31CD, Week 1: Hidden records

31CD - Week 1

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Day 1: Seasonal

  •  Raiya's activity levels and overall mood seems to elavate around the autumn and springtime seasons. She can get sunburnt, so additional precautions are taken if her activities take place without shade during the summer.
  • Snowfall does not bother her much, but Raiya dislikes the frigid temperatures of deep winter. She becomes especially miserable if it is accompanied by cold bursts of wind. 
  • As for what she does, she tries to spend as much time outdoors when the weather permits. She used to spend her days roaming the territory of her old homelands, flying with Atheria, gardening, partaking in sparring matches, or entertaining young beasts.
  • Her attire obviously changes as the days and seasons pass. Warmer climates call for short-sleeved or very thin and loose-fitting long sleeved tops. She is rarely seen without some sort of longer pants year-round, intent on protecting her legs from the elements while traversing through Wildlands and against the "ankle-biters" she was frequently accompanied by. The thickness and length of any coats she wears depends on how low the temperature is and how strong the winds are. She has everything from light jackets to heavy fur cloaks. Nowadays in the city, hoodies and trench coats are her usual go-tos. 

Day 2: Vices.

  • Raiya is blunt with her words, and oftentimes a little too blunt and heavy-handed if she has an issue with you
  • She used to be quite extraverted and accepting towards newcomers. Nowadays, however, her mannerisms are much more aloof and closed-off, yet still not unkind. She will merely partake in low-energy and dead-end small talk if she is approached by someone new, especially if she is either not in the mood to socialize, or if she has an "off" feeling about you
  • She does tap her fingers when she is stressed 

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