"For I have lived more lives than any man under the sun, and I will live many more beyond this day."
 D o l a i
Age: 60,012 Years Old
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Race: African
Ethnicity: North African Nomad
Birthdate: Rain Season (between march or april), around 58,000 B.C.E
Zodiac: Aries

Dolai was born in what is now Ethiopia, among a prehistoric people known as the Anu. Her mother, Nani, seemed to have an immaculate conception of her own, leading many tribespeople to believe that she had birthed a sort of curse from their trickster God, or a demon child. Unbeknownst to Dolai, her father was the First One, the first god of the first people to inhabit Central Africa. At the age of fifteen, she began to receive visions of the land locked in ice and the death of the five northern tribes. The people starved as the forests and plains they once hunted in froze over, if they did not perish from the cataclysmic eruption of what would be the Quaternary Ice Age. The message was clear; if they stayed, they would die. 

She rallied the five tribes of North Africa, each becoming divided by the desire to leave or stay in the homeland they had always lived in. In the end, some did stay, others built boats to sail into the eastern sea, and Dolai and other tribespeople went north along the Mediterranean, Middle East and Asia Minor. Dolai was married to Dakeri, the son of the Yandu chief, and became pregnant not long after.

Then the ice came.

The earth shook and cracked, the sky tore in half, releasing the heaven’s fury, as the land and sea became locked within ice. Darkness and discord ruled the lands. In what is now Azerbaijan, Dolai gave birth to a stillborn daughter at the age of sixteen. Her husband took another wife, who bore him sons and mocked Dolai’s proclaimed failure.

 Dolai cursed the Gods for the darkness, the ice, the death of her people and her child. It was then her father revealed her presence. He was weakened, 


his followers having died or abandoned him, the belief that kept him alive was fading. The God told her of her purpose; to scribe the story of mankind, to usher it forth and watch nations rise and fall. 

Dolai left her tribe at once, bringing people to new lands and honing her magical ability, surviving long enough to witness the ice melt, and the sun return at the dawn of the fertile crescent. From then on, Dolai would live a thousand lives. She would lead people to the four corners of the earth, crossing the ice bridge with ancient Siberians to the Americas. 

She would become djati to the first Pharaoh, Nari Mare, and to Hatshepsut. She would become the Akkadian-Sumerian Queen, wife to Sargon of Akkad. Centuries later, an empress at the side of Alexander the Great, become an advisor to Genghis Khan, fight in Shaka Zulu’s armies, guide young Siddhartha Gautama and conquer lands with Ragnar Lodbrok. Dolai would sail with West Africans to Central America, where the Olmec civilization would blossom, she would journey with the wayfinders to the Polynesian islands, and bring the Ainu to Japan. 

Dolai has watched the rise and fall of many empires, a mere relic of the past, embarking on a seemingly endless journey. So the nomad continues to wander, protecting the earth from what should be left in the past, and continues to scribe the world’s story.




 Despite being sixty millennium's old, Dolai does not look her age and appears to be in her early to mid twenties. She has natural black hair of the 4A texture, however she most commonly has dreadlocks. She is also known to wear her natural curls or don twists, box braids and cornrows. She has bronze brown skin that can darken depending on climate, with a cool undertone and sun damage around her nose, cheeks and shoulders. She has full, rosebud lips that reveal fairly white teeth, and one golden left canine tooth on the bottom row. Dolai has a narrow shaped head with a sculpted, sharp bone structure, a defined jawline and high cheekbones. Her arched, full eyebrows arch over almond shaped, dark brown eyes, with long, thick eyelashes. Often dark circles plague the skin beneath her eyes. 
Dolai stands at 5'11, with rounded, full hips and shapely thighs. From centuries of travel, war and hunting, she has a very athletic, strong build. She has a cinched waist, contrasted by broad shoulders and well muscled arms. Her back is arched and toned, her abdomen sculpted and adorned with Ethiopian scarification from the Karo tribe, as curved and straight lines on her stomach. Dolai also has heavily scarred palms from rituals requiring her blood.

The nomad has recieved many tattoos from many regions of the world. Her first tattoo was the sun on the back of her neck. She also has a unalome on her throat, given to her in India during the Maurya Dynasty. An Egyptian scarab is etched into the back of her shoulders, massive Nordic runes adorn  her chest. Dolai has ancient Scythian tribal tattoos on her right arm, depicting the animals she hunted, and a Haida ki-da of Xhuuya, or the Raven, dances across her left arm. Below that is a snake, given to her by the prehistoric Anu people. On her right arm, are Pictish ties. On her lower back is a Sak Yant, or Thai magical tattoo, known as Suea Koo.  On her right hand, she has henna tattooed on the back. On her thighs, she has Polynesian tribal and traditional Japanese Irezumi Hebi, and finally, a West African sankofa on the back of her left calf.




 From a first impression, Dolai is not a ray of sunlight and warmth. She maintains a stoic expression, with a rather apathetic and indifferent attitude. She has been percieved as short tempered, distrustful, and above all, blunt. Although this is mostly true, there is more to Dolai. 
She is hesitant to form relationships, and would rather observe than assume, and analyzes character through this. She is private, but perceptive and rather talented at deciphering one's true nature. When she finds someone she genuinely connects with, she values honesty, loyalty, respect and ambition within them.
Dolai's true purpose has made her ambitious, in both positive and negative aspects. Some will tell the tale of a noble and just woman, the others a cruel, ambition driven witch.3738417955?profile=RESIZE_710x She is without a doubt cunning and driven, with a wisdom only acquired over milleniums of failure and strife. Dolai is constantly willing to learn, her favorite subjects being science and (of course) history. 
Despite her many lifetimes, the human and divine aspects of her being are always at war. She is no more than a tired soul, with feet weary from travel, eyes heavy from centuries of witnessing war and shaking shoulders, exhausted from carrying the weight of the world and a downtrodden heart. 

 (( not complete ))

Mother // Nani, long deceased 


Father // The First One, long forgotten


Siblings // None


 - Sons -

Rimush, Shu-Enlil, Ilaba'is-Takal, Manishtushu, Eumenes, Kehinde, Moji, Takalik, Tariq, Ronan, Ros, Mahindra, Ezume, Niles, Bjorn, Hvitserk, Sigurd, Ivar, Siyanda


 - Daughters -

Enheduanna, Taiye, Sehene, Sanghamitra, Sarnai, Aiko, Amahle, Khulekani





- The Book of Thoth -

The Egyptian God, Thoth's, book containing ancient magic. Acquired during Hatshepsut's reign.


- The Falcon Cloak -

A gift from the Norse Goddess, Freyja. It is a cloak that allows one to turn into a falcon.


- Veil of Isis -

Symbolic of the secrets of the natural world, gives Dolai the power to control nature


- Shamshir-e Zommorrodnegar -

An emerald encrusted scimitar from Persian legend, forged by Kāve to slay the demon, Fulad-zereh. Acquired by killing the demon. Once belonged to King Solomon.


- Pot of Fire -

The pot that Grandmother Spider carried fire in, and gave to the Cherokee. Dolai drank from the pot and gained the power to manipulate fire.


- Cauldron of Dagda -

A cauldron that was once guarded by the King of the Tuathe De, Dagda. Once one cooks in it, the food is endless. The cauldron can also raise the dead and heal wounds, and was given to Dolai by Dagda after defeating the Fomorians.


- Tezcatlipoca's Smoking Mirror -

After the fall of the Aztec Empire, the God, Tezcatlipoca, transformed into an obsidian mirror to be kept by Dolai. Through it, one may see the entire cosmos, including the past.


- Sampo -

A mythical, golden Finnish artifact that Dolai went on a journey to find. Grants endless wealth.


- Idol of Shango -

An idol of the Orisha of thunder and lightning, Shango. Was carved by Shango and Dolai's son, Moji.


- Fire Opal Blade -

A beautiful blade made of fire opal, given to her by the Aztec goddess, Itzapaplotl.


- Buddha Bracelet -

A green, yellow, black and white beaded bracelet with a Buddha pendant, made by Dolai and King Ashoka's daughter, Sanghamitra.


- Hagstone -

A stone with naturally occuring holes that allows Dolai to see the fae in the area, found in Scotland.






 Dolai has had many relationships throughout her lifetime, platonic and romantic. As of now, she is single and not too keen on finding a romantic interest. Dolai is demiromantic, meaning it takes a deeper connection for her to develop an interest in someone. However, she is bisexual, and has been in both polyamorous and monogamous relationships.
Leave drama at the door, I tolerate none of it.
I try to keep most of Dolai's story historically accurate. I do tweak some details for her, as she is my character, but if something is wildly inaccurate or offensive, please let me know.
I have the right to say no to a thread.
Do not kill, maim, rape or emotionally scar my character without plotting it with me first.
This is an 18+ zone, there will be mature themes and storylines.
That being said, I do not write purely sexual or violent content. I participate in threads with substance and story behind it.
I'm open to threads and additional plotting. PM or inbox me if you'd like :)
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  • All this talk of ancestors and magic made his arms itch - like the inside of his flesh crawled with hundreds of thousands of tiny bugs.  An odd sensation, one might assume would be unpleasant.  But he didn't mind so much.  Glancing down to the sea of faces blurring together up the length of his arm -- dotted with various symbols from a multitude of cultures.  Upon a close inspection -- it might seem a little chaotic, but as a whole, it was poetry in motion.  A story in the midst of unfolding.. 

    The face of Kali the Destroyer grinned from his torso; her red tongue extended in classic fashion.  On her head, she wore a crown -- and sat upon that crown was a lotus flower, stitched into the dip of Siger's throat, curling around either side of his neck.  Wrath and purity rolled in one. 

    I remember a time when ice swallowed the Earth. A time where not a single human was as pale as you. I am no witch, Zi merely looked at her, mildly terrified of the idea of being stuck on this damn world for so long.  His lips parted, almost to say that he was surprised she wasn't totally fucked in the head -- but then he merely shook his head. 

    "Well, which is it? Nomad, or scribe?" He wondered, out loud, before carrying on, giving her very little time to respond - if any at all. "Maybe your ancestors are never wrong, but mine have made some.. morally questionable choices in their time, abusing their power.. ending wars... starting wars.  There was a time my ancestors haunted the seas, scourging any ship, man, or beast.. " Because they could.  Because it was their birth-right? He could not deny that he felt the sea calling to him even now - cold, and ever so hungry.. 

    The male paused, half-turning his body in Dolai's direction when he heard the tone of her voice drop slightly.  He could sense something in her-- but he couldn't decide if it was happiness, or longing.  So he watched her, quietly stepping away from the edge of the cliff to lean his shoulder against the bark of a tall wind-swept myrtle tree. 

    Smirking at her, he'd sweep the unruly, inky strands away from his face, his eyes flashing in half-shadow. "Nor am I surprised much.  Unless ya grew up around these parts, you wouldn't have." 

    Once she was ready - he turned, and continued to pick his way across the land.  Eventually, the trees disappeared as they waded into marsh-land, Siger sloshing unceremoniously through the waters.  This was a path he'd taken many, many times before -- they were making quick time. 

    Up a rocky path that led up the foot of a mountain towards a patch of trees that wrapped around it like a verdant, swaying skirt -- he paused.  His nostrils flaring as he audibly sniffed the air..


    Suddenly, a few rocks came rolling down the side of the mountain, bouncing noisily onto the path. From above, a dark shape fell onto the path - elongating into a familiar shape.  The shape of a woman, clad in dark, plastic armor.  Her taut arms were bare to display impressive biceps, one bound with a pure silver ring that shone like a knifes edge in the starlight.

    She was easily six feet tall - holding a spear just a head shorter than she was; it was made from some type of flexible, bone white wood that she'd twisted around itself and then bound with leather, fastening the long, obsidian looking spear-tip between the wooden branches grasping hands.

    Shadows crept along her dark skin; turning every edge of her face fierce -- but they fled when the wind blew back her ebony hair to play in the breeze around the backs of her shoulders, long and straight, the fly away strands seemed like silky ribbons. She tipped her chin with pride, much like Siger had done earlier. 

    "Here I thought you were being followed.  I was.. worried." The corner of her full lips parted, teasing her sharp canine. "But it looks like my concern was misplaced." Years of training had smoothed the woman's once notable accent into a ghost of a memory.  It only came out when she was angry -- or drinking, and right now she was doing neither. 

    Tipping her spear, the warrior examined the deadly blade; as beautiful and fierce as she was herself - her finger trickling along it's sharp, sharp edge.  As she did this, her dark eyes flew to Dolai. 

    "Who's your friend, Zi?"


    Siger was relaxed, glancing towards Dolai to see her reaction. "A nomad.  A scribe.  I haven't quite figured that out yet - her name is Dolai.  Dolai, this is Aiali'i - my Second.  Say hi, Aiali'i." 

    The woman shook her head, dark eyes twinkling with amusement. "Hm.  This one is smaller than the last one you brought home." She said, cocking her head - her dark, dark eyes again resting on Dolai. "Don't let him convince you it's a good idea to drink the aqua vitae.  It's been sitting in the manor for over 400 years and he's been just dying to share it with someone.  It'll probably take your souls." With that, she turned away from them both and started up the path ahead of them.

  • Sh-Shamawhatnow? Chimichanga Zorro Dengar? What kind of name was that? Was it Japanese? Arabian? Kháos had never heard the name before, and it even having a name got him suspecting that this chick was some mental roleplayer or something. Was this some weird recruitment procedure? He'd always been fond of the LARPing scene, but he sure wouldn't fit in very well. He'd probably end up killing someone. - if not all involved. Though his train of thought was interrupted when she practically called him a demon. Bitch, WHAT?! Who was this lil' skank walking in calling him a fucking Demon? She was right though, buts still. The nerve! He was gonna whoop her ass out the window. The anger was seen painted across his face. Eyes nearly looked as if though on fire, sparks of bright orange flickering.

    "Excuse-" Kháos was about to verbally roast the weird intruder to death, but then she mentioned the apple. fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck, you get the idea. fuck! and on top of that, she called him a Child.c h i l d. A CHILD!
    Kas took a few determined steps towards her and raised a finger as to lecture her, but he couldn't find the words at first. So instead he just stood there like an idiot for a while."What the fuck is going on?!" he finally exclaimed... or asked? It was a question in the form of an exclamation to show his confusion. Or well, it was meant to make him seem like the dominant party in control of the situation, but as usual, he failed miserably. Then his focus seemed to shift to himself. "Malakas housebreaker with a Chimichanga knife, and the mouní ask for IT?!" he growled to himself. "Listen, skýla, I don't care who you think you are. You do not want to get on the wrong side of this fight" He was loosely referring to the Great War of the Divines, but at the same time purposely avoid mentioning it in case she was just some random crazy chick. 

    The Apple was a dangerous artefact and the fact that his mother had entrusted him with safeguarding it in the first place meant that she really didn't want anyone to find it. Not only was he just a demigod, but he was also not on the Olympian registry for potential new gods. Zeus and the other High Twats on Olympus had no idea of his existence. Not even all-seeing Helios knew of his existence. Or maybe he did, but didn't want to share it. Either way, Kháos was only exposed to one side of the war. The side that frightened him the most. And he knew Eris was vengeful. If anyone stole her apple... No, Kháos didn't even want to think about it. So how would he get this weirdo to get off his back? Maybe War could yeet her out the window. It was high up enough for any human to die. And no one would think Kas did it, the dude was so innocent, he saved spiders, and made little honey meals for the bees. He even fed the rats in the alley. He could blame alcohol, or drugs, or suicide. No one would ever know. Besides, he wouldn't even be responsible. He'd just close his eyes and enjoy the ride. 

    ... or maybe not. "You can't just intrude into here like that, I can call security have they throw you back into the mental institution you came from," he explained aggressively - waving two fingers in her face. "I don't care if your ancestors fucking built the pyramids, the only weapon here is your little stabber, but don't think that gives you any advantage, malakas, I will bury you!" Good old Southern (European) hospitality. He wasn't at all making empty threats and possibly uncalled for insults. No, sir, not him.

  • The same hand he'd been using to rub at the back of his neck comes around to sweep across his face, wiping away the remnants of the power from his nose and lips if any at all.  Then, wiping his hand through a patch of long, sea misted blades of yellowing lyme grass, his lips twisted.  The pounding in his head was already fading to a distant memory.. 

    So has his mood increased somewhat with the levity from that sudden intrusion - but he snorts at the woman when she calls him a wolf.  Well, he didn't blame her, reminding himself that he hadn't offered his name when she asked for it.  He was good at that - not answering direct questions.

    "As if you can't tell.." He said, his baritone a mere rumble; his Welsh accent causing his words to dance like the tide to his very own music.  "Wait - millenium upon millenium?" He repeated her, oceanic eyes rippling across her form, not so subtle curiosity written across his face.  She didn't seem that old, but that seemed to be a common theme among magic-users.  A highly advanced age hidden behind supple, young flesh. 

    His glance slid to her face; resting on her eyes.  They gave it away every single time.  No matter how young the body, the eyes mirrored the soul -- the wisdom only someone who has lived more than a single life-time could carry.  Right away, looking at Dolai's eyes - he believed she was much older than he could even fathom. 

    "..Well, to be fair, I've never had anyone send me a witch that didn't try to almost immediately kill me." He said, the corner of his mouth quirking ever so slightly. "Hopefully your ancestors aren't wastin' your time, aye?" 

    Sensing the woman's growing agitation, the corner of his mouth twisted even higher. "Oh?" He allowed the silence to stretch between them, almost as if he still wasn't going to give in -- but then, a chuckle bubbling from his throat, he shook his head and glanced away from her, his eyes seeking the sea. "My name is Siger.  And it seems like you've already figured out what I am, at least.. partially.  I'm somethin' of a mixed breed.  Around here, they might call me Afanc or maybe a Ceffyl Dwr.  But the truth of the matter is somewhat more complex... and I don't really feel like combing through it without a drink."

    Following the woman's eyes to the shape of the manor in the near distance, he lulled his head in the form of a lazy nod, dark hair falling across his eyes. "You read my mind." 

    Without anything else to say [andbecausehismuseisrunningoutoftimesohehastocutthisshortI'mverysory] Zi turned and slipped away from the flames, into the shadows lurking around the trees like hungry wolves.  Assuming Dolai followed, he would lead in silence, back the same way he'd come, at the closest to lands edge -- where the ground fell away suddenly into the sea on his right.


  • He thought long and hard for a moment, now the thing was....he didn't like getting others especially women involved in his line of work; they became easy targets for rivial groups of people that were trying to put Kujo out of business but at the same time, she seem like she would be the perfect person for this job. Sure it may be a bit far fetched for his men to understand the situation and why he had to bring in a woman to help him but he was a moldest guy, it didn't hurt to ask for help from others every once in a way no? He brought the glass up to his lips and down the last of his drink, the liquid burning his throat as he swallowed it down his throat setting the glass back down, clearing his throat.


    "Normally I don't get others involved in my affairs but you maybe the only one that may....be possible to help me out with this; you have a good business going here...staying here isn't the problem for me, but you can become a target for other people that are trying to bring in business as well like I am so....what I'm saying is that....I strongly believe that you can help me expand my turf..."


    Sounds simple enough right? Just expand his hunting grounds but that's easier said then done, when you have the damn near population after you as well as having to keep your personal business as a cover up to smuggle in weapons and drugs into the city without the police having to sniff into his business. Not everyone could keep their mouths shut, money was a deal breaker for most people to get info on people but not with Kujo, even if someone were to get paid, they would refuse to talk due to the fact that Kujo will always eventually find out he ratted him out and sure enough he'll take them out himself rather then sending someone to take them out for him.


    "What do you say? Sounds interesting..?"

  • The flicker of animated fire cast jagged, living shadows across Siger's taut face while he remain tense, shoulders and body low as though he was preparing to pounce, but he had promised the woman freedom from harm.  He relaxed slightly, straightening up, figuring that being powerful -Dolai clearly was - didn't mean that the woman deserved his unrelenting agression.  But he was no fool, he knew better than to trust someone he'd only just met.  Perhaps, he told himself, there's no need to be so forward about it.. 

    Siger's expression gave very little away; glacial cool and aloof.  Large, colorless eyes that swallowed up the light and spit it back with a pale, eerie glow pinned on Dolai with hyper-awareness.

    Slowly, the sea-hued wolf sank to the ground, crossing his long legs before him, almost as if to silently concede the woman's point -- they didn't know eachother, and he was inerested in what she had to show him.  Feeling almost drawn in, unable to move away from the fire, a moth caught in a beautiful trap, he doesn't do a damn thing.

    It's smart of Dolai not to ask for his permission -- because he would have said fuck no.  He might even have gotten angry with her for suggesting it, but this.. worked.  His rigid, ink splashed muscles immediately begin to loosen as the powder fills his lungs, as everything around him... 

    Blinking, he glanced around.  Immediately, he looked for Dolai-- but found himself alone. Okay.. 

    As the sound of thunder came rolling across the ground towards him, he hopped to his feet with a bestial snarl -- but the sound was odd in his head, far away yet so close at the same time.. but he didn't have time to focus on the strange auditory sensations he was groing through -- too busy watching the moon wrestle with the sun in the sky, stumbling back as wolves -- came screaming from the trees, their songs -- so familiar to him -- wretched with pain and fear.

    He tried to follow them, to stretch out his hand and yell for them to stop -- the cliff -- the rocks... but it was too late.  

    He was alone.  Again. The soles of his feet soaked with warm blood.  The crown shining over his head.. but he didn't give a fuck about that after having seen so many wolves plunge to their own death-- and for what?

    And then, 

    it was over


    His left eye burned, vision swimming, but he quickly pushed the palm of his hand against it and stood, his entire body trembling with a furious, clicking growl.  Not so much the sound a wolf would make, but something ancient, and hungry from the very depths of the sea..

    Rather than respond to her more than reasonable inquiries, Zi bares his teeth to the night air, his fury palpable. "Y-you saw this? Why!? What the fuck.. does it.." He growled, took a deep breath, forcing his rage back into it's feeble cage beneath his heart, and flopped back to the earth, one hand slamming down palm-first behind him, left leg extended past the fire, right curled at the knee so he could drape his free arm across it.

    "Does it always feel like someone is cracking open your skull with an ice pick?" Leaning forward slightly, his hand came off the ground to rub at the back of his neck.



  • He tipped his head slightly, his ears pricking at the females.. odd accent.  Almost as if her tongue couldn't decide on a song to sing -- then, his eyes closing halfway, he scented the air - picking through the stench of smoke, wood, and dew misted grass.  Through the fresh, salty air that tasted slightly of rain, to Dolai. 

    Lips parted to form a question, but then he decided to swallow it, glance darting in the direction of the fallen idol when the woman knelt to right it.  His nostrils flared. "Oh?" His brow quirked, the distrust clear as the moon in the sky and the glow of the fire on his face, dancing off the reflective lens of his eyes.

    The moment Dolai began to speak those words -- he felt something in his lower spine, an ice cold spike that shot into the base of his skull, down into the soles of his feet.  He was up, ready to leap across the flames and end the womans life with a flick of his claws.  But.. 

    He doesn't move.  Something inside roaring; Wait.


    Zi is ready to be burned when the fire-born serpent wraps around him, across his shoulders and down the length of his naked arm.  But.. to his surprise, he doesn't even feel the kiss of heat.  Still, his muscles are rigid - his feet arched up from the earth so all his weight was resting on his toes, still ready to pounce.

    Thunder ripples from the depth of his throat when the woman starts to shine like a star -- Zi had never met a magic user that hasn't tried to use it to kill him, so this.. didn't make him trust her anymore than he had a few moments before.  All he knew was that she has apparently seen him in a dream -- and that she was some kind of sorceress. 

    "You haven't given much reason to trust you at all, but.. you have my attention, for now.  And my promise that as long as you don't mean me or my pack any harm, neither will you be harmed." Siger slid the length of his tattoed fingers through his straight, ink black hair.


  • The male’s eyes narrowed with a touch of suspicion when the woman bowed to him -- straight up fuckin’ bowed.

    Now, Siger was used to respect.  A dip of the head here or there, averting of the eyes. A throat bared in submission, even… but this stranger was the first one ever in his short twenty one years ever to do that.

    Depths take me, another weird bitch.  The thought flickered across the front of his mind, causing the corner of his mouth to twist.  Well, at least I didn’t have to save this one from the sea.. 

    Zi was knelt before the fire when the stranger -- Dolai -- straightened from her bow, elbows resting across his thighs.  He’d moved with the silence of a shadow, barely a whisper of the air around him, eyes locked on the woman across the fire-pit.

    I've dreamt of this place. I've dreamt of wolves. Of a king. Of bloodshed..  The wind shrieked over the tops of the trees, blowing the flames across the ground; roaring.  Then, suddenly, it was silent.. leaving only the sound of the ocean kissing the earth not so far away..

    Crack! The fire popped; sparks and embers shooting around them, some bouncing off his shoulders and falling harmlessly to the grass.  

    His eyes were electric with concentration and tense with wolven dominance, unblinking.  The males pupils were enormous -- swallowing out the colors of his eyes.

    “If it does?” If she hasn’t already, Dolai would soon learn that Siger was a wolf of few words.

  • He was fairly certain that Phobos had already sensed his worry, and didn't understand why he hadn't appeared yet. Phobos usually popped up as soon as Kháos was distraught. He frowned as he again brought up his phone to scroll through some social media bullshit. After about thirty minutes he decided it was enough of that, he had studies to get to. This time, he was to read about some French artist he gave absolutely zero shits about - Henri Matisse. He didn't like his work at all. Looked like something a child, or impaired, would do. But, it was important for him to learn because to understand contemporary art, one must learn about the people who inspired it, or some bullshit like that.  He hadn't really paid attention to the reasoning. Not that he was a bad student. Sure, he was a rebel and anarchistic at times, but he always did well. He hated the research but he wanted good grades. Good grades could prove to him that he could function in human society despite... well, everything. He reached for his backpack but couldn't find it.  Oh right, He'd thrown it just past the door - like always. Somehow he could never remember that he never brought the backpack to his desk. He arose and started to turn around when something was heard from the wardrobe, and just as his heart skipped a beat - some weird-ass girl with a fucking scimitar?! jumped out.


    Even since Kháos was little, he'd felt War's presence. Almost like a parent that lived inside him - always there to protect him. His father had left him at a monastery when he'd realised who his mother truly was. He thought he'd helped spawn a demon - not that he was entirely wrong. He had been left alone with strangers worshipping an absent, yet vengeful, god. Dissident worshippers fearing all things not graced by God's light. Such as the child of a heathen god. They had called it discipline, therapy, help, comfort, parenting... Most people would have called it torture, murder attempt, abuse. He still bore scars on his back from the many lashes, slashes, strikes. Battered and broken, afraid of himself more than his tormentors. They say that God strikes down those who misuse his name. Many doubt that. But one night, War had enough. 37 people were torn to shreds, and 68 others ended up hospitalised. And ever since, War has held a firmer grip on Kas. Never letting anyone harm him ever again. 


    As if a videogame jumpscare, War emerged for but a split second. Less than the blink of an eye it was as if though Kháos teleported right in front of the intruder - his body changed. The skin was a sickly pale green, with dark shadowy markings, and strange jewellery adorning an otherwise naked form. Sculpted muscles covered in a dark aura, topped off with two searing orange orbs in a face covered in ancient Greek symbols - his dark hair flowing as if in water. It was a truly horrifying sight. But it did not last long. For as quickly as it had appeared, it so returned Kas to where he'd stood near his desk. And oddly enough it was almost as if though Kháos hadn't even noticed, because his focus was still on the girl - and his gaze gave off fear mixed with anger centred towards no one else but her. The appearance of War had been so quick that to a normal mind, it could've been nothing but a vision, an illusion. But it lasted long enough to burn a terrifying image into their mind. An image that when thought of, would stir aggressive thoughts. One of War's many powers. Anyone who looked upon him in any way would forever be cursed with a warrior's rage.

    "Put that toy away, we don't wanna hurt anyone" Kháos spoke with a heavy Greek accent, rolling the R in that familiar Indo-European Hellenic manner. His eyes shifted between hers, and the sword. It was clear by the way he now stood that he was not unfamiliar with fighting. Trained in unarmed, and armed, combat by Eris, Enyalios, and Phobos. It was also apparent that he didn't actually want to fight... despite the threatening appearance of the terrifying demon - or illusion, who would know?

    But what was certain, was that there were more than two pairs of eyes in the room...

  • He nodded his head as a gesture of thank you for the drink, wrapping his fingers around the glass as he brought it to his lips and took a sip before setting the glass back down, the burning sensation in his throat sitting there for a moment before it subsided for now until he decided to take another swing of his drink. The whole reason why he came here in the first place was to get a feel of the place and of the owner themselves to see how to approach the situation at hand, most times it didn't go so smoothly like this was going, any other time most owners would have told Kujo to get out or threaten to call the police on him if he didn't leave and sure enough he would have make a point and show them who was boss around here but yet he didn't have to do it with her...at least now yet anyway for that matter. "I guess that's all we men care about, having power and the world under our control I guess....I just want power of course." He shrugged his shoulders as he leaned on the counter once again, a small smirk formed on his lips as he looked at the woman.


    "Dolai....never heard of a name like that before....nice to meet you Dolai, my names Kujo but I'm known as The Black Dog around the area..." 


    It was more of a nickname rather then a suppose title that was given to him at the beginning of starting his business, though no one ever understood why he was given such a name except for only a select few people who knew the true nature of his being and knew of his origins as to where he came from in his past life to make him what he is in his new life that was given to him. The clock on the wall was ticking, thanks to his enhanced hearing and all, it sounded to him that it was quite loud but it wasn't, just a noise to subsitute the silence that had taken over the bar when he came in. "So let's cut to the chase....normally when new businesses pop up around here I make my presence known to them. I give the owner an option to other follow the rules or they can take their business and go elsewhere, the choice is yours but it seems that I may not have to do that with you....in fact....you may be....useful to me really.." 


    Just what exactly was Kujo scheming up this time? Nothing bad....or maybe it was something that even he alone couldn't do which he wasn't afraid to admit when he would need help with something at times, its apart of 'being human' right? But asking a complete stranger for help? A bit farfetched don't you think?

  • "Well...I have to give you credit....they almost stopped me at the door but...I have my ways of getting around them."


    There were ways to keep beings like Kujo at a distance but even he found the loopholes in those and manage his way around them, leaning onto the counter top. Now that he was up close to the woman he could examine her a bit better then before when he first entered the place. Her body or what he could tell was covered in tattoos, pretty cool looking ones but he knew better then to think such a thing right? There was this vibe about her that he couldn't exactly tell whether it was good or bad, it had a neutral vibe to it in a way really which kinda caught him off guard and the scent was smelling before was also coming from her, a foreign scent that he had never smelled before. She had an....old scent but at the same time it smelled kinda sweet to him, people and other beings always had that certain kind of scent that told them apart from the next person and she was no different. His eyes went to the bottles behind her, tilting his head to the side as if he was thinking on what he should get to drink...


    "I'll have a whiskey on ice please miss..." 


    Most people wouldn't think that he would be so formal and be all gentlemen like....all part of reeling in people to trust him really. He looked over his shoulder outside to see Al still standing outside but it seems as though he was busy looking in his phone at something, as long as the young man was alright he turned his head back to the woman on the other side of the bar. He waited patiently as she fixed his drink, the question strike him as a bit of a surprise really, but she had to be new in the area to not have known about him and his dealings right?


    "Well....let's just say that I'm a....powerful guy around here, I run a business and people who have crossed me or have tried to shut down my business well, it didn't end so pretty for them." 

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