"Lead the way, cochise!"

  //I'm gonna go ahead and start off by saying that, if you haven't played the video game 'Until Dawn', and wish to play without any spoilers, then I will warn you that there are SPOILERS AHEAD!//




 Name: Joshua "Josh"  Washington

 Born: 1995 3d October

 Age: 22

 Species: Human

 Gender: Male

 Nationality: American

 Eye colour: Green

 Skin colour: Caramel

 Hair colour: Dark brown

 Marital status: Single

 Occupation: College dropout



      "I DID something!

I made you believe in the world I created, and I showed you parts of yourself you were too afraid to visit!"   

            - Josh Washington 




The son of successful film director Bob Washington and passionate social rights activist Melinda Washington, Josh enjoyed a luxurious childhood thanks to his father's wealth and as an adult, he still recalls their yearly summer retreats to Blackwood Pines and the baseball games he played with his family on the lawn of their mountain lodge, side by side with his sisters, mum and dad.

However, his happiness didn't last, his parents became more and more preoccupied in their work, which left Josh feeling neglected. As a result, Josh formed a very close bond with his sisters, Hannah and Beth, relying on them for the emotional support his parents could not provide.


Bildresultat för josh washington passed out

-Chris "You know how Josh and I meet? OK, third grade, Josh sat in the back of the room, I sat in the front. We didn't even know each other existed. But the kid sitting next to Josh started strap snapping the training bra on the girl in front of him, so the teacher made him move to the front - where I was sitting!"

-Sam"Okay so?"

-Chris "So I got moved to the back!"


-Chris "And next to Josh, that's how me meet.

And became friends. To this day!"

Sam-"A match made in heaven."


In third grade Josh meet and befriended classmate Christopher Hartley, eventually drawing him, and his sisters into a larger circle of friends consisting of Samantha, Mike, Jessica, Emily, Ashley, Matthew and Zach.

He and Chris would basically grow up together, spending many weekends and days together. Dialogue between the two suggest they went through a sort of pyromanic phase sometime growing up as they mentioned deliberately setting fire on things or melting dolls using a makeshift flamethrower. 

After an "incident" at school, Josh was referred to a psychiatrist in 2006 and was wrongly diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. Over the course of the next few years, he was referred to a number of other medical professionals and prescribed a number of antidepressant drugs; often, the effects of the drugs tapered or simply failed to help Josh at all, forcing his doctors to change prescriptions. By 2013, he was self-medicating with progressively larger doses of Amitriptyline in a desperate attempt to improve his mental health.

During the fateful winter getaway at Blackwood Pines, Josh spent most of the evening partying and getting drunk with Chris, his best friend, and as a result he was not included, nor aware of the prank his friends played on Hannah, and was left passed out on the kitchen counter while his twin sisters left the lodge, never to be seen again.

Josh took the disappearance of his sisters very badly.

Medical records from around this time suggest he came dangerously close to committing suicide, and his ongoing state of delirium quickly resulted in him being committed to Oceanview Hospital for observation while his current doctor, Alan Hill, considered possible treatments. Though Josh was discharged two weeks later with a new prescription of Phenelzine, he had changed for the worst: though outwardly good-humored and sociable as ever, he had become obsessed with the idea of solving every single one of his problems simultaneously. This is where he came up with the one thing that he knew would solve his problems. The prank.

Drawing upon his family's wealth and his father's contacts among practical effects artists, he spent most of the year planning, designing and commissioning the props necessary for his grand prank.

Eventually, he returned to Blackwood Pines and rigged the Washington lodge with all the props necessary for the ultimate practical joke - including video cameras to ensure that the events would be recorded and uploaded to the Internet.

He then invited his friends back to the mountain for another winter getaway.

Josh had planned for anything, arranging everything from animatronic ghosts to fake bodies, even creating evidence of a slasher villain. He himself played the part of this particular character who came to be known only as 'THE PSYCHO'. However he had no desire to actually kill them, and carefully designed his pranks to ensure that nobody would actually be hurt by them.

After having had his 'fun', he reveals himself as the mastermind behind it all, and confronted by his friends, Josh reveals the details of his prank, gloating how well he fooled them and boasting of how the uploaded footage will make them Internet sensations. Mike, enraged and believing that Josh is responsible for Jessica's death, knocks him unconscious; after tying his hands, Mike and Chris drag him to the shack, intending to keep him there until they can call the police, all the while ignoring Josh's protestations of innocence. As the confrontation goes on, Josh's behavior begins to degenerate: already high-strung and prone to grandiose bragging, he slowly declines further into madness, first into increasingly crazed denials, then vicious insults aimed at his captors, before finally dissolving into deranged, barely-coherent mumbling. Chris departs, saddened, leaving Mike on guard.


          "Hello children..." 


During this time, Emily is fleeing from the Wendigo, making it back to the lodge, her screams get carried as far as the shack, prompting Mike to investigate - leaving Josh behind in the process. Soon after, the Stranger arrives to explain the true nature of the threat on the mountain, introducing the group to the concept of the Wendigo. Too late, Mike realizes that Josh has been left alone in the Wendigo's hunting ground, prompting Chris - accompanied by the Stranger - to attempt a rescue: however, on reaching the shack, they find it deserted and covered in blood; presuming Josh dead, the two of them leave - only to be ambushed by the Wendigo. The Stranger is instantly decapitated, and Chris is forced to retreat to the lodge. After this, the Wendigo drags an unconscious Josh into the forest. Refusing to wait until dawn to escape and knowing that the cable car won't work without Josh's keys, Mike resolves to find him. Meanwhile, Josh is dragged into the abandoned mines and deposited in the Wendigo's lair.

There, abandoned by his hallucination of Dr Hill, Josh suffers a complete mental breakdown: taunted on all sides by the voices of his psychiatrist, his sisters, his friends, and even himself, he swings wildly between fear, grief and utter despair as his mental health rapidly deteriorates. His hallucinations take a dark turn, confronting him with the animated corpses of his sisters, Hannah encouraging him to join them, Beth blaming him for their deaths.

While hallucinating giant pig's heads, showers of intestines, the skinned bodies of his sisters and giant Wendigos, Josh is finally located by Sam and Mike - the latter of whom is able to bring Josh back to reality by slapping him across the face. Upon realizing that his friends are with him, he willingly hands over the cable car keys. Sam then proceeds to tell Josh about Hannah, and that she had been down in the mines for a long time, something that later on saves Josh's life.

And though Sam is able to climb out of the cavern on her own, Mike clearly recognizes that Josh won't be able to climb in his current condition, and decides to help him find another way out. However while wading through an underground lake, they are ambushed by Wendigo Hannah and Mike is dragged under the water and flung aside while the creature attacks Josh, who noticed the butterfly tattoo on the Wendigo's shoulder, and realized that the creature is actually his sister, Hannah.

He cries out her name and Hannah, apparently recognized her brother and choose to spare his life, but she nonetheless drags her screaming brother Josh back to her lair where he remains until the next day.

"Is there anyone out there? ANYONE?! Help me. I-I'm all alone..."





Josh is a human, and as such possesses no superhuman powers beside the average strength of a man in his twenties who work outs occasionally.

He does have an incredibly keen intellect, and is able to concoct complicated plots, learn quickly, and solve problems in a heartbeat. He also has a wide knowledge of special and make up effects, and knows how to work electronics. He is shown to be able to create movie quality props and complicated devices like saw traps, holographic imagery and has even realistically pulled off faking his own death.


He also has basic medical knowledge and knows how to properly and safely administer sedatives as well as various other medical practices.


Josh's father owned multiple firearms so growing up Josh has trained himself to be an expert marksman, rarely missing his target.




Appearance wise, Josh has short chocolate-brown hair, much like his sisters Hannah and Beth.

He has a caramel complexion and emerald green eyes, and is often thought of as very attractive.

Josh's interactions with others tend to be humorous, and generally very positive in nature. He cares deeply for his friends and acts as a brotherly figure to Chris, and loves taking the helm, organizing cool events and making sure that everybody has an awesome time, and that no one feels excluded. His dreams of following in his father's footsteps in becoming a film producer make him very knowledgeable about special effects and movie props and as such, he constantly uses phrases and words from movies, indicating that he is a big lover of movies in general. He is a also a charitable person, and isn't stingy about sharing

Josh definitely has a bit of a party-animal streak (honed in his freshman year of college), but his warm and friendly personality will win everybody around in the end. Sadly, however, there are more to be added. Despite being an extremely extroverted individual, radiating with positivity and happiness, Joshua has another, darker side. 

He was diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder when he was 11 years old and has been taking anti-depressants ever since.

His actual problem however wasn't depression, but Schizophrenia, a brain disorder. Schizophrenia is characterized by a disassociation from reality. Its symptoms are visual and auditory hallucinations, delusions, social withdrawal/paranoia, and disorganized speech.

Josh is extremely unstable at times, and even attempted suicide after the death of his sisters.


//This is where I stray from the original ending of 'Until Dawn', as I felt distressed that there were but two choices for my boy Josh. Either his head is caved in by his wendigo sister, or he's taken away into the mines, where he'll be left alone with nothing but his hunger, eventually resort to cannibalism, and turn into a wendigo himself.

So I felt that Josh deserved a second chance at life.  Because at the end of the day, he is a victim too.

GameTheory explains it best in this video. Please, do watch.

In my mind Josh survives, and THIS is what really happened.


Surviving the horror at Blackwood Mountain, a broken and lamenting Josh returns to 'Oceanview Hospital' after having broken down during police interrogation regarding the 'killer on Blackwood Pines' and during questioning he confesses to everything, telling them that he was in fact 'the killer', and that it had all been an elaborate prank, and that he was sorry for having played said 'prank'. No charges were brought against him, but he was given a court order to undergo psychiatric treatment as well as monthly psychiatric evaluations.

Despite bleeding himself dry of apologies and pointing out his terribly remorse, and despite the fact that both Sam, Chris and Mike, as well as Jessica, all came to visit him at the hospital, he still feels as though his friends will never trust him again, or that he is worthy of their trust even.

Eventually, Joshua was released and prescribed a new set of medicines designed to help his actual problem, schizophrenia.

Plagued with guilt and still haunted by the past he remains more than often locked away inside of his room.

"I-I didn't want ANY of this to happen, I swear! It's not w-what I wanted...

You were not supposed to leave. Not supposed to leave me...leave me all alone. I'm...I'm lonely. So alone.

Please...FORGIVE ME, I'm so, SO sorry!

I'm sorry for what I did, I-I can't tell you how sorry I am and, and I wish I could undo all of this craziness...-

-...No. P-please don't go again. Please don't leave me...PLEASE!?"




  • His dream job is to be a film producer.
  • He loves his family, his friends, and hates being bossed around.
  • He is voted most likely to work in the film industry.
  • In ten years, he sees himself having a good time.
  • Josh's favorite quote is by Francis Ford Coppola: "It takes no imagination to live within your means."
  • His highest traits are funny, charitable, and curious.
  • His lowest traits are brave, romantic, and honest.
  • Josh DID experiment during college. Exclusively with Chris, and a lot of alcohol involved. Nuff said. 
  • Josh's family is thoroughly detailed here:
  • Josh's friendships are detailed here



"Five, girl! Yeah!"

  • My character is a frail little human, with little to no real combat experience so I'd ask that you do not permanently maim him.  Beyond that, feel free to beat him to a bloody pulp. He can take it.
  • Please use grammar when engaging in a roleplay with me, as it is very dear to my heart.
  • 21+ Content. There will be gore, drugs, and....thangs.
  •  I won't always be on. I have a full time job and a LOT on my plate at home. So, please, be patient and I will get to you. Promise, bro. If, however, you think I've forgotten, give me a little nudge. I'm only human.
  • Have fun, and remember to ship either JoshxChris, or JoshxSam! It's climbing class vs Jossam!



"A tiny butterfly flapping it's wings today may lead to a devastating hurricane weeks from now."

My roleplays has the butterfly effect.

Even the tiniest of action could have catastrophic consequences later on in the storyline.



Just a prank, HAN!CHAPTER II

Just a Prank, HAN! CHAPTER I

Nightly Horror


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  • "Ya would have never known. Nobody would have." Alice went on gently as if to calm him. "I don' talk in them sessions too ya have to realize. Am just... there... Am there cause they tell me to an' because people think that because they cannae'no' deal with ya they're thinkin' if they shove ya off to some other loony's an' a person they think cannae control em they call it good. Call it safe." 

    She hated that when she was looked at like she was a murderer. Payton and Maria always breathing down her neck, assuming that she did the worst. How the hell was a happy little four year old going to go off and just kill her parents and mysteriously allow her sister to go missing, huh? Why would anyone ever believe such a disgusting story? But they did, they all did. It was like in some odd way her life was channeled into some sick fantasy of someone that just wanted to see her suffer and fall. See her cry. She wouldn't allow herself to, not to the wrong people If you show weakness out there in the real world it will tare and break you down, there wasn't any going back from it. Josh clearly allowed them to get to him, and that left him in this state now.

    "Obviously it don' wark that way. People here, in the group, they're gonna give ya a gold star an' pat yer head fer talkin' an' soon call ya good a lil while later. If they really wanted to help ya they'd get someone good, someone to talk to ya an' actually see why things happened the way that they did. They would want to help ya. No' deign to." She could find some sympathy in her shrunken heart cope and understand him. She knew what it felt like too. "Yer no mare of a marderer than I am. Sure, the prank was brutal. An' people like the gossip, throw names an' break ya down. If yer parents understood ya they would understand. Then again, am an orphan I don' have any family but you, you have em ya love em, but sometimes ya don' need em. Ya cannae find yerself if yer lettin' others rule over what yer mindset is, ya gotta figure that one oot on yer own."

    After all that talking she took a couple bites of her too sweet of Irish ice cream. Paused, then sighed. 

    "Sorry, I was ramblin' I do that sometimes." She smiled, this one was a little more genuine than before. "Guess what am tryin' to say is, an' its cliche, but be who ya wanna be. Silver linin' of all that? Ya found out what happened. Ya found the truth. Closure helps. I still don' know why me parents were killed the way they were, an' someone who cannae tell me won't. It sucks. It really does. I let it drive me to find out meself though. Keeps me goin'. S maybe, ya just need somethin' to drive you?"

  • {Fair enough.  Hello yourself ;) }

  • Derry, Maine, 2017.

    Rain. A common sight in the small town often forgotten admist the great cities of America. The pitter patter of harsh droplets hit the streets, quiet and tranquil for the first time in a long time. This town, while not bustling as somewhere like New York, had a certain livelihood that was calmed in the times of rain. If mass disappearances and homicide could be considered livelihood, Derry was as alive as Vegas. Decades of unfortunate events plagued the past of the tiny town, bursts of violent activity marking each page in its history. Whether it was homicide due to rampant homophobia, or bombs planted during an Easter egg hunt, the town faced its share of darkness that complimented the darkness of the storm. Those who didn't leave due to the toxicity of the neighbourhood, disappeared from existence. Most went without a sound, no body, no evidence, not even a hair, as if they had disappeared from the earth entirely. Some, such as the case of Georgie Denbrough, was left mutilated on the streets on a dark rainy day.

    The death of Georgie marked an ominous time in Derry's history. An event that marked something significant, as if something long asleep was awakening once again. Whether Derry knew it or not, the cycle rooted in its history had begun once again. Like the waves of an ocean, violence and calm came and went, periods of calm being interrupted by abrupt outbursts of violence. 27 years ago, with the death of Georgie Denbrough, marked the beginning of disappearances so common to Derry. Yet, even with the common tragedies of deaths and disappearances in Derry...no one spoke of it. Invesitgations always fell short. Neighbours didn't talk. Only passive condolences and funerals for those long lost. Then, everyone went back on their way, not taking mind to those lost and the possibility that they could instead join the body count. It was a way of life accepted, as if it were a cult. Derry, unlike any other town in America, was seemingly oblivious to their own demises.

    Rain. It was what welcomed Josh and the others that decided to join. An escape of the horrors faced in that cabin so long ago. The trauma of the unexplained being left behind, and instead choosing to spend time in a town infamous for hidden tragedy. Marking their arrival, was the rain that washed the scattered newspapers by the stands outside stores, headline words blurred in the muddled ink:


    A welcome mat for awful events to come, often ignored by those in Derry, or the passive "that's too bad" from Americans that were used to the violence. What would be considered an unfortunate event for many, it marked the awakening of a long-sleeping beast. Those caught in the rain passed glances at the cars that rolled in to the town, a mix of bewilderment and resentment for those who decided to join the masses in Derry. Whether or not they would find peace in this town after the events in that cabin, or if their faces fell on Missing posters as well, only time would tell.

  • Well, that's a new hallucination I've never seen before


  • "Hiya, Joshy! Would you like a balloon? I've got so so so many colors to choose from! I've got red...and yellow, and even blue and green! Would you like one, wouldn't you Joshy?"

  • Seeing eye to eye with Sam, Zach can't help but smile at her sympathetically. He doesn't share the same relationship that she has with Josh, but he understands what this means to him and what it means to everybody else. The relentless weather that drives Sam to dust the snow off her is still the same as it had been last year. And yet, there is something distinctly different brewing in tonight's storm. It could very well be as Sam has said. This place is now a haunted graveyard filled with things of the past. Ghosts travel through the thickening snow bedding, wisps of their shadowy longing echoing behind them.

    Zach shivers. Without enough movement to keep his muscles warm the cold is as unforgiving as ever. He hugs his arms to his chest, feeling the thickness of his jacket fold in the centre. Tonight is colder than he remembers the mountain being in the past - but Zach could be getting softer. The allure of frostbite and chattering teeth never appealed to him in the first place. It took a lot of convincing for him to come here for the first time, and although he complained the entire time about how cold he was, he came every time after that.

    "Sure, anything," he says. The cold has snuck up to his cheeks, seeping into the bone and chilling all the way down to the bone so that when he speaks, his mouth feels drowsy and uncooperative. 

    Zach's face softens when Sam mentions the newly developed couple. His lack of surprise indicates that he is already aware of the news. Given his close relationship with Matt, it's to be expected. As if he were guilty of something, Zach drops his head to look at the snow that has fallen on him. Finally, he says, "Yeah. The last thing we need is more tension and fighting."

    As it's brought to his attention that Chris has fallen out of sight, Zach does a quick scan of the are by performing a 360 pivot. None of the trees or sleepy wildlife is willing to give up the blonde's location. When he looks back to Sam, he gives her both a playful smile and a shrug. Yet, when he steps away from their small huddled area and back onto the pathway, the forest is eerily quiet and unwelcoming. Zach dares to take a few steps up the track, head leaning forward to peer around the corner, "Yo, Chris?" He calls out.

    No reply.

    "Chris?" He calls again. Silence.

    Zach turns around a dead tree trunk when Chris comes out of nowhere and unexpectedly says, "I found Josh." Surprised, Zach falls back a few steps and catches his breath with one hand clutched over his heart. Chris laughs - gaining a victory over an unplanned jump scare while Zach tries to recollect his dropped pride. "Dude!" Zach groans.

  • Poor Josh. His mind was trapped within the ‘what if’ and the notion of what was to happen as far as the ‘tomorrow’. Nikolas, on the other hand? He had already picked out what he was drinking. Possible locations, what the hell was going on. The alternative came as a night spent at home in silence. Maybe throw some music on, play some Smash Bros for the fourth night in a row like it hadn’t become all too predictable since he’d bought it. He’d check his phone far too regularly for the text of a certain Hunter- one he’d been waiting for since what was a couple weeks now.

    A sleepless night spent, at that. Tossing and turning at best, with things going on his head that he remembered only as murky. Troubling, regardless. Liquor and bullshitting with Josh beat it all, hands down. Like the extroverted person he was, he clung wholeheartedly to the idea.

    A laugh came to Josh’s impersonation, a shit-eating grin left on his face in effect. “Of course,” He responded in a tone that was far too formal for his own. It did the job regardless. A party it was. Maybe a much-needed one in his mind.


    Out and onto the streets he went. After holding the door he let it slip from his fingertips, taking his long strides down the sidewalk. He looked about as if there were nothing different about the day. Taking in every person, speculating and contemplating the whole ordeal… well, there were more than a few people in the city. Subconsciously it exhausted him to even try and delve into. Josh was a rubber band pulled to its tightest capacity. Nikolas? Not even a tug on it.

    Waiting up after he held the door for the woman, he waited ever so patiently for the question at hand. His rude awakening that afternoon was freshly replayed in his mind.

     “Yeah..? I tied my shoes once. Been slipping them on ever since so I don’t know what that says about me.” Nikolas retorted with what was a stupid grin on his face. So maybe he couldn’t be proud of that one, it wouldn’t stop him. “But, still… if we do you should still leave her a message. Something, y’know? Just… so she knows you’re alright.” Nik suggested lightly, a shrug of his shoulders. If all went wrong as it possibly could, the next meeting with the woman might not go as smoothly. He could still hope. He walked onward for several strides of his own before they felt somehow all too silent. Glancing back, slowing up, he waited for Josh to catch up fully, not having to for long before he had done so.

    Crouching down to the storm drain, once the object had slipped from his fingers, it vanished into the depths below with the echo of what had become of it. He dwelled upon the action for a moment or so before his hands propped themselves on his knees and he rose to his feet. Once standing, he took a glance around. To any he made eye contact with, he looked just as questioning as they were, causing most if not all to turn and keep walking.

    Afterward, his eyes turned to Josh, walking off from the edge of the sidewalk. His brow raised, listening along to whatever advice was to come until- Nikolas snorted. A laugh left his chest. “That’s…” A hand raised to sweep his hair back, still snickering. “You’re right, sure. That’s exactly what I need.” Sarcasm dripped from his words.

  • She didn't like to be studied like that, she was the person who did that, but she could see that he was trying on doing just that. He was looking too hard for something that he would not find; was he searching for an answer to what she was and what she was trying to accomplish by talking with him? Was she trying to figure her out as why she would be speaking to him now? She would have found it amusing if she wasn't the one who was trying to get him in the first place.

    "Knowin' what the paper be sayin' c'mpared t'what really happen'd to ya in there is different. I want t' knoo yer side. How ya went aboot somethin' like that. They only let oot so many police reparts. Somethin' aboot monsters. Am curious of that." She gave another one of those plastic smiles and sank away as though it were too much for her to ask. Shyly she portrayed innocents to the question and turned her eyes down. "Ya might find me mare crazy fer askin' aboot them. But am a believer of the strange in the world," she brought back up those chocolate eyes. "No one's gonna believe that there were actually things down there. But I do, I believe ya, an' am really interested t'know. Ya have noo idea!" She played it as excitement. Spunk him up. She didn't want to know about his sisters. Well, she did, but she wanted to know more than that. The personal relationships with others and him, not him or his friends were cared for by he. She wanted the nit and gritty of the situation.

    Most importantly, if there really were Wendigoes. It was her job to know, and she would do her god damn best to get that out of him in the most sweetest ways that she could before dropping the bomb of the truth on why she was really here. She was devoted to her job. She would not have wasted weeks coming into the sessions with him, watching and waiting for that perfect moment to strike in order to do it if it wasn't so.

    His brazen raise of voice almost sparked Alice's own anger to fire up again. She was trying to keep a good picture here, clean, innocent, sweet. Ready to take in what this guy had to say in the most satisfying of ways. To convince, to welcome him in. Her jaw worked to control such an anger and she smiled, even leaning in closer to him over the table, over the ice cream. Her arrow shaped lips pursed than she said, using as much feminine power as she could behind the steller face she knew she sported. Her lips parted, leaving only him to hear. He earned a bit of truth about herself, not all of her was a lie.

    "No, but I was sent off to the loony bin because I killed me parents." Pause for effect, let him calculate that. Was it working? She then leaned back with a chime of laughter, if she laughed often it might be nice to hear, but it was alien even for herself for it to come out. "Er, that's what people thought of me. Me parents were murdered, an' me sister kidnapped when I was four. An' fer some reason they thought I did it. Mum and da were eaten to all hell an' I cried fer em, an' when I got help I really was shipped to the loony bin. Grew up with everyone tellin' me I was a marderer an' was crazy." She cocked her head, the waves of her hair bouncing against her shoulder. "No' everyone is crazy, some are made that way. So yeah, I have anger problems, but,  it wasn't me who started them. It was them." She looked down to the linoleum-tiled floor thoughtfully. "I knoo what it feels like to have people look at ya like yer a problem. I grew up with it me whole life." Alice leered up to him through her lashes. "Maybe not a similar predicament, but... similar in ways."

  • Beth was skeptical as hell. Her eyes shift to her twin’s form, who was lapping up Josh’s lies like they were truths. A sigh escapes her lips; because of course Hannah wouldn’t question shit. “Dad and Mom’s room sounds good.” Beth concluded, and Hannah nodded. “Yeah! It’s been forever since we’ve slept there. Thanks for helping, big brother.” Hannah added on, pushing up her glasses. “Night-” The twins said in unison, watching Josh go upstairs.

    Upstairs, to were Sam was. Sammy’s thoughts kept her up, fear of rejection from Josh’s family if they knew, but those fears melted away as soon as she heard Josh’s voice. A laugh, deep from her chest, flutters into the air. “My butt? I like it too, but I think I like yours better.” Her tone was slightly tired, but happy. She rolled to make room for Josh, laying on her side, blankets twisted around her form. Only a small bed hog.

    “How’d it go?” What she means to ask is if the twins knew now, but she didn’t want to pressure that. It wasn’t like they were a couple. No, her brain rationalized that they were both drunk, and these things happen… right? Right. Must have been the tension after Josh got punched.

    Suddenly, she wondered if Chris set this up. Sly fox, she and Josh were supposed to be setting Chris up with Ashley! Guess that didn’t work out.

  • Sam had been leaning against a wooden beam, her face heating up with Josh’s cheeky wink, but a small shake of her head happened as she spotted Ashley leaving the kitchen. “What’s up Ash, I thought you were gonna be in the kitchen with Chris?” Sammy mumbled to Ash. Ash gave her an embarrassed smile.

    “I told him I was gonna check on how the fire was going. It’s so cold outside! Would you wanna cover for me now?” Ashley replied. Sam let out an exhale, and just moved to go to the kitchen to take Ashley’s place.

    If Sam had stayed long enough to see that Josh had started the fire, she may have made a comment about how he was like a silly caveman playing with a lighter, in a playful tone of course. But instead, she greeted Chris with a “Hey copandre! Need help wrapping up the tacos?” and a pat on the back.

    Chris just coughed slightly into his sleeve at the pat and gestured outwards to what would be dinner. Lots of tacos, that was for sure. “I’ll take these out and set them at the dining table. Grab a few drinks out of the refrigerator, alright Sam?” He said.

    Sam grinned and turned to the fridge, pulling out the cold six pack of beer that Mike or someone must have gotten. She returned to where Josh and Ashley where. “I guess you were somewhat right about me breaking out the drinks.” Sammy joked, setting them on the coffee table before plopping down onto the couch. “Tacos are ready too. I saw Chris bring them out.”

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