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Russia -

  This wasn't his origins, it wasn't his choice, but it had become his home. The lanky figure of Alexander leaned against a gothic-inspired building. Inside lived his sire along with several other Vampires he'd learned to call family. Alexander was one of the lucky ones; he'd been spared, granted a chance at a new life, and most importantly grew to be trusted by his small coven. Many times, they'd been hunted. Equally as many times, Alexander had risen to the occasion. Crossing his arms over his chest, the Vampire begged his mind to tune out the guilt that had been tormenting him for the last five months. He could hear the chatter amongst his comrades through the rustic black iron door to his left. They were happy; yes even Vampires could enjoy their evening. Crimson hues panned upwards to inspect the sky. It was a full moon. Lycans were not common in this area. He had no worries. Except one...

  He could hear it in the distance, sense her. She was coming this way; the human Huntress he'd encountered so many times before. Alexander's gaze searched the darkness in front of him. She had some nerve venturing this close, but that boldness only brought a soft smile to the Vampire's lips. Pushing himself from his resting spot, Alexander began in the direction of his muse. 

  He was on guard duty. He was always on guard duty; even when he was relieved, Alexander was fiercely loyal and constantly wanted peace of mind for their safety. Still... ten minutes wouldn't hurt. 

  "Hey, you." The succulent voice he'd been eager to hear rang from mere feet in front of him. An open-mouthed smile mixed with a sigh of relief escaped the Vampire's lips. He'd openly admit he'd been waiting for their next meeting for the last four days the duo had been apart. It was a hard relationship to maintain, and an unfortunate sorrow that tugged at the corner of Alexander's mind. For once, he'd found something aside from his coven; something to live for, something to love. He'd now have to break that off for her own safety. 

  Golden hues panned up to Alexander, searching his gaze with her own. She was a fearsome warrior but seemed completely different around the fanged Demon. "I've missed you." She spoke again, pushing those worrisome thoughts to the back of his head once more. This was met with her forehead against his bare chest. Time seemed to slow as the two soaked in the company of the other. 

  Grasping hold of her shoulders, Alexander gently pushed her back; his crimson gaze studying her own. With that, the Vampire turned his attention to a large oak. It was the same place they'd met so many times before. As many times as he'd told her to steer clear of the Coven's territory and let him seek her out; she refused every time. 

  Too fast for human eyes to comprehend, a streak of black sped to and projected itself upon one of the lower hanging branches. Like clockwork, his other half followed. Compared to Alexander, his human lover was much slower but still well capable. Using the same path he'd taken, she pushed off the tree trunk leaping for the branch he'd claimed. A mellow clapping sound echoed into the area as Alexander's hand grasped her own; pulling her to his location. His lover nestled down into her usual spot, back resting against the trunk of the great oak. It was such a childish thing to do, yet the two had been bonding this way for several months now. 

  Stargazing. She loved to watch the stars, sometimes for hours. However, Alexander's attention was fully on her beauty; Cream-colored skin and supple plush lips. Her hair was equally alluring to him with those thick raven locks pulled back so simply. A small, gentle smile tugged at his closed lips. She'd always been so casual in her attire; in fact, she'd come straight from the Hunter's HQ by the look of it. Crimson eyes cascaded over the tight leather pants and knee-high black boots she wore. Her hunter's jacket was nowhere to be found; something Alexander assumed she did for his sake. Instead, a white half tank was strung upon her shoulders exposing her mid-drift. 

  She'd leaned forward, placing a delicate hand on his bare chest. Alexander blinked a few times realizing he'd been caught. When did she revert her attention to him from the stars? The huntress pressed herself forward, forcing a kiss from Alexander; her slender fingers snaking themselves through his long black locks. Everything but this moment seemed to ebb away; the coven, her faction, his vampirism. Nothing else mattered. 

  Like all things, even the good things had to come to an end. Ten minutes had come and gone. Alexander knew he'd soon have to get back to his family. "Valkyrie," The Vampire spoke, coaxing his lover from her nuzzled spot on his chest. As she sat up, Alexander rose to his feet. The bark underfoot cracked in the silence. "I need to go." 

  Valkyrie as well pulled herself to her feet, reality slowly sweeping back over the duo. Her golden hues panned upwards as Alexander placed a gentle hand upon her shoulder. "We can't keep doing this." His voice cut the silence like butter. 

  "We wouldn't have to." She replied, whisking her long ponytail over her right shoulder, exposing the curve of her neck almost too perfectly. It appeared to be an ongoing disagreement the duo had. 

  Alexander's tongue writhed in his mouth, throat tensing at the mere thought. He'd already eaten, but sometimes being offered a free second course was too much to handle. Breaking his trance-like state, the Vampire quickly jerked his head to the right, diverting his gaze. She'd been asking for the last two months now to be turned; turned into the curse he bared. Alexander would not do that, not to her. "No.." His voice panned off. 

  "Alexander," Valkyrie spoke softly taking a step closer, "I want thi-" 

  "No." The vampire spoke again, this time more commanding. Those red orbs reconnected with her's once again. His stomach was in knots at this point. Crimson hues jittered back and forth searching her gaze, searching for any form of forgiveness for his next statement. "This is the last time we will see each other." 

  "What?! Why? Alexander!" Her pleas arose. It was an expected response at this point. Turning his back to her, Valkyrie's protests began to fade out with his own emotions becoming too overwhelming. There Alexander stood, in what his mind tricked him into being solitude; even if only for a few moments. 

  "You need to leave." the Vampire finally mustered up the strength for a convincing command. Still, he'd not look at her. His plan? Wait it out until she leaves; until she's safely off the Coven's territory. Only then would he return home. It was unfortunate that Valkyrie was not taking no for an answer. This coaxed yet another threat from the Vampire. "I don't want you anymore. You're foolish to think a human would ever be something long-term with me. You'd never be good enough, even if I changed you. You're weak." That one hurt. It was evident by the looming silence that followed. Alexander still hadn't, he wouldn't turn around and look at her. More so, he couldn't bring himself to. Red orbs closed, regretting the words he'd just spoken, but hoping he'd come off convincing enough to deter her. 

  She was shuffling, Alexander could hear her movement but made no attempt to turn around. This was a mistake. A sharp strike to the back of the Vampire's head broke the solitude. Alexander took a few staggering steps forward from the blow, crimson hues instinctively igniting. Whirling around, his vision's fog began to clear. What Alexander saw was the last thing he'd ever expected. His lover, Valkyrie, had been his aggressor. Something was wrong, something was very off. Her teeth bared as if a feral animal. The perfect golden irises he'd once gazed into were now ignited a bioluminescent shade of their original color. Streams of their sheen could be witnessed radiating from their location. Hands were open, fingers crooked as if she possessed claws, which unlike he, she did not. He'd never seen her this angry before; Alexander never saw anyone this angry before, to be frank. His own red orbs stared at her in bewilderment. "Val -"

  His words were cut short as a third party joined. Flashing alongside him another guardian of Alexander's coven had spotted the scenario ahead. Teeth and fangs bared, the Coven mate charged Valkyrie, pumbling her from the branches and onto the ground below. "No, wait!" Alexander called out reaching out a hand as if to call off what had reluctantly already begun. His eyes jittered back and forth between Valkyrie and his coven mate. He was mauling her, but she seemed unphased as she clawed her way back. Like a switch flipped, Alexander knew when he needed to do.

  Inhaling deeply with the oxygen his body no longer needed, Alexander bolted forward, claws exposed. One clean sweep and his coven mate's head was ripped from the rest of his body. The instant guilt he had tugged and twisted in his chest. What would he tell his coven mates? Pausing for a moment, Alexander brought his hand to better view in front of him. The fresh blood of his kin drained from claws down his palm. What had he done... And for? 

  He'd no longer have time to think. A bloodied Valkyrie had yet again caught him off guard clubbing him on the right cheek with bare fists. Alexander was knocked backward, quickly recouping. The Vampire cupped his cheek with a taloned hand. His blood now mixed with his comrade's stains. Another strike, this time it missed as he jumped back. Crimson hues scanned her, then the ground. A hole, a mini fissure? What human could do this? Eyes still wide with shock and denial. There was no way she'd actually hurt him, right? Wrong.

  Valkyrie was lost. There was no getting through to her. No pleas of his own were heard, though he'd tried countless times at this point. With an elegant hand motion in a circular radius, Alexander had done something he never thought he'd have to. Those same mental games he'd play on his prey, he was forced to play on his lover. Her rage-filled strikes continued mauling a particular focal point on the ground. Alexander's eyes closed, disappointment clouding his mind. While visibly nothing was there, in her eyes, she was brutally deteriorating none other than he. 


  A distant voice called from behind him, jerking the Vampire's attention over his shoulder. "Shit." He hissed to himself, crimson gaze returning to Valkyrie. Retracting his claws, Alexander lifted his right hand connecting his thumb, index, and middle finger and generated a rubbing motion. His other hand outstretched towards his irrational lover. Like a magician casting his illusion, Alexander too commanded his magic, "Sleep, sleep, sleep." he pleaded.

  After painstaking seconds, his lover simply dropped into an unconscious state. Alexander hurried over to her, stooping down and examining her for what would be the last time. His throat welled and wrenched as crimson hues cascaded over her frame. He'd brought peace to the frenzy that was she. His hand slid from her shoulder down her arm intertwining those precious fingers with his own. "I'm so sorry." 

  The Vampire's senses flared causing instant attention to be brought to the newcomers. Most all of Alexander's coven had arrived. It appeared as though no one had to speak. One look at his sire showed the anger and bloodlust she currently had boiling. Alexander followed her gaze to his dead coven mate, then back to Valkyrie. He had done this; done this to her, done this to his family. What more could he do?


  Scooping up Valkyrie with haste, Alexander channeled that vampiric speed he possessed and fled, not looking back. Where would he take her? Where would he go? Regret loomed over his mental as he panned his gaze down to his sleeping lover. Brows softened, this really was their last night together; their last moments for that matter. Even tattered and bloodied, he saw nothing but the radiance she gave off, the life she breathed into him, the peace she'd brought him. When she awoke, he'd be long gone. She'd remember him, but she'd also remember the illusions he'd cast her into. Valkyrie would remember killing Alexander. It was for the best. She could stop pursuing him and start living for herself. She'd be safer without him around. After battling with himself for the last two months, this was the sacrifice he'd chosen to make in order to give her the best life. 

The Hunter Society of Russia

  "We made it." Alexander looked down at Valkyrie. She lay cradled in his arms still fast asleep. What realistically was a decent two-hour journey had felt like mere minutes to the Vampire. Time really did fly when you didn't want it to. "You're among friends, family, and your own kind here." He spoke to her as if she would respond. "It's time to go." 

  Alexander was sure the hunters had already picked up on his trail on the outlying borders of their territory. Once a hunter himself, the Vampire knew they were sharp. With great speed, Alexander shuffled to the gate of the closest entrance he could find. The HQ had changed wildly in the years he'd been away. The more crafty monsters became, equally as advanced had the Hunter's Society become. A tall chainlink fence bordered a small supply room entrance. Gently, Alexander laid Valkyrie's body down upon the pavement. She'd be spotted here soon after the hunters stopped pursuing him. Leaning forward Alexander planted a sorrow-filled kiss upon the lips of his lover. A tear or two of his own trailed down his face, planting themselves upon her cheek. Pressing his forehead to hers, the Vampire took in her scent one last time before bolting off into the night. His destination?

Far, Far away. 



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