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✴Vasharti "Vash"✴



✴Savior of the Stars✴

✴King of  Cosmos✴ 




    Vasharti hails from a planet that human researchers have named Thet'hea (Thet-Hey -Ah). 

This small planet ranges several Galaxies away from Earth. Once a desolate star, Vasharti's father populated the planet by allowing passage from Earth to Thet'hea. The now bustling planet boasts several types of humanoid species including; Vampires, Lycans, Humans, Hybrids, Shifters, and of course the planet's own species, the Starcallers.  

   Vasharti has recently taken the throne from his second in command, Seren. Vash's father died when he was young. This left a gap between his own succession to the throne. Although Vasharti has many responsibilities on his own planet, he prefers to leave those tasks to Seren and vacation on Earth.

   While all is well now, it had not always. Vasharti is the golden child. Bred from hand-selected genes, Vasharti is the ideal Starcaller. He is the most powerful of his kind, tasked with the mission to restore the Starcaller population from its dwindling numbers. Bred from the seed of the King himself, something sinister has been added to the mix. While everything seems to be flowing nicely at the moment, could unstable genetics lead to the downfall of the Starcaller species?

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Vasharti strongly resembles his father with several recessive traits from his unknown mother. Both he and his father share traits with Middle Eastern bloodlines; as do most natural-born Starcallers(I.e. tanned skin, dark hair, and Arabic clothing choices.). Vash is most commonly recognized as Anu The 'Sky Father' in the middle east, Zvaizdikis in the Baltic States, or the Black-God in Native American lore. It is not disclosed whether he truly is this God or a King all of his own. Vasharti, like all Starcallers, possesses cosmic silver hues. These entrancing eyes not only distinguish this Species from others but also allow the Starcaller population to see cosmic essences and auras. 


Starcaller: A celestial being, with primary control over the Stars. All Starcallers are purebred. Starcaller Genes are recessive meaning if another species is present the Starcaller gene will be killed off leaving the other genes to take over. Half breeds aren't in existence.




Telekinesis:  The ability to move objects with one's mind. This includes telekinetic blasts and waves.

Teleportation: The ability to move from place to place in seconds. Amir, Vash's father created his own version of this which all Starcaller's now use. By folding the particles of space, he is able to travel cleanly, leaving behind no traces, dust, or evidence. Only other Starcaller's can detect him in transit.

Essence Sense: All Starcallers possess this ability. With their hereditary cosmic silver eyes, they can see the dust and other cosmic particles surrounding everything.

Cosmic Creation: The ability to hone his energy into an area to create stars, planets, milky ways, and galaxies.

Materialization: The ability to divide atoms to create more or less of an inanimate object. It's best to keep metallic objects away from him in battle since he thrives off those the most. He must have a core substance to build off in order to create new atoms. 

Draining touch: If enabled Vasharti can drain someone's energy as his own. He's far from a master at this ability and it often takes several hours to regain full health.

Burst: A telekinetic type shield that consumes Vasharti's life energy in order to block virtually any attack. The shield is transparent and can only be identified by small transparent waves that emanate around him. 

Passives: Immunity to Mind Control | Ability to breathe in space | Immunity to Mind Reading.



Battle Styles: Starcallers are a Caster-Type species. Mostly using magical abilities leaves Vash and all others of his species more vulnerable to physical attacks; which is why he's is a strong supporter of both servants and slaves to assist.

Sleep-Lack: Vasharti needs sleep, unlike most supernaturals. It replenishes his energy and gives him a break from maintaining the stars. Some say this is why stars only come out on certain nights. 

Sheer Darkness & Pure Holy Light: Exposure to Holy light and Sheer darkness weaken him. He takes more damage from these elements than any other. If Vash is cast into either of the two, it will obscure his vision to zero. This weakness is a double-edged sword considering both elements are also weak against Cosmic energy such as his own. 

Burst: This is one of Vasharti's abilities that keeps him safe from virtually anything that is thrown at him. However, when the telekinetic shield around him takes damage, the pain is still felt in his body. His mind takes the majority of the damage which allows his body to stay healthy. This can send Vash into insanity or if damaged enough cause him to fall unconscious.  




Status: Single (x00 Muses) 

Orientation: Heterosexual | Polygamy

  Vasharti hasn't fallen in love yet. He's been around for several years but cannot grasp the concept of Human love. He has a deep care for his sister, who seemingly wants to keep to herself. Much different from his father, Vash has a protective nature over weaker beings; females in specific. This is believed to have stemmed from the care he has for his sister. While he hasn't pictured himself with a female companion yet, he's not new to the concept of Sexual Attraction or Seduction. Vasharti does own both Servants and Slaves but tends to keep them in his Kingdom in the Stars. For the most part, Vash is very approachable. He doesn't make friends very quickly, but the idea of mutual gain and loyalty aren't out of the question. 


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  • Still very much on edge; Hazel wasn't sure if she believed him when he accepted her lie so easily. It seemed like he actually believed in Witches, and might have known one if he saw them. That was bad news for her, but more and more she was getting the distinct feeling that Vasharti wasn't quite human himself.

    For example, the way he said "humans" when referring to those intuned with nature; it sounded off to her. Why would he word it like that? And if that wasn't strange enough, the direction of conversation was starting to become more and more bizarre.

    "C-Cosmic Essence?" Hazel repeated. This time her ignorance was genuine. She didn't completely understand what he was talking about. Furthermore she herself had no clue why this cosmic essence would be hanging around her. Unless...it was a trait of magic users?

    Then came his next question about channeling the stars. Hazel was trying to determine what Vasharti meant by that while also trying to figure out what he was. It was like trying to remember something and having it on the tip of your tongue. There was something off about him; something she couldn't quite place.

    "Oh, um..." she began, her features hardening in thought. "W-Well, sometimes when I do rituals with my crystals, I try to align it with the different moon phases. But, I'm guessing that's not what you meant. Honestly, sir...I have no clue what you meant by that," she said quite honestly. It wasn't a giveaway to tell him about her crystals. There were lots of normal people who practiced that sort of thing.

  • "Vasharti..." Hazel repeated slowly, making sure that she got it right. As their hands briefly met and then released, Hazel would offer her name as well. "I'm Hazel, Hazel Reid. It's nice to meet you Vasharti. I've never heard that one before," she said, silently wondering which nationality that came from.

    The young Witch was definitely surprised when he gave his next answer. Of all the reasons to be out here, Hazel would have never guessed he was looking for his sibling. "Oh! Your sister? Is she lost in the woods?" she asked; as it was now evident that neither of them had lost their way; but perhaps someone else had.

    Hazel was just about to offer her help in finding her; but Vasharti's next statement caught her completely off guard. People like her? What was he going on about? He couldn't have known what she was. Or did he? And if so, how? The young woman's mind was starting to reel with panic. Her Witch identity was a close-guarded secret; not something she was willing to share with just anyone. Too many people had dismissed her, laughed at her and done worse things when she attempted to reveal this in the past.

    When he finally said the exact word, Hazel froze briefly but tried not to be bothered by it. She was never much good at lying but she would give it her best try. "A...A Witch? What? Don't be silly, those aren't real. I mean, sure....I have a cat, and I live in the woods, but that hardly makes me a Witch, now does it?" she asked with a nervous chuckle. All the while she had the terrible feeling that he could see right through her. For all she knew he could be a Witch hunter trying to smoke her out. He seemed friendly but she had no reason to trust him.

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  • [ It's all good! Take your time! ]

  • ||Well, I like what you've written so far on Vasharti! I'm assuming Casey and Vasharti would meet on Earth while he was on vacation. Casey is currently homeless so she can be anywhere in the United States, either hiding in the woods as an animal or wondering around cities looking for clothing and food. She has a habit for stealing what she needs without any money. She might even try to steal from Vasharti if that's a possibility. Is there anything you're thinking of?||

  • Stroking the cat in her arms, Hazel continued to look at Vasharti inquisitvely. He had such beautiful, silver eyes; nothing like she had ever seen before. There was no way those were his natural irises. He must be wearing contacts, she thought.

    "Oh, good!" she said with a nod of relief. Hazel was glad that he wasn't lost. If someone didn't know their way around here, they could go in circles forever. A part of her was just a little disappointed, as she loved having company and would have liked to have helped this man find his way.

    When the question came back to her, along with the comment about her not being safe; Hazel couldn't help but give out a flighty laugh. "Oh no! I'm not lost at all. I actually live not too far from here. It's good that Shadow didn't wander too far," she said with a small smile as she scratched his ears. The cat looked pleased to be back in his owner's arms, and had seemingly lost interest in the stranger.

    "Oh, and please don't worry about me, it's not so dangerous out here. I know it well, and the animals know me too," she added with a slight chuckle. For now Vasharti might have thought of her as nothing more than a tree-hugging hippie. She was this too, but there was always more beneath the surface.

    "So, um...if you're not lost, what are you doing out here if you don't mind me asking Mr...oh, I don't think I ever got your name?" she asked before extending her free hand for a friendly shake. "I'm Hazel!"

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