K A I N E         K H V A D I




 Pansexual - Engaged - x1

 Jack Dawes       


Jack Dawes. Where would Kaine be without him.
What started as a friendship between the
two wolves quickly blossomed into something
even Kaine thought he wouldnever try and
pursue after being let down so many a time
in the relationship scene. This kid helped him,
changed his mind, and has been through hell
and back enough times that Kaine decided he
wouldn't be much without Jacky.

On Christmas day, it was Jack that had
decided to tie the knot and proposed to Kaine. He said Yes.








Kaine's past is very much just that; history. There are few that have lived by his
side long enough to know the trials of his upbringing. Even less that are alive
through immortality have heard him spin his tale. For the seldom few
he will speak highly of his bloodline, of how honor, glory, and war were of the 
highest priority. Kaine added a sense of integrity while growing up
to that mixture, and he lived through it all.

His family consisted of many- Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins.
These were what he knew as family, and all he knew up until the demise 
of his bloodline. He does not mourn their loss, their death is considered the
highest honor; and to cease in battle was like breathing air. Easy, comforting in a way.

Kaine was a dominant individual with high standards of his blood. 
He continuously kept his siblings in line, never letting one stray too 
far from their lifestyle and how things were meant to be. Suppose
you could say he was quite traditional in his ways.

For whatever reason, known only to him, his family are no more. 
Perhaps some remain in Romania with the Khvadi bloodline
in their veins though certainly a rare find, and one such search he is not willing to take. 




6'3'', 194 lbs
Dark hair. Sometimes slicked back or left to
freely move. facial hair often left as a dark shadow.
Toned, bodily structure is sculpted to perfection.
Narrow hips, muscular arms, legs, and abdominal cavity.
Perpetual use of cigarettes. A pack a day.

Button down shirt, white. Black dress pants,
tailored to his body and size. Suite jacket
tailored to his height and size. Red tie often
tucked behind the buttons of his suit. Rounded
and shined to perfection.

Black form fitting shirt, short sleeved.
Dark denim jeans. Boxers. Fine chain necklace.

Black Alaskan diamond ring on his right ring
finger. Sunglasses perched atop his head.

Other (Scars, ink work.)
Two little scars running through his right
brow. Slightly obscure the symmetry of the
right brow to the left.

Calloused hands. Nicks and signs of physical
abuse on his knuckles and fingers from rigorous training.

A single scar on his left hip leaning towards the rib cage.





 kaine is intimidating, yes. he has different sides to him that have not been
mentioned just yet. his gentle nature is one of them. well, mostly. he usually
prides himself in taking up a good book and sitting for hours just… immersing
himself into it. don’t be surprised to see a man donning reading glasses and a
book lamp late at night. aside from that side, he is also fiercely competitive
and widely known to be stubborn and relentless in just about any area of challenge.
  scoring a kill count with a fellow brother? he’s there. extreme cupcake making? you bet.

if there is a point to prove he is often at the front line of it all. generally those
who think they are tough shit get the brutish, competitive nature. he can sometimes
be a sore loser though. kaine has a habit of worrying over those he cares deeply for.
he is very expressive about it as well, be it small gestures to cheer up those who need
cheering, or being a solid shoulder to lean on. he will gladly meet death before his friends
beat him to it.

kaine is honorable and certain things keep him from actively fighting
at times. one thing being; he will not fight women, or rather, he just doesn’t
want to. there is a deeply routed respect for the opposite sex, for whatever reason,
he is much more gentleman like and will often do his best to pacify the situation.

the darker side to kaine is simply his self-loathing at times. he will beat his confidence
black and blue if something should happen to those he cares about. the strong will to protect
those he holds dear is an exhausting thing at best, but something he gladly upholds.
whether if be guidance, company, or leadership, he is often the one who will take up the
mantle quietly and without hesitation.





“She used to tell me that a full moon was when mysterious things happen and wishes come true.†― Shannon A. Thompson

 the beast that kaine can turn to has always been with him. in some sense, he considers the curse a gift and unabashedly tends to turn to this gift whenever he wills. it is a monstrous thing; a dark creature that towers over most upon two feet with a wolfish head and body structure. his pelt is black as can be. no brown dilutes are in his fur and often in the light his coat has a blue-ish tint in it.

thick and course with softer underfur, it is longest around the neck, shoulders, chest cavity, and tail. this fur hides a spread of battle scars and ailments that even the beast itself might neglect to tend to. kaine tends to keep his fur rather groomed and well in the range for standard cleanliness.

he does not like his fur being caked in blood or the mud of the forests he bounds through. finally, large, hollow, and intense eyes stare with a blood orange coloring being their medium. often mistaken for crimson in certain angles of lighting. it is worth noting that kaine looks like a classic, bipedal werewolf.

human traits still dilute the complete and vicious feral side of him. he is conscientious in what he does, and what he kills. the intelligence laden within his amber eyes, are more than enough to afford a second glance.






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  • My beloved woofer. <3

  • "Kaine suits you," Zach says while busying himself by pulling apart his muffin with his fingers. The piece he breaks off is popped between his lips before he lifts his gaze to give Kaine a big closed-mouthed smile. It's the kind of smile that looks goofy but in its own way is charming. Far from conventionally attractive such as the commercial smiles and smirks on a magazine, but more real with emotion behind it. Zach swallows the food in his mouth and flushes it down with a glass of water he had poured for himself earlier. 

    His mind visible ticks over in thought as Kaine ponders what the pair could possibly talk about. That is when Zach quickly plucks something from his train of thought and blurts it out, "you're a big guy, you don't play sports?" An innocent enough question. Just by looking at Kaine it is easy to assume he enjoys sports or some other form of physical activity. Normal people don't get bodies like that just for doing nothing. "If you're not into football, do you play something else? I guess you hit the gym, hey, how much can you bench press? I'm guessing 180," he says, apparently happy to chat away despite Kaine's minimal input to the conversation.

  • The one thing Jack regretted the most was working away from home. Leaving behind their apartment - namely Kaine’s apartment really - and Kaine himself. Observing Kaine was one thing. Seeing the way he was around the boy had Jack enamored and tripping head over ass for the elder wolf. And who would’ve thought a random midnight run-in would someday - specifically this day - lead to the pair spending an eternity together.

    At the mention of food, Jack’s stomach gurgled aggressively. Jack and food had a love-hate relationship when he was working away from home. He never fed himself well enough and there were times where he’d visited the local bar scene with the other workers and filled up on beverages. Of course he’s a careful drinker; never going too hard or too fast with his drinks.

    “I’m starved.” he purrs, smacking his lips and stealing another quick kiss. “Monsieur chef, what’re we making today?”

  • A shiver rippled up and down the length of Jack’s spine. Affection starved was definitely a thing as it took the boy a moment to regain his composure. His hands remained on Kaine’s body; his waist, chest, arms, draped over his shoulders or tangled in the other’s locks, tugging affirmatively as he tugged the man into another flurry of kisses. The warmth of his lips, the brush of skin against skin, the way his optics danced at the mere sight of his other half.

    It felt a little surreal that five hours earlier Jack was working interstate. But now…. He’s wrapping himself up in the body of the one he loves the most; allowing Kaine to pry himself away after the second collective embrace. With Kaine’s question came a cock of Jack’s head. “More than okay,” he rumbles, seeking the male’s hands upon him once more. It didn’t matter that they were just standing there being clumsy and looking awkward as fuck, Jack was just happy to be home.

    Kaine’s hands upon the boy’s hips sealed the deal and Jack’s thrusting himself forward, desperate to be as close to the man as possible. For a moment fear slips across the boy’s brow as he clings to his mate. It’s been a while since they’d spent more than a few lousy weeks together before Jack was jet setting across the country for another job that could’ve kept him anywhere up to six months away from home.

    “Are YOU okay with this though?” Need he ask really, but he wanted to know what Kaine was thinking about the whole situation. The fact that he’s home in such a short amount of time might’ve been cause for question, but Jack’s hues held nothing but honesty. Lips curl back in a curt smile as he leaned over and claimed Kaine’s mouth with kisses; soft, sensual, and loving.

  • Dropping his back, tears welled in the corner of his burnt umber hues. Their bodies collided and it was the best possible feeling. Jack’s arms went around his lover’s midsection, hands centered on his broad shoulder blades as he nuzzled and necked the older man desperately. He hadn’t showered and still smelled of that rich earthy scent. He might’ve stunk but right now all he cared about, what he wanted most in this world, was to collapse against his husband-to-be and never let him go. And for a moment that’s all he would do.

    “Baby,” he murmured into Kaine’s chest, sprinkling kisses all across his fiance’s collar, lips twisted in a stupid grin. He’s home. And not just home-home. He’s actually home and in the arms of his mate. Yeah, Jack went there. He’d never spoken a word of it since their first initial meeting. Not since their first initial meeting and the boy was take back by the older wolf. “I love you, I love you, I love you.” he crooned, tightening his arms around the man and squeezing firmly. There was absolutely no doubt about it.

    “I got a transfer,” he mumbled once he was finally able to peel himself away from his other half. “An it’s here… in Los Angeles. I won’t need to leave you anymore.” Honestly, Jack’s both surprised and proud of himself for doing what he did and asking his employer for a transfer. It mean he would be home all the time now. No more traveling out of state, no more leaving behind the person who meant more to him that all the money in the world.

  • The airport is packed and the delay in flights has the midnight wolf whimpering. He just wants to get home. Splurging one a ticket for the next available flight to Los Angeles, Jack now waits. And waits. And waits. Five hours later at half eight in the morning his flight is boarding - without delays - and he’s headed home. Home. To Kaine and their quaint little apartment and sky views. To that tub and the comfort of their bed. Jack’s heart is set a flutter when the flight comes to a close a few hours later and the plane descends upon the tarmac.

    Hailing a cab, Jack throws his rucksack in the back of the cab and climbs in, giving the driver directions home. His fingers are crossed in the hopes that traffic isn’t as hectic this morning as it normally is at this time of day. His mind also wandered to the feel of Kaine’s hard chest crushed against his own, the brush of lips, the caress of fingers along the length of his arms. It wasn’t anything remotely sexual and yet he’s already popped a boner. Le sigh. The cab pulls up to the front of the apartment building and Jack’s already got his seatbelt off and thrusting a handful of bills at the driver.

    “Keep the extra!” he grins, throwing open the cab’s door and climbing out, almost face planting the pavement in his rush to get upstairs. Hell, even the goddamn elevator was against his today. The music was awful and Jack’s pacing back and forth as it shudders up to their floor. As soon as the doors spring open, he’s off and racing. ‘Kaine, I’m here! I’m home.’ he sings to himself, lips splayed in a gleeful grin as the impatience of the midnight wolf has him unlocking the apartment door and bursting in.

    “Honey, I’m home!”

  • Despite the considerable amount of money Jack was making working away from home, and Kaine, he figured it just wasn’t worth it anymore. He missed his grumpy werewolf. He missed those nights spent with his arms wrapped around the man as they slumbered, the long talks about far off destinations they’d one day like to travel to, and the simple things like bathing together in which he would be propped up in the tub with Kaine between his legs, his fingers in the other’s hair as he massaged a lather of shampoo into Kaine’s locks.

    For the first time in a very long time, Jack felt more than just home sick. With a heavy sigh, Jack’s brushing his palms down the front of that fluorescent safety vest and knocking on the door of his employer; a large man with a a jolly outwards appearance. A thick white beard completing the would be Santa look. “Hiya boss,” Jack greeted the man as he flung open the door, his rough laughter filling the around them.

    “Ah, Jack. What can I do for you?” Maurice stubbed open the boot of the trailer to allow the boy entry into the makeshift office.

    “I’d like to go home, sir. You can keep my last paycheck, I don’t mind, I just… I’m homesick, sir.”

    The request had Maurice furrowing his brows. Jack was one of the hardest, most loyal workers he’s had in a long time. It would be a shame to see him let go. However, as there were similar job opportunities opening in the LA area, the man decided he would still pay Jack for the worked he’d done then put in for a transfer so that he didn’t have to travel out of state as much.

    After an exchange of thank you’s, Jack - with another considerable wad of cash in hand - grabbed his things and made haste for the airport. He’s heading home! Hopefully Kaine was alright without him. The last they spoke Jack still had another six to eight weeks, so coming home early should be a wonderful surprise.

  • Zach smiles politely as he stands from his seat. Waving one hand low near the table in a sort of gesture to Kaine, he says, "I'll be right back." Once out from the table, he skips a few steps toward the counter closer to the entranceway of the cafe. He's never been here before, preferring the cafe on the opposite side of the school's campus. Out of curiosity for the food, he glances up at the menu above the counter, but only orders Kaine's drink of green tea with honey. Zach exchanges pleasantries with the staff, but in quick succession so that he does not linger any longer than needed. 

    Once he retrieves the drink he came all this way for, Zach returns to the table with Kaine and takes his place. After a soft tap of heat-resistant plastic hitting the table, Zach slides the cup toward Kaine. He then takes his own seat and takes a big bite of his muffin. Looking pleased with himself, he goes in for another bite when Kaine is asking about football. Surprised, Zach quickly chews his mouthful before his speaks. Sometimes he's got manners.

    "Uh.. you wanna know about football?" He wonders, doubting that Kaine has any real interest in the game. Not everybody has the same interests in sports and he understands that. Even Zach didn't think much of the game until he discovered it could be used as a safe haven from his overbearing parents. His love for football comes from a much darker place than some of his teammates. "I don't mind explaining, but.. we can talk about other things if you're not interested in that. Oh! -" he suddenly exclaims, " - my name is Zach, by the way. What about you?"

  • When Kaine arrives, Zach as his mouth on the blueberry muffin and his eyes glued to his cell phone held in his other hand. Sliding his thumb from down to up against the screen, he scrolls through his Facebook feed hoping to find something of interest. Photos uploaded by people he knows and those he doesn't drift by the screen. Memes appear, and some get Zach to stop long enough to read, pop a grin at, then like the image. In the midst of this, he hears Kaine speak to him and he straightens up with a polite smile. Tapping his thumb to the side of his phone, the light on the screen turns black and he tucks the device into the pocket of his sweatpants.

    "Why wouldn't I be?" He answers with an oblivious stare. At that moment, he takes another bite of his muffin. Once he starts chewing, Zach gestures at the chair across from him for Kaine to take a seat. Zach doesn't wait to finish chewing what's in his mouth before he talks, but he does somewhat cover his mouth with his hand. "I didn't know what sort of drink you like, so I waited for you to get here. What do you want?" Zach is direct in his speech

  • It never occurs to Zach that this might be a ploy to gte rid of him, so he trustingly nods and releases his hand from the stranger's shoulder. At least his conscious will be cleared either way. This is not the first time an unsuspecting soul had gotten in the way of a soaring football. A few girls from the college campus have sustained minor bumps on the head when the boys were playing a little too haphazardly. Rightfully so, the team always apologizes for any mistakes on their part. Even knowing that Zach's throw was the result of a timely tackle, he still felt responsible for the incident. In his eyes, it is the least he can do.

    Exactly as Kaine instructed him, Zach heads to the cafe right after collecting his belongings from the locker room. Like Kaine said it would be, it is small in size but comfortable and smells delicious. Zach, on the otherhand, doesn't smell too fresh given he's just come off the field after working up a sweat. Thankfully, he doesn't smell nearly half as bad as some of the other plays on the team. Since he isn't sure what drink Kaine would like, he helps himself to a sweet blueberry cupcake and a glass of water and waits at a corner table for two. The first bite of the cupcake is heavenly and Zach remembers that he hasn't had lunch yet, so he considers buying more food.

    Appearing out of place, Zach sticks out like a sore thumb. Other customers are retired-looking folks with fluffy cotton candy-like hair and soft skin. Zach looks bright-faced and lively, tilting his head from one side to the other in time with the music playing in the background. Is that weren't enough to have him stand out, his bright red hair and clumsy clothes will. His grey sweatpants are rolled up from his ankles to hug tightly around muscular claves. The black shirt is a fresh one he switched while in the locker-room and certainly looks cleaner than the sweaty one he wore when he first saw Kaine.

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