Twas the month before Christmas

And the shopping list is long

You go to the store

And hate to hear that song.

While you knew you could have gotten them sooner

Your laziness prevailed

For now, you must enter The Store

And complete your shopping list Hell....




Do you like Christmas shopping? Yes? No? Wrong answers only!

Our treat here today is to a jolly little list of "What Character Will"!

Something new, something fun, I know I know you're all very excited.

The rules are simple, just fill the list out! Be it with your own characters, or you group with other people and throw all

your characters into a trip for that last-minute Christmas shopping!

When you're done, be sure to tag TheList (as seen below) so that it can be easily linked to the event!

Copy/paste the following into your blog, and write your answers there:

Team name:
Team members:

As it should be... the last day to have the list finished is December 24th.

So everyone, have fun, be merry, and happy holidays.

Now go have some fun!


Here's the list!

Which character will...

β€’ Throw the first punch

β€’ Steal all the bath bombs

β€’ Get trampled by the crowd

β€’ Purposely tip over someone else's cart

β€’ Accidentally tip over someone else's cart

β€’ Runs over a child

β€’ Get into a fight with their own team member

β€’ Gets in line to sit on Santa's lap

β€’ Climb the shelves to get an item off the top shelf

β€’ Has to help the character above get items off the top shelf

β€’ Hijacks the intercom & makes a fake announcement

β€’ Waits in the car

β€’ Be the extreme couponer at the checkout

β€’ Pay with a jar of coins

β€’ Be the first to get fired if they worked at the store

β€’ Pepper sprays someone

β€’ Who shoplifts?

β€’ Who starts playing Marco Polo

β€’ Camps out at the store before opening time

β€’ Most likely to shop in an inflatable T-Rex costume

β€’ Most likely to be the streaker

β€’ Goes to the 20-item or less line with two carts full of items

β€’ Steals CDs/discs/games and leaves the empty boxes on the shelf

β€’ Get to checkout only to realize they HAVE to run back and get one more thing

β€’ Which character just needed groceries?

β€’ Who forgets their wallet?

β€’ Which character gets lost and ends up in the backrooms?

β€’ Which member has the closest Karen haircut?

β€’ Which member has the most Karen personality

β€’ Who's idea was it to go shopping to begin with?

β€’ Who actually finished the shopping list?


Further rules/disclaimers:Β 

How to play:

Pick 2 or more characters to form a Team. You can either collaborate with other writers or just list your own OCs.

List the name of the character (or characters) on your team that would fit with the individual prompts below. Feel free to add explanations to your answers!

Follow the rules and prompts below:

β€’ One blog per team

β€’ If you are collaborating with other writers, link their profiles to their character names in the "Team Members" section.

β€’ If a character on a team does not have a profile, you can either link the main profile of the one who writes that character or just leave it without a link.

β€’ TAG YOUR BLOG with TheList

β€’ Your character can be a part of as many "teams" as you want! There is no limit to that. Just as long as the "One blog per team" rule is followed.

Have fun! Go crazy! Throw your characters in a team with their best friends, characters they have never met, or their worst enemies.

This event is not meant to be taken seriously, so have fun with it.

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