10467580493?profile=RESIZE_710x Name: Jack Axel Briggs (goes by Axel)/Face Claim- Jhonny Depp/Nick names: Ax, Al

Home Town: Tennessee

Living now: California

Occupation: well known Singer in Rock music

net worth: 150 Million

Age: 45


weight: 165 pounds

Relationship: Taken by the beauitful Pandora Vakeria

Child(ren): Blair Rose

His History:

Growing up his home life wasn't the best, his mom and dad where toxic to eachother. mom would drank to handel dad's yelling. In his fathers eyes his mother couldn't ever do right. Along with his mother Axel and his sister were ofent targets of his fathers rage. Many tiles Axel would try to protect his mother and sister thus making him the one taking the brunt of the abuse many times. To him he would rather it be him than either of them.

In his early teens His fater passed when he was 12 he was gundown after making a bad money deal with some people and then never delivered some say he had mob ties but has never been proven. His mother changed for then better from then on she stopped drinking was a nicer person to be around and tossed herself into work in Hollywood leaving Axel who was 13 at the time and his yonger Sister, who was just 7 Khloewas alone much of the time. Axel was forced to grow up fast became the man of the house cooked and cleaned and helped his sister with her home work and tought her how to cook. would read to her at night and get her off to bed on time for school. they were lachkey kids most of the time there mom's name got bigger in hollywood and the less they seen of her.

10474327461?profile=RESIZE_400xBy the time he was a Teen 16-19 had had raised his sister sense she was 3. he was protective of her and was very much a father figure to her. They had a very strong bond. sometimes his mom would get mad because the only one Khole would tell things to was Jack. But to her he was the only Parent she ever really knew. while she was in school he would sometimes dabble in drugs and drinking. it was his copeing mechanisem for dealing with life. he never one did any of that in from of his sister. He had also befriended a girl Pandora Vakeria who would then become a life long friend to him. everything about her added joy and laughter to his life. He had fallen for her quiet eaisly but had never uttered a word of that to her.

early adult years 20-25 He was discorvered by a record lable he would write many songs win many awards and would give back a lot of his money to charities to help who he could. he had gotten away from the drugs and the drinking and was a better man because of it. He was a lover not a fighter but fought many times for those and the things he loved. He was a good man with a large heart.

 -more to come as his story is still being written-

 Important people in Axel's Life10480934872?profile=originalName: Alexandra Grace Briggs/face claim-Helena Bonham Carter/Mother to: Axel and Khloe/Grandmother to: Blair

Age: seems to be around early 30's but is much older. (age 2,012 to be exact)

she can not be killed is skilled in dark magic, healing and close combat. Her kids mean everything to her and her granddaughter is her world. mess with them get her wrath.


(more to come soon)

10474322282?profile=RESIZE_400xName: Khloe Lynn Briggs/Face Claim-Penelope Cruz

Sister to: Axel /Daughter of: Alexandra Briggs


(more to come later) 

10478653094?profile=RESIZE_584xName: Blair Rose Briggs/Face Claim-Bailey Sarian/Daughter of: Axel,/Granddaughter of:  Alexandra /Neice to: Khloe


The moment she was born she was given up for adoption. she was in and out of foster homes all of her life before she timed out of the system and was kicked out at the age of 18. She did her research and found out her her mother was and how her father was. she had found where her mother had tried getting all of her dad's muic and tried telling the world he had forced her to have an abortion. so she took it apon herself and showed up at his door and knocked and the door opened she pushed her hair back behind her ears. "Hello, Mr Briggs. I'm Blair, I wanted to tell you I know the allacutions your ex brought agaist you was false. I'm your daughter you can use my DNA to tell the world she lied. I want to help you get your name back. I don't ask that you be in my life, that is up to you I just wish to help right a wrong to somebody who didn't deserve it." HE smiled and welcomed her in and that day started building a relationship she now resides in her fathers home and the two are close.


-I don't mind how long you write or don't write all I ask is that please no one liners. and understand I'm not a Novella writter. I can give you some paragraphs but not a chapter.

-writting can at times inclued some adult theams,should this happen please make sure it does in fact go with the story I won't do random smutt. it has to make sense for the story please. if you are bothered by such please do tell me I am ok with doing fade to black for adult theams if you so wish.

-Please no god-modding don't control or make life-altering without fisrt having concent


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  • Nick nodded, "this will hurt" he warns before plunging his throat deep starting to drain the poor man as his body would eventually fall limp in Nick's arms. Just as Axels' heart rate would slow down almost close to death, Nick extends out his own wrist removing his fangs from Axel's throat and biting into his own wrist to draw his blood. Nick extends his bloody dripping wrist over Axel's mouth so his thousand year old blood will drip into Axel's mouth to eventually placing his wrist onto Axel's mouth, "drink" Nick encourages Axel to drink his blood. 

    Once Axel would suck onto Nick's bloody wrist drinking from the vampire, Axel's dna would change. Nick's blood would become part of Axel's DNA, the two strands of blood merging together as one and bringing a new life to Axel. The process would be painful though, it would feel as if his entire insides were on fire and eventually Axel would die from the process though it was necessary to mark the change.

    Nick extracts his fangs and looks as his wrist heals as he pulls it away from Axel to then setting the man propped upa gainst the wall. Watching and waiting now for Axel's heart to beat anew as vampire.

  • "I know love and that just makes you even more you and I just love that." She smiles, "well that is good! and don't push yourself mister." She joked before starting the car up once she got in and buckled up. "Oh goodies,now if I only recorded it." She said laughing lightly. Once he was in the car and buckled up she put the vehicle in drive. The drive to the tavern would take several minutes before they're parked in a parking spot in front of the building. "Alright let's go see how things are."

  • "Mhm, if only it worked that way, sadly it doesn't." She shakes her head at the fact most humans were just ruthless. "True enough but others have never thought it that way or were too scared to actually get to know me," she then shrugs since she was so use to it that it stopped hurting long ago. "It is how it needs to be, my comfort doesn't matter, it's to keep others safe." She then nods at his words before looking at the picture. "Ah one of those well you are in good hands. I won't let her near you and if I catch sight I'll get you out of the area. Once I lock onto her scent I'll know when she's there."

  • He was an odd one that's for sure but it just made her love him even more. Laughing now she just shakes her head. "Love you are such a child," she joked before waving her hand. "Oh dear lord Azel you goof." She chuckled and let out a soft sigh. She could never get old of this. "Nah, you've always ben a cheesy king." She smiles at him before walking out the door.

  • "I'm surprised, most either back away in fear or throw slurrs at me. It's a nice change really." She said quietly, quite surprised that this man admires her. It was strange. "As much as I wish that could happen but I'm at my most dangerous time during the full moon. I rather be chained up and in a cage where I can't hurt people. Just me on it." A soft smile formed before she looked around, "Well anything I must know or follow when being your body guard?"

  • "You're welcome my love, indeed it is good to have good news." She nods in agreement before thinking. "Why not, it's been a while and I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem." The tavern was actually an inn with a bar but it was just easier to call it a tavern. "Come on, but I'm driving!" She grabbed her keys before heading towards the door. "You can be chessy sometimes love, it's cute." SHe said laughing lightly

  • "At least someone does," she joked. "I am one to speak my mind and not sugar coat anything. Getting to the point is better than trying to tell a little lie." She said before nodding. She was already requesting that the cage be brought over. "Alright it should be here within a few hours." She looked at him in surprise then shook her head once more. "I know most want to make it feel more comfortable.. But trust me, you'd rather want to stay as far away and silent.. There's no telling what would happen.." She said with a sigh but then brightened up. "Of course."

  • Anu chuckled quietly shaking her head. "I swear the things I say." Shaking her head again she smiled faintly. "Thank you." it meant a lot, it would mean she wouldn't have to hear Ross shout at her like he always did. "Hm I might be able to have the one back at base transported here." She mumbled to herself, she didn't want him spending anything on a new one when there was one already built. "It can stay as the way it is, anything put in it would be just torn up." She mumbled again "For the three days and nights. The day I should be normal just drained." She answered as she pulled out her cell phone, which just basically looks like a tablet. Her ears perked up once more before those maroon hues looked down at him. "It'll definitely be a change that's for sure, but thank you for hiring me." She wasn't sure how it'll all end up but she could sense a friendship in the future.

  • Pan handed him the phone before walking around and throwing the tissue into the trashcan before turning her full attention to him. She knew he cared but she didn't want to worry him when more important matters were at hand. "It is wonderful news, soon enough she'll be here and we can hang out whenever." She said as she tilted her head to the side. "I honestly don't know, I mean I have the tavern to check on but I can easily call in to see how things are going. So hm." She taps her chin thinking. but then she just ends up shrugging. "I don't know," She said with a light chuckle.

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