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  • | | wow. I am not caught up with a damn thing lol how's everyone doing? 

  • Spring break is here finally. I will be getting back to replies hopefully soon. My muses have just been bleh because of school, finding a summer job, and numerous family emergencies. But I should be back in business here soon...hopefully. 

  • Looking for threads have 0 at the moment. If you would care to write feel free to send a friends request. We can plot and go from there. I look forward to writing with you all.

  • I'll be back to do replies soon, guys. I've been incredibly ill (like...transfusions, hospital, specialists freaking out ill) and trying to keep up with my research. Good news, that research is major fuel for this character.

    I'll do my best to get some replies done in the evening this weekend.

    See you all soon! If you need me for anything big and serious, you can contact me through James Harris!

    • Welcome back! 

    • Be well friend

    • Hope to see you around soon. Till then, take care, my friend.

    • Welcome back! 

    • Glad to see you back!~

  • This article in particular I got excited about reading. As I went through even a minute of this approx. 4 minute read, I was pulling my characters into my head and saying "How would you answer some 0f those things? Have I thought of some of these things when I designed you?"

    So please, please give this one a chance, and let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I did.


    [ How to Write Better Characters ]

    How to Write Better Characters – Dani Jorgensen – Medium
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