"Lead the way, cochise!"

  //I'm gonna go ahead and start off by saying that, if you haven't played the video game 'Until Dawn', and wish to play without any spoilers, then I will warn you that there are SPOILERS AHEAD!//





 Name: Joshua "Josh"  Washington

 Born: 1995 3d October

 Age: 23

 Species: Human

 Gender: Male

 Nationality: American

 Eye colour: Green

 Skin colour: Caramel

 Hair colour: Dark brown

 Marital status: Single

 Occupation: College dropout



      "I DID something!

I made you believe in the world I created, and I showed you parts of yourself you were too afraid to visit!"   

            - Josh Washington 




The son of successful film director Bob Washington and passionate social rights activist Melinda Washington, Josh enjoyed a luxurious childhood thanks to his father's wealth and as an adult, he still recalls their yearly summer retreats to Blackwood Pines and the baseball games he played with his family on the lawn of their mountain lodge, side by side with his sisters, mum and dad.

However, his happiness didn't last, his parents became more and more preoccupied in their work, which left Josh feeling neglected. As a result, Josh formed a very close bond with his sisters, Hannah and Beth, relying on them for the emotional support his parents could not provide.


Bildresultat för josh washington passed out

- Chris "You know how Josh and I meet? OK, third grade, Josh sat in the back of the room, I sat in the front. We didn't even know each other existed. But the kid sitting next to Josh started strap snapping the training bra on the girl in front of him, so the teacher made him move to the front - where I was sitting!"

- Sam"Okay so?"

- Chris "So I got moved to the back!"

- Sam"And?"

- Chris "And next to Josh, that's how me meet.

And became friends. To this day!"

- Sam"A match made in heaven."


In third grade Josh meet and befriended classmate Christopher Hartley, eventually drawing him, and his sisters into a larger circle of friends consisting of Samantha, Mike, Jessica, Emily, Ashley, Matthew.

He and Chris would basically grow up together, spending many weekends and days together. Dialogue between the two suggest they went through a sort of pyromanic phase sometime growing up as they mentioned deliberately setting fire on things or melting dolls using a makeshift flamethrower. 

After an "incident" at school, Josh was referred to a psychiatrist in 2006 and was wrongly diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. Over the course of the next few years, he was referred to a number of other medical professionals and prescribed a number of antidepressant drugs; often, the effects of the drugs tapered or simply failed to help Josh at all, forcing his doctors to change prescriptions. By 2013, he was self-medicating with progressively larger doses of Amitriptyline in a desperate attempt to improve his mental health.

During the fateful winter getaway at Blackwood Pines, Josh spent most of the evening partying and getting drunk with Chris, his best friend, and as a result he was not included, nor aware of the prank his friends played on Hannah, and was left passed out on the kitchen counter while his twin sisters left the lodge, never to be seen again.

Josh took the disappearance of his sisters very badly.

Medical records from around this time suggest he came dangerously close to committing suicide, and his ongoing state of delirium quickly resulted in him being committed to Oceanview Hospital for observation while his current doctor, Alan Hill, considered possible treatments. Though Josh was discharged two weeks later with a new prescription of Phenelzine, he had changed for the worst: though outwardly good-humored and sociable as ever, he had become obsessed with the idea of solving every single one of his problems simultaneously. This is where he came up with the one thing that he knew would solve his problems. The prank.

Drawing upon his family's wealth and his father's contacts among practical effects artists, he spent most of the year planning, designing and commissioning the props necessary for his grand prank.

Eventually, he returned to Blackwood Pines and rigged the Washington lodge with all the props necessary for the ultimate practical joke - including video cameras to ensure that the events would be recorded and uploaded to the Internet.


He then invited his friends back to the mountain for another winter getaway.

Josh had planned for anything, arranging everything from animatronic ghosts to fake bodies, even creating evidence of a slasher villain. He himself played the part of this particular character who came to be known as 'THE PSYCHO'.

However he had no desire to actually kill them, and carefully designed his pranks to ensure that nobody would actually be hurt by them.

After having had his 'fun', he reveals himself as the mastermind behind it all, and confronted by his friends, Josh spills the details of his prank, gloating how well he fooled them and boasting of how the uploaded footage will make them Internet sensations. Mike, enraged and believing that Josh is responsible for Jessica's death, knocks him unconscious; after tying his hands, Mike and Chris drag him to the shack, intending to keep him there until they can call the police, all the while ignoring Josh's protestations of innocence. As the confrontation goes on, Josh's behavior begins to degenerate: already high-strung and prone to grandiose bragging, he slowly declines further into madness, first into increasingly crazed denials, then vicious insults aimed at his captors, before finally dissolving into deranged, barely-coherent mumbling. Chris departs, saddened, leaving Mike on guard.


          "Hello children..." 


During this time, Emily is fleeing from the Wendigo, making it back to the lodge, her screams get carried as far as the shack, prompting Mike to investigate - leaving Josh behind in the process. Soon after, the Stranger arrives to explain the true nature of the threat on the mountain, introducing the group to the concept of the Wendigo. Too late, Mike realizes that Josh has been left alone in the Wendigo's hunting ground, prompting Chris - accompanied by the Stranger - to attempt a rescue: however, on reaching the shack, they find it deserted and covered in blood; presuming Josh dead, the two of them leave - only to be ambushed by the Wendigo. The Stranger is instantly decapitated, and Chris is forced to retreat to the lodge. After this, the Wendigo drags an unconscious Josh into the forest. Refusing to wait until dawn to escape and knowing that the cable car won't work without Josh's keys, Mike resolves to find him. Meanwhile, Josh is dragged into the abandoned mines and deposited in the Wendigo's lair.

There, abandoned by his hallucination of Dr Hill, Josh suffers a complete mental breakdown: taunted on all sides by the voices of his psychiatrist, his sisters, his friends, and even himself, he swings wildly between fear, grief and utter despair as his mental health rapidly deteriorates. His hallucinations take a dark turn, confronting him with the animated corpses of his sisters, Hannah encouraging him to join them, Beth blaming him for their deaths.

While hallucinating giant pig's heads, showers of intestines, the skinned bodies of his sisters and giant Wendigos, Josh is finally located by Sam and Mike - the latter of whom is able to bring Josh back to reality by slapping him across the face. Upon realizing that his friends are with him, he willingly hands over the cable car keys. Sam then proceeds to tell Josh about Hannah, and that she had been down in the mines for a long time, something that later on saves Josh's life.

And though Sam is able to climb out of the cavern on her own, Mike clearly recognizes that Josh won't be able to climb in his current condition, and decides to help him find another way out. However while wading through an underground lake, they are ambushed by Wendigo Hannah and Mike is dragged under the water and flung aside while the creature attacks Josh, who noticed the butterfly tattoo on the Wendigo's shoulder, and realized that the creature is actually his sister, Hannah.

He cries out her name and Hannah, apparently recognized her brother and choose to spare his life, but she nonetheless drags her screaming brother Josh back to her lair where he remains alone until the next day.

"I-I'm all alone..."





Josh is a human, and as such possesses no superhuman powers beside the average strength of a man in his twenties who work outs occasionally.

He does have an incredibly keen intellect, and is able to concoct complicated plots, learn quickly, and solve problems in a heartbeat. He also has a wide knowledge of special and make up effects, and knows how to work electronics. He is shown to be able to create movie quality props and complicated devices like saw traps, holographic imagery and has even realistically pulled off faking his own death.


He also has basic medical knowledge and knows how to properly and safely administer sedatives as well as various other medical practices.


Josh's father owned multiple firearms so growing up Josh has trained himself to be an expert marksman, rarely missing his target.





Appearance wise, Josh has short chocolate-brown hair, much like his sisters Hannah and Beth.

He has a caramel complexion and emerald green eyes, and is often thought of as attractive.


Josh's interactions with others tend to be humorous, and generally very positive in nature. He cares deeply for his friends and acts as a brotherly figure to Chris, and loves taking the helm, organizing cool events and making sure that everybody has an awesome time, and that no one feels excluded. His dreams of following in his father's footsteps in becoming a film producer make him very knowledgeable about special effects and movie props and as such, he constantly uses phrases and words from movies, indicating that he is a big lover of movies in general. He is a also a charitable person, and isn't stingy about sharing

Josh definitely has a bit of a party-animal streak (honed in his freshman year of college), but his warm and friendly personality will win everybody around in the end. Sadly, however, there are more to be added.

Despite being an extremely extroverted individual, radiating with positivity and happiness, Joshua has another, darker side. 

He was diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder when he was 11 years old and has been taking anti-depressants ever since.

His actual problem however wasn't depression, but Schizophrenia, a brain disorder. Schizophrenia is characterized by a disassociation from reality. Its symptoms are visual and auditory hallucinations, delusions, social withdrawal/paranoia, and disorganized speech.

Josh is extremely unstable at times, and even attempted suicide after the death of his sisters.


This is where I stray from the original ending of 'Until Dawn', as I felt distressed that there were but two choices for my boy Josh. Either his head is caved in by his wendigo sister, or he's taken away into the mines, where he'll be left alone with nothing but his hunger, eventually resort to cannibalism, and turn into a wendigo himself.

So I felt that Josh deserved a second chance at life.  Because at the end of the day, he is a victim too.

GameTheory explains it best in this video. Please, do watch.

In my mind Josh survives, and THIS is what really happened.

Surviving the horror at Blackwood Mountain, a broken and lamenting Josh returns to 'Oceanview Hospital' after having broken down during police interrogation regarding the 'killer on Blackwood Pines' and during questioning he confesses to everything, telling them that he was in fact 'the killer', and that it had all been an elaborate prank, and that he was sorry for having played said 'prank'. No charges were brought against him, but he was given a court order to undergo psychiatric treatment as well as monthly psychiatric evaluations.

Despite bleeding himself dry of apologies and pointing out his terribly remorse, and despite the fact that both Sam, Chris and Mike, as well as Jessica, all came to visit him at the hospital, he still feels as though his friends will never trust him again, or that he is worthy of their trust even.

Eventually, Joshua was released and prescribed a new set of medicines designed to help his actual problem, schizophrenia.

Plagued with guilt and still haunted by the past he remains more than often locked away inside of his room.





  • His dream job is to be a film producer.
  • He loves his family, his friends, and hates being bossed around.
  • He is voted most likely to work in the film industry.
  • In ten years, he sees himself having a good time.
  • Josh's favorite quote is by Francis Ford Coppola: "It takes no imagination to live within your means."
  • His highest traits are funny, charitable, and curious.
  • His lowest traits are brave, romantic, and honest.
  • Josh DID experiment during college. Exclusively with Chris, and a lot of alcohol involved. Nuff said. 
  • Josh's family is thoroughly detailed here:
  • Josh's friendships are detailed here



"Five, girl! Yeah!"

  • My character is a frail little human, with little to no real combat experience so I'd ask that you do not permanently maim him.  Beyond that, feel free to beat him to a bloody pulp. He can take it.
  • Please use grammar when engaging in a roleplay with me, as it is very dear to my heart.
  • 21+ Content. There will be gore, drugs, and....thangs.
  •  I won't always be on. I have a full time job and a LOT on my plate at home. So, please, be patient and I will get to you. Promise, bro. If, however, you think I've forgotten, give me a little nudge. I'm only human.
  • Have fun, and remember to ship either JoshxChris, or JoshxSam! It's climbing class vs Jossam!



"A tiny butterfly flapping it's wings today may lead to a devastating hurricane weeks from now."

My roleplays has the butterfly effect.

Even the tiniest of action could have catastrophic consequences later on in the storyline.



Just a prank, HAN!CHAPTER II

Just a Prank, HAN! CHAPTER I

Nightly Horror




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  • C’mon Nik, speak. There was getting words out, and then there was getting the right words out and he’d preferred those overall. Yet with every second he’d tried to find them, he left the other in limbo for whatever the hell would come out of his mouth. It was fine- wasn’t it? Yeah, he didn’t know for sure. He was drunk and in a fucking club while trying to process it all; how was Josh doing it all then? Confusion and concern and worry mixed into one… well, whatever the expression on his face was. 

    With every glanced up to the other the discomfort of the silence had grown. Shit, he didn’t mean for that. Stammering to speak, he’d thrown out all of his half-baked sentences and wished them good luck on their way. 

    And so Nik started speaking, gauging whatever he’d be saying next to whatever expression might come across Josh’s face. Little by little he seemed victorious enough with it, now the one hanging on Josh’s silence and waiting for a response. The smile that came with his answer wasn’t exactly trusted, brow furrowing briefly to show, but it wouldn’t stay for long. 

    All in all, Nikolas didn’t know how that type of medication worked. Not in the least, he’d only been on one or two in his life, who was he to try and call the shots on it. Josh knew what he was doing better than him… right? The hair on his arms rose to his inner entity’s own take on it. The sensation was easy enough to ignore in the crowded club. Whatever, he said it’s fine. “...if you say so. Still, if we need to get outta here then seriously.” Nik was left to consider the offer then. His brows knitted together, Josh’s own grin winning him over enough to sigh. “Alright alright, let’s find somebody to talk to.” He picked up his drink.

    Nik’s eyes were back on the bar, just briefly. The bartender had made quick work shoving the two out of his mind, getting back to the busy counter in front of him. He was pulled from his observations when Josh spoke again. His eyes cast back to him and he was nodding before Josh had even finished. “Nah... nah man, I get it. I’m good if you’re good. Don’t even worry about it.”


    Marius paid no mind to the insect as it was flicked to the floor to join the other rubbish of the sewer’s underground. Feeling the other man’s eyes upon him, Marius took his time in turning to meet it. The man’s steel blue hues met it without blinking. Soon enough Devan was gone for the door, causing the sorcerer’s shoulders to turn in response to it. The click of the door’s lock echoed within the chamber. By the time Devan turned around, Marius’ back was turned from the computer, backlit by the screen, awaiting whether he would return to center or not. Behind a calm gaze was speculation but his lips were sealed.

    “Oh?” The man responded in a similarly slowed tone. They were walking on ice from the moment their task had been given.

    Marius straightened his back and posed his hands at his sides as he processed it. The stance was defensive in its own right, but as Devan grew closer his arms crossed before him, a bit more casual. It spoke volumes, his intent out in the open yet the other would never know why. It wasn’t imperative that he did. He still hadn’t spoken to deny or approve Devan’s hypothesis… but he was listening, watching the man settle back into his seat and moving to face him accordingly.

    Marius’ brow furrowed as he listened. It was a pact, but what was this? “-You want to leave,” His brow raised to the notion. That he thought he could leave at all with what he had seen the dealings that went on under the surface thus far. “You still surprise me yet.” He understood the desire to see the sun and walk among it in peace, but he knew there was a catch to come. His expression smoothed over the moment after and he resumed listening. When Devan was done speaking he left the poor man in suspense, still as a statue as he deliberated… aside from the dependence on the other, it couldn’t have worked out greater in his favor. He could be patient through that.

    “We have a deal.” Marius started, a rare smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. A step or two was taken toward Devan and his hand was held out to shake.

  • While time was slowed in the mind of the Washington boy, it was moving in real-time for Nik. The pace of the club around them worked as a distraction from just how much time had been taken at the check out for their drinks; the ones most aware of how much time was being taken were the bartender looking at the two expectantly and whatever patron across the bar that was leaning on the surface, needy for another refill. 

    Nikolas Everett knew not to think of it, nor would he register the hair on his arms raising under his jacket; the passenger sensed the source of the turbulence. 

    “Josh… Hey- Josh-” As if did anything at all, or whether he was pulled to the surface by his own devices, once the card was swiped and put back in his wallet he had his arm around the other to pull him from the bar and toward the safety of the club’s outer wall. Somewhere in between the bartender shouted a ‘Hey, do you need a-’

    I got it, it’s alright,” Nik muttered back hastily as he worked to drag them back to a lesser corner of the room. Silence wasn’t an option in the room but it was better than being at the center of it. There was tension in his system as he kept his eye on the other, a frown gracing in his lips when he couldn’t even stop and consider what had happened at the counter quite yet. It was something, he didn’t know what- Earth to Joshua, had he left the planet for a second or were the drinks hitting that fast and that hard? 

    He heard the man finally speak up and he pried his eyes off the crowd abruptly to look at him. There was hardly any belief on Nik’s face that I’m okay was a valid answer from the kid. His lips pursed as he bit them, a brow raising when he smiled. “Seriously- just take it easy for a second. You need to sit down..?” Worry much? People told him that he was good at it toward anyone but himself. Stuck on standby while he kept an eye on the other, the moment of disorientation passed and he’d stopped looking toward Josh like he was going to suddenly drop to the floor or something. Nikolas glanced down at his phone once or twice (that he should’ve plugged in) and waited for the other to say the word.

    A seat was taken just as soon as they could find a gap in the bodies, and the Vessel let the silence happen out of fear he’d hassled the man enough over it. The silence was never truly silence in the club atmosphere when the bass of the speakers could be felt from any point in the room. His own fingertips tapped against the surface of his jeans to the rhythm of whatever remixed song was playing. It was alcohol-driven, but any other night he would’ve been on the dance floor if it wasn’t for the edge their drink ordering had set them both on.

    The remainder of his drink sat in front of him yet, leaving a ring of condensation on the bar surface while Nik loftily paid it attention from time to time. When Josh spoke up toward the bartender he gave a quick glance up in the dark toward the other. He studied the bar counter again and held his glass up for another drink before he heard the other speak. Catching a majority of the words in the crowded space, maybe he was better off reading lips by the end of it. His half-lidded stare was a touch more alert when he studied the other’s expression. 

    It’s fine… you don’t have to- he should’ve said so, but wouldn’t say it aloud when his curiosity was at an all-time high. The result was an expectant gaze that would do the Washington boy no favors with directing his thoughts. He switched to studying his glass every now and then. The room was still spinning ever so gently from the buzz each drink prior had brought.

    The truth came out just as quick as a glass might fall over, spilling out on the bar counter for Nikolas to make sense of. An immediate frown came to his features with how it started, the concept of first impressions making him want to open his mouth but that was hardly where Josh was going to leave off. Nik leaned a little closer to Josh on his barstool to hear. Cool wizard guy? Goddamn, he wished that’s all he could call himself. Life might be a little easier all around—apparently it wasn’t any easier for either of the two.

    Little by little Josh would get to see the realization unfold. Nikolas’ expression sobered up just a touch, a previously glazed over stare coming into focus for the sake of making sure he was reading the words on his lips clearly. Horror? Judging? More so, the man’s face went shockingly blank as he digested it, but still… an ‘oh shit’ moment was still an ‘oh shit’ moment.

    He’d never seen that coming… not the night before, not when they left the apartment, not while they were oh-so-busy getting shitfaced at Nik’s own place, but how could he? Realization flashed on his features when he thought back to the bar and the freeze that had happened. Whatever parts of his brain were still sober chewed on the information handed over.

    Ah, shit… He’d been quiet for a little while there, hadn’t he? The fact was made known when Josh spoke up again urgently, snapping Nik’s eyes up from his drink. He stared back at the man apologetically while he kicked his brain for just about anything it could say. 

    “Sorry- I ah… I just…” Nikolas stammered, sweeping his hair back with one hand while he sped up his thought for what it was worth. He took a breath, re-collected his thoughts, and looked back to Josh. 

    “I mean- I get it… I get why you wouldnt’ve said anything. Sometimes it's just hard to,” That was a start. His eyes shifted to the counter briefly as he thought again, feeling he’d bought the time. “So…” Back down the trail of breadcrumbs, Nik went. Josh’s mom’s house. Check. Subway- check. What about in between? “Did you take ‘em, the meds I mean? Do we need to start heading back that way?” He questioned urgently, staring the other down after.


    As the other male studied the computer screen for all that it was worth to them, Marius was still, on occasion, granting the room a half-lidded sweep across its contents. The man was well used to the dark and what it could encompass… that had made him no more prepared for the depths of the Order and what lengths one may take for secrecy. The sewers had lead to the heavy swallowing of pride before taking the first ladder rung into the depths.

    Eventually, as if it could ever cleanse the fact of his surroundings, he shifted his gaze back toward the glow of the computer screen and its contents. It was a small glimpse into the work of Devan, but as much as it that Marius would ever come to care about. And what if they find the boy? What if the feeble old man took his last fall, what of the Order? The answer may as well be the man that stood to his left, holding all their possible answers by the grimy computer mouse rested in the palm of his hand. 

    The notification struck movement on the screen’s pixels, and both sets of eyes would fall upon it. Marius’ gaze flickered from Devan’s response to it and back to the notification just once or twice. Before his eyes could focus on one statistic or another from the transaction, the second notification came and swept their attention to the string of text that came of it. Marius gave it a seconds’ worth of his time when the encryption showed no signs of repetition.

    “Them?” Marius parroted with intrigue lacing his tone. A tip of his head was given to the sentiment before the other explained. He then followed Devan’s fingertip as it traced across the screen toward a line of text in particular. The name placed among it made the man lean closer to the screen a fraction. “Washington?” Impossible. “And what is he doing with this street rat of a boy?” He muttered irritably at the screen as if he could demand an answer out of it. Devan would be the first to answer in the room. 

    A police report? An absent son— and an unruly possessed child that had all but evaded them by pure luck thus far. “So it is…” Marius murmured, straightening his back from leaning forward to look. The slam of the mouse interrupted the movement as his chin tipped toward the desk, studying the remnants of the roach visible from under the computer mouse. Something of an amused smile graced Marius’ lips as he glanced at it, turning into a twisted grin with each crack of its shell beneath the object. 

    He waited until the last of the twitches were drove out of the insect’s body before peering upward toward the other. “...And how then, shall we proceed?”


  • [This semester is kicking my ass, but here it be]


    “Cheers!” Nikolas responded with a snicker; a similar accent wasn’t bothered with when he knew there was no chance at it. His glass was held up for a swig of his drink, oblivious to the stares that came from the two’s entrance into the place.

    “Ah what the hell, we’re in a club, if you can hear me anyway it means the DJ’s not doin’ his job.” Nik defended with a shrug, casting a look over to the speakers across the room. Was he right? Maybe not but he was loose enough at that point to not care. His eyes went to the cup when Josh repositioned it, only to tip it back and make the contents a memory in about three seconds flat.

    A loud snicker left his chest loud enough to be heard in their venue. “Yeah, you think so?” They both knew so, however, all it took was one bad influence to have a good time. “Maybe I like actually tasting my drinks before they go down.” He gestured to the now mostly empty cup in Josh’s fingertips and raised a brow.

    It wouldn’t stop him from finishing what was left in his glass shortly after when Josh’s words had seeped in well enough. Another drink was ordered shortly after, gaining the bartender’s attention early by being a familiar face alone. As a result, soon enough Josh would be doing much of the same.

    Patiently, Nik waited. By the time Josh had even gotten to the pin entering part of the transaction, he already had a rum and coke in hand with one less drink on his existing tab. While he turned away to not watch the transaction, as time passed he glanced over one shoulder at the struggling man. He heard the machine’s ‘denied’ sound and walked closer, leaning against the bar counter a bit sloppily.

    Whether Josh’s mind tunnel visioned and fixated on the card reader, he spoke in the backdrop. “Hey- just say fuck it, drop it on my tab,” He called toward the bartender who cast Josh a slightly anxious glance. Drunks and incapacitated twenty-some-year-olds were expected by the man behind the counter, he’d seen them hauled out by their friends on a weekly basis. But what was that stare the guy was giving the register? What gave?

    “Hey, buddy-” It was the bartender’s voice. His hand soon covered the screen. Whether the visions would be shaken from Josh’s eyes or if they would adapt around, neither Nik nor the man working would know. The bartender’s hand pushed Josh’s back toward him suggestively to try and tell him to put his card away. Nik’s card soon replaced it, the pin entered more quickly to the bartender’s satisfaction.

    “-I’ve got it already, ah… c’mon,” Nik’s voice next, a tap on Josh’s shoulder. An arm went around his shoulder after, giving a small, worried tug toward… well, anywhere but the bar. The room moved for Nik when he tugged on the other; what he had in his system seemed enough to set him off his own guard. “Take it easy. Let’s… sit down for a little.” Nik’s drink was set down on the counter when he was just sober enough to know something seemed… off.



    The gristly sight was enough to open the eyes of any who would witness. Marius was no different as a look of pity came across his face for the old man. He had never seen such an incident before, yet with how he kept his composure after the immediate startle could raise questioning. He left the room without any remorse of what had happened but plenty of questions festering in mind.

    “I would be surprised if you had,” Marius uttered quietly as if the door behind them had not closed. His eyes cast toward the grime-coated stones under their feet. He gave the man the moment to collect himself as he thought about what came next. What could possibly come next? He thought no further when a gesture came from the other man to follow. With quick, long-legged strides he moved to walk even to the other.

    “Devan, so be it,” The man corrected in a monotone fashion, a diverted smile present only if just a moment or two. The left-hand turn was made with a second’s delay from Devan’s hasty directions. The steam piped above his head were felt as they passed through the corridor. Their time spent in it was fleeting as they moved onto the next section of the underground. The staircase at the end of it was eyed carefully, from the framework it was made of to the bolts that would supposedly keep it from collapsing and sending them down quickly. Marius made no effort to rush as he let Devan be its first test victim and soon followed after when his feet had left the last step. When he would follow, the structure creaked and groaned in complaint of the weight upon it, but held sturdy.

    Their walk in silence let their footsteps echo as they progressed on. He gave a wayward glance at the servants on either side as would come and pass, presenting themselves in a manner that Marius had long since been used to. He gave each one a passing glance, their stories of how they ended up in the dreadful place lost to him. They were shadows in the room. Should a time come where he needed bodies? Their stories would matter no longer.

    The final door they would approach was unfamiliar to Marius in his short years of service. He studied it with a new intrigue. The door, when opened, creaked in reluctance like the rest of the underground caverns. It was a wonder when the system would collapse on itself, and whether any of them would be around when it happened.

    Once the door had opened, the sound of machines at work and the low hum of servers doing their work filled the air. Marius’ eyes did a sweep of the room from the towers of electronics and bundles of wire that intersected and plugged in to keep such a grid alive. No longer stoic, bewilderment shone on his face the further he looked about. The sorcerer’s steps followed after Devan almost aimlessly as he surveyed it all. Technology and its advances had always been an Achilles heel to the man, where he preferred more… archaic methods.

    Finally, his eyes dropped to the short stack on the desk that seemed dull compared to the lot of it. “Quite remarkable,” Marius uttered quietly. While Devan took to the computer, he picked up the pile and let his fingertips leaf through the first few pages. Marius frowned.

    “So we have a homebody…” He set the pages down once more, brow furrowing. “If his home is warded, then there is no wondering why our shades have been unsuccessful in their chase.” Marius’ arms crossed. “The boy couldn’t have done it on his own... perhaps he has its assistance.” After some silence to ponder it, he glanced to Devan with a glint of mischief. “So be it we deal with the barrier. Or… we give a reason for the boy to walk ou…-”

    His words cut off as he looked to the computer screen when something changed. “What is it?” He questioned. A notification, a new line of information? One fated card swipe by the friendly neighborhood possessed kid.

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    Zach raises a suspicious brow once his attention has been redirected at an accusatory Josh. He didn't have the heart to tell him that it was, in fact, Josh who thought it would be a good idea to wrestle a deer. With a soft expression. Zach is ready to accept the shame that is not his to bear until Matt comes to his defence. Zach laughs when Josh sheepishly admits fault. Though it isn't entirely Josh's fault, Zach hardly remembers that blurry night because he'd also drunk so much that his memory of the night is filled with blanks. It wouldn't surprise anyone if Zach had encouraged Josh to do something stupid.

    Zach bounds up the stairs after everybody, eager to escape the unforgiving cold winter. Partially dumbfounded, he watches Josh melodramatically gesture at him as he makes fun of him and Chris simultaneously. "No - really, I swore I saw something weird," Zach explains, but there isn't much urgency in his voice. He turns his focus onto Chris when he suggests it was a rocky mountain elk. Just like that, Zach's expression grows dull the more Chris talks - making it more obvious that he started zoning out the second Chris used words he didn't understand.

    "Thanks, professor," says Josh.

    Zach whines playfully, "if I wanted a lesson I would have stayed at school." Jokes aside, Zach is soon attacked by a spritz of deodorant before he can step any further into the chilly house. The redhead coughs and waves his arms about to clear the air around him before he lunges for the can in Chris' hand. He twists it as much as he can without hurting the other man and sprays more deodorant at Chris in revenge. Josh intervenes the two and their play fight by addressing that the deodorant belongs to his dad, immediately prompting Zach to pull back from Chris to let him set the deodorant aside. 

    Meanwhile, Ashley is vigorously rubbing her hands up and down her arms in an effort to warm herself. "Oh my gosh, it's SO good to be inside. Even if it is still freezing in here," she says. As she walks further inside, she glances at both Zach and Chris who have finished with their war over the deodorant and smiles at Chris. Zach, as per usual, doesn't even notice.

    "What's up party people?" Mike calls as he finally enters the home, his arms held out wide as if to announce his arrival.

    "You finally made it," Zach says as he lazily lowers a backpack from his shoulder and sets it nearby on the ground

  • “Hey man, what can I say?” With a grin, Nikolas’ arms were held out at his sides briefly in a sarcastic fashion. “I do it all... Some things you just might have to pay me more is all.” A smirk settled on his face up until the bouncer suddenly had his attention. For a man that seemingly could fill the doorway they wanted to enter, he wore a brilliant smile to the sight of Nik. The exchange between the two was shortened when others would come up from behind to enter, the stern demeanor kept up again by the time they had gotten inside and out of the rain that threatened to drop any moment.

    Sound filled the airwaves once they were inside the club. For a building so deceivingly small it seemed to hold a large enough capacity; a few hundred people on a weeknight. The rain didn’t seem to detour people from coming out to the Brooklyn club this time around. The floorboards vibrated with the bass and the movement of the people on the floor alike until he took them closer toward the bar area.

    For the regularly reserved person he was, Nikolas moved around the place with a sense of energy and overall ease at the familiar place. If they were people around? He was content with where he was. The club only amplified it as he found a vacant spot at the bar and glanced at the bottles on display for what he’d be ordering. Nik’s payment was by name alone following the one night he had worked to earn it. On the far end of the spectrum from his accomplice, a gin and tonic was ordered and mixed up shortly after the daiquiri was finished.

    “Yeah, it is. I hope it’ll all work out! I could get used to it.” Nik shouted just above the noise around them, propping an arm on the bar edge. He gave his drink a stir with the short straw stuck into it before raising it a fraction for a haphazard ‘toast’ and taking a drink.

    “Ah… probably nothin’,” Nik answered with a pause when his words on the outside of the club doors were long forgotten. His eyes did a sweep through the silhouettes as another beat was transitioned to through the speakers on the other end of the room. It was Brooklyn; he didn’t expect to find a face he knew so easily


    Marius’ eyes were alight to the elder’s laughter, and yet not an ounce of humor was worn on his face. Very seldom was there ever, lest it was twisted by some poor soul’s fate. The body upon the floor was hardly acknowledged beside being a potential mess to avoid as he proceeded into the room. Again, that pale face made no change in expression other than a flinch, even as the Priest doubled over, the vile, viscous fluid resulting dropping onto the floor like a fluid-based shadow. It mixed with the blood that seeped from the corpse that was growing cold.

    Finally, the young man’s nose wrinkled in disgust, just so long as it was out of the elder’s gaze. It wasn’t a sickness, nor disease… but a price. He knew this, the cost of using what was not rightfully one’s own and to great lengths, at that. In the end, a fool would pay a fool’s cost. It was simply a matter of when.

    Yet, admittedly… he had never seen it take form like this. Light blue hues rounded as they widened to the sight; it was not over. His nose wrinkled further, a breath stopped in his chest as he held it from then on. His eyes darted to Devan when he cried out, and rightfully so. Marius’ stare returned to the sight of something creeping up the man’s throat in a violent escape.

    A sickening sound was heard by the time the object hit the ground. As the Lord righted himself, his gaze followed the moving creature with a subtle twitch to the corner of his mouth in detest… as well as a touch of that cynical ‘humor’ that came and went like a ghost on his face. It was gone by the time he would look up.

    The man’s expression quieted to the bitter assumption of the dying man in his throne. His gaze softened in a manner that was almost distraught over the notion… but no. He didn’t particularly revel in being seen through. It wouldn’t matter now… the task was given to the duo whether they wished the other was there or not. Following the rage that came from the Red Priest’s ragged breaths, Marius bowed his head once more in departure. “Yes My Lord,” He responded promptly with a sweetened edge to his tone. The sorcerer then turned. Down the hallway both would be sent.

    “It will not be much longer. Now, will it?” Marius spoke brusquely, his tone oddly calm. Those quiet words echoed privately within the tunnel that both had been sent from. A side glance went to the other man- Devon, was it? A name, a chess piece… one he knew little about, other than his existence. He had all the more reason now to change that.

  • For a brief moment, like the ones of when she was a child again, she was facing every face that once looked at her and sighed like that with thimble fingers rubbing down their face. Upset at a little one's words who were fierce and snappy because dammit, little Alicenne was an angry little girl. She could be set off at any second. She could want pain thrust upon anyone for no reason. Here, now, in this seat, she was facing Payton again, a woman who closely resembled Mrs. Washington here, her same expression. The one looking upon a person as though they were trouble.

    Alice was trouble.

    But that boy was in trouble and she needed his help.

    There was that lingering but that made Alice's lip twitch in distress. She was about to open her own mouth when the sight of Josh, dark and looming, came in through the door with a guilty entrance and he charged his way to the table again.

    Alice's dark eyes snapped to the mouthy chub of a boy in the corner with his phone. She would deal with him later. Right now this was a key point to get Josh to trust here. Mother be damned. She rose up when Melinda did, and grasped the woman by the arm. It wasn't hard, it wasn't sharp, but enough to get her to look at Alice like a reason and not a problem. "If ya keep lookin' an' treatin' him like he has horrors that's all people are gonna see of 'im. Ya need ta let the boy live his life, an' stop bein' scared to hold him back from what could be. No one learns nothin' bein' trapped them whole life." Alice released the woman and stepped back to allow her to leave. 

    While her next words were meant for Melinda, she was speaking them to Josh when he lingered. "Take it from someone who's had ta fight me own demons. I'll be seein' ya, Josh." A promise. A damned promise.


    The dust began to settle after that. And later she tossed her ice cream and followed a certain chubby fuck out of the ice cream shop he was pinned to a wall and his phone snatched cleaned of the video, then promptly thrown into the ground and a $100 shoved into his hand with a silly sweet phrase leaving the Huntress' lips soon after. "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Be a dick an' you'll get yers crushed. Have a good day." 

    From there she left went back to her hotel, then waited for the days to pass by before she was walking through the doors of the group session again like any other normal day. Hopefully, Josh would also be joining this time as well.

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    This is the first Zach has seen Matt speak seriously about his relationship with Emily. In the beginning, it had been puppy-love and things weren't much deeper than that - but it seems things have changed a lot since the last time they spoke. It reminds Zach that it has been a while since he's seen any of his friends and just how much things can change within that period of time. As for himself, he feels more or less the very same. However, the energy up the mountain is so much different now with their most recent memories of this place being the incident. 

    He shouldn't think about that now.

    Zach's gloved hand falls onto Matt's shoulder encouragingly; he sure does hope that his advice won't make things worse. Worst case scenario: Matt blames Zach for a fall out with his girlfriend. The thought makes him tense up further than he already had been from the unbearable cold. Shuddering, Zach's hand slides off Matt's shoulder and the young man throws his head back as he releases a whine, "Ugggghhhh, I'm freezing!" Hopping from one foot to the next, Zach attempts to use movement to help warm his body. 

    "Just looking at you two is making me colder," says Ashley who has been hovering nearby.

    "Are you telling me you're not-" Zach halts mid-sentence. Off in the distance, his eyes catch movement within the snow and between the trees. A shadowy figure moves with lightning speed - limbs elongated and uncomfortable thin for the size of its body. At first, Zach wonders if he is looking at Alex from a distance, but looking at Alex is like looking at a physical manifestation of static. This thing, however, whatever it is, is very much solid and real. Zach's stomach drops - a fear unlike anything he's experienced pierces him at his core. He's seeing things. For a second, he could have sworn it looked right back at him before vanishing again.

    "You okay there bud?" 

    Although Zach clearly hears Josh's voice, he is too focused on searching for the shadow he lost in the distance.

    "Earth to Zachary?" Ashley calls, bringing back Zach's attention to her hands waving near his face. She looks concerned, but he simply smiles back and brushes it off with a cheerful laugh. "Sorry," he says, "I thought I saw something, it must have been a deer." There was no way in Hell that was a deer. Am I going crazy? Another boyish grin is flashed toward Josh belatedly, "I forgot things still live out here in the cold, it spooked me for a second."

    A noise coming from the front door catches Zach's attention and as he turns he sees Chris through the window hunched over the door handle from the inside. A few moments later and the front door swings open revealing a rather proud Chris who exits with his hands out at either side of himself. "Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week -" says Chris, cut off by a baby wolf bolting by him and frightening Chris. Zach laughs along with Sam and Ashley.

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    Zach shakes his head mid-conversation with Matt, sending snowflakes flying off his hair in all sorts of directions. He huddles himself up by wrapping his arms around his torso while he glances off to watch Josh and Chris search for another way inside. One breif look around the group lets him know he's not the only one keen to get out of the snow as soon as possible. Zach nods at Ashley who is nearby on the step, getting her attention before he speaks, "no matter how many times I come up here I can never get used to the cold."

    "No kidding," she replies, exhaling a cloud of her own breath, "my toes are freezing!"

    She shoots a look of concern over to Matt who is wearing a troubled expression despite Zach's attempt to cheer him up. The redhead follows her gaze and peers at his friend once more. He's not sure if it would do any good to continue on prying, but it doesn't matter because Matt is opening up all on his own. Zach breathes in slowly as he listens to Matt speak, then, without warning, he throws a strong arm over the other male's shoulder and pulls him into his side in a kind of bromance hug. "I know what you mean, man," he says sympathetically, "maybe if you try being honest and ask her about things you can work it out?" While he cannot confirm his advice will turn out for the good, Zach really hopes it does for his own sake.



    [Sorry, it's short! There wasn't a whole lot I could do without skipping some stuff and I didn't want to skip without knowing if you wanted to leave some parts in.]

  • Sensing he’d just better leave it be, Nik did just that. He was content enough with the happiness of the other’s reaction and the imagery of the happier story it could’ve been. A hint of sadness was enough to let it go for the time being; they weren’t drinking to be depressed after all, were they? It didn’t matter- they were heading out. They had bigger things to do and more exciting locations to be than his place.

    Nikolas stepped out the door with relative ease despite what had happened when night rolled around the day before. Whether he knew something that Josh didn’t, or was simply that unconcerned by it all. Out the door they went, heading down the hallway with care to not disturb whoever was likely asleep… or bumping into the walls on their way down, falling down the stairs? Who knew. The dark greeted them just as soon as they had exited the apartment complex’ final doors. The air outside was chilled but manageable enough seeing that they wouldn’t be walking for far. It was a matter of heading over to the next street or so and flagging down a cab at the same stretch of road that Nik was used to.

    Once he had flagged one down, the procedure was all the same. Slide in, holler your destination, and sit back. Music hummed lowly on the radio as they were moving, Nikolas’ eyes out the window. Being a smoker himself at times, the interior wouldn’t bother him, nor would he expect anything less. The city could only keep so much under control with the population they had. Better to expect surprises and hope for the best, than to be surprised in the first place.

    After they’d gotten out, it was the short couple blocks where they might feel the bass coming from inside the building. The line was moving along at a casual pace, pausing only for chit chat with the bouncer when the door would open. It seemed with every passing occupant, there were no surprises on whether they would get in or not. As they waited, Nik propped a shoulder against the wall and glanced back to Josh.

    “I worked at…” The toe of his shoe tapped once or twice as he thought. “I worked at a pizza place for a little while. Till I got tired of it. But anything money-wise, any assistance, it would’ve stopped if I weren’t working within a few months or so. I’ve been working at the record shop since, but I might be getting a gig to DJ on the weekends. I don’t know yet.” He shrugged. “College was… the idea. Not all ideas work out though. What were you-”

    The question was cut short when there was laughter from the man guarding the door. Standing at a demanding 6’6”, the African American man was waiting by the door for the two to approach. Decked out in street clothes that looked as if they hadn’t truly seen a street for longer than a day, there was no questioning whether the club was surviving or not.

    “Nikki! What’re you doin’ out here? Playing again tonight?”

    “Nah… we’re just coming in for the night. Are you guys still good for-”

    Cut off again, the man gave a deep-chested laugh and the door swung open for them. “Yeeeea, we’re still good for it. Go on.”

    Nikolas cracked a grin and offered thanks before he’d usher Josh in first, following after. Once they had entered, music blared from the opposite end of the room. A short hallway opened up to what was a standing bar, fully stocked down to the charismatic bartender that was going from one end to the other. Lights above covered the space in a red glow. There still remained a few spaces left open. Most heads were turned toward what else the surprisingly large space held. The vibrations from the music could be felt through the floorboards practically as a DJ behind the mixing booth was playing that was in rhythm to make one’s heart race along with it. Along the outside of the space were open booths for seating, a thin rail separating them from the dance floor where through strobing lights, people were moving regardless of how close they were to their neighbors.

    Familiar enough with the setting, he tapped Josh’s arm and then made his way over toward the bar to find an open space. A drink was in order before anything else.


    The nature of his business in such a place was merely that. Business. Fools spoke of loyalty when one could question whether their lives were put into it, or not… no matter. Whoever was on the receiving end of the Lord’s outcry down the tunnel’s path would be giving their life whether they held true loyalty or not. ‘Failure’ was as sharp of a word as the actual act could be on one’s record. From the dark, the man had paused his steps after the sound rung out from deep down the murky, underground corridor.

    His steps proceeded with near silence, taking his sweet time as the man listened to the pleading. It ended with a sudden splitting sound through the air as the firing of a gun was inevitable as the man’s begging picked up its pace near the end. For a moment after the sound echoed off, Marius’ footsteps halted in consideration of what lies ahead.

    A wicked smile twisted its way across his lips for just a fleeting moment. His thoughts were shaken aside with a continuation of his apathetic gaze. His footsteps carried on thereafter. The closer he grew to the end of the corridor, he heard the coughs strangled out of the old man’s throat. In time, he let his footsteps grow louder, deliberate. No need in adding shock a space already filled with tension.

    “My Lord…” The man’s tone was made soothing as he appeared around the corner. Clad in black so to match his surroundings, his hands were settled into the pockets of a trench coat that overtook most of his form. Dark locks were swept to the side and out of his face. His hands left his pockets as pensive brown hues studied the scene, taking care to the figure upon the ground and the blood that was traveling from its source. The man seemed worse for wear himself as Devan still hovered yet from aiding. “Are you alright?” He questioned with concern clear in his tone. A glance flickered to Devan carefully.

  • Boyscout no more, …not that he hadn’t been using his resources as of late. Whatever visualization the other had taken of the younger version, it was bound to hold something similar to the memories in Nikolas’ own head. The memories were safe ones, anyway. Something he could look back to where it wouldn’t send him thinking any deeper on his childhood. An exhale left his lips and another drink was taken. Slowed to a state of ease where he sat, his eyes shifted to the phone’s screen and the matter at hand.

    Taking what he could from the photo, summing it up in those simple words, Josh’s own eyes seemed to flash different emotions as they went from one photo to the next until it had suddenly been found. Whether Nik knew much about it for himself or not, it brought a smile to the corner of his mouth for the other.

    “Better to live a rom-com than to watch one I guess, or somethin’ like that.” Again. What the hell did he know, anyway? The phone retreated and he was left to remember from there on. As he posed the question, he let it set in the open air until it was destined to either be answered or shut down.

    “That was…” Filling part of the silence caused by Josh’s pause, his eyes were on the ceiling. “What. Nine years? Ten?” Hastily doing the math, Nik’s brain was in no position to go double checking it. The fact of the matter was, it was quite a while. Longer than he knew a lot of people anymore in general. He took a drink as he waited for the other to continue on with it.

    “So you weren’t even interested at first?” He quirked a brow. Moving on from it, a grin was cracked at the corner of his mouth. “Better a little weird than normal I guess.” If only the story had stopped there; he’d come to know soon that it wouldn’t.

    The grin sobered up as he spoke of the back-and-forth ordeal it turned out to be. By the end, waiting for where it all shook out, he took one last drink to empty his glass and set it down. “Better than nothing I guess… if she’s cool enough to be around then there’s that. Never know, you might have a chance again sometime.” It was all he could say, or so Nik thought, moving onto their next plans in mind.

    With an exhale he stood up after the other, leaving the couch vacant for whatever next adventure might come. The cups were abandoned for where they’d likely sit until the next morning, the remote reached for lazily in order to turn the TV off. Nikolas pulled a jacket off the back of the recliner in the room and tossed it over his shoulders hastily. A snicker followed. “Better hurry,” He agreed. Soon enough they were out the door and club-bound as soon as they’d leave the building.


    Once more Nik parked himself in the back of a taxi, far less concerned of the vehicle’s shape nor the cigarette hanging from their driver’s mouth, front window cracked to cause a chill in the back seat. Another few blocks to go, and he had alerted the man of just where they needed to be dropped off. “Just off Manhattan Ave somewhere. Soon as you can.” A wallet was pulled out soon after in wait.

    The cab stopped in what were now the streets of Brooklyn. Once they had been ushered out, Nikolas’ eyes did a sweep before they landed on a line of businesses… then he started walking. Hulling his hands into his jacket pockets (still about the only thing in his wardrobe that was actually his), he would lead Josh blindly down a couple blocks until he was happy with the one they had landed on.

    "About there, not much further." So he promised, and they'd receive. A short stretch of the block without a sign stood out midst the businesses around it. Black panels ‘decorated’ the outside, a bizarre, worn down mural of a set of eyes among them, peering out at the viewers alongside the unmarked front door they seemed to guard. While there was no sign to be seen, the humming of the music could be heard faintly from the exterior. A short line of people were still lingering in wait for entry; soon enough they would join it. “The place is called Good Room… I can get us in. My boss lady tossed me a gig from ‘em, I manned the music a while back, is all.” Nik shrugged and leaned against the outer wall. “They still have my name on the list, 'said come back anytime.”

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