. N I G H T W I N G .

|| - N I G H T W I N G . D R A C O N I A N . E M P I R E - ||

Part 1 of 2


It began as rumors uttered among the Wolves.

     Iscariot and the creatures of the surrounding territories were under threat of one they called WRATH, and with him, a beast said to breath fire. Raiya had heard stories of such beasts from the villages she had visited in the past and numerous books she came across, but never before had she  actually seen one aside from images strewn in ink and visions fabricated by imagination.

     That is, until she one day caught a momentary glimpse of a massive red beast soaring in the distance. The sighting was brief, but the Elf was immediately and unreservedly captivated.

     Being the bold and curious creature that she was, Raiya traveled to where the Red Dragon was spotted, despite the fact that she was trespassing on what may have been Warlord territory. She managed to slink past enemy eyes and approached the Dragon while she was apart from Wrath. She learned that the dragoness’ name was Yuurei.

     Raiya was very wary at first, especially when Yuurei displayed mild hostility upon their initial meeting. However, Raiya found that winged beast was not nearly  the vile monster that others had painted her to be. Yes, she was guilty of taking pleasure in destruction, yet a majority of the slaughter she partook in were driven by her Rider's commands. 

     Raiya continued to visit Yuurei whenever she could. The Elf enjoyed the Dragoness’ company very much, and the two soon became friends despite the animosity between Raiya and Yuurei’s Rider. It bothered the elven very much to see a creature of this magnificence under the command of a demon who sought to slaughter non-human creatures. She brought up the subject just sparingly, yet found herself quickly dropping it when Yuurei reprimanded her for questioning her bond.


     There was a lengthy expanse of time. Raiya had a decent share of fallouts between the Warlords Wrath, Creed and Eric, as well as other members of the Army. She found herself always on guard and exceedingly wary of newcomers, yet there soon came another source of unrest upon the lands:


Word spread quickly about a vicious newcomer: a Black Dragon.



     Once more stimulated by curiosity and the desire to meet another creature like Yuurei, Raiya sought out this new Dragon. However, things did not go exactly as planned; Raiya underestimated the Dragon, and quickly found out the stories were correct: The new Dragoness was not nearly as compatible as Yuurei.

     The Dragoness ATTACKED Raiya on sight with the furious intent to kill. The elven could do nothing but run to avoid the snapping teeth, battering talons and torrents of flame that followed her. Wounded and cornered, She was certain she had met her end, but to her utmost relief, Yuurei swooped in and stood between Raiya and her attacker. The red and the black quarreled verbally for a few moments, yet there was no further hostility or physical brawl between the two: they seemed to know each other. Yuurei ordered the other dragoness not to harm Raiya, and the Black reluctantly flew away.

     Raiya did not see or even hear from the Black for a very long time after that. She did later learn the name of dragoness: KAIDA.


     The Elf soon began to stray farther and farther from the wolves’ domain. As she traveled further out, she began to meet creatures she never thought existed: War-beasts, many talking animals, beings she could hardly describe and creatures that even resembled her breed. 

     Venturing from safety did have its dangers; despite the fact that she had a knack of befriending creatures and people she came across, her ‘adventures’ were often scattered with hunters, mercenaries, unfriendly demons and creatures that were associated with the Warlord army. Yet with every fight, ambush and hostile encounter, the Elf became stronger and much more confident in her own abilities.

She made friends, she lost friends, got into mischief and got into trouble. Each encounter was a learning experience for her. Details of the said adventures are scattered into an unorganized plethora of memories; Memories that Raiya is always more than happy to share with others in the form of stories. 


     There came a day where the elf was approached by a familiar black Dragoness: Kaida. She was much larger than last time Raiya saw her, but there was no aggression displayed. Kaida apologized for her hostile first meeting, and spoke of a vast new Territory that she and Yuurei had claimed. Raiya learned that the two dragonesses had banded together and recruited other Dragons into a tribe; a tribe they had named NIGHTWING.

     Kaida offered Raiya to join and to stay with the Dragons in the new, rich territory. Raiya agreed. Kaida allowed the elf to ride upon her back and took Raiya to her new home.

An entirely new age, an entirely new life  had been born. 




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