Hello there,

I'm looking for new roleplays /new people to write with. I have over 10 years of experience on different platforms. To start this off, if you are under 21, I'm not the right writingpartner for you. No hard feelings.

I'd love to brainstorm over plots, characters. Build a world together.

-The length of my posts is adjustable. I go from one-liners to 1000 words per post. Let me know what you're comfortable with. 
-There are no limits to my writing. I write about absolutely anything, going from Romance to horror, abuse, gore, overdosing, addictions,, 18+, smut, BDSM, drama, everything.
-I have multiple characters in my posession but also love to create new ones for a roleplay, so a large range to choose from.
-Besides that, I do think drama and romance are the key to a good story. If you're comfortable with 18+ writing that would be awesome too.
-I do prefer to write female roles, though we can work with multiple characters if that is your thing. I love to build a world, to give characters the chance to develop. To chat, plot, get a feel of the roleplay, the characters, mine, yours.
-I prefer long term roleplay partners, if you're just looking for someone to keep you busy during holiday only to disappear afterwards please don't react to my post.
-18+ writing is a must for me. That means I enjoy to write smut, in all kinds of ways. Vanilla but I'm also very experienced in the BDSM theme.
-All of my characters (And I do have multiple.) are human. We can add in some fantasy if you like, but I do tend to dislike full on fantasy rp's. 
-I prefer communication over discord c: But here is fine as well if you prefer.


If all of that did not scare you yet, please send a message and we'll see where we end up!

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  • Hello! Would you be interested in a Marvel-based storyline between Black Widow and The Winter Soldier?


    I have a good generalization of the premise, but I encourage sharing ideas!

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