The List event - Team Gandalf, Bird and Fox


"The List" event


Team name: The Gandalf, The Bird and the Fox
Team members (profiles linked on their names): Robin Harker, David Sullivan, Synova Mortifera

Which character will...

• Throw the first punch
Synova. He prefers to avoid physical altercations, but David and Robin are also fairly non-confrontational. If other shoppers are “bullying” those two, Synova may be the first to get fed up and throw the first hit.


• Steal all the bath bombs


• Get trampled by the crowd
David. He’d be the one to trip and fall in a crowd


• Purposely tip over someone else's cart
Synova. If Robin is fed up by the end of the shopping trip, then he will. (“He will be petty as fuck.” - Robin’s writer)


• Accidentally tip over someone else's cart


• Runs over a child
None of them will intentionally do it, but Robin won’t feel bad if he accidentally hits a kid with his cart if he’s pissed off


• Get into a fight with their own team member
Robin, if Synova is trying his patience


• Gets in line to sit on Santa's lap
David: “How hot is the santa?”
Robin: ‘Respectfully’ eyeing Santa if he is, indeed, hot


• Climb the shelves to get an item off the top shelf


• Has to help the character above get items off the top shelf


• Hijacks the intercom & makes a fake announcement

• Waits in the car
None of the above. They’re not scared of a little bit of chaos


• Be the extreme couponer at the checkout
None, they don’t need coupons


• Pay with a jar of coins
Synova. The coins were all found in multiple couches, probably yours included.


• Be the first to get fired if they worked at the store
None. David doesn’t mind working, Robin is dedicated to tasks he is assigned to (hypothetically,) and Synova would try to one-up all the other employees


• Pepper sprays someone
David. He’s not going to randomly pepper spray someone. However, if worse comes to worse, David is prepared.
If Robin is pissed off and fed up by the end of the shopping trip, his gremlin mode will activate, and he WILL start randomly pepper spraying people. Both David and Synova will be trying to wrestle it out of his hands.


• Who shoplifts?
(“Is that even a question?” - David’s writer)


• Who starts playing Marco Polo
None of the above. They don’t know who Marco Polo is, or why he’s important.


• Camps out at the store before opening time
None of them. Camping? Ew.


• Most likely to shop in an inflatable T-Rex costume
None of them


• Most likely to be the streaker
Synova. Foxes don’t need clothes (8


• Goes to the 20-item or less line with two carts full of items


• Steals CDs/discs/games and leaves the empty boxes on the shelf
Synova. He’d most likely just scramble the discs and put them in the wrong boxes over stealing


• Get to checkout only to realize they HAVE to run back and get one more thing


• Which character just needed groceries?
David. He’s the only one that actually needs to eat out of these three.


• Who forgets their wallet?
None. They’re all fairly diligent about not forgetting things like that.


• Which character gets lost and ends up in the backrooms?
David. (“Bitch ends up in all kinds of places.” - Robin’s writer)


• Which member has the closest Karen haircut?
Robin (But don’t tell him that.)


• Which member has the most Karen personality
None of them. That behavior is discouraged by Old-Timey standards as far as Robin and David are concerned, and while Synova may be difficult in a humorous manner on occasion, but it is more petty than aggressive or hostile.


• Who's idea was it to go shopping to begin with?
David needed food, Synova suggested they go shopping, and Robin is tagging along as the watchdog.


• Who actually finished the shopping list?
Robin, he does not like leaving tasks unfinished. David would probably not finish his list, and Synova did not need anything.




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