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Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

In her original form, She has a interverted triangle body shape. Light skin, 167cm in height, 64kg in weight. Mid-back length black hair, almond-shaped navy blue eyes, oval shape face and has a 2cm button nose. She prefers to wear formal, elegant or casual clothings in cool and neutral tones depending on her mood and likes to wear coats when it's not summer time.

Character Personality

She has a friendly and polite attitude when talking to people despite her quiet nature and a good listener due to being interested in the psychology of a person and likes to hear about their ideals. She tends to watch from afar and usually prefers not to get involved in things unless a life is in danger. She can be short-tempered at times and tends to punch or throw objects but tries to be level-headed about it and control herself. Usually she behaves seriously, wanting to be on her best behaviour but can be quite silly and playful at times. She's more prone to crying and being emotional when very sleepy or stressed. She gets easily embarrassed and flustered when discussing about her creative work due to not feeling very confident in it. Tantrums and emotional outbursts are rarely seen from her, however, this is because she vents them out somewhere in private, away from the eyes of others.

Character Likes

Flying. Sweets. Learning new things. Reading. Cute animals. Theories. Stories. Dreams. Puppet shows. Writing. Music. Snow. Jokes.

Character Dislikes

Fire. High places. Gore. Making mistakes. Being late. Spicy foods. Spiders. Insects. Sleepiness. Hot climate. Rap songs. Being betrayed and manipulated.

Character History/Story

She was born into a family of artisans, marionettes in a town. A mother who likes to make various puppets, dolls, marionettes, plushie and a father who's a violinist. She became interested in music and making puppets as she observed her parents everyday. Her parents gladly taught her on what they knew about their occupations when they noticed her interest and hired a private tutor for her to study clarinet at the age of 6. The family went into a car accident. The 8 years old Lydia survived while her parents passed away in it, making her an orphan and few weeks later, she was taken in by a group of scientists who were working on a project to give people the power to shapeshift. After 5 years of experimenting, the project went successful and gave her the ability to shapeshift. She was then released after a year and went under the care of a elderly woman, Felicia and lived a peaceful life together with her. Nowadays, she makes various kinds of plushies, bakes sweets and selling them to people as her income. She creates puppet shows but is too shy to show them to people and only does it at home.

Character Inventory

A blue backpack. Sweets. 2 bottles of water. A frying pan (Which she uses as a weapon.) Matches. Another pair of clothes. Clarinet. A jester marionette and a hummingbird plushie. Needle and thread. Jar of puppet's 'eyes'. Linens and fabrics in different kinds of colours. A jar of cotton and jar of beads. A teal book with pencils and erasers. A photo of her parents.

Character Abilites

Speed - Her movements is quick and is able to run very fast when anxious or under pressure in a human way. Shapeshift - She's able to change her size and form into animals, people, other races and even robots, however, this is only for appearance and does not gain other abilities with the exception of flying in a bird form. Ventriloquist - She can mimic and create sounds even without moving her lips and can make it seems like it came from somewhere else.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Realistic, Anime, Child Friendly, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

An aspiring writer who's a novice, loves to roleplay and writing and looking forward for advices to improve my writing.

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  • Very unique OC idea. let me know if you want to RP some plot line.

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