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Born in the secluded forests of Katalam located in Russia, Maya lived a relatively normal life for a Fairy. Her tribe consisted of mostly Earth Fairies. Still, her clan accepted her just as they had her mother all those years ago. With no mentor due to elemental differences, Maya has barely begun to scratch the surface of her Fae abilities. 

  As the past would state. Maya's mother fell from the Heavens long ago. A Fae servant to the Angels she'd no longer be. Maya's mother had always seen the logic in Lucifer's ways and thus made a choice. This lead her mother through trials like no other. 

  Some believe Lucifer was the reason for her Mother's death. Other's say Ceres (Maya's Mother) lost touch with reality when the Void corrupted her. 

  Either way, Maya was young when her mother "abandon" her. A dangerous quest became her downfall. Only now that Maya has chosen to venture out of Katalam's Woodlands and into civilization has she begun to unravel the great battle that was fought on the very grounds she thrived.



The Golden Child..


  50% Arabic / 50% Unknown

  Not such a Golden Child after all. Maya's birth was a complete accident. Not only that, it was completely against her mother's will. Her father not only ran experiments on, but raped Maya's mother on several occasions in order to create the "Perfect" Hybrid. Unfortunately, Maya was not that prize he sought. 

  Once her mother escaped to freedom, she kept Maya a secret from everyone except her Fae Clan. While Maya was completely unplanned and conceived under the worst of conditions, Ceres still loved Maya dearly. 

  While Maya does not know this history, it's expected that one day she will find out. Perhaps the origins of her half-brother will come to light. While Maya has heard rumors of a half-kin, she's yet to see or discover more about him. 

  Her mother has left her specific instructions. Being the good daughter she is, it's likely Maya will follow. "Find Jett, Stay with him, and don't trust anyone else." 


"The Stars, They Call to Me"


Maya is a Water Fairy, thus her abilities mirror her origins. This doesn't stop her from having a deep affinity with the stars. She's always been not only fascinated but drawn to them. While the answer lies in her father's genes, Maya is not yet aware of this. The recessive traits of her father have left her with virtually nothing but his looks. Maya is still learning and has barely begun to develop her elemental nature. Most abilities will appear as her story progresses and she learns! 



Basic Water Magic: While still under heavy development, Maya has managed to form small water spears and other projectiles. Unfortunately, her control is very unstable and often isn't reliable in battle.

Fairy Dust: Often Sought after by hunters and witches alike. Maya has never used this dust on anyone and doesn't actually know the effects of it. The dust naturally forms and collects on her wings only falling off when there is excess. It is said to be highly popular on the black market.

Water Healing: Maya can use bodies of water such as Rivers, Lakes, etc. to heal herself or others. 

Water Dancing: An enchanting dance that holds little to no beneficial effects. It is said to cure minor ailments such as poisons and other sicknesses. This ability has also been known to grant rest to the warry, and overall produce a calming effect. 

Charm Dancing: A secret dance that Maya has discovered the effects of overtime. Once practiced alone for her own peace and comfort, the Fairy quickly learned of its alluring effects on other creatures. While it seems to affect animals and beasts more strongly, her dancing can soothe and draw in most anyone; some may simply feel a sense of ease while others could be afflicted enough to where Maya could impose her will on the target. It is her version of a Siren song. She's only ever used this ability on Jett per his request.

The Talisman of Absolute Law10230697886?profile=RESIZE_400x

  Once a well sought after piece for its power. The necklace was stolen from the King of the Stars and passed to Maya's mother, Ceres. It is said the necklace was once guarded by an ancient Ronin Tribe in the mountains of present-day Japan. Maya's mother guarded this with her life, only parting with it before the Great War began. With the help of several Fae elders, Ceres buried the powerful artifact inside of Maya. The Necklace no longer exists, but its power remains. It is a power Maya cannot wield herself. In compliance with the rules put into effect by the elders, the Talisman will only show its face when its owner trusts a wielder. 

Absolute LawThen & Now

10230694463?profile=RESIZE_400xThen: The Talisman of Absolute Law was a once heavily guarded object, that could only be channeled by extremely high magical abilities and immense stamina. The Necklace had the ability to bring lesser beings to their knees in unwavering compliance. Stolen by the King's servant in order to maintain balance and safety for others, Maya's mother acquired and protected the artifact in this state.

Now: Currently resonating with Maya's soul. The Talisman is dissolved, its power reduced to a weapon. While the weapon bares great strength and unknown abilities, it can no longer be wielded by just anyone. Maya makes that choice unknowingly based on her trust levels. A sigil, hidden to all eyes, will slowly become more and more visible to her trusted companion with time. Only when fully ignited can the weapon be summoned from the sigil located below her neck, between her collarbones. Maya is unaware of this power buried within. It only adds to the confidence her mother had in her. While this helped Ceres, the elders had another motive. When Maya dies, the Talisman as well will see its last light.



Relationships and Meaningful Interactions



Maya's half-brother. Vash boasts a different mother, but he's yet to reveal who that is. The two have recently met and not yet shared much information with one another. Maya is much weaker than him, but Vash seems oddly accepting. He appears to have a brotherly protectiveness about him. While he's eager to take Maya to his home planet in the stars, Maya has thus far declined. Perhaps this explains her affinity to the Stars all along.



Maya's protector. Jett had vowed to fulfill a favor to Maya's mother while she took her last breaths. However, Jett was not expecting a child of all favors. While Maya's mother trusted Jett with her life, she trusted no one with the knowledge of Maya's life. Thus Maya followed her mother's orders and sought Jett out. He protects her with his life, and she tells him stories of her mother from the past. These stories somehow comfort the Lost Soul



(My Retired Character of 9 years) Maya's Mother. Ceres cared for her daughter dearly and her quest for power was the final piece she needed to keep her daughter safe. Ceres ended up claiming the Void's power. This eventually drove her to gentle insanity. With a crazy plan to face the King of the Stars, Ceres and Jett eventually became Amir's downfall. This came at a cost; Ceres did not leave the battle alive. However, she entrusted Jett with Maya's wellbeing and happily said her final goodbyes knowing her daughter was free of her looming Father.



(Retired character of Vasharti's Player) Father to Maya. She's never met him and was quickly hidden away from him by her mother. She retains several features of his physically, but virtually none of his Cosmic abilities. While Maya knows of his wrong-doings as well as his passing, she has no interest in learning more about him. Maya was his first attempt and creating the perfect Starcaller. Unfortunately, she was a failure. While she's technically Royalty, she has no interest in claiming her father's fallen title of King "Queen" of the Stars.







If you don't see our thread here it's because I may have dropped it due to inactivity. We can always pick back up when / if you return. (When room is available.)

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Threads are currently OPEN (Selectively) (If you're interested in writing, please come to me with some ideas! I've got some great threads going that are guiding Maya's story ~ Currently, declining most AU / Side stories at the moment.)

About the Writer: Hi everyone! My name is Melody but most of my friends just call me Mel :) I love writing, I was the 5th member to join this site back in 2015! I do have sporadic events going on sometimes with Real Life, but I do try to get on as much as I can! I have made great friends on here and also joined several IRL friends on Writer's Realm! Although I seem like I have a "main" Storyline going on, please don't hesitate to add me! I want you to be part of that storyline too :D I love occ banter and cute gifs! 


Writer's Favored Genres: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Twisted Romance, Minor Gore, Magical / Mystical, Adventure 


When Writing with Me:

Trigger Warning! I write & have written out several Dark Themes Pertaining to Torture, Rape, Death Scenes, etc. Please Understand this Moving Forward!

  • Para to Novella Style, please. I like detail and try to add as much as I can. I do not accept/nor write One-Liners. 
  • I do not do random Smut. In fact, I don't really write smut at all. So if that's what you're looking for - I suck anyway :p
  • I assume it's common sense not to kill someone's character, force hits, all that basic RP stuff. 
  • Please try to use good grammar. I'm far from perfect myself!
  • Don't hesitate to message me if I haven't replied to you. Sometimes I do go away for a little while, a jab every so often is nice!


Thank you Mammon <3 for the Profile Layout

Face Claim is Dina Denoire

Music will change with Character's Storyline - It could be directed at another Character or simply the way Maya is feeling at the moment. 

Word art from Cool Text

Photo Editing & Music Vid by Mar-Mar




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Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

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Fantasy, Romance, Anime, Child Friendly, Action

About the Writer (OOC)

Hello ^-^ I love writing with just about anyone so don't be afraid to ask. I can plot or wing things. I'm probably better at winging storylines since I suck being put on the spot for ideas. I'm just now getting back into the RP world after about a year long break. I'm happy to meet some new people and hopefully make some good friends :) - Mel

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  • thanks lots for the luck, advice, and super warm welcome, Maya~ I really love your page song; its so much so fae and wonderfully majestic!! it sorta reminds me quite some bit of CLANN's Seelie album~~

    Nod Anime GIF - Nod Anime Yes - Discover & Share GIFs

  • Would hate to not continue, I'll keep our thread open for a little because I do see a lot of potential between both of our characters and the story that could be created.. but I do like threads for active members I'm writing with. Hope to see you back.

  • Currently taking a break. Feel free to OOC! My mind is just not in my character lately.

  • Are you aboard the Jeff the Land Shark bandwagon yet? | GamesRadar+

    "Hello, fairy friend!" 

  • 🌹

  • Btw I hope my starter was alright, if I need to change anything let me know I was on break at work when I typed it out. Sent it through private messages since that's normally where I prefer to write, excited to begin their story.

  • I'm most definitely excited to get started as well, this should be a pretty interesting fun story to write out together. As for Maya's place in the story I will just let you decide how that plays out, whether shes one of his workers coming to him willingly or sold to Asher whatever the case may be, I'll let you decide how you want to go about that situation. I do think her being sold would be interesting, may bring more drama between the two with Maya being very resistant against Asher and that's how it can be sort of a rough go at first between them. For their relationship again we can let it form as the story progresses, I'm definitely not against a relationship or anything either so we sha'll just see where this story leads them! Glad to know you're not against dark themed stories, with my character Asher, his life, and hatred he has within him I dont see any of his stories being very light hearted. This should be a pretty damn intersting storyline. I do not mind starting us off by the way, I will send something over soon.

  • (Honestly Victor is a nosy bastard and has a serious hero complex. He likes whisking people away 

    As for his vampirism (and i am likely gunna add an addendum to my profile cuz fair question) he technically *is* a vampire but very much hates it, he thinks of it as a disease, and he is trying very hard to cure himself of it, using himself as a  Guinea pig. Currently he has a prototype that supresses a lot of the blood needs but it is noooot perfect. And he thinks of drinking from people as a very intimate thing mooostly to be avoided. But it could be worked towards somehow for sure!)

  • Great, let's get started plotting then! As for ideas I was reading over your page information a bit and I've been tossing around some ideas on how your character and mine could fit into a story with one another, I'll give you a idea I thought of and you let me know if it works and possibly you could add to it. Very curious to know what you think.

    I do see you're alright with writing pretty dark themed storylines, possibly we could go that route? Asher owns a very large club in New York City, this club has a few different level's, first level of course is just like any normal club with music, dancing and all of that jazz. The second floor is more of a strip club, naked women, and of course only if perfered since it brings more business/money men on an entire other end. Third floor is more adult and dark themed, sex, drugs, rooms many pay for to spend the night with beautiful women or men.

    As for how our two meet possibly Maya gets herself into a bind and ends up into the wrong hands while she ends up being sold to Asher and his club, or she works for him, either or just throwing ideas out there! Asher could oddly grow a fancy for Maya and he doesn't see her as one of his "workers" more of someone that's grown on him. Or she could be one of his clientele? Not sure just throwing ideas out there, let me know what you think I'd obviously like to hear your thoughts. As for dark themed in all about it, makes for a very interesting storyline.

  • (I know flora will be in the next season. As for a goal. I dunno. Some type of adventure. Anything you want to try in a story. I'm open to anything.  Hope you are doing well)

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