"The List" event

Team name: The Triad
Team members (profiles linked on their names): Raiya, Spencer, Novak


Which character will...

  • Throw the first punch




  • Steal all the bath bombs

    New section in Omnia just dropped: self care.
    The store worker was probably very rude. Bless the gods for Novak’s trench coat



  • Get trampled by the crowd

    Not Spencer. *ghost noises*
    The team can handle war beasts, what’s a few hordes of teenagers and Karens?



  • Purposely tip over someone else's cart
    A well-stocked cart rounds the corner at alarming speed and rams into the Trio. The elves, as polite as they can be, chose to apologize and allow the cart to pass even though they were not the ones at fault.
    They hear the cart master grumble profane unmentionables under their breath as they continue on their way.


  • Accidentally tip over someone else's cart
    Spencer didn't phase in time.12330396085?profile=RESIZE_400x


  • Runs over a child

    Novak is tall, ok



  • Get into a fight with their own team member

    Raiya, with that first punch12330396884?profile=RESIZE_584x


  • Gets in line to sit on Santa's lap

    Spencer. He is very, very lost. He thought it was a wise old wizard he met when traveling through Greenland.
    Unfortunately this wizard knows nothing about magic books or dead languages.



  • Climb the shelves to get an item off the top shelf


    “Just let us help yo-”




  • Has to help the character above get items off the top shelf

    Novak or Spencer. She’s probably climbing over them rather than getting a boost



  • Hijacks the intercom & makes a fake announcement

    Novak: “It's alright, I really don't want to be a bother–”

    Raiya, already on the intercom: “Hi yeah, we have a question.”



  • Waits in the car

    Novak. Gets angry that all the trees in the store are fake



  • Be the extreme couponer at the checkout

    Spencer, being the historian. He also has ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD.
    (Some of these coupons are from the 60’s)



  • Pay with a jar of coins

    Novak. He’d pull it from one of his magic coat pockets.
    It’s their last option, and the cashier is tired enough to let the mix of Greek coins, gold pieces, and sewing buttons pass. 


  • Be the first to get fired if they worked at the store

    Raiya. Commercial customer service generally isn’t a skill Dragon Riders need



  • Pepper sprays someone

    Raiya, at the checkout



  • Who shoplifts?




  • Who starts playing Marco Polo

    Raiya and Novak to hunt down Spencer. He got startled in the electronics section and skittered off.



  • Camps out at the store before opening time

    All three, but in true camping fashion.
    There’s a cooking fire made out of things they found.
    One of them caught a squirrel to cook.
    The other shoppers are getting concerned.
    But hey- only two hours to go!



  • Most likely to shop in an inflatable T-Rex costume



  • Most likely to be the streaker

    Novak. He was trying on clothes in the dressing room and forgot something out in his cart.
    Raiya and Spencer: “We could have just handed it to you!” 


  • Goes to the 20-item or less line with two carts full of items

    Raiya (Not Novak, he’s stealing.)


  • Steals CDs/discs/games and leaves the empty boxes on the shelf


  • Get to checkout only to realize they HAVE to run back and get one more thing


  • Which character just needed groceries?


  • Who forgets their wallet?

    Raiya has a wallet, but forgot it.
    Novak keeps trying to hand the self-checkout machine Greek coins
    Spencer: “You don’t need a wallet when you can pass through walls.”


  • Which character gets lost and ends up in the backrooms?

    Spencer, after accidentally phasing through a dressing room wall. It’s been a long game of Marco-Polo.


  • Which member has the closest Karen haircut?

    A group of Karens is called a “Complaint”



  • Which member has the most Karen personality

    None of them initially. Try grumbling rude things under your breath and see what happens, though.

    They’re all Karens by the end.


  • Who's idea was it to go shopping to begin with?
    Raiya, for the aforementioned groceries. She was oblivious to the chaos that would await them


  • Who actually finished the shopping list?

    “We had a list..?”
    Raiya: “Groceries-”
    In unison: “Ohhh yeah,”

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