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My precious Malory Grace is lonely. 

And I want some new Threads.

Also I’ve never asked for threads this way before so I don’t know what I’m doing. 


Malory Grace is the type of woman who does a lot of one night stands because she doesn’t want anyone to get too close to her. Basically, she thinks that she can never be in any relationship, romantic or just friends, because she doesn’t want them to get hurt by her job. And she doesn’t want someone she’s getting close to find out what she does and call her insane. So the dating scene for Malory is basically non existent. She pushes people away out of fear of them getting too close. But she’s craving the attention and affection that comes with being close to someone—anyone! 

No friends, no partners, not even a pen pal. She’s all alone and she hates it. 

For the RP, basically anywhere in the world works, but it does have to be a modern setting. And if you don’t want romance, that’s cool too. I won’t go forcing romance into a story that doesn’t need it. I’m just looking for some new threads, hopefully a romantic one, and all of which involving sword fighting and Malory killing things most people can’t see. 

Anyone interesed? 

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    I should very much like to give it a try. Ball is in your court. Your settings and story. I'm just that stranger. I hope you don't mind doing this thread in messages. I'm not a fan of the comments section. 

  • Opening this one back up in case people are interested

  • "Pfft,never said otherwise,Mal. You could barely handle sex with me,what makes you
    think being my wife would be any different? I've got enough wives, thats the last thing I need.
    The knife thing,could've been negotiated...How about a gag ball to keep you quiet?"


  • Oookay, I think I’m gonna close this one for a little while until I get stuff sorted out. But thanks for all the ready replies!

    And Negs...

    ”You call that thing with the knife romantic? You were wooing me with that shit? Whatever, old man. Besides, I’m allowed to sleep around as much as you are. Not your wife, remember?”

  • "Ey!! I thought I was romantic,that one time.. When ya know..
    Shit happened,and then you freaked out over the knife. Remember? I was wooing you and shit."


  • ||My Exoria here isn't exactly the very definition of alone, since she usually has a bunch of younger sisters to take care of, but going far off from the waters would be an entirely different case for her, and she might be next to clueless about how lots of things worked in the modern time. As a carnivorous siren, her main objective of going inland was to study the behavioral patterns of their human prey in their own habitat and would exercise a lot of self-control to resist these impulses. 
    If romance isn't plausible for the plot that would be fine with me~ She just needs more friends and connections to have inland adventures with, and would probably be very interested in Malory's occupation since that involves more knowledge and information about creatures that she wouldn't encounter in the ocean every day. 
    If this is okay, uh... I'd be more than happy to plot with you! ㅇㅅㅇ
    *skeddadles* ||
  • Some of my writing partners are on hiatus and some are not to return it seems.  

    I need more connections for Blake. Something to help lee his humanity together and prevent the demonic remnant of his alter ego, from taking over completely.   So I’m down to have these two individuals cross paths with one another. 





  • :: Raises a cape::  my character has been abandon by her sire, has father issues, and feels all alone in the world since her birth parents are dead, her sire left her and her adoptive father ,Dracula( who took her in because of his ex siring her and some other long reasons) abandon her as well.  

    So she is a lonely dark soul who fears getting close to anyone due to abandonment issues and betrayal. She is also a criminal on the one and doesn’t think love, family, or friendships is in the cards for her. 

    Since she was born a paranormal human later turned vampire. She would not be put off or scared by Malory’s “job”.


    So Maybe our two characters could become friends or more? If you think Malory won’t mind knowing a wayward soul like Cassie ?




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