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As a frigid winter gale ripped through the streets of  New York City, a teenage mother-to-be had just finished grocery shopping for her choice of the night. A nice tall bottle of Vermouth, a brown paper bag crudely wrapped around the body and label. The ditsy teen didn't seem to realize that alcohol doesn't warm you up, it only cuts off the receptors in the brain that help alert the body of it being below the normal temperature. 

Plopping her chunky frame down onto the park bench, she leaned back and downed a quarter of the bottle...half the bottle...

The mother truly believed nothing was wrong, until the first drop fell. Then another. And another. Then what seemed like a large bucket being poured onto her feet. Confused at the warm feeling, she looked down at the snow beneath her legs, seeing the small infant laying in the snow, crimson and pieces of unnecessary organs around it. Letting out a shrill scream, the young girl picked up the infant, unsure what to do. 


The young girl ended up running to the closest hospital, which took the baby away from her, plugging the infant into the ICU. It would be days before the vitals of the baby could be determined. The mother was long gone, with no record of her even being there. The baby was given a name by one of the officials on her case.

Her name was Diya Ozaki.

Diya was put into an orphanage once she was cleared with good vitals from the hospital. She had never cried, or...at least what the doctors knew. See, her vocal cords weren't exactly fully developed. She could mumble, she could wheeze, but she could not speak. Her life in foster care was hard, since all the other children wanted nothing to do with her. She had no friends other than an old teddy bear she found from the child who once slept in her bed.

Turning eighteen, she was released from foster care. She was given two pair of clothes that would fit her, and about six hundred dollars in cash. The only thing she was told was there was a bus waiting to take her to the apartments she was set up with until she found a job within three months. Diya did in fact find a job, one that doesn't require talking. Since she was really good at sewing when she picked it up in foster care, she obtained a job as a tailor at a local shop. 



The tailor shop has given Diya the chance to meet a lot of people. Business, punks, etc. It seems she is always stitching up some punk's wounds after a knife fight, or just a missed jump on a skateboard. They come to her, because it's a lot cheaper than going to a hospital. Plus, she's very friendly to them. They sort of...treat her like a sister, like family. Even though they are up to no good, she still enjoys the company they give her, even if it's only for a little bit...


Since getting this job, Diya has picked up sign language, finally giving her that voice she's been searching for all her life. There aren't a lot of people who understand sign language, but she always hopes she will meet that one person who can have a decent conversation with her someday. But, for now, a girl can only dream.



Diya doesn't have any family, or friends in her life. But, she hopes that will change. 



Diya stands at 5"6 with somewhat of a thin frame, though some curves are visible. Dark ebony locks don her head, reaching her shoulder blades, usually pulled into a side ponytail for work, or left to drift behind her in long waves. Her skin is an average tan, not too light, not too dark. Her eyes are a nice shade of dark turquoise. She is now at the ripe ol' age of twenty-three.  



Facts about Diya:

~ Diya's job is one of the highlights of her life. Even if she is off, she will find something to work on, whether it's a small hole in the curtains, or fraying fabric of jeans.

~ Her favorite meal is any type of fish, but catfish is her favorite.

~ She has pets! A hedgehog named Thimble. 

~ Diya is super kind and a good listener when someone is having a bad day.

~ Diya has always cut her own hair. She is secretly afraid someone will cut too much off and ruin her entire life of growing it out.




Rules of RP

~ At least four sentences for a reply. If you give me little, I'll give you less.
~ 18+ activity is here. So, if you are young, you have been warned. 
~ I also love to Roleplay in many ways, so don't be afraid to ask for a different setting. 
~ Have fun! That's what we are here for, right?








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  •  // More active on my other account, but keeping tabs here!

  • Heya,


    Just letting you know I'm still around. Finally recovered from my injury enough to walk. Needless to say, the last two months I've been a busy body, keeping away from the screen for a bit and doing some stuff outside! I'll be on soon and we'll get a good storyline going!

  • (Yeah, I think what might be best right now is just having them meet back up. Maybe Diya is being hunted now, since her father?? is trying to kill her or at least suppress her powers. I think after a few times, Jett would be like "bruh wtf??" It might lead him to discover more about her and make a decent story ya? )

  • (Yes! I'd like to see Diya get a little stronger too! Jett isn't all that much of a white knight anymore. He will eventually go back to the way he was, or pretty close to it. But I wanted him to be thrown into some chaos for a little bit. It might be a bit hard for him to connect with Diya or atleast stay in her presence 24/7. I'm wondering if Jett can help her get her abilities back. Considering Jett is a son of Lucifer and not a Demon, he places higher in Hell than Demons do. Most son's of Lucifer would command Demons or atleast have authority over them. A lot of higher-ups don't listen to Jett since he doesn't/ didn't spend a lot of time in Hell. But I assume Jett would atleast know Diya's father or have heard of him. Not to mention it's pretty ironic that Diya is mute and needs her voice to use her abilites because so does Jett. He also has an ability to echo his voice - basically break silence -

      Ah! Maybe that's why Diya is drawn to Jett or atleast the two hang out a lot; considering he'd biologically be a surperior to her. We've got so many directions we could go with this now that I'm thinking about it. We've just got to find a fitting plot to push along. Jett is infected with the void right now from Ceres - I'll get her on my profile's Relationship section eventually. - He does get a little violent at times now, it's uncontrollable. I just wanted you to know, he most likely will make advances towards Diya or other NPC's in the story - Violent advances that is LOL - Well maybe he will have an attraction to Diya since she reminds him of Ceres.. Hell I don't even know where our plot should go now!)

    I'm late night typing here... That's when all the best ideas come out! zzzz Sleep time

  • (Hmm I'm not really too sure. Now that I've changed Jett a bit, I've gotta get into his funk to write. He's just a bit more moapy. He may be a bit more aggressive. Hope you're alright with that. The Void infected him and he does things destructive he can't control at times. Did you have any ideas, anyway I can fit into Diya's story again? Maybe we can push her story along a bit?)

  • ( Heyo. Wanted to reach out and see if Diya still wanted to write with Jett after his changes. If so, I'll probably start somewhere new - setting wise. They were just gambling anyway xD A lot has happened to him, so he's still Jett but just different. If you don't use Diya though we can write on Ryan or whatever works for you. Just figured I'd reach out and see if you were still interested. I had a hard time writing with him this last couple of months because his storylines were tied up in so many of my friends main storylines, but they've all finally came to an end and I was able to fix Jett's stuff accordingly )

  •   And so like any day, night rolled around. Jett had expected to meet Diya here at the coffee shop. While they didn't actually devise a meeting place, this was the only place the two had previously met beside her tailoring shop. Perhaps to her distaste, Jett hadn't actually changed all that much. A white wifebeater showed under an open black jacket. To accompany that, a pair of jeans and some dark colored shoes. The jeans had a distressed tare near the right pocket, showing the fabric that lay underneath. Of course, his attire didn't matter. That eyepatch was always over his eye.

      The coffee shop was still open. It was around eight in the evening as Jett came down from the elevator and entered the same space he and Diya spoke in earlier. Another person stood behind the counter. It appeared Raul had gotten off work for the day. The coffee shop was slow in the evenings. In fact, it was completely empty. Dim lights illuminated the area. Every table had been cleaned and chairs pushed in. More than anything, the shop was ready for the morning rush. 

      Jett stood at the counter for a moment, examining the new girl behind it. He'd not seen her before, though, he hadn't actually been home in a few months. His sister was gone, so he supposed someone had to take the evening shift. His visible eye shifted its gaze to the door before his body moved to follow. 

      Pushing the glass door open, a bell dinged off announcing his departure. He wasn't actually sure if he'd see the Weaver again. Perhaps she just wanted something fun to do during the day. Perhaps she wouldn't show? Either way, Jett pulled a package out of his jacket's pocket and flipped the lid open. Pulling out a cigarette, the redhead put it between his lips and put the carton away. A lighter came out of the same pocket. Flicking the switch, he lit his cancer stick. Taking a long drag, Jett exhaled as he leaned his back against the glass of the coffee shop and waited.

  • (Hey, no problem! Curious about what your goals are for Diya. With she remain human? Will she gain the ability to speak if this is more of a fantasy setting? Just my own curiosity. It may help push our storyline along. I can think of a few ways she could fit into Jett's current main story actually.)

      She reached her hand to his face. For the moment Jett was paused. The millimeter movement, however, was enough for Jett to shift his head along with his gaze to the right and out of her reach. Clearly for both of their protection, though mostly hers, in this case, Jett could not risk his newly crafted eye-patch being removed. A small sigh escaped through his nose as though he regretted his last action. Either way, it is what it is. 

      As she withdrew her hand back to herself Jett refocused his green gaze upon her. Once more, his hand slid over the eye-patch as if to assure himself that it was indeed there. As she twiddled with her fingers, Jett moved passed her and towards the door. He turned only to view the Tender who had recently made the duo their cups of coffee. 

      Her head tilt of uncertainty only caused a sighed, "What?.." from Jett's lips. "We can't do anything until tonight. Go home." a pause. "Change your clothes. Something a bit fancier maybe? Red would work." 

  • (Ah well, I'll be here to write with ya. By the way, do you have any plots or anything? Any goals you'd like for Diya to accomplish. Something we can work towards? Is she going to stay human? Jett's got a huge storyline going on with a group of my friends. Just came to realize we never actually discussed where we'd like our plot to go.)

      Jett grasped hold of the old eyepatch he'd been wearing. His fingers adjusted it before remembering that she'd crafted him a whole array of colors. Jett couldn't see himself wearing any other color aside from the black or grey, but never the less, he rose from his seat. Leaving his coffee upon the countertop, Jett made his way to the sofa'd area of the coffee shop retrieving the box with the assortment that she'd given him earlier. His single green hue scanned the contents before selecting one that looked oddly similar to the one he was wearing. Black, matte and much newer at least. 

      Now Jett turned his back to Diya. The old eye patch came off, with haste the new one was replaced. She'd see nothing. Jett touched his eye encased in the new fabric. It'd take a bit of getting used to considering he'd worn his last one for several years. Still, the eye patch was a matter of safety for not only the other parties but for Jett as well. 

      The Redhead's gaze turned to his mute companion, giving a blink or so before making his way back to the countertop. A reluctant "Happy?" escaped his lips before his coffee cup hushed him. Guzzling down most of his drink, Jett placed it back upon the counter with a clank. He wasn't as reluctant as he'd made himself out to be. In fact, he was grateful to have a new covering for the curse his father gave him. Of course, he'd never admit that. This was Jett after all. 


  • (Am I the only person you write with xD? Do you have other characters on here? You answered me immediately lol. Alright here's my reply, some details may be fuzzy, it's been a while.)

      If friends were what she was looking for, she'd be sadly mistaken trying to find them at some shoddy club as a gambler. Jett only watched her push the bill back towards Raul. Giving his head a simple shake back and forth, he spoke, "You're already off to a bad start." Still, he let the incident go. After all, it was her money she was wasting, not his. 

      Then again, Jett never had to worry about money either, His wild card always made sure he left his gambling feat with money. Jett took a moment to read the sign, his single green hue scanning back and forth while the other lay hidden underneath that finely crafted eye patch of his. She'd yet to see what was under his patch. Sadly she'd probably never find out. "So the sheltered little shop-keep wants to have some fun?" He taunted jokingly.

    "Well then, where shall we go this evening?" Jett questioned, giving her the option to pick. 

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