• I would love to start talking about plot aswell. However, Discord isn't something I use. If your okay with another app or even this site that would be greatly appreciated.

  •  I can tell you're a veteran, and I'm almost scared I'm not skilled enough to make the roleplay interesting to you 😅. I'd love to talk some more however, do you have discord?

  • I like how your character sounds! Veteran role-player here. Would love to write if you're interested. <3 

  •  Thank you for replying, I'm definitely interested so I would like to talk some more about plot and a starting point. Do you by chance have discord?

  • Hey! Saw this post and read a bit about your character, I'm new to this site but I've been role-playing for a few years. I would love to roleplay with you. If you would like. If you need anything or have any questions before you agree, let me know!

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