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Alexander was birthed a human and was later in life changed to what he has become today.  Unlike most Vampires, Alexander has several abilities that purebloods have. For several years after his transformation,  his sire began to offer her blood to him conditioning him to be what he has become.  Originally from the Czech Republic, Alexander has only recently begun to venture outside his home country in order to rid himself of the Coven he betrayed. 

Alexander was once a human hunter of the supernatural. He did this for bounty sake. The paychecks were big; his ego even bigger. Unfortunately, the leader of his three-man team had a bigger ego.  Leading the two into a den of vampires, they were slaughtered with Alexander left to watch and wait his turn. However, when push came to shove the Pureblood Vampiress chose to spare Alexander's life under one condition. Of course, there were no choices involved. Only the searing heat of fangs and a long led transformation. Her only reasoning for sparing him was his use to the coven.

This was true. Alexander was secretly relieved to be rid of his old team and responsibilities.  He strived to be as strong as he could under the watchful eye of his leader. Between his abilities and the regular feasting of her blood, Alexander became one of the few warriors of his Coven. When enemies arose, he defended his Coven with the few other Warriors along his side. He alone was the hitman of his people, their existence alone rested on his shoulders. He was their loyal dog, and oddly... He loved it.  It appeared that he had flipped sides. From the hunter to the one that slaughtered. Over the course of several years, he continued this role until one fateful day. Usually, the hunters would come in teams, crews, mobs even. But on this day only one appeared, a huntress. She was crafty but no match for him, this he knew. Before eyed by the others, Alexander took pity. He'd been in this same situation after all. The two eventually kindled a bond secretly. This became a danger to his new lover, and Alexander knew that soon these good days would come to an end. He decided it was best if he did the damage himself, so he did. Unfortunately, there was more to his lover than he knew. Feeling betrayed she hunted for him, his blood, his death. Alexander soon realized this wasn't her but her abilities that awoke from the pain he'd caused her.  During the commotion, his Coven was alerted. In order to protect his unconscious lover, Alexander had no choice but to turn on his Coven... That he did. In the end, his lover thought him dead, and he became a stray.

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  Charming  Highly-Educated  Twistedly Playful in Battle Serious  Collected  Calm  Secretly a Softy  Protective to Few  Late Sleeper For Obvious Reasons  Possible Monster  Loyal 

Alexander, Like most vampires, has pale skin with very little tint. His eyes are an amber that flares into crimson for many reasons. A few being: His hunger, his anger, he is injured, he's feeding, etc. His fangs do not protrude like some Vampires. If it weren't for his eyes, at first glance, he could be mistaken for human.  

Alexander is extremely loyal to those he sees fit. Unfortunately, he hasn't had the need to rely on anyone but himself in a very long time.  He is highly educated and can often be seen thinking things out before diving in. In battle, Alexander is usually always one step ahead. 

Alexander is a deal maker. While most deal makers are only out for themselves, he is loyal to his deals in hopes of having the favor returned in a more long-term setting. He's been known to make deals for many reasons, however, his most common reason being for blood.  Unfortunately, all his current deals are extinguished due to his relocation to the United States.  Alexander's control level when hungry is very tolerant. He has almost never had a monstrous feeding session. His favored blood comes from Fae,  Sirens, and Pureblood Vampires. Considered to be a taboo in his home country, Alexander refuses to admit his liking to Pureblood Vampire's plasma. He's still unsure how other Covens would react to his consumption of it and therefore has chosen to keep it a secret.

Deals Available : 3

- Slot open

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Single  Muses: x1  Heterosexual 


Alexander has been a lover to many in his past. His last had cost him his coven. He was happy to give that sacrifice to keep her alive. Unfortunately, he hasn't thought of any relationships since then. If the right person comes along, he could be swayed. Otherwise, it's very unlikely for him to engage in any sexual activities other than feeding. Part of him is still stuck on his past lover. The other part knows she's better off without him coming back into her life. Alexander is not searching, but love has odd ways of finding its way in. 

(This Section is under minor construction while I add people to it.)

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10242687075?profile=RESIZE_400xAlexander is a unique Vampire. He does not maul things in a rageful flurry. Rarely does he actually get his hands dirty, though he's not afraid to. His skills are mostly mental and while most think that a weakness, Alexander has honed them to do things beyond most beliefs. This is believed to be due to his consumption of Pureblood Vampire's plasma since he was sired. Rarely does he use weapons, but he has been seen on occasions using both a pike and small daggers. It is believed Alexander has yet to show everything he possesses. He'd rather lose a battle than going all out. His reasons for this are unknown. His abilities are as follows.

Iron will:  "Dance puppets dance." This is Alexander's most commonly used skill. It's also his most useful. With the sheer will of his mind, Alexander has the ability to inflict his own will onto other living things. This ranges from people to animals, to petty things such as plants. As long as it lives, it is susceptible. 

Dream manipulation: "Did you have a bad dream?" Not only can Alexander invade the dreams of others while they sleep. He also has the ability to cast them into a deep sleep, with eye contact. When the victim is in this dream-like status, Alexander can inflict both pain or pleasure.

Speed Glyphs: "Just try to keep up." Alexander can place speed glyphs where he pleases, be it the side of buildings, the ground or even mid-air. He uses these often to gain distance, advantages, or to travel. He can configure these to allow others access to them. By setting foot on them, the glyphs project the user forward. Sadly, the glyphs only last mere seconds before dispersing. They're identified by pulsating red markings and a semi-transparent plate containing the markings. Alexander is limited on his uses for these. He will eventually run out of the energy required to fuel them.

Lucid Dreaming: "Miss me?" Alexander has the ability to put himself in a sleep-like state in order to project himself somewhere else. He can be injured and deal damage with his projection.

Passives: Immunity to Mind Control  | Immunity to Mind Reading. | Superhuman strength | Superhuman Speed/Reflexes | Ability to Sire someone | Resistance to Sunlight

Weaknesses: Poisons lower his regeneration, he cannot cure them | Heavy injuries, He must feed to sustain the healing process | Sunlight will make his energy drain twice as fast producing the need to feed. | The few he cares for.

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Alexander cannot sustain himself off other Vampire's blood unless they are pureblood.

He used his mind games on his ex-lover in order to fake his own death.

Alexander does not know how to drive a vehicle.

Alexander does have the ability to sire other Vampires but has yet to do so.

In a Coven setting, Alexander has been known as the Warrior or Hitman. He was always in the front line, defending the weaker of his Clan.

He hates having his name shortened. I.E: Al, Alex, etc.

Alexander can eat human food, but it does nothing for him.

A Pureblood Vampire's plasma will empower him for a short period of time.

Alexander has been known to put himself in harm's way for people he's just met.


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 Hello all, my name's Derek. I haven't been writing all that long so please bear with me. I'll be going on 8 years in a couple of months. This is new to me. I've never played a Vampire before. As much as I try to branch out, it never seems to work. But, we're here, so let's do this.

- Plotting is a must before writing with me. 

- I'm fine with OOC chatting.

- Rarely will smut occur, if it does please inbox. I don't want that junk on my profile. 

- I don't reply quickly - most of the time. It's just how I am. 

-I can't and won't write with one-liners. I'm not asking for a book, but I need something in order to give something. 

- Want to be a Vampire? Ask. Let's make it happen.

- Have a really crazy plot? Ask. I don't think I've ever said no to any plot before. Probably the reason my characters become so complex.

- We should all know the basic rules of Rping/Writing there for the only thing I ask for is Respect and tolerance with my slow replies. 



Character design was an NPC fromValkyrie, though I've made him my own with my own twists.

Layout from here.

All headers are from Flaming Text

Face Claim - Miles McMillian

Alexander is voiced by - UC.



Character may have a bad attitude. This is not me it's my character. If I didn't like ya..... I'd just tell ya.

Possible Smut - Minimal if any

Blood/Gore - This is the Main one. 

I will not change my writing because you don't like these, sorry.

I am open to new roleplay threads

Threads are Selective/Open

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  • Squeeeee

  • Yeah, We will have to see. Relationships with Dinah can turn out anyway we want them to. I like to make her flexible that way. I really have no limits on that. I will go ahead and work on a starter. Do you prefer inbox or comments?

  • eeeekkk!!! Side note, I just discovered you have Sickick as your music and I am swooning. I love him! I have found so few who listen to em. Honestly, one of my favorite artists. Any time you want to obsess over his music together, please don't hesitate to do so. 

    Yes, it is exciting. I even have most of her NPCs as half humans and other creatures to see how they develop as well and play into her story. What can I say, I have always been a sucker for the underdog? Hehe. Dinah will be exciting to explore if not a bit frustrating as she helps me learn who she is. Drama is good for character. Do you write where your plots intersect? So what happens in one thread may eventually influence another thread you have going?

    Oh I like where this is going. Alexander, may be rescuing Dinah a bit. XD She is making plenty of enemies in her search to create the philosopher's stone. He would definitely need to rescue her. I like it. Would you like me to set the scene? 

    And that's alright. I completely understand. I usually only have a few days out of the week I am able to respond as well. As long as you are good with committing to a long term RP? I have a bit of a love hate relationship with starting RPs with others and than them ending suddenly or someone not sticking around for an RP. Obviously if we find it isn't working we can disuss it, but I do hope for more long term RP partners. 

  • Dinah is human with a set of magical abilities (primary Alchemy - with more of a dark focus on creating a philosopher's stone & mediumship abilities - these are more new and ready to be explored). I can't say Dinah necassarily likes trouble, but often gets into it. She is corrupted by a few old religious figures and her research with the Philosopher's stone. So she always ends up in trouble regardless of her upbringing. In a  lot of ways, she is a moth to a flame when it comes to discovering the darkness in others. Brining out their more complixieties with their shadow sides. I don't have specific plots mapped out yet. Dinah is fairly new so I am seeing where she takes me and following the joys of spontaneous writing. Seeing mroe so where the characters want to go. With that said, I don't have many ideas off the bat, but am happy to explore anything. 

    What about you? Anything in particular you want to write with Alexander?

  • Of course. Well when you return if you look over my character and are interested in writing, I'd be interested in writing with you in return. I think our characters could have some fun stories together. 

  • (Hello there.)

  • Too bad this wasn't Russia; for if it was then Nes would easily be able to get into the dang club that she'd heard some trash about some vampires and blah blah blah. It was always small time stuff. But no, this wasn't Russia, a place that she was none the happier to return to right now anyway.  Hard pass right there. No, she was having to dig through the minds of those around that she might be able to convince, manipulate. A crowd of people who would be more the willing to accept her in. Ones who were already slightly intoxicated since those were the easiest ones to manipulate for her right now. Granted she was in now, but it had been a bitch to get in.

    She had seen a group of some slightly intoxicated chicks, some that might match her style. Even if she wasn't they still did. She was easily able to loop an arm around one's neck, then mentally caress all of the to ease their frantic thoughts on who the hell this lost child was and said with a hint of power, "we're all friends here, right?" With a thought of recognition, they nodded, agreed and Nes was able to stroll on in laughing about nothing, cheering at something, flashing her clearly fake ID but with government hook up was as real as any. The Bouncer might be cautious, he didn't seem it. One look, saw the legal age, and she was in with her false friends. Drinks denied for they bothered her ability to concentrate on things. She had a coke though, and idoly scanned the damn bouncing place and kept her mind to a minimum. There were few things on peoples minds while they were in a place like this. Sex, beer, fighting, and more sex. She didn't need to see that nastay shit. 

    One mind stuck out more than others. That was Hunger. Bloodthirsty hunger. Hunger and horror. From there on she removed her influenced boost on the minds of the women so that they would stop bothering her to dance, she was on the hunt now. Who was the target? Ah. Why was it always the one who was just living her best life? Nes was alert, her senses on high, her power crackling in her skin to the point that she had to keep it down in order to not destroy the place or bust out a lightbulb--which she was rather good at when she got too happy or angry. Rip all those lightbulbs. Let them rest in peace.

    When he got up, Nes got up. When he snatched the woman, Nes was out the door cloaking herself from the minds of those as to not bother her. Always the alley, typical vamps in there were. However... there was another? She got there in the time to see another vampire sink his arm, cracking, tearing tissue, into the chest cavity. One eye on that, then on the poor lady below who had that warm substance dripping on her. She screamed--naturally. And Nes bolted forward to the woman before she could make it out of the alley. "Hey hey!" She whispered loudly, hands held up in the air to pause her. The poor lady was screaming about a man being killed. Nes shushed her, squeezed her shoulders softly. "Hey, look at me, it's okay. You got a nose bleed, don't you remember?" Nes purred softly, power leaking into the woman, it was harder to tangle her mind, she had no walls though, made it easy for her to grasp her. But when people were panicky and frantic, like they were covered in butter, it was harder to get a hold on them. 

    "N-Nosebleed?" The Singers eyes dilated, Nes smiled, nodding slowly. 

    "Yep, a bad one too. You came out here to get some fresh air, don't you remember? And omigosh, look at your shirt, and legs. Girl, you need to get to the bathroom, clean that off of you. You're alright now."

    "Alright..." She muttered, shaking her head as her panic turned to realization, then calm. She grabbed her head as though she really did suffer from her head being bashed and the nosebleed that came with it.  She stumbled on out of the alley, head clutched, confused. She still attempted to wrangle out of Nes' claws, but the Esper had gotten good with her training. She held out until the woman was gone and that left her and the vampire left. 

    A sigh of relief, a click of her tongue then she walked to the guy with a smile on her face. "Word of advice, compel or knock a bitch out before she starts running and screaming. Anyway, you alright?" She gave him an up and down with her golden eyes, then turned to the killed vampire. "Will the coven come looking?"

  • Awesome, well I'm happy you like it :) Any location would be fine with me. I was actully going to ask the same thing, is there a certain way we should go with this story line between the two? Or just kinda let it roll and see where things go, I'm okay with either really?

  • hello love, yes I’d definitely love to begin a storyline with you! Shall we plot :)

This reply was deleted.

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