Hai all! Unfortunately due to some really upsetting circumstances in my life I took a considerable long hiatus without much notice. I may or may not have resulted in losing some storylines. 


I currently only have a couple of threads going and I'd love to start more! I'm super friendly and up to all kinds of ideas. At the moment I only have one fully written up character showing. I shall be creating others this month, but if you'd like to roleplay with someone/something else just ask! I can quite happily create or revive old characters. 

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  • Ahhh I love you guys! I finally have a decent amount of threads going, and starters to get out (Don't worry Winter, you'll get yours latest tomorrow) but I'd love to write with you guys as well. If you're too busy I don't mind waiting until you've caught up with everything. 

  • I might just hate myself for hoarding so many threads, but... *Shot*

    More or less, let me know if you're still looking once we have the site back to normalcy. I have a few characters floating about, a variety of things going on for all of 'em. I'd be happy to get a plotline goin'.

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