Hortencia Rosenberg
the ‘Swallowtail Butterfly’
Barbara Palvin Gif - ID: 205941 - Gif Abyss32 years old
Baby blue eyes
Chocolate brown hair
Taken under wing by Frank Castle

Hortencia is a playful, free-spirited young woman born and raised in the sunshine state of California. Sun, sand and surf. Her childhood was simple; she went to school, aced her grades, graduated with flying colours and made her parents proud. They weren’t rich folks but they worked hard to give their daughters the best life possible. Hortencia was fourteen when her youngest sister went missing. Over a decade later her body was finally retrieved from a sewage system. Her parents never fully recovered from the loss. By now she’d moved out of town and traveled interstate, finding herself amidst the soaring skyscrapers of New York. There she’d picked up work at the Butterfly Lounge, a not-so-seedy gentleman’s club owned and operated by one of New York’s renowned mafia families. The money was great. She could’ve afforded herself an upstate apartment with all the bells and whistles, and yet she remained humble, choosing a much smaller apartment in a shabby building not too far from the gentleman’s club. It wasn’t much but it was home. Sitting atop the external fire escape staircase listening to the nocturnal sounds of the city were one of her favourite past times. It was there she met someone most unexpected. A man named Frank Castle.


The Punisher uploaded by •Mavi• on We Heart It

Her relationship with Frank Castle came about after a chance encounter late one evening. From there, coffee dates were had and eventually one thing led to another. It wasn’t her intention to sleep with him. They were from two very different worlds. His was built around violence, PTSD and revenge. Hortencia on the other hand just wanted to save her money and live her life. He was older, had lost his family and was out to exact revenge on those that took the lives of his former wife and children. She wasn’t there to replace anyone. She knew this. Frank had made it very clear from the beginning this was a bad idea. However, Hortencia was stubborn. She wanted to see him again. Occasionally he’d slip through her window and they’d spend the night tangled up in one another. As time went on, Hortencia found herself falling more in love with the mercenary. An unexpected romance blossomed until the mafia boss - her boss - found out Hortencia was seeing someone unassigned to her position. Things got nasty and she got hurt. From then onwards, Frank had forbidden her from returning to the Butterfly Lounge. If looks could kill, Hortencia’s a black widow. Beautiful, dangerous, manipulative, and would protect what is hers no matter the cost.




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Minerva Elmers
the Doctor
34 years oldPin on gif
Steel blue-grey eyes
Dirty blonde hair
Bound by heart to Negan Morgan
Bound by submission to Meth Head Mac

ntroducing Daddy's Kitten. A feisty blonde with striking features and a temper to match! Growing up, Minerva wanted nothing more than to study medicine. Like her father. Eventually she would find herself in Seattle, Washington. A bright eyed and bushy tailed Minerva put herself through Med-School, keeping her busy by taking on extra shifts at one of the local bars well into the night. A tired Minerva struggled to make it through some days without falling asleep at her desk, but she prevailed and would go on to get her degree. Her mother passed unexpectedly. Not a month after her Med-School graduation in fact. Her father was left to raise a handful of children on his own, taking on two jobs just to support them all. Minerva included. Not wanting to feel like a burden, Minerva packed only the essentials and headed south-west. Heading uncertain. It was then she realized that her dream of becoming a doctor was destined for failure. As the world turned and the dead walked the earth, Minerva abandoned her vehicle in a small, desolate town and continued on foot. How she'd managed to survive as long as she did before stumbling across the likes of one Negan Morgan, she wasn't sure. He was older and carried with him that ridiculous bat. However, he sure was easy on the eyes and more than once she'd made it clear she would claim his leather jacket as her own. One day.


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Hadley Meyers
the Vet Nurse
30 years old
Baby blue eyes
Sunshine blonde hair

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  • (thank you for accepting my request. If you wanna plot let me know. Love your page by the way. :) )

  • |. I could probably try my cell but my replies would be limited and I don't know if I'd be able to use my GIF's the same way.
    I miss writing with you!! I miss writing on all my accounts and this fucking sucks. You're adultin' now, uh?
    How you enjoying it so far? xD I hope you're staying safe and healthy.

  • (I think everyone misses that same Morgan you are thinking off. Hope to write with you soon and things get back to normal for ya. Thanks for remembering me ^.^
    Blaire and Mini need to have their Girl's night. I know they both miss "Daddy"}

  • |. Hey doll face. I miss you. and I hope you're doing okay.
    Sorry I haven't been around, it's not from a lack of trying. Laptop is complete shit I'm working on getting a new one.
    What's new?

  • Bear with me. I'mma do me some editing. xD

  • 8043606074?profile=RESIZE_400xMac let out a rather unhealthy snicker. Hacking earmarks of a heavy smoker. Seeing the tiny bundle in her arms, made Mac feel a flutter in his chest. "That... That's mine?" He mumbled in the earnest. His gaze narrowed but features softened upon looking over Mini's taut hold. Swallowing thickly, he sucked in his bottom lip and then all too quickly, pulled away. Yip. Too much, too soon. "Dafuq kinda name is Huxley?" He snapped. 


    Mac was an antagonist, and no doubt she knew any version of soft side to the Canyon junkie, did not last. "So what? You get to have my fuckin' kid and I don't get the say in his fuckin' name?? Jesus titty fuckin' Christ, Mini." Mac bickered as he sparked up a cancer stick, allowing it to dangle between bow-tie lips. "Unfuckin'believable." So now what?- Mac, thought. They ain't no family, but she seemed keen on keeping him away knowing he wasb't able to get clean.

  • 8042140681?profile=RESIZE_400x


    "Oh please. Don't pretend you don't fuckin' miss me." Mac murmured as he stood uncomfortably close towards the little sexpot. The small bundle that remained hidden away from Mac's periphial vision, had him pacing around erratically. He wanted to see his son. Wanted to hold him and create a bond. Fuck this bitch, he had his rights. Mac had little to no understanding of parental advisories. Even though she wanted to be the one to protect him, he wanted to be the one to show the ropes around the cavern of elevated-induced wonders.

    "Come on. I wanna see him. What's his name?" 

  • "Hey ho. Where's my fuckin' boy?? Not gonna let his old man see him?? Hope he didn't stretch you out, I don't like sloppy seconds." Mac was insatiably cruel. Not that Mini seemed to notice or care anymore. She'd taken off to give birth to his one and only child and it unnerved him that he knew very little of her whereabouts. the cold, callous junkie was already high from the night before, and learning that he had a son out there to carry on his filthy legacy was something he wanted to nip in the bud as soon as possible. 


  • |. Not gonna complain about my bbg bein' thirsty... 


  • 317840166?profile=RESIZE_710x-Uff.-

    "See? You do enjoy my company, ya fuckin' bitch."
    Mac often tended to ignore her visual distate for him. Especially since he can get her screaming like a banshee and it makes her loathe the junkie even more. The one thing the Morgan clan had in common, is the men can read people well. That and body language doesn't lie.

    "Aye; You ever find out the gender or what?" Mac was genuinely curious. It was his first offspring.. He should know some shit, he supposed.

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