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✴Savior of the Stars✴

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    Vasharti hails from a planet that human researchers have named Thet'hea (Thet-Hey -Ah). 

This small planet ranges several Galaxies away from Earth. Once a desolate star, Vasharti's father populated the planet by allowing passage from Earth to Thet'hea. The now bustling planet boasts several types of humanoid species including; Vampires, Lycans, Humans, Hybrids, Shifters, and of course the planet's own species, the Starcallers.  

   Vasharti has recently taken the throne from his second in command, Seren. Vash's father died when he was young. This left a gap between his own succession to the throne. Although Vasharti has many responsibilities on his own planet, he prefers to leave those tasks to Seren and vacation on Earth.

   While all is well now, it had not always. Vasharti is the golden child. Bred from hand-selected genes, Vasharti is the ideal Starcaller. He is the most powerful of his kind, tasked with the mission to restore the Starcaller population from its dwindling numbers. Bred from the seed of the King himself, something sinister has been added to the mix. While everything seems to be flowing nicely at the moment, could unstable genetics lead to the downfall of the Starcaller species?

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Vasharti strongly resembles his father with several recessive traits from his unknown mother. Both he and his father share traits with Middle Eastern bloodlines; as do most natural-born Starcallers(I.e. tanned skin, dark hair, and Arabic clothing choices.). Vash is most commonly recognized as Anu The 'Sky Father' in the middle east, Zvaizdikis in the Baltic States, or the Black-God in Native American lore. It is not disclosed whether he truly is this God or a King all of his own. Vasharti, like all Starcallers, possesses cosmic silver hues. These entrancing eyes not only distinguish this Species from others but also allow the Starcaller population to see cosmic essences and auras. 


Starcaller: A celestial being, with primary control over the Stars. All Starcallers are purebred. Starcaller Genes are recessive meaning if another species is present the Starcaller gene will be killed off leaving the other genes to take over. Half breeds aren't in existence.


Telekinesis:  The ability to move objects with one's mind. This includes telekinetic blasts and waves.

Teleportation: The ability to move from place to place in seconds. Amir, Vash's father created his own version of this which all Starcaller's now use. By folding the particles of space, he is able to travel cleanly, leaving behind no traces, dust, or evidence. Only other Starcaller's can detect him in transit.

Essence Sense: All Starcallers possess this ability. With their hereditary cosmic silver eyes, they can see the dust and other cosmic particles surrounding everything.

Cosmic Creation: The ability to hone his energy into an area to create stars, planets, milky ways, and galaxies.

Materialization: The ability to divide atoms to create more or less of an inanimate object. It's best to keep metallic objects away from him in battle since he thrives off those the most. He must have a core substance to build off in order to create new atoms. 

Draining touch: If enabled Vasharti can drain someone's energy as his own. He's far from a master at this ability and it often takes several hours to regain full health.

Burst: A telekinetic type shield that consumes Vasharti's life energy in order to block virtually any attack. The shield is transparent and can only be identified by small waves that emanate around him. This skill is similar to Chronolock yet slightly weaker.

Passives: Immunity to Mind Control | Ability to breathe in space | Immunity to Mind Reading.9614896893?profile=RESIZE_180x180

Battle Styles: Starcallers are a Caster-Type species. Mostly using magical abilities leaves Vash and all others of his species more vulnerable to physical attacks; which is why he's is a strong supporter of both servants and slaves to assist.

Sleep-Lack: Vasharti needs sleep, unlike most supernaturals. It replenishes his energy and gives him a break from maintaining the stars. Some say this is why stars only come out on certain nights. 

Sheer Darkness & Pure Holy Light: Exposure to Holy light and Sheer darkness weaken him. He takes more damage from these elements than any other. If Vash is cast into either of the two, it will obscure his vision to zero. This weakness is a double-edged sword considering both elements are also weak against Cosmic energy such as his own. 

Burst: This is one of Vasharti's abilities that keeps him safe from virtually anything that is thrown at him. However, when the telekinetic shield around him takes damage, the pain is still felt in his body. His mind takes the majority of the damage which allows his body to stay healthy. This can send Vash into insanity or if damaged enough cause him to fall unconscious. 




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  • Owing - Hazel & Maya

  • "Shadow! Shadow where are you!?" came a young woman's voice. She was nearby but not quite close enough to see the stranger yet. The cat continued to stare at Vasharti, almost as though he was mezmorized by him. However, once his owner had called him again he turned his head to see her.

    Hazel Reid burst through the bushes. Her bright lavender hair stood out from the green and brown tones surrounding her. She almost didn't see the stranger at first, she was just so happy to be reunited with her beloved cat. "Shadow! Oh, there you are! I've been worried sick!" she took a couple steps forward, only then did she notice the man standing there.

    "Oh! Hello. You must have found him! Thank you so much! He doesn't usually run off like that. I have no idea why he did it!" Hazel said before bending down and scooping Shadow up in her arms. The cat continued to stare at Vasharti. It was as if it knew that there was something different about him; very different.

    "You stinker! Don't ever scare me like that again!" Hazel scolded before pressing her face into Shadow's fur. She couldn't imagine losing him, and for a moment she thought she had. "Oh," Hazel vocalized, as if suddenly remembering the person that was standing there. "Do you need anything? Are you lost?" she asked; sensing that this man had been looking for something, and it wasn't her cat.

  • [ Awesome! Thank you so much for your flexibility! I look forward to it :) ]

  • Moscow| Russia | 2:54am

    Every click, clack, click, clack of her dark booted heels brought her one step closer into the throng of darkness. A city that never sleeps, yet every predator can always hunt in. Each languid step is a haunting melody among the gyrating bodies and pulsating vibrations of hte music as sshe weaved among the crowd, the buildings, and welcoming pulse of warm bodies and a delicious meal. She felt every vibration in her muscles and rumble in her bones. Compared to the nonexistent leather slicked skin, she drew the darkness to her as she stalked through the crowd. Willowy body covered in slick real leather and a corset that bit into her bony rib cage. Obsidian black hair pushed forward to hang over either bare shoulder. 

    She stalked, waiting for the Witch's Hour to strike 3. For that breathtaking rush when she would be at her most powerful. Another minute ticked by and as she stalked the crowd her vermilion eyes searched the crowd. Staring into blurred gazes and distant faces. Stared into shut eyes and sober thoughts. Every drunk kid that dared brush their arm against hers cringed away from her frigid and lifeless touch. All around her was life and light and laughter. They all gave her a wide birth.

    Rumor had it that one of those white, feathered, birds had grown too bold. It taunted her by touching ground In her temporary city. The very city that with every chance she promised she’d pluck the feathers off one by one until their agonized screams echoed like a musical in the air. And boy wasn’t she going to start with the very one that dared to be here tonight. Her vermilion eyes searched the crowd for a single gaze that would indicate ‘different’ and ’divine’. 

    She lifted her chin in the air. Her nose flaring with every brief inhale as she scented. See, light even had a bitter smell.  Something too pungent, sweet, and bright. A swift breeze licked her skin as it swept over her, carrying on it the very scent made her nose crinkle as she caught the barest whiff in the air. Her gaze snapped in the direction it came from.


    Every muscle froze with acute stillness as her focus narrowed in. Her eyes narrowed. Her jack ticked. 


    “Found you.” She practically purred. Her voice not one but two. Hidden as a whisper against the music echoing into the streets and off the stone walls. Rhys had a close presence beneath her skin, looking out with a fresh awareness as he also focused on the figure Amalthea stalked. For anyone that dared to make eye contact with her they would get the goose pimples feeling that someone else was looking out at them too. 

    The flickering light in his eyes. 

    An non-amused snort slipped from her as she watched the two girls get his wandering gaze. She tilted her head to the side as she watched the light user with silver eyes turn away from her and continue down the sidewalk. Amalthea didn’t miss a step as she turned and prowled after him. Every step was drawn out to strike concrete when he did. Measured. Precise. She would become nothing but his shadow until the moment was right. Time a quick and taunting companion as she followed him. If only the time struck at the exact moment. 

    Moscow| Russia | 2:56am

  • Owing - Maya and Hazel


    Threads open: Profile and Revisions incomplete

  • [ Hazel currently lives in America. I didn't specify on purpose so that her home could move around depending on where other characters live. So if there's a particular part of the States you want Vasharti to be in I can make it work! ]

  • I won't worry about scarying you off then with Ama/Rhys pressing boundaries. May even be able to bounce some of those dark tendencies off of. 

    Haha. Yeah could write with them, but potentially a little adventure RP in between for them to figure out where it is, encounter struggles and the like. 

    Okay, good to keep in mind. Ama not having any knowledge of cosmic powers beyond Heaven/Heavenly bodies would be due to her lack of knowledge. Mistaken identity fits. Perhaps even mistaking him for an Angel or one of their servants - driving her need to kill him even stronger. 

    I think that's enough of a start or direction for us to try and see how they mesh. Care to start us off?

  • [ That's a good question! Yes I'd say Hazel has a fascination/curiousity about the stars and moon. She'd be interested in the moon cycles, star patterns and stuff like that if that helps. Would it be realistic for Vasharti to meet Hazel where she lives? But I guess the question is what would he be doing there? ]

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