10467580493?profile=RESIZE_710x Name: Jack Axel Briggs (goes by Axel)/Face Claim- Johnny Depp/Nick names: Ax, Al

Home Town: Tennessee

Living now: California

Occupation: well known Singer in Rock music

net worth: 150 Million

Age: 45


weight: 165 pounds

Relationship: single

Child(ren): Blair Rose

His History:

Growing up his home life wasn't the best, his mom and dad where toxic to eachother. mom would drank to handel dad's yelling. In his fathers eyes his mother couldn't ever do right. Along with his mother Axel and his sister were ofent targets of his fathers rage. Many tiles Axel would try to protect his mother and sister thus making him the one taking the brunt of the abuse many times. To him he would rather it be him than either of them.

In his early teens His fater passed when he was 12 he was gundown after making a bad money deal with some people and then never delivered some say he had mob ties but has never been proven. His mother changed for then better from then on she stopped drinking was a nicer person to be around and tossed herself into work in Hollywood leaving Axel who was 13 at the time and his yonger Sister, who was just 7 Khloewas alone much of the time. Axel was forced to grow up fast became the man of the house cooked and cleaned and helped his sister with her home work and tought her how to cook. would read to her at night and get her off to bed on time for school. they were lachkey kids most of the time there mom's name got bigger in hollywood and the less they seen of her.

10474327461?profile=RESIZE_400xBy the time he was a Teen 16-19 had had raised his sister sense she was 3. he was protective of her and was very much a father figure to her. They had a very strong bond. sometimes his mom would get mad because the only one Khole would tell things to was Jack. But to her he was the only Parent she ever really knew. while she was in school he would sometimes dabble in drugs and drinking. it was his copeing mechanisem for dealing with life. he never once did any of that in from of his sister. He had also befriended a girl Pandora Vakeria who would then become a life long friend to him and later become his first real love. everything about her added joy and laughter to his life. He had fallen for her quiet eaisly but had never uttered a word of that to her, but like most first loves with time it came to pass. However the two still remained friends never the less. today she is still somebody who knows him better than most ever will.

early adult years 20-25 He was discorvered by a record lable he would write many songs win many awards and would give back a lot of his money to charities to help who he could. he had gotten away from the drugs and the drinking and was a better man because of it. He was a lover not a fighter but fought many times for those and the things he loved. He is a good man with a large heart.

25-30 He met another singer by the name of Raylee summers. their love was deep happened fast. they were a cute couple but things got bad a year later. the sober Axel was gone he was back into drinking and drugs to deal with stress. His sister and his mother were worried about him and beg him many times to leave Raylee. But he thought he could fix her, help her see he really did love and care only about her. It didn't matter what he did he was accused of sleeping around when he wasn't. so he tried to make her happy and didn't go out as much. his music and mental health suffered a lot durring this time frame. at the age of 30, after being with her for 5 years he let her go knowing there was no changing her. he was a shell of himself and he didn't want to be that anymore. so he let her go and once again he got better and got his old self back. it wouldn't be long before he was told of a daughter he never knew he had. Raylee had given her up and not told him or anyone about her.

 -more to come as his story is still being written-

 Important people in Axel's Life

10537872273?profile=RESIZE_584xName: Natalia Reids/ Face Claim: Blake Lively/ fiancée to Axel soon to be step mother to Blair.

Age: 34

(more to come later)


10480934872?profile=originalName: Alexandra Grace Briggs/face claim-Helena Bonham Carter/Mother to: Axel and Khloe/Grandmother to: Blair

Age: seems to be around early 30's but is much older. (age 2,012 to be exact)

she can not be killed is skilled in dark magic, healing and close combat. Her kids mean everything to her and her granddaughter is her world. mess with them get her wrath.


(more to come soon)

10474322282?profile=RESIZE_400xName: Khloe Lynn Briggs/Face Claim-Penelope Cruz

Sister to: Axel /Daughter of: Alexandra Briggs


Khloe is a modle for Dior. something her brother still is not happy about as it made her have issues with her body image. She suffers with an eating disorder and it has gotten bad over the years and has needed treatment. She says she loves her job but truthly shes scared to try something new so she dose what she is used to.

10478653094?profile=RESIZE_584xName: Blair Rose Briggs/Face Claim-Bailey Sarian/Daughter of: Axel Briggs and Raylee Summers/Granddaughter of:  Alexandra /Neice to: Khloe


The moment she was born she was given up for adoption. she was in and out of foster homes all of her life before she timed out of the system and was kicked out at the age of 18. She did her research and found out her her mother was and how her father was. she had found where her mother had tried getting all of her dad's muic and tried telling the world he had forced her to have an abortion. so she took it apon herself and showed up at his door and knocked and the door opened she pushed her hair back behind her ears. "Hello, Mr Briggs. I'm Blair, I wanted to tell you I know the allacutions your ex brought agaist you was false. I'm your daughter you can use my DNA to tell the world she lied. I want to help you get your name back. I don't ask that you be in my life, that is up to you I just wish to help right a wrong to somebody who didn't deserve it." HE smiled and welcomed her in and that day started building a relationship she now resides in her fathers home and the two are close.


-I don't mind how long you write or don't write all I ask is that please no one liners. and understand I'm not a Novella writter. I can give you some paragraphs but not a chapter.

-writting can at times inclued some adult theams,should this happen please make sure it does in fact go with the story I won't do random smutt. it has to make sense for the story please. if you are bothered by such please do tell me I am ok with doing fade to black for adult theams if you so wish.

-Please no god-modding don't control or make life-altering without fisrt having concent


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  • Well she was certainly surprised by this bit of news. She felt sorry for her friend. Being cursed with vampirism was not something many could handle. So many lost their souls and became twisted versions of themselves. No longer reconizable.


    "I see. Well. Animal blood helps. Some prefer blood bags. One could find blood dolls to drink from. Blood dens they call it. Places where people go to be fed on for the high they get off the vampire venom. Could also pay someone to donate their blood. Cash for blood. A fair trade. Some female vampires do sex for blood. Very willing donors with that you can imagine. "

    She said with a slight smirk. 

    "Being popular musician as yourself. I bet many groupies who want to sleep with you. Would offer a vein if you asked. But for my feeding habits. I prey upon those who prey on the weak. I take out scum that society won't miss. Child molestors. Pedophiles. Rapists. Serial killers. Arsonists. Terrorists. Bombers. Drug dealers. Pimps. I admit sadly I feed on the homeless before. But that is how I feed. There are options. If you can live off animal blood like say pigs blood. I can get you the name of a butcher many vampires use. Think about it. With slaughter houses. All that meat is used but that blood just goes to waste. Which is where our kind comes in. "

    She then reached out to grab his hand in comfort. 

    "Is any of this helping?"

    Well he certainly came to right place. She mentioned several feeding options and seem to know of networking blood systems in place that other vampires use. Not surprising since she has been around since the Victorian era and was a brilliant woman. 

  • ((I don't think that just knowing him would be enough I think of Harley as being a fan of his work. I think that would make things better. Also if you do not mind I would like to make a story like the Harley Quinn Cartoon series Like funny but darkly funny and filled with a bizarre over-the-top adventure.  Unless you're interested in something else darker or lighter ))

  • "I never knew there was anyone here either. I thought I was the only one out here for a few miles. I'll have to come visit your home one of these days. It's nice to meet a fellow forest dweller," she said with a small chuckle. It seemed that the two had more in common than it originally seemed, as Hazel was shocked to discover that he had a garden as well.

    "Me too! I also have my own garden. Wow, funny how life works, huh? We'll have to swap vegetables sometime," she said with a smile. She was very excited to have found a new friend, or at least a new acquintance, someone to talk to at any rate as she was often lonely. When he commented on her not being a music person, Hazel blushed a little and laughed nervously. "It's true, really! I like to live simply. I have almost no electronics in my house at all. I do like to read though, reading and gardening, those are my two favourite hobbies," she said with a smile.

    "Mm, thank you," Hazel said as he picked her up. She felt silly, like a small child being carried by a parent. But what was she supposed to do? Even if her ankle was better, she didn't want to push it and accidentally make it worse. "Um, it should be that way," she said, pointing vaguely to the west where there was a small path through the trees. "If you go that way for a bit, there should be a small clearing. That's where my house is."

  •  ((I would be interested yes thank ya for add))

  • 10579813868?profile=RESIZE_584x// will be back on tomrrow//

  • Hazel chuckled, but it might have sounded just a bit too nervous. She knew, better than some, what it was like to not be believed. Throughout the years she had tried to explain to people about being a Witch. No one ever seemed to understand, or they thought she was crazy. Either way it didn't leave her with many friends.

    "Um, yeah...I was collecting some ingredients for my home. I don't live too far from here, about 20 minutes that way," she and pointed vaguely to the west. She had never seen anyone in this area before, and was both surprised and thankful that he had been nearby. Hazel shuddered to think what might have happened if no one had come.

    "Music man? So you're a famous musician? I guess that would explain why I haven't heard of you," she said with an awkward laugh as she tossed some of her lavender hair aside. "I'm not really a big music person...I don't even own a CD player. No offense or anything, I'm sure you're a great musician," she added quickly, hoping to not offend him.

    "Well, when I get back home...I'll have to make you something. Do you like pie? How about cookies? I have to do something for you. You might have saved my life today," she said, looking up towards the ladder and wondering if she was better enough to make the climb. "Can you help me out? I'm not sure if I can walk just yet," she said bashfully.

  • Axel has been one of the few people privy to her secret. Not many humans were. Outside her old teammates and all. Now she was a solo act. Working for herself. She came across a musician who's music was pleasant enough that she would keep coming back to hear. Over time, a series of events had occurred that let to Axel learning her little secret. That she was older then she looked. Craved the life blood flowing in people's veins. That she was a predatory creature. Among other things. 

    "Hello my friend. I am well. How are you? A moment to talk. Sure. As you know my dear, Axel.  I am a woman who has nothing but time on her hands. So tell me. What troubles you?"

  • Hazel couldn't believe it when it sounded like someone was near. As soon as she heard his voice, her heart leaped with hope. She honestly didn't care if it took a while for her to escape, she was just so happy to not be alone. At least somebody knew she was here.

    "Help! I'm down here in this hole!" she cried out, trying to help the man pinpoint her location. As she sees him approach, her breathing starts to calm down a little bit. Something tells her that everything is going to be okay. "Thank you, oh thank you so much..." is all she can think to say at first. When he tells her to back up, she does so as best she can despite her ankle.

    As the branch came down, Hazel wondered if that was going to be enough to help. She could try climbing the branch out of the hole, but she wasn't sure if she could actually do it. That's when the magic kicked in, and she watched as the branch suddenly turned into a ladder. Hazel blinked a couple times, hardly daring to believe it. Did she just witness magic? Someone else's magic? Or was all of this just an elaborate dream?

    Before she knew it he was down there with her, and she watched as he applied the strange paste to her injured ankle. "Oh, thank you," she said, not really knowing who he was or what he was doing. Despite that, she trusted him somehow. Already her ankle was staring to feel a bit better.

    "Good...I'm doing better now, thanks. I can't believe you found me. I thought I was gonna be stuck in here forever," she said with a small chuckle. When he asked her to keep his magic secret, Hazel knew the feeling all too well. She was so close to revealing herself to be a Witch, but decided to keep it to herself, at least for now. Just because this man could use magic didn't mean he was friendly to Witches. She decided to keep her true identity a secret.

    "It's okay...I won't tell anyone. I'm not sure they would believe me anyway," she added with a small, flighty laugh. "My name's Hazel. It's very nice to meet you Axel. Thank you for helping me, I don't know how I can repay you."

  • [ Sure thing! Here we go :) ]


    Hazel was spending her afternoon gathering herbs, mushrooms and flowers, something she liked to do at least once a week when the weather was nice. With a wicker basket in one hand, she hummed a gentle tune as she walked through the woods; her keen eyes searching for any natural ingredients she could use to make tea...or potions.

    In a small clearing, Hazel looked and saw a small cluster of violets about 15 feet away. She had never seen them growing in the trees before and was excited to collect them...maybe a little too excited! She rushed over, not even thinking to watch her feet or what was beneath her. Before she had time to realize it, Hazel fell with a sudden scream. By the time she realized what had happened, she was sitting in the middle of a deep hole in the forest floor.

    "Ouch, darn it!" Hazel groaned and winced as she felt some pain in her ankle. She must have injured it during the fall. Other than that she seemed to be okay, but how was she going to get out of here? She could try climbing out, but with her ankle that would prove difficult. She didn't know the extent of the damage and didn't want to make it worse.

    Looking up, the hole was at least 8 feet deep, possibly more than that. Hazel tried to use her magic to conjure a ladder, but all she managed to create was a small foot stool. In her frightened, injured state, it was hard to focus properly, making spellcasting difficult. "Oh goodness...help! Someone help!" she cried out instead, seeing it as her only option now. This deep in the woods, it was unlikely that anyone would be passing by. Hazel just had to hope that eventually someone would find her.

  • Of course, please take your time with familiarizing yourself again with an episode or two, I'll be here patiently waiting.  Yes, I am sure it is that way for a lot here, for those who watched it at least.  I only recently picked up it for the first time, so I guess things are fresh in my mind.  Have fun rewatching what you can, when you can, and I look forward to hearing from you when I do.  Wonderful thank you, I also look forward to that starter in time. ^.^

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