Name: Adamina Hart

Nickname: Ada, feline name  Kirara / Kilala.   Sometimes called Mina by a select special few.

Birthdate: Unknown sometime after the Hell Hounds during feudal Japan

Species: Demon, Nekomata - twin tailed cat yokai (spiritual beings)

Flavor: Animalistic/ Hell Cat - Greater Demon Class

Eye Color: Heterochromia One Gold One Silver

Hair Color: Raven Black

Height: 5' 5

Weight: 120 lbs

Scents: Potent smell of Sake & Lotus blossoms.  Obvious strong feline smell also.

Age : Appear 28 years old.

Is very cat like in her behavior and mannerisms. Can talk to all felines and control them.

Occupation: Cat Burglar & Exotic Dancer. Bar wench, bodyguard/protector
Freelance in search of work.

Distinguishing Features: ( Tattoos, Piercings, Birth Marks, etc. ) Two piercing's in each ear. On her lower back is a tattoo of four tails in the design of fire, ice, lightning, and shadow. Tattoo of Feline eyes on her upper back. On one wrist is the tattoo of a star on the other is a Crescent moon.

Description of Other forms: Large Black Feline the size of a horse with burning red eyes. Flames at the paws and four tails each a different color regarding their element. White/Blue for lightning, red/yellow for fire, purple/black for shadow, white for ice. Partial transformation gives her feline eyes, a tail, retractable claws on her hands and feet and feline teeth.

Skills: (Human Skills)

* Skill : Motorcycle  & sport car riding

* Skill : Ninja training Ninjutsu

* Skill : Sword master, Kunai, Sai, throwing stars, whips, and claws

* Skill : Master Archer

* Skill : Martial art styles of Tai Chi, Shaolin, Judo, & Quan Fa- Kenpo

* Skill : Poison making

* Skill : Flute  &  Ocarina playing

* Skill : Acrobatics

* Skill : Climbing

* Skill : Parkour & Free running 

* Skill : Stealth

Weapons Carried or Owned: Twin katanas strapped to her back in their sheaths. Two cat o' nine tails attach to her hips one on each side. They have blades attach to end tips one dipped in poison the other in a paralysis agent. Sometimes carry kunai and throwing stars in a pouch attach to her lower backside. Sometimes may have two Sais hidden, strapped to her back covered by a long jacket she wears. On some occasions she will carry a bow and quiver design to fit optimally on her back.

Accessories: A pendant with a feline under a crescent moon around her neck

Home: Cypher's residence

Occupation: Information broker, Bounty Hunter, Tracker, Transporter/Courier, Free lance Mercenary, Assassin, and Bodyguard

Birthplace: Fires of Hell in the demon world

Family: McKeena and Callan Cypher, Cousin

History: The HellCat side

HellHounds have served their masters well throughout the centuries, loyal without question. They protected supernatural treasures, hunted down lost souls, guards the gates of the underworld, even used on the front line of a demon army.. Even used as grim reapers to bring the souls of the dead or dying to land of the dead. They are bred to be loyal to their masters and serve them well.

Over time, the creators of the hellhounds have wondered if their creations were becoming complacent in their roles. They pondered if some sort of rivalry could keep the hellhounds on the killer edge. Taking a cue from the human world, cats vs dogs, they decided to make HellCats. Their role would involve dealing with the living instead of the dead like hellhounds and other demons. If one was to make a comparison to a hellcat vs a hellhound it would be akin to feudal Japan.

Hellhounds would be considered the Samurai of the demon world where the Hellcats would be the Shinobi. They were created to be an elite stealth force. Master spies and even thieves if necessary. They had the task of gathering information or carrying out a swift sneak attack that would leave no trace to its origins. The demon lords wanted a creature that would take out a target silently and quickly without revealing it was ever there.

A group of Demon Lords wanted to make one very special hellcat that would be their eyes and ears in the human world. To watch over the other supernatural creatures and even keep rogue demons in line. Taking a powerful cat demon and merging it with the power and essence of a few elemental demons, using the fires of hell as a forge, she was born. She was going to be their covert agent and was their prized creation among the hellcats.

She was sent to watch the few demon ninjas left in creation and study what they knew. She watches feudal japan and the human shinobi for many years as part of her education process. The human ninjas were skilled combatants between them and the demon ninjas, she learned well. She was then put into fighting matches with none other then her species rivals, hellhound. She killed many of them and some she even toyed with. She was then task to fight other demons and was even encourage to eat them, consume their power and so she did.

She was forced to fight many more demons after that, several were powerful mid level and upper level demon classes. Many times she was injured but never killed. She learned to win by any means necessary and use whatever resources were at her disposal. Her entire existence was spent learning, fighting, and killing. As it came close to the modern ages, she had grown very powerful. She did not want to rely on weapons of power to defeat her enemies so she forced herself to be strong enough to fight without aid from a magical item.

She proved to other demons and her masters that she was powerful enough to fight without a magical imbued item or weapon. Not using demonic items or items of power greatly impressed her creators who finally decided she was ready to enter the human realm. She become powerful enough to take on a human form at will and was sent to Japan for her last bit of training from the last surviving ninja clan that lived to modern times.

She learned many professions and kept to the ones that best utilized her unique skill set. Once she learned all that she could it was time to head west to America. Using her power, she took on the form of a little orphan girl that lost her parents in a tragic accident. Which was the story she used at the orphanage. It worked well for an Irish family that was living in Japan for a short time on business, came to the orphanage and fell in loved with her. They could not have children of their own and because she displayed advance skills and superior intellect over all the other kids, she was immediately picked for adoption. They figured she would be easier to deal with then a baby and wanted to have a "gifted" child.

So she went to live with them pretending to be a normal human child. When her adoptive parents died, she learned she had two cousins that lived in the states, the Cyphers. Having nothing left for her in Japan, she bought a plane ticket, gone on the plane and heading to America to live with her cousins.


1. ShapeShifting :The Nekomata uses it shape shifting powers to alter its form and live among humans if it wishes. The Nekomata typicaly uses three main forms and usually appears to be a small kitten-sized feline with red eyes, a marking on her forehead and two tails (twin tails).
It has a human form, one of a small kitten and one of a large cat resembling a saber-toothed cat (tiger). Whether she is transforming into the huge cat or back into the little kitten, she is engulfed in flames and then they disappear, revealing which form she was changing into.
It has red eyes in both cat forms though sometimes when it's body is completely engulfed with wild blue flames. It also has a right yellow eye and a left green eye, similar to an odd-eyed cat without pupils.

It can also do a partial shift where it can have glowing red, yellow, or green cat eyes, feline teeth, and retractable claws on hands and feet in human form, also can grow cat ears and its forked tail if it chooses. The claws and teeth of the Nekomata are harder then any known material and indestructible. It can bite or slice through virtually any substance.

2. Blue Flame/Black Lightning : The Nekomata is able to create, control, and manipulate fire and lightning/electricity in the form of blue fire and black lightning. The color indicating its demonic nature and differentiate it from the fires and lightning of the mortal world.
It is able to breathe ghostly fireballs which are powerful enough to destroy a sewer and the building above which can only used in its full demon cat form.
It can only control and manipulate its own fire and lightning and not from any other sources, but its own. It is immune to all forms of fire, lightning/electricity, heat, magical or otherwise. Any person/thing that the Nekomata is touching will share that immunity so long as physical contact is maintained.

3. The Nekomata has super senses, strength, speed, agility, stamina, endurance, and healing/regeneration factor. Also fast flight speed and always lands on its feet.They also have perfect night vision, allowing them to see in pitch black darkness, devoid of all light as easily as they can when there is light. It's abilities become magnified in its full large cat form.

4. The Nekomata has a perfect understanding of demonic languages, able to read, write, and speak it. It can also communicate with any type of feline creature in either of its forms. It can use verbal speech or telepathy for communication and it is mystical in nature. If the Nekomata is bonded to someone, it can communicate telepathically with the one it is bonded to. It can also use normal feline communication such as hisses, purrs, and meows to communicate with other felines if it desires.

5. The Nekomata has two methods of travel available to it, flight and shadow step.
When she is transformed into her huge cat form, she has the ability to fly. She is capable of carrying three grown adults at once, but it tires her out quickly.
Shadow step allows her to use shadows to teleport as another means of travel
wether it be night or day. It must step into a shadowed area and from there can travel to any other shadowed point. It can transport others this way beside flying, but no more then three max.

6.The Nekomata also have the ability to eat anything in their way, regardless of size or edibility. This includes humans. Their main food is poison, particularly a certain snake unknown to humankind. Because of this, it is immune to all types of toxins, venoms, poisons, all forms of acids, corrosive substances, and diseases.

7. Nine Lives Eternal :A Nekomata is immune to the ravages of time such as age and decay. They can not permanently be killed coming from a world of shadows and flames. They have only nine lives outside of their home realm. When those lives expire, they are instantly banish to the Death Realm, their birthplace. It takes a full millennium to be reincarnated and regain its nine lives. One hundred years for each life and an additional one hundred to be reincarnated, this can only happen in their native realm.

8. Master Climb : When flight is not an option and shadow step can not be used to help chase down a target, she turns to climbing. She enhances her retractable claws with her own magic power, which allows her to cling to any surface. This allows her to climb buildings, scale walls, hang upside down from ceilings, and so forth. This ability can also be used without using her claws. Letting her hands and feet cling to any surface regardless of wearing gloves or footwear or having hands and feet exposed.

9. Necromancy: It has the power to detect and communicate with ghosts, spirits,etc, dead and undead. By gesturing with its tail or paws(hands in human form) she can animate the dead/undead and control them like puppets. She can also jump over a body and instantly animate it. This power also works on undead creatures as well, making her particularly dangerous to dead/undead beings. This power allows the user to rule both physical and ghostly undead, command the dead souls, condemn them to torment, or steal the souls of the living, dead/dying to increase the legions of undead.
The power to utilize magic involving the dead, life-force and/or souls. Practitioners of this trade are known as Necromancers. A form of Magic and Dark Arts.
The user's magical abilities revolve around manipulating the dead, death, the life-force and/or souls for good (i.e., resurrecting the dead) or evil (in various ways). Many practitioners find a way to cheat Death one way or other, whether by becoming some form of Undead creature or by bypassing their own ability to die.

10. Dream Manipulation: The power to enter, manipulate, project, alter, and control dreams of others or yourself. Can also enter Day Dreams.
As well can controlling, the user can modify, suppress, fabricate, influence, manifest, sense, and observe dreams as well as nightmares, daydreams, etc. Sometimes the user can even unlock their hidden powers, or even commune with the dead. The user can produce and modify dreams, bestow nightmares or lucid dreaming, entrap people in REM, and promote spiritual/emotional healing within dreams.
In some cases, the user's power extends to the real world, such as wounds inflicted on a sleeping victim and even pulling someone from the waking world into the dream world.

Shadow related powers:

11. Cloak of Shadows : Being one with the shadows, it has perfect night vision. Able to see in pure darkness where no form of light is possible. It is also able to use this ability to cloak itself completely, making it undetectable by any means except physical contact. Beings that can sense auras, such as Demonic Auras, can detect a Nekomata is near and even pinpoint its exact location.
This ability only works when there are shadows around to draw from or at night. If its in a bright place where there is not a single shadow, it can not use this ability.

12. Mask of Shadows : Design to be perfect stealth infiltration creatures, while cloak of shadows makes it invisible to detection by sight. smell, sound, radar/sonar and so forth, it does not cloak its demonic aura which allows those who can sense aura to pinpoint where it is. Mask of Shadows allows the Nekomata in human or kitten form, to completely mask its demonic aura, keeping anyone and anything from detecting what it truly is. This ability is useless in its full cat form as its demonic aura is too strong to conceal.
It appears to be just a normal human or ordinary house cat albeit with strange markings and twin tails which is often a dead give away and only useful to sneak up on someone who can sense auras when in kitten form..

13. Shadow Meld: A form similar to shadow step. Instead of instantly traveling through the shadows to teleport from one place to another, she slows the process down significantly in order to meld with the shadows. Basically she can sink into shadows or emerge from it as fast or as slow as she wishes. She can travel along a shadow path and have half her body exposed and the other half hidden in the shadows(shadow world). This provides for sneak attacks and other useful means such as gathering information by hiding within the shadows, and only having the body part she wishes visible from the shadows, while the rest lay hidden. So she could have her face or head exposed from the shadows on a ceiling to spy on someone with having to worry about her entire body coming through the shadows and falling down or being detected so easily.
This ability does not work absent any form of shadows. It can not be used during the day, unless under cover of darkness, a significant amount to project shadows, such as a dark lit room. At night it can be used freely. Bright lights that leave no form of shadows or darkness to use, renders this ability useless so long as the lights are on.

14. Shadow Climb : When flight is not an option and shadow step can not be used to help chase down a target, she turns to shadow climbing. She enhances her retractable claws with her own shadow darkness, which allows her to cling to any surface. This allows her to climb buildings, scale walls, hang upside down from ceilings, and so forth. Under the cover of darkness, this ability can be used without her using her claws. Letting her hands and feet perform a Shadow Cling to any surface regardless of wearing gloves or footwear or having hands and feet exposed.

15. Shadow Manipulation : Being a master of shadows, she can uses shadows for a variety of effects, such as making solid shadow weapons, shadow tendrils to trap, grab, and attack her prey. Has been known to trap someone's movements by stepping on their shadow or having her own come in contact with theirs, which also let her manipulate their movements like a puppy, mimicking her own. Can make shadow hands to grab a target, choke an enemy, or anything else a normal hand can do. Shadow constructs have also sometimes been used with this ability.

16. Shadow Creation: Is able to produce and create shadows for the purpose of manipulation and other shadowy effects.

17. Shadow Form : Her entire body can body like a shadow substance, can be tangible or intangible,which makes her able to enter places others can not, travel through walls, along surfaces, and so forth. Can make shadow constructs and weapons in this form and use other shadow related powers but not her fire or lightning abilities. Intense bright light will hurt her in this form and Divine light will force her out of shadow form and return to normal.

18. Shadow Clones : She is able to make solid, tangible shadow clones of herself, that look exactly like her. The max number she can make is unknown. This ability draws on darkness and shadows to create. A place with no shadows or darkness at all, renders this ability useless.

Weaknesses :

1. Catnip and Milk: Much like how blood is to a vampire or drugs to a addict, milk is the same. Cats are harder to earn their loyalty and affection compared to dog, so because of this, they have been engineered( by witches it is assumed) to be addicted to milk and catnip. The Nekomata can go a long time without milk but in doing so, when it gets severely injured, the healing factor is reduce to human levels and heals as slow as a human does.

The Nekomata is affected by catnip much like regular cats are. A large exposure to catnip will cause behavioral changes. Combine with milk makes the effects longer lasting. The effects of both combined are greatly amplified during the three nights of the full moon. The effects becomes so extremely potent during the full moon, that when used with music, it's virtually impossible for the Nekomata to resists.

When exposed to catnip , it will rub (often with the chin and cheek areas), sniff, lick and eat the plant, sometimes followed by rolling over the plant. Following this contact with the catnip, behavioral changes are often seen. Most commonly reported signs of ‘intoxication' include having a ‘wild' or ‘drunken' appearance, vocalizations, rolling around in ecstasy and showing signs similar to sexual arousal. Affected Nekomatas look like they are having a really good time!! The effects usually last for a few minutes. Nekomatas will then not react to catnip for at least an hour or two. In some of them, aggression can be seen with exposure to catnip.

When catnip and milk are used together, a Nekomata will be unable to resist it and stop and forget whatever is was they were doing so it can lap up the milk and enjoy the catnip. This is very useful to make a Nekomata stop its actions and lure it away. It also comes in useful to lure in a Nekomata and is essential in controlling/taming them. It can also be used to make it aggressive so it will obey attack commands.

2. Tail power. : A Nekomata source of power lies in it's forked tail. If the twin tails of the Nekomata is cut, it loses its powers. Becoming unable to fly, use its lightning or fire abilities. It becomes limited to using only necromancy and dream abilities, beside its basic physical attributes such as its speed, agility, strength, etc and its communication abilities. It only regains its full powers when its twin tails grow back.
Conventional weapons have little affect on it as its demonic fire engulfing its body tends to burn any used on it. Being a creature tied to death with its Necromancy abilities and "evil" nature, only a Divine/Holy celestial weapon, such as an Angel/ Archangel blade, has been the only thing known to be able to harm or kill it.

3. Feline Familiar (Witches Familiar) : Cats have often be used by witches as their familiars and the Nekomata is no different. A very powerful witch can tame and control a Nekomata , making it the witch's familiar. It will then obey, protect, and follow the witch wherever its goes. This effect is permanent until the witch dies or a more powerful witch can sever the bond and steal the Nekomata for itself. Only a witch can truly control and command a Nekomata, due to witches's long history of having cats as familiars. Also due to the fact, that they get along well with witches and very well with dark witches. They form a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship.

The full moon is the very best time for a witch to make the Nekomata her familiar. If the witch employs the use of catnip, milk, and music during the full moon, the witch is almost guaranteed to make the Nekomata instantly become their familiar, granted that it does not belong to another witch already as its familiar. If that happens to be the case, only the strongest and most powerful of the witches will win absolute control over the Nekomata.

4. Music : Nekomatas also seem to be affected by music. Flute and ocarina music seem to have the most effect on her. Music can be used to calm a Nekotama down or aid in taming it alongside catnip and milk. It can be use to induce other emotions as well. The three nights of the full moon makes the effects more potent. The effects of music are amplified during the full moon.

5. Feline Favor : If a person manages to earn the loyalty, trust, and affections of the Nekomata, that person gains it "favor." The Nekomata will then obey the person it's bonded to like a pet, it will protect its owner and follow it everywhere. It obeys its owner until the bond is broken such as death of the owner, or severe mistreatment. If the owner starts to neglect the Nekomata, no longer playing with it, feeding it, or giving it attention/affection/love, the bond will be severed and the Nekomata will move on and sometimes kill its owner for neglect or mistreatment. It will also raise the dead loved ones of the person who severely mistreated it to haunt and torment them.

Neglect or mistreatment, allows another person who treats it better, to be able to steal the feline favor from its previous owner and lay claim to the Nekomata.
This is similar to a feline familiar for a witch, but not permanent and pertains only to non witches. A strong enough witch can break this bond and make the Nekomata its own. 

The Nekomata story side

The story of the Inferno Shadow Nekomata
Bakeneko (????, "monster-cat"), in Japanese folklore, refers to cat yokai (spiritual beings) with supernatural abilities akin to those of the kitsune (fox) or tanuki (raccoon dog). There are a number of superstitions that detail how ordinary cat may transform into a bakeneko. Bakeneko then haunt and menace their household.

A bakeneko with a forked tail is referred to as a nekomata (???, or ?? "forked-cat").

Nekomata (jap. ?? or ??; meaning ‘forked cat’) is the name of a fictitious being from Japanese mythology. It is said to be a slightly more powerful form of a bakeneko (a high ranged cat-demon).

The Nekomata and Bakeneko have at times been compared to a type of hell cat as demon dogs are to hellhounds . In the demon world it had been stated that demon cats were bred for a different purpose then demon dogs. To give them rivalry or competition following the cat vs dogs theme the human world so often employed.

Using the warriors type of feudal Japan, one could make a distinct comparison in behavior and abilities of the demon cat and demon dog. A hellhound are more like the samurai. Loyal to their master, obeying their every command, fighting the enemy head on and displaying honor.

A hell cat or demon cat would best be described as the ninja type. Hiding in the shadows, attacking directly or indirectly. Not being bound by honor or one master necessarily. Using Ninjutsu abilities where samurai are more direct relaying on sword skills and conventional battle stragety.

Ninjutsu (???) sometimes used interchangeably with the term ninpo (???) is the martial art, strategy, and tactics of unconventional warfare and guerrilla warfare as well as the art of espionage purportedly practiced by the shinobi (commonly known outside of Japan as ninja).

Demon cats like the Bakeneko and Nekomata prefer to use stealth ambush tactics and any means necessary to kill a target or win a battle. A nekomata is an old bakeneko with a tail that has partially split in two (distinguishable from having two tails, since they join before they reach the body). Far darker and malevolent than most bakeneko, the nekomata is said to have powers of necromancy, and upon raising the dead, will control them with ritual-like dances - gesturing with paw and tail. These yokai are associated with strange fires and other unexplainable occurrences.

Nekomatas are powerful and more dangerous. One of them had stood out among its fellow demonic feline kin. Kirara also known as Kilala, is a powerful and dangerous member of her breed. He behavior tended to be flighty and unpredictable. Gaining the loyalty of the monster cats were far difficult then it was with the devil dogs. A reason many of them had been bred to become addicted to milk and catnip as a means of controlling them.

The portal to her world had been breached numerous times during feudal Japan, contributing to many of the legends of cat demons and monsters cats and unusual shinobi activities . She and her kind had cause numerous strange occurrences and preternatural wild fires that swept through the country. This caused attention from other demons and she ended up having a large scale battle with a Kitsune, all across Japan.

The battle ended in a stalemate when a priestess used a sacred to injure them both, cause Kirara to flew back to her world through the open portal and the kitsune went into hiding. She then kept a watched eye over Japan while she recovered and on the priestess from her own dimension.

She watched the humans from a far in her own dimension until she was able to reopen the portal back into the feudal era. She disguised herself as a human and continued to observe the progress of the samurai and shinobi. She was biding her time until she had a rematch with that fox demon. The battles had taken a toll on her mind, making her become more unpredictable and flighty. Time continued to pass and eventually she caught up with the priestess who had injured her before and finally dealt with her. She learned the kitsune had fled to a different part of the world as the priestess mention with her dying breath.

So she did not bother going back home or lingering around. She learned what she needed and ventured off to fight her rival as that became her main goal. She took a number of odd jobs and worked as a ninja body guard for a few important shogun and individuals of note. Not much became known of her after that or even what she done before her all out attack across Japan. Her kind were rather mysterious and few accounts were ever found about her past let alone theirs.

She emerged back onto the human scene centuries later, having tracked down the kitsune for a final show down. The confrontation was brutal but Kirara won, though not without sustaining more injury to her mind which caused her to snap and go on a killing spree, until she was eventually stopped somehow. She vanished from the world again only to return decades later. She was a bit more stable then before and resumed living a human life the best she could. With her vengeance done, and a portal home was too difficult to open, she thought it best to live out her time as a human until the day came when she could return home.

She slowly got use to acting like a human and dealing with them on a daily basis. She tried a few more security gigs and did rather well. No humans could harm her target and few supernatural creatures couldn't either. It got boring later on without having much of a challenge and her mind sometimes slipping into a child like mentality did not help either. The body guard business did not fit her for long so she tried her hand at bounty hunting for a while. She was great at tracking people down and dealing with them, but that also grew dull as time went on and her behavior became more unpredictable.

With cats being associated with death in Japanese and supposedly having power of necromancy, the Nekomata tended to get along rather well with necromancers and sometimes very well with vampires. They got a best with witches due to the whole cats being a infamous witch's familiar symbol. That bond as it were, at times extended to demon cats as well. She was overjoyed when she began running into feline lycans. Finding out some were as touchy feely as she sometimes behaved as. This helped lead her into her following profession later on.

She had became a cat burglar in order to get money fast and out of boredom. She found the gig challenging at first until later overtime most jobs became routine. So it became a hobby for her eventually till she began to lend her services for hire for other people, to get the treasures they want, for themselves. She had a few interactions with leopards and even a couple panthers. She joined in one a kitty pile or two and that helped her make up her mind about her new job.

She needed a legal cover job to help her blend in and to avoid questions as to how she could afford expensive things without having a high price job that looked like she could afford it, or being born rich. She trained and became an exotic dancer. Stripping, wearing next to nothing, and getting in close to rub her body against strangers, felt no different then when she would pounce on random people and lick them or rub her cheek along their face.

Time went on and she became skilled at both of her chosen professions, exotic dancer and a cat burglar. She adopted an gothic punk look as moderns times rolled about and kept a low profile and moved to the states. Now she was in a new city, new places to go, people to see, new things to do. She forged a new identity and fake ids with the help of a local criminal who specialized in making fake ids and passports.

She took the name Adamina Hart and was later nicknamed Ada just as she was known as Kirara but called Kilala by most. She stills remain something of a mystery today. Some called her a deranged psychopath, others dangerously psychotic that she makes lunatics look sane.

Sometimes she came across as serious while others childish. She could become highly aggressive at a moments notice or very hands on in an instant. Sweet and adorable, or malicious and malevolent, nothing is certain with this Nekomata. She did move back to Japan briefly to infiltrate the Yakuza, out of boredom mostly but to further sharpen her skills. She steadily climb the ranks and as a final test to prove herself, she was sent back to states to head up the Yakuza organization there and deal with their enemies. She proved herself by systematically wiping out every competitor they had and took full control of the Japanese crime syndicate. She continued with her training and learns a few new things as well.

She had many professions over the years, information broker, bounty hunter, tracker, transporter courier, free lance mercenary, shinobi assassin and bodyguard. She is a deadly kunoichi and still keeps up her skills which worked with her training as an exotic dancer, to get in close to her target while they completely had their guard down and go in for the kill.

She now moved to new city to establish herself and any mafia contacts she may find while living there. Not much is known about her and very few have ever gotten close to her. Even fewer know her true intentions and what her true goals may be. Beware this black cat.






Name meaning


Kirara (雲母, "Mica") was Sango's faithful nekomata companion and main method of transportation and currently Kohaku's traveling partner and companion. 


Kirara with Midoriko.

Kirara was originally the companion of Midoriko, the miko who created the Shikon no Tama, suggesting that she was far older than she seemed, which made her the oldest member of Inuyasha's group. Sometime later, she became Shako's family companion, was passed down by Shako to Sango's father, and then by Sango's father to Sango when she was still very young. 

During the Story

When Kirara was first introduced, she was greeting Sango after she had come home from a mission. She was then seen playing with Sango right before she and the other yōkai taijiya went to Hitomi castle and were slain. Kirara helped fight to protect the demon slayer village during the attack, ending up as the only survivor. She was discovered by Myōga during this time, and joined Inuyasha's group on their search for Naraku's castle. During the search, Kirara reunited with Sango, who ordered her to kill Naraku if he did anything suspicious. 

After these events, Kirara traveled with Inuyasha's group and acted as an ally and friend through the entire series. Kirara became fast friends with Shippō, often seen in his company when Sango wasn't around. When someone was depressed, Kirara often allowed them to rest on her for comfort. 

When Kohaku was brought back to life by a Sacred Jewel shard, Kirara was ordered to kill Naraku to break the spell on him; however, she ended up badly poisoned by his miasmaafter biting his shoulder. She was later cured of the poison thanks to Jinenji's antidote. 

Kirara was, at times, abused by Inuyasha, Kagome and Miroku for their own selfish needs; Inuyasha accidentally burned some of her fur off while practicing the Wind Scar, Kagome used her for quick transport to the Bone-Eater's Well while forgetting promised cat treats to return the favor, and Miroku used Kirara to stage demon attacks to meet women. Despite this, she appeared to hold no grudge towards them, and the group felt deep regret for their past actions.[1]

Kirara had many fond memories of her time living with Sango and Kohaku in the demon slayers' village. She met Kohaku during this time, and learned he was free of Naraku's spell. She heard Kohaku wishing that Sango could see the field of lilies near the village, so Kirara led her there.[2]

Three years after Naraku's defeat, Kirara joined Kohaku as a traveling companion on his quest to become a more powerful demon slayer. 


Since Kirara was a cat demon, she acted similar to regular cats: eating cat food, treats, fish, and playing with cat toys, as well as having cat-like weaknesses. Kirara was shown to be very intelligent as well as sentient. She was fiercely loyal to Sango, but with time, she showed loyalty to all members of the group.

Kirara demonstrated exceptional patience, often honoring the requests of the group and their various friends. For example, she allowed Inuyasha to practice the potentially lethal Kaze no Kizu attack on her, leaving bald spots on her fur. In addition, she helped Miroku impress village women and ward off the undesired advances of the older village women. Kagome admitted to playing dress up with her, and using her to return to the Modern Era without the knowledge of the rest of the group.[1]

Physical description

Kirara usually appeared to be an adorable adult-sized feline (shown in the anime to be the same size as Kagome's cat, Buyo), but with the body proportions of a kitten. She has red eyes, a diamond-shaped marking on her forehead, and two fluffy tails. However, she had two forms: one of a cat, and a larger one resembling a saber-toothed cat. In her full-sized demon form, flames emerged from her feet and tails, and her power increased considerably, allowing her to battle even the strongest of demon opponents. 

Powers & Abilities

Kirara transformed.

  • Transformation: Kirara had the ability to transform from a small kitten to a larger cat resembling a saber-toothed cat. When switching forms she was engulfed in flames, which, after disappearing, revealed the other form. 
  • Pyrokinesis: Kirara can generate flame on her flanks and limbs after transformation. The unearthly fire doesn't quench underwater. 
  • Flight: When transformed, Kirara had the ability to fly. She was capable of carrying three grown adults at once, but it tired her out quickly. 
  • Fire Immunity: Fire and heat seem to do nothing harm to Kirara. She can act safe and sound when Renkotsu shelled and burned the valley. 
  • Prowess in Battle: Kirara is very powerful and experienced even in terms of demons. She lived through the situation to a degree that her former companion, Midoriko, probably the mightiest priestess, had to sacrifice herself (Although her survival might very well rely on the latter's sacrifice). She is the only survivor after the battle of demon slayer village, which ended up killing all the residents and invading demons. 
  • Enhanced Strength: When transformed, Kirara was very strong, several times managing to overpower many other foes, including larger demons. 
  • Enhanced Speed: When transformed, Kirara's speed increased considerably. She was able to keep up with Entei and even with Inuyasha at top speed. 
  • Enhanced Durability: When transformed, Kirara was very durable, managing to endure a practiced Kaze no Kizu from Inuyasha while he was practicing on her of her own free will, emerging fairly unscathed with only a part of her fur shaved off. 
  • Enhanced Endurance: When transformed, Kirara could fight continuous battles against many foes for a considerable amount of time before tiring out, which in turn forced her to transform back into her small kitten form. 

Allies/Traveling companions


Kirara with Sango.

Due to their long past, Sango and Kirara were very loyal to one another and cared for each other greatly. They have always had a wonderful friendship and strong bond. Kirara often tried comforting Sango when she was sad, offering the comfort of her fur to ease Sango's pain. Since Miroku came into the picture, Kirara became fearful of Sango's anger. When, in episode 97 Sango thought that she was killed by a gorilla demon, she immediately sought revenge and murdered him and remained in severe depression until learning Kirara was perfectly fine and cried tears of joys and hugged Kirara upon seeing her fine. 


Kirara helped Inuyasha fight his enemies, and they often worked together. Sometimes, she acted as his "trusted steed", allowing Inuyasha to ride her into some fights with sword drawn. Inuyasha respected Kirara, knowing she was a reliable ally. She also allowed him to practice his wind scar on her despite the fact it caused her to have a few bald spots. He cares for her and when she needs medicine he heads to Jinenji's to get it in chapter 112/episode 32, stating he didn't mind since he saw her as a valuable ally and someone he could rely on during battle. In particular, it was their team up that helped Inuyasha kill Entei, which neither could have done alone. 

Kagome Higurashi

As her family owns their own cat, Kagome treated Kirara as her own, and sometimes Kirara helped Kagome fight demons. Kirara often got cat food and treats from the Modern Era as thanks from Kagome, which she enjoyed greatly. However, she was sometimes a victim of Kagome's dress-up games because of how cute her kitten form was. It also stated by Kagome that she has grabbed Kirara's paws and pinched her nose several times in Kirara's kitten form. Sometimes Kagome rode on Kirara's back as a means of transportation in order to travel back and forth between the Modern and Warring States Eras. 


Miroku riding on Kirara.

Miroku didn't seem to have much of a relationship with Kirara, although she did help him get the attention of some local village girls in one episode by pretending to attack a village, even scaring off old women interested in Miroku. She apparently didn't hold a grudge towards him for using her. Kirara often carried Miroku on her back along with Sango. 


Shippō and Kirara.

Kirara was particularly close to Shippō, who were often seen playing together. This was probably because of their shared connection of both being demons. Kirara was often seen with Shippō on her back when the others weren't riding her, most likely protecting him. It is also stated by Shippō that Kirara is his friend and he often sleeps on her back for her warmth. At times when Sango was frightening, Kirara and Shippō held each other. 



Kohaku and Kirara.

Having lived with Kohaku most of his life, Kirara was close to him as she is to Sango. However, their relationship was quite strained due to Kohaku being under Naraku's control most of the series. In an anime-only episode, Kirara met Kohaku once he had broken free of Naraku's spell, and fought demons alongside him in perfect combination. She honored Kohaku's desire to have Sango see a secret lily field, leading her there. Following the three year time skip, Kirara acted as Kohaku's partner in his quest to become a stronger demon slayer. 


Kirara rescued Shako from the Mistress Centipede.

  • When Kirara entered water, the fire on her tail and legs did not go out. 
  • In the anime, it was shown that Kirara had been in Sango and Kohaku's family for at least three generations, as she was seen accompanying their grandfather and father. 
  • In the anime, it seems Kirara was also the partner of Midoriko
  • Kirara apparently had very impressive eyesight or senses. In Episode 136, when Sango was invisible, Kirara was able to precisely jump onto Sango's shoulder and put the balls into her hands. 
  • Her seiyū also voiced Sugar from Rumiko Takahashi's series

Character Name

Adamina Hart Nickname: Ada, feline name Kirara / Kilala. Sometimes called Mina by a select special few.

Character Age

From feudal Japan

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Hello kitty meets her friend. Goodbye kitty. Mostly just looking for my witch owner. Sometimes just a new owner to pamper me. Nekos, furries, Witches. I just want someone to rub my tummy, feed me, cuddle, and call me a good girl

Character Appearance

Asian petite j pop looking girl. Super cute two tail kitty

Character Personality

unlike other hell cats and hell beasts. Adamina is not inherently evil and blood thirsty. While she does have a monstrous form she uses in battle. Her main form is that of an adorable little feline that is nearly same size as a kitten. Unlike other Yokai monster cats. She is very sweet and extremely playful! Now she does have a cruel sadistic streak but this is only with food. She is only really evil towards her current prey and to anyone else. Rather nice and kind. Many people underestimate her playful gentle nature as weakness but they quickly learn this kitty has class and will strike! Kilala loves to play and doesn't take much things too seriously. When she is drunk on saki and catnip. She goes into hyper mode and will literally run up the walls on a drunken catnip high. She loves affection from her owner and is very loyal. She will protect her witch owner with her life.

Character Likes

food, fish, cat naps, sleep, catnip, milk, tuna, being petted and spoiled, playing, self amusement, big balls of yarn, sleeping in bed with her witch or owner, having her own soft private bed of pillows and soft cushions to enjoy sleeping on, women

Character Dislikes

dogs usually, humans who abuse her, neglect, being unloved by her owner, being starved, not having a comfy place to sleep on, men

Character History/Story

A Witches' familiar. One sexy adorable twin tail kitty. Bakeneko- Nekomata. HellCat- demonic tainted feline. A witch's familiar looking for her witch. (I do play a version of the character Kilala from Inyuyasha. Mostly where I get the inspiration for her cat form and behavior. )

Character Inventory

demonic razor gloves, katanas, motorcycle, cat collar

Character Abilites

Claws, demonic razor gloves, special powers, shadow domination(manifesting and controlling shadows), ninjutsu, demonic powers, necromancy abilities, communion with the dead, spectral fire ability. Dream Walking Feline Physiology Camouflage Claw Retraction Enhanced Agility Enhanced Balance Enhanced Bite Enhanced Climbing Enhanced Flexibility Enhanced Jump Enhanced Senses Night Vision Enhanced Speed Enhanced Strength Predator Instinct Stealth Tactics Spiritual Awareness Enhanced Immunity Flight Ghost Lights Human Disguise/Shapeshifting Matter Ingestion Necromancy Reanimation Poison Immunity

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, Child Friendly, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adult

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  • -Magnus chuckled as he read what she had written on the ground- you're cute and you know it that must be helpful -warlock bent down and picked little kitten up creadling her in his arms as he continued walking towards his apartment building.- So I'm guessing you are looking for your way back home, am I right? -he looked down at her- I think I could help you with it if you really want it.

  • (Yes please, thank you.)

  • Where the path lead the kit lead her to a realm where pillars were monumented in a never ending desert.  But at the distance, a castle could be seen  as the pillars lead there.  even though the kit entered the cave, she could see a dark sky from above her.  It was clear that something or someone was drawing Bakeneko  deeper into the castle in this desert like realm. For a aura very strong could be sensed inside the Castle, and that rat creature that she was after would be seen crawling from pillar to pillar. 

    Inside the castle a shadow would be moving from room to room while a candelabra was lit. Soon a feminine hand would come out of the darkness and take hold of it lifting it from the table. "So you finally come, you kept me waiting." A soft yet alluring voice came from the darkness, the voice can be heard echoing around the realm so that Bakeneko could hear that alluring voice.

  • ±Manticore was after her, that she knew for sure and had her running for miles, pain leeching from her stamina, yet she forced herself to keep going. Holding onto her bad arm she looked around the block where she was, fear in her erratic breathing as she starts running again, a slower speed than before. How far ahead was she? How close were they? Whimpering the girl turned down an alley trying to confused anyone following her, passing abandoned building and abandoned building, suddenly she slipped and went down, landing on her hurt arm, a scream ripping past clenched teeth as she curled onto her good side holding her bad arm, the wound that just wouldn't heal.

    Finally minutes later she managed to come back to her feet, stumbling she started trying to run again, only luck smiling on her that Manticore or any cops were upon her, knowing that Manticore would have asked for help from the local LEO'S  (law enforcement officers) in order to recapture her. Spotting a car junk yard that had been long abandoned she changed course and went toward it, looking around she hid and waited for anyone to show up or have a chance of spotting her when or if she moved to enter. Spotting no one she slowly makes her way toward some cars, looking around she slips inside one and looks around

  • Smiling as Kirara began to purr, petting her slowly and moving her hand to rub her belly. It had been a while since she'd seen her old friend, and she'd missed her quite a bit. But, Kirara would always find her, that much she knew and was certain of.

  • [If you would like to then of course.]

  • Sango smiled as she saw her old friend Kirara running up to her. Laughing a little as she was jumped on, resting a hand on Kirara's back and petting her slowly. "Hello there old friend. Boy have I missed you." she purred softly, closing her eyes.

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