Welcome, everyone!  (And we really do mean everyone)  This is a laid-back, easy-going community where we can all hang out, have fun, and - among other things - share our love of things Marvel.  We do OOC, and RP.  If you're a Marvel character, join us!  If you're not a Marvel character but you love Marvel, join us anyway!  We don't judge, we welcome everyone, and the only requirement for membership is. . .you have to be a fan!

Ground Rules:

1. Please be respectful of others.

2. No bullying allowed.

3. No spam posts permitted.

4. No controlling, harm, or killing of another person's character without the player's permission.

5. No sexual rp posts in main chats.  Please keep your more intimate interactions restricted to PMs!

Rules may change at the discretion of GMs.  Have fun, play safe, and join us!

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