The Spell Thief

Credits: Jett & Amir | Slight content warning. PG-13 maybe??

  No Sonno Cafe~Early evening


   "I know what I'm asking," Ceres argued back with a red-headed male that sat across from her in a loveseat. Her dainty fingers pulled her leg up to cross over the other upon the edge of his bed where she sat. 

  "I don't know..." Jett replied an obvious tension in his tone. She wasn't asking a lot from him, but more so, of herself. Ceres had always been the weak link, she'd always been the damsel; But now. Now, she was trying to go up against a King. A Diety even. Either way, Jett couldn't let her face it alone. 

  The red-head stood, pulling the white wife-beater tank he'd been wearing over his head, tossing it onto the ground. This was normal behavior between the two. Jett had harbored Ceres for many months. Granted she came and went as she pleased, but Jett was always there when she needed him. The Male gave a sigh, shuffling himself over to the window. The frame possessed no curtains and gave a decent view of their branch of New York. He pushed the frame upwards, igniting the room with fresh air. A car horn sounded in the distance. Turning back to face Ceres, Jett crossed his arms. "I have a feeling, you don't know what you're doing." He admitted no matter how badly it may have hurt her feelings. 

  "Me too." Ceres let her voice trail off and her gaze wander to the floor. The huff from Jett pulled her back to reality and she continued with a new-found confidence. "I'm going after Amir whether your help me or not." She puffed in her most intimidating tone. Sadly, there was only so scary a five foot two child-like Fae could look. 

  This brought a small chuckle out of Jett's throat. He knew she'd go after their enemy. The Void appeared to not only poison her body but her mind as well. It was a sad truth that he could not fix. This was Ceres now. She was still the same underneath all of this, wasn't she? "Alright Spell Thief," Jett replied uncrossing his arms and opening them as if beckoning her to run into them, "Do your worst."

  Ceres's smile seemed to light up the room. Her small frame instantly popped up, and bare feet padded along the carpet. She paused a foot or so in front of her red-haired friend. Violet eyes lowered to the floor before rising back to his own green hues. Any sign of playfulness left her demeanor.

"Thank you, Jett." She spoke quietly.

  A delicate hand landed itself upon Jett's bare chest, fingers spreading out as she pushed him back against the wall. Without wasting any time, Ceres locked her gaze with the male. Raising to her toes she pressed her lips against his own. Eyes closed, her lips moved against his own. Her brows lowered as if searching for something. It wasn't long after, those violet eyes opened, illuminating a lighter shade of purple. The iridescent glow radiated between the two before it was canceled out by an even brighter light. The Spell Thief felt Jett's arms around her waist. There was nothing more he could do, he'd be paralyzed when she began her extraction.

  Her lips stopped their movement and instead remained open. In the same token, Jett's own were forced to do the same. Shortly after, Ceres removed her lips, however, they remained open still. A bright green stream of magic trailed from Jett's mouth to her own. This miracle lasted mere seconds before the stream of Jett's essence ended and Ceres's mouth closed with a hard swallow. 

  The drowsy, weakened state her friend was in let Ceres know she'd indeed completed the task she'd begged him so badly for. "Thank you, Jett." Her voice spoke softly, eyes drunk with the magic she'd just devoured. 

  Turning her back to the red-head, Ceres put a foot up on the open window. Her small frame easily fit through the open glass. "I'll be back soon." She reassured quietly, pangs of guilt evident in her tone.


  The word was a familiar one to Jett's ears. It was his ability after all. It was a skill only he had mastered. It appeared that wasn't the truth any longer. Not only had Ceres made a copy of the ability he used most; she also stole a hefty amount of his magic deposits.  The minor tremor of paralyzation slowly ebbed away, just in time to see the heels of Ceres's bare feet ignite the same green color she'd drawn from him earlier. Pushing off the sill and out the window with the speed of the spell she'd devoured, Ceres disappeared.





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