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“It’s more complicated than that, Fen.” The exhaustion in Hel’s words, as if Fenrir was the one being obstinate, made the wolf prickle with anger. 

“Is it? Because it sounds remarkably simple. I am being refused a seat at the table and my freedom, onc

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When they had brought the third and smallest of Loki’s children back from the land of the giants, it had been puppy-sized, and Tyr had scratched its neck and its head and played with it, removing its willow muzzle first. It was a wolf cub, gray and b

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Who is Maya Lopez? || Marvel Comics-[C] <br /> [IMG=WVF]<br /> <br /> [C]<br /> <br /> [C]Hello and welcome to my blog that is not art/edit, surprisingly.


Alright, so - Who is Maya Lopez?


Maya is a Native American female who was born deaf. Her childhood wasn't as colorful as other kids of her age. Her father, Willie "Crazy Horse" Lincoln, was an ally to Kingpin but unfortunately

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What is there to live for without you? 


He had asked it when he felt the seal break. An invisible thing beneath his skin, a thing that burned when the god was around, it had been given to him as a sort of gift. In the beginning, it had been a trackin

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A Mother's Love. [chapter III]

c h a p t e r  iii

"Adri..." His voice was breathless like he couldn't believe his eyes. I was... A sight to see, to say the least. My white braid was caked with dried blood, temple, and now the rest of my face was smeared with blood, mud, and whateve

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Whats Plan B? (Part 1)

"Alright. Take it from the top and talk like im'n idiot." The scotsman stared, hazel eyes narrowed in confusion and wonder at the contraption the three otherbeings stood around. 

"Because you are an idiot?" Echo cooed with a subtle venom towards the m

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The List: Chaos Edition

Team name:Chaos Collective 

Team members: Synova, Merlyn De Aternia, Victor Blood

Which character will...

• Throw the first punch- Victor, his fragile sensibilities are easily offended, Though Merlyn would certainly be the one to pull the witch away, wh

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Basic Info about Aternia Part 1.

This lore and info belongs to me. This is lore and all future posts are to help my fellow roleplayers understand the world my muse lives in. 




• Aternia is a MASSIVE kingdom. Combined the USA and Canada and you have a pretty good idea of how

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Custom CSS + Editing your profile tutorial


Welcome to the Custom CSS tutorial for custom profile design! Have a specific question? Hitting Ctrl+F will help you search for keywords

Still can't find what you're looking for? Drop a question in the comments below! Doing this will help other us

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