"Lead the way, cochise!"

  //I'm gonna go ahead and start off by saying that, if you haven't played the video game 'Until Dawn', and wish to play without any spoilers, then I will warn you that there are SPOILERS AHEAD!//





 Name: Joshua "Josh"  Washington

 Born: 1995 3d October

 Age: 23

 Species: Human

 Gender: Male

 Nationality: American

 Eye colour: Green

 Skin colour: Caramel

 Hair colour: Dark brown

 Marital status: Single

 Occupation: College dropout



      "I DID something!

I made you believe in the world I created, and I showed you parts of yourself you were too afraid to visit!"   

            - Josh Washington 




The son of successful film director Bob Washington and passionate social rights activist Melinda Washington, Josh enjoyed a luxurious childhood thanks to his father's wealth and as an adult, he still recalls their yearly summer retreats to Blackwood Pines and the baseball games he played with his family on the lawn of their mountain lodge, side by side with his sisters, mum and dad.

However, his happiness didn't last, his parents became more and more preoccupied in their work, which left Josh feeling neglected. As a result, Josh formed a very close bond with his sisters, Hannah and Beth, relying on them for the emotional support his parents could not provide.


Bildresultat för josh washington passed out

- Chris "You know how Josh and I meet? OK, third grade, Josh sat in the back of the room, I sat in the front. We didn't even know each other existed. But the kid sitting next to Josh started strap snapping the training bra on the girl in front of him, so the teacher made him move to the front - where I was sitting!"

- Sam"Okay so?"

- Chris "So I got moved to the back!"

- Sam"And?"

- Chris "And next to Josh, that's how me meet.

And became friends. To this day!"

- Sam"A match made in heaven."


In third grade Josh meet and befriended classmate Christopher Hartley, eventually drawing him, and his sisters into a larger circle of friends consisting of Samantha, Mike, Jessica, Emily, Ashley, Matthew.

He and Chris would basically grow up together, spending many weekends and days together. Dialogue between the two suggest they went through a sort of pyromanic phase sometime growing up as they mentioned deliberately setting fire on things or melting dolls using a makeshift flamethrower. 

After an "incident" at school, Josh was referred to a psychiatrist in 2006 and was wrongly diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. Over the course of the next few years, he was referred to a number of other medical professionals and prescribed a number of antidepressant drugs; often, the effects of the drugs tapered or simply failed to help Josh at all, forcing his doctors to change prescriptions. By 2013, he was self-medicating with progressively larger doses of Amitriptyline in a desperate attempt to improve his mental health.

During the fateful winter getaway at Blackwood Pines, Josh spent most of the evening partying and getting drunk with Chris, his best friend, and as a result he was not included, nor aware of the prank his friends played on Hannah, and was left passed out on the kitchen counter while his twin sisters left the lodge, never to be seen again.

Josh took the disappearance of his sisters very badly.

Medical records from around this time suggest he came dangerously close to committing suicide, and his ongoing state of delirium quickly resulted in him being committed to Oceanview Hospital for observation while his current doctor, Alan Hill, considered possible treatments. Though Josh was discharged two weeks later with a new prescription of Phenelzine, he had changed for the worst: though outwardly good-humored and sociable as ever, he had become obsessed with the idea of solving every single one of his problems simultaneously. This is where he came up with the one thing that he knew would solve his problems. The prank.

Drawing upon his family's wealth and his father's contacts among practical effects artists, he spent most of the year planning, designing and commissioning the props necessary for his grand prank.

Eventually, he returned to Blackwood Pines and rigged the Washington lodge with all the props necessary for the ultimate practical joke - including video cameras to ensure that the events would be recorded and uploaded to the Internet.


He then invited his friends back to the mountain for another winter getaway.

Josh had planned for anything, arranging everything from animatronic ghosts to fake bodies, even creating evidence of a slasher villain. He himself played the part of this particular character who came to be known as 'THE PSYCHO'.

However he had no desire to actually kill them, and carefully designed his pranks to ensure that nobody would actually be hurt by them.

After having had his 'fun', he reveals himself as the mastermind behind it all, and confronted by his friends, Josh spills the details of his prank, gloating how well he fooled them and boasting of how the uploaded footage will make them Internet sensations. Mike, enraged and believing that Josh is responsible for Jessica's death, knocks him unconscious; after tying his hands, Mike and Chris drag him to the shack, intending to keep him there until they can call the police, all the while ignoring Josh's protestations of innocence. As the confrontation goes on, Josh's behavior begins to degenerate: already high-strung and prone to grandiose bragging, he slowly declines further into madness, first into increasingly crazed denials, then vicious insults aimed at his captors, before finally dissolving into deranged, barely-coherent mumbling. Chris departs, saddened, leaving Mike on guard.


          "Hello children..." 


During this time, Emily is fleeing from the Wendigo, making it back to the lodge, her screams get carried as far as the shack, prompting Mike to investigate - leaving Josh behind in the process. Soon after, the Stranger arrives to explain the true nature of the threat on the mountain, introducing the group to the concept of the Wendigo. Too late, Mike realizes that Josh has been left alone in the Wendigo's hunting ground, prompting Chris - accompanied by the Stranger - to attempt a rescue: however, on reaching the shack, they find it deserted and covered in blood; presuming Josh dead, the two of them leave - only to be ambushed by the Wendigo. The Stranger is instantly decapitated, and Chris is forced to retreat to the lodge. After this, the Wendigo drags an unconscious Josh into the forest. Refusing to wait until dawn to escape and knowing that the cable car won't work without Josh's keys, Mike resolves to find him. Meanwhile, Josh is dragged into the abandoned mines and deposited in the Wendigo's lair.

There, abandoned by his hallucination of Dr Hill, Josh suffers a complete mental breakdown: taunted on all sides by the voices of his psychiatrist, his sisters, his friends, and even himself, he swings wildly between fear, grief and utter despair as his mental health rapidly deteriorates. His hallucinations take a dark turn, confronting him with the animated corpses of his sisters, Hannah encouraging him to join them, Beth blaming him for their deaths.

While hallucinating giant pig's heads, showers of intestines, the skinned bodies of his sisters and giant Wendigos, Josh is finally located by Sam and Mike - the latter of whom is able to bring Josh back to reality by slapping him across the face. Upon realizing that his friends are with him, he willingly hands over the cable car keys. Sam then proceeds to tell Josh about Hannah, and that she had been down in the mines for a long time, something that later on saves Josh's life.

And though Sam is able to climb out of the cavern on her own, Mike clearly recognizes that Josh won't be able to climb in his current condition, and decides to help him find another way out. However while wading through an underground lake, they are ambushed by Wendigo Hannah and Mike is dragged under the water and flung aside while the creature attacks Josh, who noticed the butterfly tattoo on the Wendigo's shoulder, and realized that the creature is actually his sister, Hannah.

He cries out her name and Hannah, apparently recognized her brother and choose to spare his life, but she nonetheless drags her screaming brother Josh back to her lair where he remains alone until the next day.

"I-I'm all alone..."





Josh is a human, and as such possesses no superhuman powers beside the average strength of a man in his twenties who work outs occasionally.

He does have an incredibly keen intellect, and is able to concoct complicated plots, learn quickly, and solve problems in a heartbeat. He also has a wide knowledge of special and make up effects, and knows how to work electronics. He is shown to be able to create movie quality props and complicated devices like saw traps, holographic imagery and has even realistically pulled off faking his own death.


He also has basic medical knowledge and knows how to properly and safely administer sedatives as well as various other medical practices.


Josh's father owned multiple firearms so growing up Josh has trained himself to be an expert marksman, rarely missing his target.





Appearance wise, Josh has short chocolate-brown hair, much like his sisters Hannah and Beth.

He has a caramel complexion and emerald green eyes, and is often thought of as attractive.


Josh's interactions with others tend to be humorous, and generally very positive in nature. He cares deeply for his friends and acts as a brotherly figure to Chris, and loves taking the helm, organizing cool events and making sure that everybody has an awesome time, and that no one feels excluded. His dreams of following in his father's footsteps in becoming a film producer make him very knowledgeable about special effects and movie props and as such, he constantly uses phrases and words from movies, indicating that he is a big lover of movies in general. He is a also a charitable person, and isn't stingy about sharing

Josh definitely has a bit of a party-animal streak (honed in his freshman year of college), but his warm and friendly personality will win everybody around in the end. Sadly, however, there are more to be added.

Despite being an extremely extroverted individual, radiating with positivity and happiness, Joshua has another, darker side. 

He was diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder when he was 11 years old and has been taking anti-depressants ever since.

His actual problem however wasn't depression, but Schizophrenia, a brain disorder. Schizophrenia is characterized by a disassociation from reality. Its symptoms are visual and auditory hallucinations, delusions, social withdrawal/paranoia, and disorganized speech.

Josh is extremely unstable at times, and even attempted suicide after the death of his sisters.


This is where I stray from the original ending of 'Until Dawn', as I felt distressed that there were but two choices for my boy Josh. Either his head is caved in by his wendigo sister, or he's taken away into the mines, where he'll be left alone with nothing but his hunger, eventually resort to cannibalism, and turn into a wendigo himself.

So I felt that Josh deserved a second chance at life.  Because at the end of the day, he is a victim too.

GameTheory explains it best in this video. Please, do watch.

In my mind Josh survives, and THIS is what really happened.

Surviving the horror at Blackwood Mountain, a broken and lamenting Josh returns to 'Oceanview Hospital' after having broken down during police interrogation regarding the 'killer on Blackwood Pines' and during questioning he confesses to everything, telling them that he was in fact 'the killer', and that it had all been an elaborate prank, and that he was sorry for having played said 'prank'. No charges were brought against him, but he was given a court order to undergo psychiatric treatment as well as monthly psychiatric evaluations.

Despite bleeding himself dry of apologies and pointing out his terribly remorse, and despite the fact that both Sam, Chris and Mike, as well as Jessica, all came to visit him at the hospital, he still feels as though his friends will never trust him again, or that he is worthy of their trust even.

Eventually, Joshua was released and prescribed a new set of medicines designed to help his actual problem, schizophrenia.

Plagued with guilt and still haunted by the past he remains more than often locked away inside of his room.





  • His dream job is to be a film producer.
  • He loves his family, his friends, and hates being bossed around.
  • He is voted most likely to work in the film industry.
  • In ten years, he sees himself having a good time.
  • Josh's favorite quote is by Francis Ford Coppola: "It takes no imagination to live within your means."
  • His highest traits are funny, charitable, and curious.
  • His lowest traits are brave, romantic, and honest.
  • Josh DID experiment during college. Exclusively with Chris, and a lot of alcohol involved. Nuff said. 
  • Josh's family is thoroughly detailed here:
  • Josh's friendships are detailed here



"Five, girl! Yeah!"

  • My character is a frail little human, with little to no real combat experience so I'd ask that you do not permanently maim him.  Beyond that, feel free to beat him to a bloody pulp. He can take it.
  • Please use grammar when engaging in a roleplay with me, as it is very dear to my heart.
  • 21+ Content. There will be gore, drugs, and....thangs.
  •  I won't always be on. I have a full time job and a LOT on my plate at home. So, please, be patient and I will get to you. Promise, bro. If, however, you think I've forgotten, give me a little nudge. I'm only human.
  • Have fun, and remember to ship either JoshxChris, or JoshxSam! It's climbing class vs Jossam!



"A tiny butterfly flapping it's wings today may lead to a devastating hurricane weeks from now."

My roleplays has the butterfly effect.

Even the tiniest of action could have catastrophic consequences later on in the storyline.



Just a prank, HAN!CHAPTER II

Just a Prank, HAN! CHAPTER I

Nightly Horror


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               It was a given that Mr. and Mrs. Washington would arrive here at some point, for their son.  It wasn’t a matter of if, yet when as a call or two had been made to his parents.  Of course, they’d want answers, they’d want to speak to someone, right.  If it be to someone in charge, as in above her, or just someone like her, and her ranking, it wasn’t known, yet it would be found out, in time.  The options were; Speak to someone above her, and where they could tell his parents anything, and perhaps feed them lies, if they were trying to protect themselves only, but not Joshua.  Or, it would be to speak to her, someone who was with him from the beginning, and who would give them the truth, rather than anything else.  However, even if she would tell them the truth, certain things now, could not be mentioned for sensitive reasons, whether it be in terms of the case/investigation at hand, or whether it be at request from Joshua himself.  That there and there, she implies loosely about the diary that she had within her grasps, though the one she would not bring to light, because he asked her not to.

    ⊹    ⊹    ⊹    ⊹


               While watching Joshua, and after having heard his question, that very good question he had posed, she continued to watch him somewhat, while thinking on how to respond in return.  Throughout that moment of silence, for one reason, or another, there was protective, guardian-like, almost nurturing vibe rolling off in waves somewhat from herself to Joshua.  Less so for now, of course, but in time, that feeling of protectiveness might grow.  The protectiveness of sorts that an older sister provided for their younger brother, no questions asked, that is what it would be eventually, perhaps.  Meaning, that she would be there for him as a guardian of sorts, a protector, someone to help him through this as well, and while she would not take the place of his mother, or his sisters, that is perhaps where it would be at.  If Joshua would see her that way though, as in look up to her as his protector or sorts, or just someone to have his back, it wasn’t known, but time would eventually reveal that.

               It wasn’t that feeling, or train of thought however that she dwelled upon, but rather Joshua’s newly posed question.  Soft shade of green-hazel hues rested upon him all the while however, or his features more importantly, just to see if a certain expression, or whatnot accompanied those questions.  Yet, to her, or in that moment she looked his way, it seemed it did not.  So, she looked elsewhere, before looking back at him, while beginning her response.  “You don’t beat yourself up over it.  You don’t blame yourself.  Believe me, when you start to do that, when you reflect on what should have been, and to then what is, it doesn’t help, at all.  It won't help you here and now, and I just want you to find some light or something at the end of this.  Please let me think on that some more, and I promise I’ll give you a better answer soon, very soon.  For now, that is what I will say to you, and leave it there…. We can pick this up tomorrow again.  And remember, this question here, if you need to, we can start from here, first thing in the morning.”  The detective wasn't dismissing him, or his question, and for now, she had responded that to him, perhaps given him something to think about.  She knew what it was like to do this to oneself, to think too much, to question things, and she just didn't want Joshua to do this to himself, that was all.  Come tomorrow though (considering today might have been along enough one for him already), they could pick it up again, and start from here, start from that very question, if Joshua wanted to hear more in response, that was.

               From that moment, Catherine waited on Joshua’s response.  Or if not, they both waited on someone else to break the silence, that was in the off-chance any visitors had arrived, say for Joshua, or for her.


  • Balls of steel.

    It doesn't feel like it most of the time. Being afraid of his own father is a feeling Zach never quite learned how to shake off. While he might have developed a slightly rebellious attitude toward his strict parents, Zach will never forget what it means to live in a home where he does not feel safe or comfortable. That's not balls of steel, he thinks. Him being here is a desperate attempt to pretend his life is any bit as normal. But that's why they are all here - for a chance at feeling normal again.

    Zach's nose scrunches into a scowl of disapproval toward Josh, complete in playfulness. "I don't know what you and Chris get up to but that's not up mine nor Matt's alley," he jests, puffing out his chest as if to further solidify his heterosexuality. Coming from behind Zach's manly display is a gentle scoff from Sam accompanied by the crunching sound of snow beneath her feet. "Such machoness," she jokingly praises Zach who beams a bright smile at her in return. The redhead twists to pat Josh on the shoulder with firmness before he approaches Matt.

    Standing near the snowy steps that lead to the front of the house, Matt gives a greeting smile to Zach and says, "hey man, long time no see."

    "Tell me about it, isn't it weird going from hanging out every day to hardly seeing each other?"

    "That's life, I guess.."

    "Yo, man.. you okay? What's up with you and Em? I haven't heard much since you mentioned this and that. You guys a thing?" Zach asks.

    "Define 'a thing'," Matt replies.

    "Like.. are you guys together, together?"

    "I mean.. it's a 'thin', but I'm not really sure what it is."

    Feeling some tension from the subject at hand, Zach props a foot up on the step and excitedly launches into an animated conversation about his most recent football game. Judging from the way the conversation goes on between them, it must have been one Hell of a game. Zach's arms are going up and his voice is growing louder, eventually, he gets a smile or two out of a bummed-out looking Matt.

  • “That bites. Seriously...” Nikolas commented to the fate of the lodge. “I used to go skiing once a year or so when I was younger. Boy scouts, we took a trip out to Colorado.” He shrugged along after Josh had done the same to dismiss it. Was he counting the real estate the family had, at that point in time? Another heavy swig of his drink easily said otherwise. All he could do was marvel at it when New York was as well off as he knew anyway.

    Settling back into his seat, the topic of spouses passed Nikolas by just as easily as the ski lodge might have for Josh. It was a question better turned around; maybe the other actually had a valid answer, anyway. One hand resided on his cup, the other tapping its fingertips on the couch arm to some rhythm as he glanced back to Josh.

    Watching the other’s expression change, Nikolas hid a grin to the look that was shot back. It spoke volumes on its own, with more likely to come. He waited patiently for whatever shot-worthy response the man had, drinking on his own in the meanwhile.

    It’s complicated. So maybe he hadn’t expected those words out of the other. A guy like Josh? The gears in his head were turning, lips pursing as he waited. Slumping further in his seat, the alcohol had taken its hold with ease, even so early in the night. “Wanted to..? Does that mean she isn’t yet or she might not be?” Nik’s head cocked to one side. He watched the other’s hands dive into his pocket to retrieve whatever evidence there was. His eyes followed whatever film was on TV for the time being while the other dug through the photo galleries… at the top of the list, the medallion from their Subway run earlier.

    The phone was thrust his way and his attention was soon to follow the lit up screen from the corner of his eye. The photo was pulled up on the phone, left to study the face that showed up on it. After about a half second, a smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. The backseat drive photo was worthy of a story put to it but shared only a brief second for his eyes to see. His gaze flickered from Josh and the girl’s image once or twice as he compared.

    “She’s… beautiful. Man, seriously.” He deduced. His cup was set down to pour another, whether it had a splash left or not. “So what’s stopping her from being The One, then? How’d you two end up getting to know each other?” Question one and two of what could be a handful as Nik picked at the subject. His drink was poured and he sat back in his seat after.

    When Josh next spoke he settled on the larger screen in the room to keep him occupied. Quiet for the most part, he took in the facts on the movie and things he wouldn’t have noticed prior. A chuckle or two was given in regard to the cast of actors and actresses the other tossed around, throwing back questions about one or the other.

    When he felt the drinks coming quicker than need be, he settled on the one he had for some time. Taking a sip now and then, he cast a look to Josh when he sat up and furrowed his brow. Raising the cup to his lips, the statement about their lovely acquaintance from the night before all but made him spit it out; Nikolas coughed and covered his mouth to avoid it, snickering just as soon as he caught his breath from it.

    “-Yeah..? Well if she is, ask her for a lap dance and I’ll buy your next drink. Sound fair?” He offered a toothy grin to the notion, pulling his phone out of his pocket afterward to check the time. “We can head out anytime. Just say when, I’ve gotta place that comes to mind.”

  • Oki so I am back now.

  •            Catherine nodded softly to his thank you for staying, while she smiled lightly towards him.  Noticing him looking down at his outfit, she took this moment to think on his question, and really think of it, to find an answer she could give him.  His parents might be called in or had been called already perhaps to come collect Joshua and bring him home to safety, if they were able to get here, that was.  Another option however, it hadn’t been thought of yet, or if it had, it wasn’t known on her behalf.

               Whatever did happen to him from here on out, it was her belief that it would be in his best interest, that the young man was provided a safe place of sorts throughout this entire process of the case, where they could keep an close eye on him (A victim is what he was, not a suspect)– If the young man was left in her care, that was how she would treat this situation, though she could not say that for everyone here.  Could she? Exhaling a little, she shook off those thoughts, while speaking these few words his way.

    “Our questions are finished for today, Joshua.  There might be others to follow eventually, but for now, they are over.  So, we can get you out of this room, if you are ready to leave? Or should we stay here a little longer, if you feel safer to remain inside of this room?”

               Where else to from there? She not exactly sure, but a fresh change of clothes and a shower perhaps might be a start.  Well, if Joshua wanted to rid himself of the blood that reminded him of the ordeal he had been through.  Rather than bring that up however, she continued to sit there patiently while waiting on confirmation either way; if they did stay or leave the four walls of this room.  

  •            Not sure how long it would be last truth be told, yet the moment Joshua’s gaze met hers once more and remained there, all she did was nod ever so slightly while repeating his words, ‘'Okay.”  Even if she somehow sensed or knew that he would still be surrounded by his own demons, she was still there too.  She hadn’t left, not yet, at least.  Him knowing that, and acknowledging it, it was a good thing, was it not? Even while her hands rested upon that medical kit, it never opened, but those words that came next from him, even if she didn’t show it towards him, it caught her off-guard a little.  ‘NO, WAIT.  Please don’t go.  D-don’t leave me.  Please.’   The detective heard him say it.  She heard how he had spoken it, and watched him as well, taking in his expressions plus more, trying to determine if it was a good idea or not ultimately whether to leave him alone.

               The chief would want her eventually, and to hear her report back on this.  Others within this precinct and possibly those on the outside in on this case would want her as well, just so they could tie things in together with the other crucial information and evidence perhaps that they, or the other departments have found.  But Joshua perhaps needed her in that moment, if that was the right way to put it.  And, her leaving, it couldn’t be an option, not just yet.  If she chose to stay though, for how long would she stay? It would all come to light later, she thought.  While processing it somewhat after having heard his small request, that plea in a sense, the detective looked away from him, and let her eyes travel to the door, where they lingered there for quite some time, knowing that if it wasn’t her walking through it and to leave, well someone might come to meet them in time.  Right? Maybe it was right.  Shaking that off however, she moved her gaze back from the door, to then look over at him once more.  A decision, it would have been made.  Soon, she would speak this ever so softly, and carefully, with the truth laced evenly throughout every word.

    “I am right here- I haven’t gone anywhere, okay.  I can, and I will stay.  I’m not going anywhere.”

               How he processed it, how he reacted to it, or how he responded to it, if words would follow, that much she was not certain of.  After all, he was battling something else, something bigger in between all of this, which is why if nothing more was said and done on his behalf well not for right now at least, she would accept it.  If more was said though, she would accept it also.  She simply sat back while watching him all the while, awaiting a response of some kind.   But, her end of the that deal, that word she had given him would remain- She would stay here, no matter what.

  • It was on the other end of the couch that Nik took a second swig of his drink without any trouble. Drinking was an old friend all the same, yet his nights were spent in small company rather than the house scenes, complete with bass shaking the windows. Out of the corner of his eye, he was stuck watching Josh briefly, making sure the kid hadn’t choked on what was in the cup. Concern went over judgment, easing up when he seemed alright in the end…

    “Don’t worry about it, take it easy. The first drink’ll always get you anyway.” Nikolas mused with a snicker in reply. He watched the other’s glass tip back at a rapid rate anyway. Josh had a point though. There was no point in sipping it, and so he took another heavy-handed drink of his own and settled back into his seat with a sigh. He wouldn’t have thought he was competitive, but it had never stopped Nik from drinking along whatever the consequences. Anymore, the ‘passenger’ he carried made sure there always was.


    “I’d probably die, it’s hard enough when the A/C in this place goes out for a day. It’s not too bad here in the summer though.” Nikolas stated while looking at what was left in his glass, with what small pieces of ice were left at the surface. “Are you gonna head back in the winter then, escape the snow so it doesn’t get you?” He prodded with some amusement. He had never spent a winter of his life without it.

    Looking to his nearly empty cup, as Josh had done away with his own, he tipped it back for one last drink in order to keep up with the pace. Lowering it with a huff, Nik’s head turned at the question. When nothing sparked in his expression right away, a shoulder shrug would answer it easy enough. A half smile tugged at the corner of his mouth.

    “Nah, man… I work and I come home, that’s about it. And it’s just me.” He murmured. The bottle of Crown was reached for as he sat up again, mixing a second drink.  “What about you, you have anybody laying on a beach waiting for’ya?” He asked in return. It was Cali after all, wasn’t it? Stereotypes had to come from somewhere, after all, the girls out West were one of them.

  •            Detective Chandler had not expected any of what came next, and out in the open to unfold, yet as it did, she could only watch on for what seemed like an eternity.  Continue in that attempt to help him, yes of course, but to some extent, she would only watch on for now as several different expressions crossed over her features, and several different thoughts as well went over and over inside of her mind.  A look of horror, it could have been one of those evident expressions, the first of them perhaps as her eyes would widen briefly also, then it followed by concern, a deep concern, to sadness, mixed in with defeat perhaps, before it reverting back to horror due, then finally to concern, that winning over everything in the end, it situated itself there permanently, it would appear.  As he spoke though, it seeming he strained himself to no end to do so, the detective watched on still, knowing that when it was her chance to finally speak, well she would know – Now wasn’t that time.

               Blame, the blame he was putting on himself, but it would get him nowhere, fast.  Even if their life experiences, the tragedy side of things were not the same, and never would be, she would know that blaming oneself would only prolong it, and make it worse for his health and so much more, later down the track – Could he come back from this? Would he want to? Would whatever was out there plaguing his mind and very thoughts allow him to come back from it?  Time would tell perhaps.  Thoughts of hers on that matter were slowly yet surely pushed aside as she then allowed her shade of green-hazel hues to move away from him, to behind her, looking directly to the door.  Examining it, examining that space long and hard, the woman wished more than anything she could see what Joshua was seeing, yet to her, nothing was there.  Nothing but empty space and that door.  If the young man was seeing something, something unpleasant that was, it was time to make it disappear.  So, looking back towards him, she tried to get catch his gaze, even if it might be a lost cause on more levels than one.  A soothing voice reached out at the same time, and was she reaching out to the young man before her with it, or to someone else, or something else, if something had overtaken him perhaps.  It wasn’t known really, but any and all parts of him, the detective wanted to be there, to pull him back from wherever he kept going to.

    "Joshua, please stop.  Please just stop, don't do this to yourself.  Do not try to hurt yourself.  Even if you don’t believe me, this was not your fault.  IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT.

    I'm Detective Chandler, or Catherine, well if you remember me- I'm right here.  If you remember, or recognize me, don't look at anything else, or anyone else if someone is trying to let you see them…."

              Would he come back to the present, and be ready to talk once more? After trailing off from her words, the detective continued to watch on, but there was something about him, something that told her she had lost him completely, well for today, or here and now as those words had never managed to reach him.  Seconds ticked on to a minute.  A minute then to minutes, yet it seemed less and less likely that he would come back to her, or them today.  It was noticed even more with his, ‘No...nonononononono. Please, not now...I can’t. I am SORRY. So SORRY.’  Sighing a little, she would stand up after a moment or two, to gently collect a nearby first aid kit, to then return and set it down upon the table's surface between them.  Either she could do this, as in attend to those wounds he had managed to reopen slightly, or she'd call someone else in as she would sit down once more, beginning to open up the kit only while she looked down at the contents inside of it.  Partially soft, soothing words spoken, even if she knew there was no registering of it on Joshua's behalf, not anymore, or just not today any longer.

    "Tomorrow, we'll probably talk again.  I should be back then to see you, or if not me, then someone else.  You have to take care of yourself though until then, please."

               Tomorrow, it would perhaps be another day of this.  What happened come tomorrow, only time would tell.  All the detective knew was that Joshua needed to make it through the night, if he remained here, that was.

  • Trying to figure out how to pass a paper. So far I've thought of breaking my leg and ending up in hospital.

    Do you have any ideas for me?

  • Sam had been horrified. She barely could fall asleep, the echo of Josh calling her voice in the back of her mind, along with the idea of what had happened in the mountain. When she finally felt the whispers of sleep tug her into a deep darkness, it was not without a foreboding ghastly chill running down her spine, and a shudder exhaled from her body, tears drying on her cheeks. Things would never be put back together how they had been, not with Hannah and Beth’s deaths confirmed. Not with Josh’s secret out there.

    Everything once beautiful about the Washington family was shattered the night of the “prank”, leaving only the ugliest of truths and harshest of realities left behind- and caught in the crossfire of the aftermath was every survivor. For a second before she fell asleep, something happened that Sam thought would happen. She blamed Hannah and Beth for leaving her behind in a hot fury, and in a cold sadness, wished she could have been with them, or the one to have left first.

    But it was too late, and always had been too late. So she fell asleep, bitter and angry and hurt and abandoned. When she awoke, that state of resentment didn’t stay and was replaced by confusion.

    Sammy got up, her bones aching with a chill, as she took in her surroundings. She felt mudded for a second, and it took a second to realize that this room- this smelly, mildewy, peeling room with a single cracked window and a twig scratching through, wasn’t her room. Sam also noted that she wasn’t wearing what she fell asleep in. No, what she was wearing was from the night that Josh had his little revenge streak- vest, headpiece, all of it. Her heart swooned in the hollow of her chest with a fright, and her heart beat pounded faster as soon as that creepy, echoey voice broke through.

    “Who’s there?” She called out, but got no reply. “Wait, I’ll help you.” Samantha went walking to the door, her stomach twisting. Wait, she had no weapon. While she didn’t want to fight, if it happened, she needed to be prepared. Sam turned to one of the shattered windows, and ripped a piece of her sleeve off, before picking up a large piece, like a makeshift knife, before opening the window and into the empty hallway.

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