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Character Age

Looks to be in his mid-late twenties

Character Species

Vampire / Elf hybrid

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Single, Bi ( male leaning )

Character Appearance

Soft green eyes. He's missing his right eye, torn out by his father it has since been replaced with a mechanical one. Silver and catching the light whenever it shifts or "blinks" and an ugly mess of three scars criss crossed over the right eye Pale skin and black hair with an undercut. He usually keeps the longer top part pulled back into a bun with a few stray hairs hanging in front of his face, framing it Lean and toned build, standing at 6'4 A few large jagged cuts sliced across his torso that have since healed, but never went away

Character Personality

he is mean and easy to anger, his anger is volatile and he has been known to break things or kill others as a result. He's guarded and intimidating. But was raised in a home where love was never given. At least to him, so he's unsure how to be gentle, or receive any sort of gentleness in return

Character Likes

Dark colors Being alone Listening to music Reading Coffee

Character Dislikes

Ignorant or lazy people Crowds People that are too happy

Character History/Story

Belial was born as the youngest of three sons. The product of an affair his mother had with a vampire at one of the annual festivals held at his parents' palace. His mother thought she could hide who he came from, but his fangs, and pale complexion compared to the darker, more sun kissed skin of his brothers made him stand out like a sore thumb. The royal family was extremely brutal. Belial and his brothers Azazel and Abaddon were put into countless competitions against each other and were severely punished for their failures to the point of mutilation. Belial, due to being the product of his mothers affair was treated worse than his brothers, but desperately wanted to please his father and he did everything possible and tried to excel in everything he could. Even though the king wasn't his real father, he was the closest person to it. Belial excelled in everything against his brothers. Mathematics, History, Sword fighting, magic, martial arts. He'd lost a few battles, causing him to lose his eye, and receive plenty of cuts and scars from his punishments. He killed the eldest brother during a duel, and the middle brother ran off. Disappearing without a trace to escape his own impending death. When the time came Belial also dueled his father for the throne, and won. Ascending and taking his rightful place. He let his mother live. Sending her away to a luxurious mountain villa. There he stayed in the stone castle. Shut away and ruling the kingdom just like his father did. With all the fear and anger he had harbored inside of him all those years

Character Inventory

A short sword on his hip. The hilt shimmering metal and jagged, weaved together like thorns A hair tie on his wrist

Character Abilites

Speed, strength, healing, wings

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Elder emo, oddities collector and writer for the profile of Eris

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  • Thanks for accepting me! I'm still reading through your profile. I just saw your request on the home page and thought maybe I could fit in somewhere. Nice to meet you :)

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