startling blue to her warm golden flecked green ones.

    "Just b'cause am quiet? Am sorry tha'am no' gettin' caught sneakin' into class, aye?" Innocently she looked him up and down. "Unlike some." Her smile came down to the content line it often was in. She snatched up her coffee and took a long drink as she looked around the aisle and at the titles of the books on the shelves. When she pulled the cup away she once more ran the wet muscle of her tongue over it to clean any of the coffee. "Yer here fer yer club, mm? Lookin' fer more ways t'convert em?"

  • Oh, there are plenty of places. She’s one of those nightly creatures that prefers the after dark hours of the city; when the lights shine their brightest or when the stars are visible from the top of a lookout point. She enjoys scenery, has never been to a festival, adores curling up in a nook with a book and a great cup of coffee. Great care is taken when she spends her time getting lost in national and recreational parks - places she can run about freely.

    At work, she’s nothing but professional. There is no sleaziness, no desire to put her hand up for a night with someone who pays for her company. As tempting as the money is, company sought after by throwing the green around like it’s nothing doesn’t appeal to her better nature whatsoever. If he really wants to stumble across her, then he would most likely run into her somewhere in a city, in one of those late night cafes or the older style diners with that Rockabilly feel. Something with booths and a jukebox or someplace for live music.

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