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There is not just one personality, but multiple in split forms. Each head has its own individual temperament, but all still think and speak in unison. The middle one is said to represent his calm and collective demeanor, representing his composite mind on behalf of the other two. His right head consists of lust and envy, while the left takes on a more violent and prideful attitude that’s known to respond to situations with hostility at the first opportunity before the others follow suit.

While concealed in mortal flesh, all his split personalities merge into one for as long as he lingers in that form. Often violent in his methods, the vengeful man himself takes a more logic and tactical approach for when faced with a difficult situation. He’ll attempt to make utilize those he deems useful and will dispose of those deemed incompetent, but will not perform a personal execution over the simplest of mistakes unless it’s cost him something of great importance or interest. These traits have contributed to him becoming a brilliant strategist on the field. Despite his collective mindset, Draven is sadistic, cruel, and still remains prone to manslaughter.


A mixture between a European drake and a Hydra.


Much like one of his suspected biological parents, Draven holds a trio of heads, all of which are identical to one another. Matte scales with a steel hue coat most of his massive form, with two horns adorning each head. With an incredible length of three hundred and forty-two feet, he holds tattered bat-like wings. Lastly, every head holds powder blue irises.










His Facade:

For when the time calls for it, the former Monarch possesses an alternate form that only a select few individuals know of. Mirrored after the last Kaiser that he stole his false appearance from after using an unholy spell to recreate it. Thick, curly onyx hair can be seen when taking this form, with light blue orbs mirrored after his true Draconian body. In addition to having almond skin, the monstrosity in disguise has a total height of six feet and five inches. His choice of attire is a German Waffen SS winter duty uniform with white bands that hold the Iron Cross insignia.

Powers and Abilities:


- Pyromancy - Metal and Magnetic Manipulation - Illusionist - Duplication -


Every being of malevolence has a beginning.

Initially hatched from an egg without a parent to look out for him, the little beastie was forced to fend for himself for part of his infancy. This all changed when an elven woman found him hiding in some shrubbery. She provided him with shelter, mice to feed on until larger prey could be devoured later, and plenty of care as he gradually aged. When finally matured, the woman chose to use him as a weapon for expanding her tribe’s territory after extensive training and exercise. Over time he became a prideful warrior just like his beloved mistress, and together they devastated anyone who dared to oppose them.

With each village annihilated by his own breath under her commands combined with the challenges they brought, every victory aided him in refining his talents. No matter what the two-legged beings tried, their efforts always failed at the hands of the multi-headed menace that incinerated their homes mercilessly. He became a whisper among those who heard the tales about the destruction he left in his wake, even being used as propaganda among early monarchies. The only consequence was that his pride would contribute to his first failure or undoing.

                                  And that day came much to his misfortune.

His mistress eventually came to a decision that would lead them to overthrow a Duke prior to a recent failed attempt on her life through the use of assassins. The duo aligned themselves with a group of witches and warlocks to storm the Duke’s province, hoping to slay any opposition they encountered with minimum risk. After battling their way into his province, they already endured heavy losses but managed to break through and reach him. Unknown to them, he already set a trap for him and his beloved rider by turning a Dullahan bounty hunter loose on them. After being caught off guard and failing to respond to this in time, the young beast lost his elven companion upon taking a scythe through her abdomen.

Just before her last breath was taken while laying limp in his front talons, she told him about a nation of other unholy creatures like himself living with mortals across east Asia. Promising her not to waste his life on attempting to claim vengeance for her, Draven fled prior to being only one of three survivors in the aftermath of their attack. He kept true to his commitment and traveled eastward for thousands of miles alone. Getting there was no easy task with how long it took, but his journey’s end made it worth the effort.

One of the territory’s inner settlements found itself being pillaged by him prior to entering, having raided it for its riches. The Empress in power quickly caught wind of his presence, tracked him down, and personally engaged him in a one on one confrontation. He found out the hard way this female monarch was actually an Eastern Dragoness in fact, from Chinese folklore. Being the Draconian deity she was, she subdued him swiftly in a non-lethal approach.

To his own astonishment, the Draconian Queen despite her cold exterior saw potential in him and chose not to carry out an execution on him. As such, the newly behemoth of a hybrid reluctantly agreed to join her and contribute to expanding her growing faction. He became her main enforcer and was even personally trained by her in the art of combat. Under the female’s supervision, his existing skills were refined with new ones being acquired. The Dragoness’ name was Xeryssa. She became impressed with his talents and allowed him to oversee missions he saw fit, despite how barbaric his tactics were. For this reason alone she always hesitated to use him with the frequent risk of high civilian casualties. This was often why the two occasionally engaged in arguments over his ruthless strategies. Despite those tensions, both retained their relations.

Then there came an event in which he was given a harsh vision of a terrifying future.

While off duty during his free time away from the Mistress herself, Draven was approached one afternoon by a frantic young woman whose face had been robbed of all color. Eager to see why she was left in such a petrified state, she claimed to have witnessed something terrible at an altar dedicated to the deity of time. He took interest in her story and set foot for the location of that monument in hopes of uncovering the truth, having expected some illusion or possibly pixies playing sadistic pranks on her.

Upon reaching it, the center of said relic was glowing with a soft golden light pouring out from it. The beast himself entered before suddenly zoning out of his own vision. What he had seen actually horrified him in ways that couldn’t be described with words: A reality in the distant future of Earth where mankind’s structures covered the entire globe, oceans partially drained to expand, every landscape deforested, mountains leveled, and when it couldn’t get any worse, a massive ceiling covered it all. The only way to summarize it was that humanity destroyed, buried everything under their global urbanization, and polluted the natural world into oblivion.

Profoundly disturbed by what he had seen, the soon-to-be-ex enforcer set out to confront his Mistress about that experience and the girl who informed him about it.

After explaining everything in detail, or at least his interpretation of it, his suggestion was limiting the population by force. Xeryssa, however, found his claims to be too outrageous to be true and aggressively urged him not to persist on speaking about it. Enraged by her failure to acknowledge this, she was given the following words:

“If that’s the way you see it, I’m going to personally oversee that mortals are kept in line and don’t receive the opportunity to devastate our world, with or WITHOUT your help. Take your pick.”

"You will not personally oversee anything, not with that demeanor of yours. If this is simply for your blatant pursuit of authority by painting these creatures in detrimental light, I wouldn't allow it."

That response made him grit his teeth while their backs were facing each other in human form. Before she was given time to react, Draven swung around and deliberately smashed his elbow into her left eye. Such an impact almost left her blind there until the two clashed in a physical confrontation in their mortal facades. Enraged by the first hit, she easily managed to force him back and came dangerously close to impaling him.


Mel, a male Sea Drake who served as one of her underlings at the time, stormed in the find them at each other’s throats while the former student struggled to avoid a devastating blow. Since he was basically faced with a Goddess, defeat was inevitable, and his demise would be swift with how agitated she was by then. Realizing this, the traitor turned away and fled the vicinity as she chased him down in her true body. Somehow, he managed to escape her grasp.

One of the last statements her former student made was his vow to suppress two legged beings in the name of preservation for the world, no matter the cost.

The following two decades remained peaceful ever since her would-be apprentice betrayed the Eastern Dragoness in a brutal fashion. Eventually Mel received his old position and beyond, having become her own Champion later on. This gave him one of the highest levels of authority under Xeryssa’s rule.

Meanwhile, their seemingly forgotten traiter did the impossible after educating himself in economics, politics, and other necessary knowledge for gaining a position in power among the government of another faction that almost neighbored the one controlled by his mistress. When given the opportunity to see the Kaiser in person, Draven used a sleeping spell to render everyone unconscious so there would be no witnesses for what came next. He stole the appearance of the Monarch and used it for his own mortal disguise before slaughtering the man, being quick to have his corpse disposed of. This led to him becoming that nation’s Kaiser, or at least impersonating him now. Over the years he invested much of its resources into its military and expanded rapidly. In secret, other non-human type beings were recruited as assets, one of these included the sea’s most volatile predators: Sirens. His growing empire became known as the Dominion.

A notable individual who claimed to speak for their kin known as Novem met him on a number of occasions. Both shared the same view on mortals: Enslavement, treated and rounded up like livestock, everything. Though their motives differed, there was no difference in goals. As such they became heavily affiliated and got involved in his plan for overthrowing Xeryssa, plus those who followed her. Novem was given the position as his second in command after being provided extensive training to maximize all her traits, then possibly do the same for her kind. These new assets would prove themselves to be menace at the Oceans.

Neighboring countries caught wind of the massive expansion in the nation’s military plus its buildup in resources. This created a great deal of concern for the higher ups among Xeryssa’s faction until she caught on. With that increasing sense of paranoia, tensions would rise over the course of several years. Simultaneously, Draven transformed his government from a traditional democrat monarchy, to a fearsome dictatorship that oppressed its own people. During that time, Novem was left in charge of assassinating and silencing his political enemies who would attempt to remove him from power. Eventually there was a public announcement stating that other non mortals could seek refuge within their borders to escape poaching and discrimination. He preached equality, instilled fear into those disgreed, and taxed his citizens to unimaginable levels.

Little did the false Kaiser know, a spy caught him changing into his true form before taking a photograph as evidence behind his back. It quickly reached the Eastern Dragoness and her Champion, who were both disturbed to learn the truth about the fate of her former apprentice. The two came to a startling conclusion about Draven’s motives and knew he was preparing for a mass conflict with the intent of wiping out her tribe so his objectives could be fulfilled without obstruction.


And so, Draven initiated the first strike.


In order to expand their territory and resources, the Kaiser deployed troops over the border to invade one of their neighboring provinces, Tolbrynd. Hardly able to defend itself against the vast numbers of his forces, the lesser nation fell in a matter of days against their unforeseen oppressors. It was pillaged, strip mined, and its citizens being forced to work as slaves in war factories. All he needed to accomplish this feat was through the use of his own mortal empire, no monsters of sorts had been used, yet. As quickly as it came, much of its land was nothing but a shell of itself during the occupation.


Spies within his ranks reported back to his former Mistress as word began to spread about Draven's conquest. Since she was advised not to make a preemptive strike, one of Xeryssa’s lesser ranked affiliates known as Vrillon secretly sent food, medical supplies, and ammunition into the outskirts of Tolbrynd for its people to survive plus having a chance for pushing back their new rulers. To their misfortune his growing faction caught wind of it and ordered any vessels near its coasts to be destroyed, including civilian ones if they got too close. Many ports often held posters written by the Imperials’ press as the following: ‘Any seafaring vessels caught at sea will be targeted at a moment's notice, sail at your own risk. -Imperial Navy.’

And that threat was carried out.

Around noon just miles off the coast at a common shipping lane, an unarmed Ocean Liner was crossing through what as thought to be a safe passage. But to the dismay of the thousands of souls aboard, an Imperial submarine was patrolling those waters. With orders to attack anything they stumbled across, they torpedoed it before sixteen hundred passengers lost their lives, hundreds of which were citizens of Xeryssa’s territory.




Outraged by the bloodshed at sea, her faction immediately declared war as both sides clashed between each other’s borders. While she had the numbers advantage by far, Draven carried far more volatile assets. To combat the disadvantage of her having a larger Navy, the ancient siren known as Novem led the warfront at sea which resulted in hundreds of ships being found drifting ashore without their crews and occupants thanks to her underlings devouring them. Their songs were one of the most difficult challenges faced during the conflict. The Oceans soon became a blood bath for anyone who stumbled across her legions of charmers.


As a result, multiple allying nations got involved and fought one another. The mass conflict eventually escalated into a global one as millions of lives from both sides were lost, including other beasts who were either recruited or volunteered. One side sought to unify the world, while the other wished to place humanity in chains.

For the following six years, artillery exploded to life on the frontlines.


Forests that were once lush were burned to the soil overnight from countless skirmishes between two armies clashing.


Corpses from both man alongside beasts layed lifelessly among the mud and blood.


Sailors feared the songs of their foes at sea.


Those who were fortunate enough to survive in the trenches rarely had an equal advantage against the literal monsters among Imperial ranks.


Soldiers from either side always contemplated on whether or not it was the apocalypse.


When all attempts to assassinate the Kaiser failed, there was one being who willingly volunteered to battle him head on if the opportunity were to arise.


And that Volunteer, was Mel.

Xeryssa’s province became desperate for a solution while the conflict raged on, and they needed one since her former apprentice had the upper hand now. As such, she finally gave approval and support for one of her most trusted and talented affiliates: The black Sea Drake, who proved himself in numerous battles and even gave her a difficult time during sparring matches. Though not as physically strong nor destructive as Draven, he was the most reliable candidate for engaging him directly.

An invasion was led directly upon the Imperial capital, backed by a legion of other Oceanic dovahs, several battalions, and a battleship entering its bay to provide fire support. By then the false Kaiser already fled with his unholy partner and was nowhere to be found.

However, after interrogating a steward found in Draven’s palace, Mel had learned that he fled to another dimension nicknamed the Dark World by using a certain spell, as cliche as the name is. The onyx scaled beast then turned to several mages and witches so he could learn how to enter that domain and pursue him. He was successful in creating a portal that led him to it. What he discovered in there was a realm consisting of a bottomless pit, an endless amount of gargantuan trees that endlessly spread out for what seemed like hundreds of miles, and a makeshift fortress built around those massive branches. Mel fought his way through and single handedly wiped out a fighter squadron, crushed multiple tanks strategically placed there, and plowed through machine gun nests.

And so, the Xeryssa’s Champion fought him in a one on one match.

The Draconic Monarch was relentless in his efforts to incinerate him.

The arena frequently shook.

His aquatic adversary soon got up close and personal.

Against his own will, the multi-headed beast was hurled by his tail across the stage.

Only to impact a floating mine that gave all three heads a concussion.

Mel came out victorious.

Prior to collapsing from the devastating blow, the monarch failed to rise up from his injuries. Having just witnessed her partner take the hit, Novem stepped in to use a special item that warped them both out of the unholy realm before her affiliate could make an attempt to get back on his feet. With his pride wounded by his first setback, Draven reluctantly relocated their base of operations while the original capital city laid in scorched ruins.

But the setbacks didn’t stop.

Ever since that pesky Sea Drake forced him out, the Dominion started losing ground out at sea once his intruder got involved with leading the warfront out on the Ocean. The hoards of sirens under Novem’s command were prioritized targets and become hunted. This resulted in hundreds of deaths among the charmers before they were pulled away from fighting due to their strategic importance. Inland they suffered more heavy losses as Allied forces managed to break through beyond the Imperials’ borders. What was once an offensive campaign shifted into a defensive one.

Meanwhile, Xeryssa began pushing Imperial forces back while her former student contemplated on their next move, this time taking refuge in a Temple located on a floating island. By then all sorts of territory had been lost as the Dominion struggled to hold their own due to Novem removing her kin from the conflict. Though their numbers within the navy were diminished at the hands of sirens, they managed to blockade their coasts and blocked any shipping routes. The tide of war took a massive shift in favor of the serpent Dragoness, and defeat was becoming inevitable.

It wasn’t long until his recent opponent returned for more.

With the conflict spiraling out of his control, the Draconian Queen learned of his hideout among the heavens. She gathered an invading force consisting primarily of fighters, attack crafts, and bombers for the raid and took Mel on her back with human temporarily using a mortal facade. (Due to a lack of wings.) Together they clashed with Dominion air forces in a series of massive dogfights. Knowing what was coming, their adversary chose not to flee this time.

Sometime later upon smashing through the makeshift gates, the two beasts confronted each other once more as his former Mistress kept their match uninterrupted. Mel performed admirably for the beginning of their brawl, having already gotten the jump on him several times. Draven of course took everything a step further by collapsing sections of the arena in attempt to make him fall. Before realizing it, the Champion found himself being overwhelmed by some new tactics his opponents learned in his spare time.

As the onyx scaled leviathan found out the hard way, the tri-headed menace had been holding back for the beginning.

He was rammed multiple times, burnt, blown off his feet, struck with lightning, hit the gut, and body slammed.

As Mel coughed up droplets of his own crimson nectar, he struggled to rise on all fours as another inferno built up in the throats of Draven, intending to finish him swiftly.

Right before he could reduce the lesser beast to ashes, the Eastern Dragoness unleashed a hailstorm of incinary projectiles and a comment made from volatile energy struck him from behind.

Her Champion rose up, tackled him, and repeatedly smashed his left head against the tiled surface while the right one was frozen in a chunk of ice.

After enduring their finishing blows, Draven was finished.

As painful as it was, the Kaiser was fortunate enough to survive their wrath since the serpentine Goddess ordered her partner not to off him. It was decided by her that they would imprison him as punishment for all his war crimes. With his injuries far to severe for him to rise up or make an escape, a spell was used to warp him into a special tomb back in her province, where he’d presumably spend the rest of eternity confined. News about his profound defeat had Novem on the run. All that remained of his collapsing empire were a couple of imperial officers who banded together.

For the next millenia, he was left in a dormant state within his stone prison.

Due to recent events, the former Kaiser was released confinement into what has now become the modern era. With no empire or thrown to reclaim, he was forced to keep a low profile among two legged beings.

Perhaps the true punishment Xeryssa gave was forcing him to live on what she knew would become dying world.

~Warning Labels~

#1 Expect occasional blood and gore in my writing, almost nothing is censored, this includes foul language. 

#2 Draven is a volatile character, don't take personally if he treats yours terribly. What he does in an arc is not a reflection of the admin or how I feel about the person I'm writing with OOC.

#3 Similar to number two, my muse holds split personalities, one of which includes lust. That does NOT mean I will ever attempt smut with you if he flirts with your character. If this part concerns you in any way before we write together, you can ask me not to have that extra personality hit on your character and I'll honor that request.

#4 If by some chance you do not wish to have a lot of graphic violence and language be involved, inform me first before we get a story going. While I'll tone it done upon request, I will however not tone down my own character.

#5 If you're interested in doing an arc with me but don't want to do so with Dray, I have other characters, feel free to PM me about it.

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  • That dubious look on her face was palpable as he leaned in, and she leaned back, only to receive a huge puff of smoke. Coughing slightly, she made an attempt to smack him off. Of course, that's not successful. "I've inhaled better shit than that, thank you very much." Pulling out a bottle of brandy, she poured it into both glasses. 


    "Say, Draven. I've been hearing things about you~" 

  • "Well, aren't you? Salty as fuck and in probation. It's a perfect combination, take it as a compliment." She shrugged, fishing out a glass.  "Want to have a drink with that cigar, then?"

  • Novem's ass is probably older than hers and you wouldn't bat an eye about that?

    Lightly swatting his hand away, she rolled her eyes. "Well minus the killing and glaring part you two look obsessed with each other every time."

  • "I mean if you weren't such an asshole I think you'd be dating her~"

    Way to get executed for Valentine's day, Cass.

  • "A ridiculous action, yes, but I do not know you." The two were barely acquainted at this point. Maleficent did not know how the young man behaved or what his motive was for being there. All he had done thus far was display his arrogance. He was full of himself but she was the same way. The thought of turning their encounter into a competition did not interest Maleficent. She was merely curious if the young man was all talk. What could he do that was so impressive? The villainess walked around with the mindset that she had seen it all. It took a lot to impress someone like that.

    The look of disdain on her face, when he spoke again, made it clear his nickname for her was unwanted. She had a few titles but never cared for nicknames. Her gaze moved to the flame dancing on his hand when it appeared showing the various battles and conflicts Draven had been involved in. "Hmm..Yes, I am sure you have many stories." Finding someone who enjoyed causing suffering as much as she did was a rare feat. Maybe he was worth her time after all?

    "So...what exactly are you doing here? I doubt you arrived just to share your conquests with me. You must want something."

  •   Pelourinho Brazil | 1:24pm 


      Pelourinho was a little town that really served no purpose in Brazil. It was a small city, set back in the era of electronics. The buildings here appeared to be made of rickety wood, though many were hand painted in pastels and wild designs. If one was trying to hide, this seemed like an excellent place to do so. However, that's not why Valkyrie was here. Wide dirt roads ran through the city in place of streets. Occasionally a car would bare its tires down the rock and dirt mixture. Otherwise, all was silent. In the heart of the city the same dirt road curved into a circle. Vendors spread from one part of the clearing to the other. 

      Valkyrie along with many others began their search through all the goods that were for sale. Our Mistress let her gaze sweep over a few rickety wooden stalls and blankets full of odds and ends. Finally, she found one that interested her. Minerals. Valkyrie was a craftsman and a brilliant one at that. She didn't use technology. Mech suits and vehicles weren't her cup of tea. 

      Golden hues swept over a simple emerald. It was raw and uncut. This, of course, made it extremely valuable; though much cheaper than shopping for one in the States. Cream colored fingers coiled around the gemstone, picking it up for further inspection. This would work well for her next project. 

      None-the-less, Valkyrie placed the stone back onto the wooden construct that the vendor was using to sell. She'd keep a mental note it was there for later. As the wind blew through the streets it kicked up granules of dirt and dust from the olden city. Valkyrie pulled her scarf closer to her mouth in attempts to block the minerals from her face.

      This was something she was quite used to doing back at home. She too lived in a desert. Oddly, she wouldn't trade it for the world. Little towns such as these were the best for business. 

      The mistress dusted off the brown half dress she wore and continued her search. A few fruit stands followed by rickety clothing and other useless things were all that remained for quite some time. Valkyrie finally paused by a particular stand that held her interest. Weapons. 

      The Mistress blinked them over, before running her fingertips along a daggered blade. This brought a small curve to her lips. These had been handcrafted by the looks of it. Perhaps the work was not as well as her own, but it did show that other weaponsmiths such as herself were still around. To think, she'd come all the way from Russia just for this. No, of course not. She'd come here for a second reason, the most important one at that. 

      Brazillian slave trades. Yes, this dark beauty was also a Mistress to once many though now few. She kept the few servants she possessed at a distance for reasons unknown. Still, they not only did petty things such as housework but also protected her from others. Of course, the slave trade was scheduled for nightfall. And so, Valkyrie waited.

  • Thank you as well for accepting! I was nosing around and found your character! Liked what I read so far, was hoping we could write something up sometime!

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  • "Are you suggesting there is a little good in every individual?"

    She had heard that nonsense before. The world was not black or white but the concept of Maleficent not being "all bad" made her sick to her stomach. She was rotten to the core and had been since she could remember.

    She watched with an arched brow as he took a seat on one of the broken pillars. "Equally demented? Care to demonstrate?" Naturally Maleficent had a difficult time believing someone else enjoyed causing chaos as much as she did. She wanted proof and assumed Draven would be willing to show off.

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