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We'll be your Keepers of: Unhindered Gossip, Nuggets of Knowledge in the World of Realms, the adventurous Tales of the Realms Patrons at the Sanctum Cafe, and any other tidbits we deem appropriate.

We'll tell the facts that need to be told while also sprinkling our works with irony, humor, and useless information, only on occasions. 

Other people  subjects you are likely to find in the spotlight of our  works: 

Mr. Barkley Flappers 3rd - The admired Patron of The Weekly Swantinel

Mister Swan/Swan Murderer aka. Apollonius Grimm - The creator, murderer and Sire of Mr. Flappers. 

The secrets and lives of those Mr. Swan or Mr. Flapper encounters, we may or may not follow him and spy on him on a regular basis. - The source of all our gossip.Those people or subjects our informants deem fit to tell us about. 

Swan Night Live (SNL) - Under Construction 

The Weekly Swantinel -  Our widely read paper. Articles are specialized based upon topics and events within Realms. While some may be made more in jest others will in fact include important announcements, live updates, and adventurous tales for our Swans.  

The Swans - These fabulous creatures are the avid supporters, followers, and readers of the Swan Network. We hold them to the highest esteem. 

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