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I've come up with some plots below that I'd really like to write out in order to take my character closer to the direction I want her to end up in. Ceres has been around for a long time, I've been writing her for a long time and I think these will finally be her end result before I retire her hopefully sometime this year. I won't stop writing but I'm ready for the next chapter in my RP life, which may include Ceres's offspring.

- Ceres learns to fight:(Jett - Done) She's a really bad fighter considering she grew up the Fae life, bouncing from cloud to cloud and pretty much getting whatever she wanted. Now that she's taken a turn for the worst, I think this would be a great way to make two characters connect.

- Ceres has a kid(Amir - Done): I'm pretty selective on this. I don't want random pregnancy scenes and random smut scenes. This will have to be something us as writers go about through our time writing together and plotting. I hope to eventually retire Ceres and play her child.

- Ceres gets her Wings back(Lucifer - Progress): If anyone has read my profile, they know Ceres no longer has her fairy wings. They were stolen from her in battle and she's currently searching to find a way to restore them.

- Ceres rids herself of the void(Story has changed, she'll be keeping this - Done): Ceres considers the void poison. In a way it is. It served its purpose for a good while during my past storylines, though now is simply a good thing for me to base my character around. I'd really like to have her go back to the Holy Fae she was before I stop writing as her.

- Ceres gets something along the lines of a family:(Jett - Done) She's been a loner character with 'friends' thus far but doesn't actually have anyone to turn to or lean on.

- Ceres Dies:(Amir - In progress) Yeaaa... I'm gonna need someone to do this for me eventually. 

Hi guys! you can call me Mel! Short for Melonie :) I'll answer to either. Ceres was my first RP character, she's also currently my only >.> I don't bounce around much. I've been writing since 2012. After following two friends around to different writings sites, I've landed here. This is currently the only place I will write. I don't use skype anymore and have never had discord on my computer xD I prefer to keep all my writing in one place. I'm not picky with writing styles, though I myself typically write Multi-para to novella style. It is my preference when writing with others. I have very few 'rules'. I only ask that you read them for the enjoyment of both of us. I've had some people do things in the past such as beg for smut, or force their characters on my own - basically controlling the whole storyline. That among others is why I have this list. If they aren't followed, I'll be sure to poke you in case you didn't see them. Otherwise, I will drop the thread. I write for my own enjoyment and don't want to hassle myself with people being pushy or rude. 

- OOC Talk is fun! I love it, don't hesitate

- Plot first, please? I can wing storylines. It's not a big deal but plots last longer!

- No random smut! I barely write that stuff to start with. I'm awful with it. 

- No God-Mod or controlling. This is common sense. 

- No being rude OOC. We're all creative and all have our own opinions, keep it friendly :)

- My writing is rated R? M? she's been raped, tortured and stripped of her wings in the past. Not too child-friendly :(

- Please give me something to write with. If our characters run around never talking to one another, it gets boring.

- I forgot the rest...


My Face Claim: Please don't steal her, took me some time to find her. She's lovely and deserves every bit of credit :)

Profile layout by Mar. I pretty much just copied and pasted her codes xD

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 All my songs pertain to my character's state. 



Current Thoughts: "So this is what it's like to fall?"

Current Health: 100%

Mental Status: Slowly deteriorating | Holding it down

 Name: Ceres

Age: 41

Species: Void Mage / Fallen Fae

Height: 5'3

Current Occupation: N/a - Flat Broke

Eye color: Deep purple

Nicknames: Princess - Jett 

Ceres was a Fae lucky enough to witness both life in the Heavens and on Earth. Lore became her downfall as she learned the taboo stories of Lucifer. Ultimately she made the choice to descend to Earth. Fairies in Heaven did not have the same status as Angels. Therefore, Ceres wished to go somewhere that she'd be a bit higher up on the food chain. After years and years of searching, the little Faeling finally met the man she'd only seen in stories... Lucifer. Being the innocent, clueless blonde she was, Ceres fell head over heels Satan, becoming his loyal puppy dog. Ultimately her loyalty to Lucifer led to the disappointment of Adonai (God). Only when she truly committed to Lucifer, and lost her wings to his enemy in battle did Adonai truly forsake her; locking her out of the kingdom of Heaven. Thus Ceres lost everything. Her fairy wings were gone... Her crush, Lucifer, as well. He'd left without warning, nowhere to be found. Perhaps she was only a pretty pawn in Lucifer's game after all?


she's fallen as low as she possibly can; sleeping on the streets and even stealing just to make a living. She's taken quite the turn from the pure Fae of Light she once was. Only recently has she sought out Valkyrie an old foe of hers in hopes of finding Lucifer. However, she was 'tricked' in a sense and now serves under Valkyrie as a servant. Valkyrie coursed the void through Ceres's veins at the promise of power; oddly, the Mistress was telling the truth. From a once weak creature of Light, Ceres has taken a massive turn in strength. It appears everything Valkyrie has promised so far, has been fulfilled. And so... the Fallen Fae follows. (Present)



 Once a blonde beauty, looks were everything to our little Faeling. Ceres spent hours in front of the mirror and even more hours gawking at herself. If there was one thing Ceres had going for her, it was her looks. Now, however, those once treasured sunbeam locks of hers are but a distant thought. Blue bashful eyes have been corrupted with violet. Since Ceres hit rock bottom, nothing seems to matter anymore. While she still has the flawless appearance most supernaturals have, she's no longer about keeping up with her looks aside from a quick glance in the mirror every now and then. Ceres totes around her infamous sleeveless hoodie. Though she's been known to wear other outfits for different occasions. The markings that line her arms were imprinted on her skin after acquiring the powers of the Void. (Read more on that below ^-^) 

Not only has her appearance changed but also that sweet bubbly personality she once had. While Ceres still tries her best to be kind, she can't seem to dig deep enough to find the reasoning behind it. That kind and caring nature of hers is still in there somewhere. Often doing negative things such as stealing or harming someone weights heavy on her conscience.  The Void coursing through her veins has left her hearing voices, predominately when casting spells. Often when in battle, she'll talk to 'herself''  the voices in her head. She's yet to figure out if they're real or all made up.


Interests: 00

Status: Single

Orientation: Typically heterosexual, swaying due to corruption.


Ceres isn't really on the market. The things that she's tasked herself with take up every ounce of her time. While almost anyone else will tell her she's delusional and that Lucifer was simply using her as a pawn in his game, Ceres begs to differ. This used to keep her mind fixated on him mostly when it came to romance. However, recently she's come to terms and only wants Lucifer for the quest she is on to restore her wings. No one has caught her eye yet. Ceres is a damsel, she prefers someone stronger than her, that also sees things the way she does. Her ultimate goal is to purge her body of the void and restore her wings. Anyone willing to help with those will certainly catch her attention.

Jett| Friends | Always one step ahead 

- Quotes -

"Ya know.. He's really not as bad as he seems. I could convince my Master to keep you."

"Don't let my father steer you down the wrong path. He's less than scum, and you Princess, fell for it." 

Jett has always been the 'good guy' in Ceres's eyes. When they two met, Ceres was a captive in Amir's home. Jett was the one to feed and take care of Ceres every day. Eventually, the two grew a bond, or rather Ceres grew an attachment to Jett. There was just something she couldn't put her finger on about the red-head. Later she found out he was the son of the man she chased to the ends of the Earth, Lucifer. She's kept an attachment to Jett ever since. Though sadly, he is far from his father's traits. Jett took pity on Ceres and while in captivity, he even taught her a healing spell of his own. She's now mastered the spell and can't wait to meet him again to show him her progression. Due to the two's different alliances, rarely do they see each other.

Valkyrie | Odd Allies | Mistress 

- Quotes -

"You want strength? I have what you seek... All you have to do in return is answer my every command. You see, I am the only one that can take away this tormenting power in which I can give you." 

"Watch your markings, wouldn't want my right-hand Mage to end up a Void Beast."

Valkyrie is a long time enemy of Ceres's ranging back to the days when Ceres still had her Fae dignity and wings. On opposite ends of the battlefield and both serving for someone different, the two were, of course, made enemies. Now that the war between both Lucifer and Amir has calmed, Ceres has sought out Valkyrie in hopes of leads to Lucifer's whereabouts. Ceres was faced with the harsh truth that all those years ago, Valkyrie was the one that slew her Fae clan in the forests of Katalam. The shock and anger pushed her further into Valkyrie's hands. Eventually, a deal was sealed with a kiss and the transfer of the void's power. Ceres is unsure about her new role under Valkyrie, however, it appears she's locked herself into a deal she can't break alone. 

 Amir | Enemies | The Man who took her wings 

- Quotes -

"You're nothing more than dirt beneath my feet."

"If you were anywhere near the healer Jett is, you may actually be of use to me."

"I'll take my time with you.." 

story uc - retyping this section.

Lucifer | Relation uc | Title uc

-  Quotes -

No quotes yet! 

History under construction as the story progresses! Updating soon!

Ceres's origins originally came from holy light. Even though she's lost everything Fae about her, she retains the ability to heal using Holy Light. Sadly since Adonai, the Christain God, has forsaken her, the healing abilities she once had have been limited. She can now run out of the holy light needed to heal and won't be able to proceed with healing or any light casting abilities until it is replenished. Light magic can be replenished by doing good deeds. So far she's had no problem maintaining it serving under Valkyrie. Answering her every command seems to be 'helping' in a sense, which recovers her Light Magic. Ceres has, however, gained void magic. She sees it more along the lines of destruction magic. She's only received a few traits from the void that she was tainted with. In the end, it seems the void has a heavier effect on her than she knows. Although she's a mage, she appears to have no vessel to channel her magic. The void created markings upon both of her arms. When casting, these markings light up and glow an iridescent purple. It is believed that this is her item to which her magic is drawn.

 Healing Light | Light Magic | From her Fae Days:

Ceres channels for a short time, eventually a radiating orb of light will appear in her hands. whoever she casts the orb at will receive a significant amount of healing from the sphere. 

Void's Will | Destruction Magic | Passive:

When casting spells the void often tries to control her. Ceres hears voices which tell her what to do both on and off the battlefield. They've been a guidance so far in battle. She's yet to figure out if they're real or all in her head. 

Cleanse | Life Magic | Learned from Jett:

Upon speaking the word 'cleanse' and drawing energy from her own body. Ceres can channel it into a healing aura that radiates from her hands. She learned this ability from her friend Jett and after much training has mastered it. Sadly, it draws upon her own energy meaning it has a limit. She's yet to learn how Jett can maintain this skill for long periods of time. 

Holy | Light Magic | From her Fae Days

: After a long channel time, Ceres can initiate a shower of Holy light to rain down from the sky in beams damaging anything it touches. 

Destruction | Destruction Magic | From the Void:

Ceres can ignite any inanimate object. After it has been consumed with the void it will explode. This has lately been her main source of fighting in battle. She oddly gets a kick out of it.

Void Mist | Destruction Magic | From the Void:

Ceres can create a shroud of mist ranging from her body up to several blocks. As the void is known for destroying things, the longer one is in the Mist the more damage they receive and the more of their magic Ceres will drain for her own use. 

Draining Kiss | Destruction Magic | From the Void:

Much like Valkyrie, whom originally granted her the curse of the void. Ceres can drain a person's Magic by kissing them. She's very straightforward when using this ability. And since she can store magic for later times, she'll steal Magic any chance she gets. 


● Even if involved in a relationship, Ceres can't confirm she wouldn't sway back to Lucifer.

● She holds no regret for her transgressions against the Heavens.

● The void slowly deteriorates her mind. She's not sure what path she'll be heading down soon.

● When the voices in her head talk to her from the void. She often replies out loud regardless fo who hears.

● She does still have her kind and holy traits underneath the void.

● Ceres's voice is still childlike as it was in her Fae days. It can make her have an oddly creepy feel when she's talking to herself.

● Ceres needs all her senses open in order to speak with the void voices in her head. Often she'll listen to music when she wishes to be alone. This muffles her hearing, closing her connection with the voices of the void. 

● Ceres's tattoos on her arms are not only her magic vessel in which she casts her magic from. They're also her mana storage. When she drains magic from others using the void's power, the tattoos slowly turn from Black ink to void-purple ink. No one knows what happens when every dot on her arms is filled. 

● Ceres has made friends with the voices in her head. They regularly have conversations.

● Ceres's blood cannot be consumed in her current state without tainting someone else with the Void.

● Unlike most factions and their Kings, Void mages wield the power to overthrow even their superiors if taught properly.

© Ceres 2012

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Hello ^-^ I love writing with just about anyone so don't be afraid to ask. I can plot or wing things. I'm probably better at winging storylines since I suck being put on the spot for ideas. I'm just now getting back into the RP world after about a year long break. I'm happy to meet some new people and hopefully make some good friends :) - Mel

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  • Though she did not take the opportunity. Ceres had every right to. At least this is what he'd come to believe. Yet, he wasn't going to press the matter, not even when she uttered was entirely different. She was curious where he has been? Hadn't that been cleared yet? He's pensive, watching her as he sorted out what he was going to say towards this. "I never went anywhere." Truth, but he hid from her. He can't say now why exactly he'd done that, but this answer was as good as any. Unless she thought otherwise.

    Her next words, render him silent. Perhaps she would have been better not having followed him, she is right. She would be free of this, had never fallen victim to any of the tragedies that followed suit to his following. "Perhaps you're right. And what would you have done differently if you hadn't? Would you have been happy? Content even?" He wasn't asking to petronize her. He was genuinely curious. For he was unable to paint the picture of her in a different light, other than what had become of her. The Ceres that sat here before him.

    Did he know of the thoughts that soon followed in her fragile mind, he would have agreed. All choses that came to be, robbed her of everything. She was changed, and that was saddening. Even if Lucifer showed no sign of it. The angel did feel, but knew not to expose his ability to it. He had made a good share of mistakes along the way, much like her. Some of which were quite apparent, even if the onlooker did not care to notice. Drastic measures that now take their toll in ways, he, would not be able to explain.

    He didn't mind how hushed her voice was, or how loud it could be. It was of no one's concern, and she had every right to be as she wants. There would be no denial, not this day. But he watches as well as listens to her, carefully. And her next words, there is much to ponder on. His gaze veers elsewhere, thinking. Though he didn't turn his eye towards her, and keeping it where he had it at current. He spoke. "You don't think we are a like? Were those words so long ago, spoken by a single one, or many? As such, I can say now, what I could not have said then. We are, a like." And towards those last lingering words of her.

    Lucifer turned to look at her. Silent for a single moment, as if dreading something, but knows what she might mean. And didn't need her to clarify it for him. "Who gets to say you will die? Or is it that you are surrendering to this thing that might be killing you?" he asked, playing the fool for the moment. Ignorant if possible, that he might not know. "What's more, do you really think that I have to die to pay for what I've done?" he said, a sigh escaping him, which, he hadn't meant. "Ceres--" he was about to say something, but decides against it. He closes his eyes, sinking his back into the chair he occupied. Hands lightly gripping the arms of the seat.

  • [ I apologize for the delay.^^ ]

  •  Although it felt like hours, Ceres had actually only been unconscious for a few minutes. The little boy she was with had been thrown back in the opposite direction towards the water. His body sunk in the wet sand as he looked around desperately for his parents. By now everyone was gone having scattered in every direction. The beach was littered with empty chairs and burning towels. As he scrambled to his feet the child looked around for the young woman who had saved his life. Where had she gone?

    Just as the last of the explosions occurred the so called Mistress of All Evil made her way off of the dock and onto the sand. The sight of burning chairs and towels was enough to make her smile. She had always enjoyed ruining a good time. The lack of corpses was disappointing but she had still managed to put a good scare in the crowd. The train of her gown brushed across the sand leaving a stripe in the dunes.

    "An exquisite end to the day, wouldn't you agree?"

    At first glance it would appear as though the sorceress was talking to herself. Her raven companion was almost invisible in the night sky. He released an audible caw when he noticed the boy trudging through the sand. Tears had already started to stream down the child's face. He was terrified. The sound of the bird made him jump. That was no seagull.

    "Well, well...What do we have here?" When the boy turned around he was met with the sight of a tall mint skinned woman walking toward him. Her bright yellow eyes glowed in the darkness and he could see she was smiling. The malicious grin on her face made him uncomfortable and he opened his mouth to speak only to say nothing.

  • They are, it seems, on the same train of thought. Both aware there would be no happy ending. But at how the end was going to happen, would be one of absolute impact. An eye for an eye, would have been anyone's words. Seeing as how Ceres had suffered, it would be only right that he should as well. He wouldn't argue that. Couldn't. But he would remain silent.

    Seeing her take a seat. He only watch, and did so in silence. Her gaze had dropped, making Lucifer wonder just what could she possibly be thinking about. As the saying goes, "Penny for your thoughts?" With his question, a tilt of his head. He hadn't lifted his gaze from her, hell, he hadn't blink. Not once. All that she had been thinking, all of it, would have been good for conversation. Could have found a solution. But never would he have asked for her soul in return. Lucifer was many things, simply cause of a past and present. But none has a reserve with him like Ceres did. Even if he had chosen to hide, ignore the feelings towards the Fae.

    He's well aware that is rather random, but she wasn't saying much. Guess he will have to fix that, even if it would feel like some interrogation. "Talk, Ceres. It will take time for me to get your wings back. The least you can do is tell me how all this is my fault." He said, while thinking Valkyrie had already done that. And some more. Which, he doesn't bring up. None of it.

    She didn't have to even say his name. Willing to let her call him whatever she wished. Even giving her the opening she needed to ask that question. Though, there is nothing he wants from her, not personally. He actually wanted to give back to her, not take. He'd already taken plenty. Though this wasn't something he was going to openly admit. What with his awful reputation to uphold and all. If anything, where he sat, his demeanor, it was cold. Almost detached. Just as well, would make it easier on Ceres. Better to have her hate him, much as everyone else did.

  • ☠Hi, oh please forgive me I haven't spoken in awhile! Its been crazy busy lately. Astarte has a cover as a police detective, so maybe something with that?☠

  • (I was thiking of using my new character instead of the Void assassin. My Void wraith character that I am developing. If you was ok with that :)

  • Two AM and she was wide awake as usual. Sleep was something that didn’t really come to her, nor her father. Their kind didn’t need it or much anything else. Food, drink, sleep, such things were only done out of a psychological need and not physiological one. The Area with humans and the supernatural living side by side, was a place she visited quite frequently.  She felt like she could be herself there, be free without worry of discover or judgement for what she was.  


    She has been doing a little casual hunting for either food or just to pass the time until daddy needed her again . She had a target she was tracking from across several rooftops and finally cornered it when it went into an alleyway. There from her vantage point, she saw what appeared to be a humanoid female, that was now the target of her prey.  She had her rifle set up and was debating when to take aim, when she watched the little lass, dispatch of them creature in an unusual manner, well from what she has seen anyhow. 


    She looked through her scope as she fired off a few shots that hit dead center. Center being what counted as elbows and knees as she blew the arms and legs of the creature, clean off. Most likely some blood may splatter the other girl if she was too close to the body. Slinging the rifle onto her shoulder, she jumped off the building and landed right down on top of the creature. With one foot smashing right through the chest cavity and the other, smashing the skull, a gorey mess to be sure.  She took a second to take stock of the girl, wondering if she was at attention or in some trance state. She would extend a hand and snap her fingers before the girl to make her snap too and focus. 


    “You know. Going into a far off daze is never a wise move. Suppose this thing has friends and they were using it as a decoy to attack you when your guard was down. Things would not fair so well at that point. Hmmm. Also. Always best to kill your prey when the opportunity strikes. Leaving it to rise up and come after you when your back is turn, well it is just very I’ll advised.”


    The woman was a young, blondish brunette with a slender but toned frame, dressed in what look like black camo fatigues, with a military grade sniper rifle slung over her shoulder.  The way she was dressed and spoke to Ceres. Could clearly indicate she was some sort of Hunter or possible military sniper or trained killer, something that didn’t scream everyday civilian or drug lord. 

  • (Lmao everyone's page is all nice. So many sparkles everywhere. Crazy stuff.)

  • (Hi!  Care to continue the roleplay here? This is my new Void character I am working on ^.€

  • Lucifer hadn't missed her reaction towards the caged Fae. That would be discussed at a later time. At least till the subject rose in conversation, by Ceres herself. It wasn't going to be something that he would discuss simply because she was, if not disgusted, then shocked by what she'd seen. For now, he let her take in the reality that was displayed in front of her, upon the mirror. She looked at herself, obvious to the eye that she was envious of what she saw. Of her former self. Then, she cast those eyes on him. He said nothing, not even when he saw her drop her gaze where their bodies connected.

    Ceres looked almost pitiful, and he couldn't do much about it. Couldn't just snap his fingers and make what appeared on the glass, possible. Instead, he stood there, listening as his name finally emerged from her. And by the weight of it, it said plenty. She finally understood. Ceres now knew it was him.

    "Ceres." he said in turn. Though just above her whisper.

    He finally released her hand, the images that had been on the mirror gone, as the glass clouds over. The Fae on either cage manage to fix the drape right back over it in utter silence.

    Lucifer turned and made his way towards his seat by the unlit hearth. He sat down and crossed a leg over the other. Smoothing a hand over his knee, he closed his eyes. Giving a moments pause and a humble sigh, he opened his eyes and guided his gaze towards her just across the very room. "Sit down." he'd say to her, motioning to the chair that hadn't been there. He would be having her sit across from him. A drink ready if she cared for one. Just to the left of him and would be right of her.

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"Mar-Mar I want a Halloween pictureeeeeee"
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Credits: Jett & Amir | Slight content warning. PG-13 maybe??  No Sonno Cafe~Early evening    "I know what I'm asking," Ceres argued back with a red-headed male that sat across from her in a loveseat. Her dainty fingers pulled her leg up to cross ove…
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"Contest entry: My favorite thing thus far is my friends. When my group moved I did too :3 I'm so happy to see things changing and I love seeing new people and new features! 10/10 so far, keep it up!"
Oct 5
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"*Gasps* My Lucifel! YOUR ALIVE?!"
Sep 28
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"I Owe: Amir
Owing Me:  Doggo, Demetria, Dr. Black, Lucifer, Maleficent 
Threads Pending to be Closed Due to Inactivity: Mr. Snake, Finny, Doggo
Threads Closed: Calisto(Changing characters), Kanesha (Inactivity)
Plotting with: Astarte, Warlords"
Sep 23
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Sep 23
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"I Owe: No one! All caught up!
Owing Me: Amir, Finny, Doggo, Demetria, Dr. Black, Lucifer, Maleficent 
Threads Pending to be Closed Due to Inactivity: Mr. Snake, Calisto, Kanesha
Plotting with: Astarte, Warlords"
Sep 11
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Sep 10
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"I Owe: Dr. Black (Starter), Mal
Owing Me: Amir, Lucifer, Lynn, Kanesha, Finny, Calisto
Threads in Limbo: Mr. Snake, Doggie
Plotting with: Warlords
Sep 2