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Death Waltz HW23

3. Write a scary/spooky poetry piece

Death Waltz



In a realm where moonlight seldom gleams,

An innocent fairy, lost in her dreams,

She wandered alone, through the shadows' abyss,

Unaware of the darkness, the demon's sweet kiss.


A powerful demon, with a sinister grace,

His presence, a shiver, on her pale, fragile face,

He whispered temptation, in her delicate ear,

A dance with the devil, a sinister seer.


He tried to ensnare her, her spirit to chain,

With promises twisted, like ivy through her brain,

In the eerie gloaming, her resistance grew thin,

Slowly entwined, by the demon's dark sin.


Yet, in his cold eyes, a strange kind of fire,

A passion, a longing, to which she'd aspire,

She felt herself falling, in his haunting embrace,

A fairy enchanted by the demon's dark grace.


In this eerie duet, a tale to be told,

In shadows they danced, in secrets they'd fold,

As innocence waned, and love's tendrils grew,

The fairy's heart fluttered, in the demon's dark hue.

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