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  • (I really appreciate all the patience.)


    Nice gentleman. A pair of amber eyes drift away from the gun wielder and rest on the one who is speaking. The only other times Zach can recall being referred to as a nice gentleman was when he'd attend church on Sundays and was unable to avoid older women who had a strong desire to pinch his cheeks. One reason he is thankful for his sudden growth burst during puberty is that most woman now has trouble reaching his cheeks. Other than those incidents, and the one when he had been sarcastically called a gentleman by a classmate, this is a first. 

    Honestly, he should be more concerned by the gun. Zach can't help himself.

    Compliments aside, tensions were running high. Minus the fearful others that cowered in corners of the bakery, Zach's life is in danger. The gunman is only growing more frustrated by the speaking stranger which is increasing Zach's probability of being shot and he really doesn't know how he's going to pass this semester is he ends up in hospital. "U-um.. guys -"

    "Shut up!" The gunman cuts Zach off and smacks the redhead across the temple with the blunt end of the weapon. It thumps against Zach's skull, a form of injury he's not unfamiliar with. He barely flinches aside from dipping his head a fraction and baring his teeth.

    "Look, just take whatever you want and nobody needs to get hurt," Zach insists, trying to make this an amicable as possible. The stranger has other plans as it would seem.

    "Shoot me."

    Zach's eyes widen, his hands come out defensively like he's trying to separate the gunman and the stranger. The gun is pointed at the strangers head, Zach steps back a little but seems like he wants to interfere somehow. "W-wai-!!"


    He shoots him in the forehead.

  • [Apologies for the late reply]


    "This doesn't fucking concern you!" The unknown man yells. To better push his point, he thrusts his black weapon into Levi's direction with sloppy aim and an all too tense grip on the handle. Anybody can see he is on edge, likely pinging out on the newest drug circling the wrong side of the streets. However, all these factors make the everyday citizens in the bakery even more afraid. A woman nearby Levi shrieks when the gun is aimed at him, her hands are shaking and she's crying.

    Before she can start praying for her life, the gun is pointed back to Zach. His amber eyes are piercing and unnerving as he stares by the barrel of the gun and directly at the man in charge of it. Everything that could go wrong is racing through the redhead's mind, his lips pressed into a thin line while he considers the little options he has. Recklessness tells him to take action and fight for possession of the gun, but security says the risk is too big. Zach is unmoving and waits for things to unfold on their own.

    "I'll do whatever you say, man. Just calm down," Zach offers to him. Nothing is more precious to him right now than his own life, but despite his calming energy, the gunman is too high-strung to consider Zach's offer. He yells, "shut the fuck up!" and waves the gun again at Zach, then brings it so close to the young man that he can feel the coolness of the metal pressed between his eyes. Zach closes them and takes a deep breath.

    Damn. He never wanted to come here in the first place.

  • [ If you could, that would be fantastic. ]

  • Zach is frantic. The morning run to the bakery is a solitary mission for a man whose success will determine the survival of ten men waiting in a fraternity for his return. He hops from foot to the other as he waits in the queue to the counter, standing behind a man that's eyeing up the cinnamon rolls. Zach thanks the Lord that nobody in the frat ordered cinnamon rolls as he gets the sense that by the time it's his turn to order, there might not be any left. He double checks the list of items ordered that he made sure to type on his cellphone. Most are coffee orders, joined by a collection of both savoury and sweet treats. 

    He stares at the girl behind the counter with surprised eyes when it's his turn. Just in time for him to notice the man in front of him has ordered five cinnamon rolls for himself. Watching him walk to the table to enjoy himself, Zach is prompted by the girl to give his order with an abrupt, but a polite cough. He smiles at her and begins his long listed order. She's frazzled and makes him repeat it twice before she's confident she has it all, then Zach pulls away to the side to wait for all of his things.

    His patience is limited to staring at his phone, switching between multiple apps and scrolling through his feed. When he discovers nothing new or interesting enough, he hides the phone in the back pocket his jeans and glances to the cinnamon rolls man. Unintentionally, Zach stares at him. Zach is not a small man, surpassing six feet and built for sports. His arms are crossed and he's frowning, easily misinterpreted as a stare-down.

    Once he realises, however, his expression softens. Zach turns away the second his order is ready to be collected and slides the two plastic bags of food onto his forearms, leaving his hands free to hold the two cup-holders of a combined ten coffees. Zach turns for the exit when he's met with another customer standing a little too closely behind him and hits the man with his arm. Coffee goes flying - just four of the ten soar out of the cup holders and onto the floor, burning both himself and the man in the process.

    There's shouting, some surprised gasps in the small bakery and a burning pain up Zach's forearm. When he looks up to apologize to the man for his mistake, he hears the click of a gun and comes face to face with a handgun. Dressed in black and with a nasty snarl, the man shakes the gun in Zach's face, "The fuck are you doing, pretty boy?!"

    The bakery is silent aside from a young woman screaming and people turning to flee the scene while others hide behind furniture.

    "Um.." Zach murmurs, frozen in place.

  • (Go ahead and swing it my way, man)

  • [Hello, thanks for the add.]

  • (I'm knocked dry to be totally honest with you. Hrm. Zach carries a spirit around with him that he thinks is an imaginary friend. I'm wondering if that might spark any curiosity with Levi?

    There's also the alternative route which we just wing it and see what happens. Zach's usual setting is generally the norm. School campus, bakery, football game, the mall. Let me know where you stand as far as settings go and then we can kick something off to start with at least.)

  • [ Maybe Nemo can help Levi how to make his ring work? ]

  • [ Levi sounds interesting, care to start a plot? ]

  • (Sweet - should be fun with the gifs/images we can use hahaha. Um, I'm happy to plot something else, or dive right into it. If you'd prefer the later, just throw me a starter whenever you're ready and we can get going from there.)

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