Demon hybrid.   Semi-immortal.   Cursed.   Chaotic Evil.   Arms collector.   Borderline pyromaniac.    Mild  sociopath.    Murder for hire. 

 Hunter in training.









Pronounced " Kay "         

"Kitty-Prince"   "Kei-Cat"   "Prick"    "Asshole"   

"Gobbering brainy gun-loving, white faced, arse cat"   


Also Known As...               

"Jason"    "Jay"    "Jace"    "Blue-jay"   "Grasshopper"






 " Keep staring...

and you're gonna look as fucked up as me."




Upon first sight, Kei stands just above average height and strongly built, about as physically capable as a human around his size could be. Jet black hair falls forward in somewhat of a messy and haphazard manner, shaven close on the left side of his face. The ends still show remnants of being dyed a dark blue color once upon a time.Where one would expect a face, his skin gives way to scarred bone: a fanged | SKULL | of strange nature, sharing both human and feline attributes. Where eyes should be, hollow sockets linger. The interior vague as if a material seemingly too dark for light to penetrate.  

His ears themselves rely on a different frequency to hear, thus, his hearing is higher than that of a human. Things like humming from electronics, machinery, and other high pitched noises can give him a headache in a matter of minutes. He's gotten a knack for being able to understand other creatures as well, such as felines, canines, and an assortment of others.  A feline's tail lingers likewise, topping off the strange choice of demon physiology that is the man's make-up. It serves a use in aiding the adjusting of his balance. With little chance of facial expressions... one must rely mostly on his body language.

(For example. If he's coming closer it's probably to try and kill you.)






" And so, he made his home on streets altogether meaner and

dirtier than those others would walk. A place where blood runs

in the gutters and the occasional screams in the night drown

out the music. "


His residence is within an old abandoned theatre that had been shut down for many years. Originating in the 1800's as an opera house, the establish eventually shut down following the death of a young singer by the name of Ophelia. Left vacant for many years after, in 1920's renovations went underway to turn the building into a motion picture and small performance theater. A short thirty years after, the productions stop and it resumed its role as another vacant building in the city. For the few that wander in on accident, the inside is coated with a layer of dust other than the few parts he inhabited since the curse. He had chosen a room off to the side behind the theatre stage with a back door, as well as a few others that remain oddly locked. These maintained parts are surprisingly well taken care of despite his destructive nature. The theatre also has quite a large population of cats that he occasionally takes home out of pity. The demon considers it as 'paying rent' seeing that the strays came long before he.

Kei's second residence is an apartment in close proximity, following his release of the curse and in gaining his humanity back. Two blocks down and one to the left of the theatre building, he pays a landlord a royal sum to ask no questions and to take care of utilities on a six month basis. He spends his time there only occasionally to sleep and when cold; it serves as a retreat from his mercenary work. While nothing special, it serves as a link to humanity he had otherwise been lacking.

Part 1Part 2 |






The wrong person walked into the wrong place at the wrong moment.

What happened on that night, as a result he lost his life. Or rather, what little of a life that a homeless kid on the street could have. If you think he died, you would be both right and wrong. He lost a life. His old life, and he wouldn't be getting it back. The wrongful footsteps into the an abandoned theatre building were lead with the intention of refuge. In agitating the the spirit which still lingered within the ruins, what it would bring him would be five years of solitude to his name. What was once flesh withered to scarred bone. What were once eyes became hollow sockets. What were once teeth were turned to fangs. A loss of humanity and in place, something far more demonic to have altered his being. The breaking point that started the transition from unfortunate teen, to a promising sociopath in the making. In a way, he lost everything including his humanity. He gained something  far stronger all the same.

He lost a life. What he gained was nine more

It seems like something just short of immortality, doesn't it?

A 'gift' of immortality that would quite literally be the death of him. 






" You thought you could kill me off that easy..?  "



The cat has a reputation as long as the Empire State building high. Murder, theft, drugs, vehicular homicide, you name it, he's done it, even several times over. Being a bit of an anarchist, he has little respect for the law and truly believes his actions will never catch up to him. Adding in some supernatural ability and what seems like the promise of immortality, he somehow manages to keep himself under the radar.

He has a habit for destruction on impulse in which a life can sometimes mean little to him. With empathy being a rather lost emotion for some reason or another, the ideals or opinions of others occasionally fail to register, and can often mean little to the demon. 

Kei is well known to have a fixation on weaponry, and has amassed himself a small collection over the last five years or so. Mainly knives and guns, with some past dabbling in explosives. Hardly ever does he make a move without a weapon on him at all times. 

There isn't much hospitable about the man upon meeting. He's aggressive, and overall has a short temper. His words come out as bitter and laced with sarcasm. Kei finds enjoyment in making others squirm, whether it be by his cursed appearance or the smartass comments that leave his mouth.


To the few he has not driven away, to those that he considers good company, odds they aren't as fooled. He still has quite a bit of human at his core. He's stubborn. Sometimes clingy. Shows some emotion. Even genuinely smiles from time to time.



Note-worthy "Possessions" 

necklace from Alice. He tends to keep it on his person.

Two pistols- Glock 26/27, a gift from Naomi.

Totem-like necklace featuring animal bones. A gift from Nikki.



 -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -



Some time after the release of the curse, finding himself in what was seemingly another rock bottom in his life, it was a familiar face passing through the city that had pulled him back onto his feet and ultimately gave the man a chance at a meaningful livelihood. This came after an impromptu hunt with none other than the Huntress, Alice D. O'Malley. An acquaintance turned friend by strange circumstances, later turned into teacher and coach that he would trust more than anyone else affiliated with. It was for the second time that she had suggested he joined the ranks of the Hunters distinguished within the organization, to which, in search of a purpose other than dwelling on the streets he finally accepted. 

The process was to begin with an opening interview, that started with discussing his reasoning in applying. In all honesty, the man hardly knew what he was doing there. Aside from the simple fact that he had nothing else promising to turn to. Explaining his tiredness for doing empty mercenary jobs on the street turned to the explanation of the curse to which he was plagued... and ended promptly with a gunshot wound to the side of the head. With his justifications found as credible, as well as the shock that persisted to Alice's 'demonstration' of the curse's ability, he woke up to the news that he was allowed forward. Once his ears had ceased ringing a gruesome obstacle course to prove as physical fitness testing, and finally, a week's preparation came to pass and he was onward to his first hunt in New Orleans.

|    HS Psychological Examination    |    HS Psychological Examination (Part 2)    |

The first and second hunts came as successes, to each not without their own fatalities. A man once thriving in a lifestyle without boundaries nor morality now is doing what he can to walk a line between right and wrong for the first time in his life. The trials thus far have lead to injury, physical strain, and some emotional trauma heading forward that he didn't quite know he was capable of expressing. Regardless, two hunts into his certification, something has hit home to the point where Jason/Kei is certain of continuing onward. Of his own will, as well as full motivation that he isn't about to let Alice down.


Following a week break from the second, he now awaits departure for the third hunt that will finalize his training.

|    Hunt 1: Psychological Report    |    Hunt 2: Psychological Report     |





If anything at all could be said in description to the cat, it would be that Kei is someone that is generally hard to be around. As a person he's irritable. Inhospitable. Violence prone, sharp with his words and quick to anger. Disregarding to the feelings of others. There is no aspect of his person that suggests he'd ever truly learned how to keep people around him without eventually causing a falling out, usually sooner rather than later. And so, that is the common outcome at hand. Close to someone one day, discarded the next when subconsciously it seems to reap no benefit on his behalf.

With everything stated holding truth, it could be also said that he's trying. Whether that be coming to a truce with his daughter Agnes after several years of conflict, or taking on a social role he'd never been accustomed to as he carries on with the Society.  In the end, he's gained a some familiar faces, each for better or for worse.




" O'Malley  |  Coach "

While she currently serves as the person in charge of Jason's trials regarding the Hunter Society, Alice is also hands down one of his closest friends he has to his name. She has been there to pick him up from some of his harder times, and is ultimately the person responsible for getting him onto a straight and narrow path with his life. As a result, he's willing to do whatever he can in order to keep her around. Whether that means having her back for each hunt, or being invested in taking as much hell from her as he needs to, in order to get past the walls she's put up around herself.  (x1) 



"  Kid  "

Agnes is Jason's one and only biological child. Due to the fact that he had never wanted nor expected having kids, he was absent for almost the entirety of her upbringing, partially in spite of Agnes' mother, Naomi Shimura. Fast forward fifteen years, the two had clashed from the moment they had met as Agnes got her due revenge, the two fighting even up until present meetings. There is no telling whether the two are on good or bad terms, as it changes by the week. As of recent, the relationship between the two has improved with Agnes' time spent in holding at the Hunter Society's Headquarters. Two visits to talk have gone without any reported incidents of violence.







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Alrighty, so I'll say it here now so you can't get nearly as mad at me later.

An advisory warning: Kei is an offensive character. He is built to be an asshole. Expect violence, language, gore, and so on to be a possibility in writing. Also be aware that he has a way with meeting people and then essentially 'tossing' them if they no longer seem beneficial. It's a built in character flaw, he's workin' on it. Expect harsh words, blood, possible falling outs, and general abrasiveness from him if you choose to move forward in writing. With all that being said I give you full permission to kill Kei as long as it fits into the plot reasonably. *Shrugs.*

Secondly, as the writer, I prefer long term plots unless we plan otherwise. This means I'm looking far into the future, and anything that happens within plot has the possibility to affect Kei's overall story, and even tangle with other stories. Finally, I am a site Admin (as you may already know by now). Feel free to come to me with any questions you have regarding the site, coding, issues in the community, or if you just feel like bullshitting. I'm around. 

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  • The club was jumping an the atmosphere was electric, and the sexual energy was off the charts. I thought I might actually get a contact high. I had been there for a while " how about another .."I raised my hand signal him. But it seemed like he was being kept busy by the werewolf at the end of the bar.

    I rolled my eyes a bit annoyed with him. The song had transitioned into the one, I had gotten lost in the moment, these were rare that I was completely relaxed and let it all go. That was til I heard a female screaming in horror that was a shock to my system. And defiantly put me on edge, what happened I catch the scent of blood, which isn't odd in the kinda club were in. But this was fresh and everyone was feeling the panic I turned an saw the now dead wolf.

    I silently crused " well there goes my night." I muttered that was then I shadowy figure moving away. Quickly from the scene and towards the exit. I hopped down off the bar stool and took off my heels and went running after the spector. "Hey stop! " I called after them. Not knowing who it was. " this is so not the outfit to be chasing after someone in." I mused

    I knew once they left the alley, I wouldn't have an easy time to finding them again. But they either saw who did it , or they did it. I pushed the door open and looked around outside.
  • Heyeah, Sly recalled her. He also remembered her making a certainly good cake that ended up being the hell that was the thief's stomach that night too. Along with the next day. That was an unspoken vow between he and the catman, that it was never to be spoken of. Sly was not about to say that he ate any of the hunter-in-trainings heart and Sly wasn't going to say that he had a little bit of Kei inside of him. Nope. That was never to be mentioned. Ever.

    "I can't even fathom that." Sly replied solemnly towards that. "I mean, I'm not stupid towards it, I understand how fathers do that. But I can't imagine doing that myself. It would kill me to even be a day away from my kid." He admitted. "Thanks.." Sly knew that. When the time comes. Sadly would it ever? It was horrifying the first time. Exciting, but horrifying. The joy in it, the joy in knowing that they would be a family, have a big house.. He was only going to ruin himself he kept thinking like that. The fact was was that it wasn't going to happen. He needed to come to terms with that.

    "That was quick." If Sly recalled they were gone for a long time with the first hunt. The last one went rather fast, didn't' it? Not like Sly was going to judge or anything. Hey, the quicker they got done the faster Jason could actually come to be a full fledged hunter, right? That was the good part in it it looked like. But it was also good that Sly wasn't demanding any answers from it, that would be bad for the both of them and Sly more than likely would not be able to handle it.

    "For everyones sake, lets hope that you don't get killed." Sly still remembered the rules that that sickened man put on their head. If either of them dies then everyone died. And that was something Sly couldn't stomach, he would hide everyone away until further notice. Including that Alice girl.

    "That's been pulled off for a while." He began. "Has been for a bit. Then after finding out Nikki was.. well. We have been focusing more on getting my family home right now. I have all the legal papers done, it's just a mater of fixing the place up. It hasn't been touched in eighteen years so the pipes need redone, the electricity needs rewired. A lot of TLC. Not to mention cleaning the place up. Nikki's excited though. Big ol ranch that we're about to move into. It'll be our patch of the world to take care of." Sly sure got sentimental on that, didn't he? He brought up his cup and downed it, waving for another. "What about you after all of this? Once these um, hunts are done, then what?"

  • It was only 10 pm, and I had just recently heard about this exclusive Night club . supernatural's only. So I got the address and decided a night out was exactly what I needed. It didn't take me long to get there,But the parking was a nightmare.

    I walked into the club past the bouncer as soon I had flashed him my supernatural status. As soon as I entered I felt A familiar presence one I hadn't felt in a very long time. I shook it off , and made my way to words the bar , I was parched and morose. But the outfit I wore had turned more then a few heads, so I guess it did it's job.

    My gaze scanned the scene, what can I say 'old habits ' and all that. Finally I made it and leaned against the bar" can I get, death mead ?" the bartenders brows shot up but went about making the drink. "What don't think I can hold my drink?" I probably shouldn't tease the bar man. While I waited for drink my drink .
  • "I-It wasn't anyones fault. I guess... it just wasn't the right time or for us to have.. a-a-" Sly bit his lip and stared up to the ceiling. this was hard for him to bring up again. It was still a few days fresh in his system. It hurt no matter when it was brought up. And the longer that it stayed on his mind the worst it got. There was no lie, this now was physical proof that he had cried to it and himself for several hours before.

    Now, Sly didn't intend of drinking himself into a stupor, but he wanted for forget for a little while. This wouldn't be a daily thing. He was not a drunk, but a night of free will and peace of mind would do anyone good.

    "We'll get by." He stated kindly as to calm Jason's neves if he thought that Sly was going to burst from the seams here. It wasn't his plan. And I intend to have fun tonight. So only the hardest drinks and fun stories." Sly bounced back quickly from letting it get to him. He wasn't about to be some party pooper and wanted to enjoy this evening. "So tell me something, Jay, anything fun happen? Feels like it's been a year. Have you and that colorful lady gotten any further?"

    It was obvious that Sly was dropping the child bit, it would hurt him forever, but it wasn't healthy to linger on it, but Jason had the right to know. Now that he did it was best for both of them to brush it off now before Sly turned into a sobbing mess. Which neither of the men needed to see.

  • Alice could hear him rustling around while he woke up with the alarm. Still, it didn't look like she was much caring at this point. It wasn't anything that he had not seen before. They had gone swimming and she was sporting a bikini at that point so this was nothing different. Only difference here was that her back was as plane as day to see with her shortish hair that came to rest just over the top of her shoulder blades. It covered the tiniest part of the top of the tattoo, and the strand of her own tattoo that lay over her breast but the swirled pattern of the red ink was bright on her back as ever. Jason would not be known of the magic in it until he got his own too, only now the simple but intricate pattern was seen by him. It stretched up in fine think lines into the floral pattern that they were. There was no blemish, maybe a few freckles thrown here and there, the only real one were the scars  that jagged into her skin, that story would come out one day should he ask.

    When she heard him she perked up her head a bit. Casting a glance over her shoulder towards him then down to where she was carefully threading up her shoes. "I hope yer sayin' that because of me knickers an' no' 'cause of the state am in." Which that could also be true. Her hair was a bit wild, the now tighter curls of her normally wavy hair were around her shoulders  in a minty mess. A brush would be found eventually, right now she didn't care. She turned herself so that one foot was on the bed and she was blinking herself awake finally, letting the grogginess actually hit her while she came to understand the universe again. Her eyes did raise to him from time to time, but  she did not take care in the male form, there were many like them. He looked like he was getting color to his skin though, that was a change from the chalk pale that he had been.

    The ticking clock on the wall showed it to be about 6:05am now. She'd gotten ready in a record time for any chick. Him too even. He was then up with all the things in hand and was ready to get down so that they could begin to go at the hunt finally. His comment coaxed a tired smile, genuine even, the tiniest hint of her dimples were viable. She shuffled off the bed and pulled on the rest of her clothing, ending with the scarf around her neck. She then grabbed her duffel bag, backpack, and was ready to head out with him. Stepping into the hallway then locking the door.

    It only took them a few minutes to get downstairs and as they did Deacon was standing with Nes who's hair was a bit frazzled around her head. It was too long  to look boyish anymore, but too short to be tamed at all, the most she could do was comb it out and let it do as it pleased. She was wrapped in a parka. Boots up to her knees with thick knitted pants, and gloves that could be turned into mittens, they flaps were hung annoyingly open as she thumbed her phone, much to Alice's distaste. At least she was too busy looking at her phone and not in peoples heads.

    Pam was no where in site but Alice assumed she already said her goodbyes to Nes. Alice respectfully nodded to him as he motioned them to walk outside to where a car was ready. The Russian man ruffled Nes' hair as she tried to walk by, stopping her as he did. "Be careful. Lots of vamps there to bite ya." He hummed a laughter and Neseva rolled her eyes. 

    She batted at his hands stubbornly"Oh shut up, dad. Let me go already."

    "I'm truthful, rabbit. You will get message when arrived." He went on. "Be respectful. Its small town with close people, they don't like strangers. Don't act like one. Listen to Neseva, she'll understand them."

    "Got it, dad. Can we go now?" She looked up at him with those startling golden eyes of hers expectantly. "Please?"

    His big hands cupped her face and he bent down to kiss her button nose. "Be safe, little rabbit."

    Nes blushed at the open expose then pulled away. "Come on, dad! I'm a bad ass! Bad ass's don't get nose kisses!"

    Deacon bellowed a laugh as he held the door open for them when he finally released his daughter and allowed them all to go to the car. "Take care of her, Alice."

    "I always do." The doors were already open, as was the trunk. It was just a matter of throwing it in and heading out.

  • --/"I'm out."/

    Jason's initial announcement was met with a dismissive scoff, one dusted with annoyance rather than anger. "Explanations will some due time--;"

    His final word seemed to cut short as his eyes met Jason's. The wildness in those sharp blues was noted- the defiance that was cautiously taking a stand. And as blue clashed with gold in a deadlock stare for a small, silent stretch, Synova knew. He understood. Ah... so he was intent on backing out. This was most unfortunate.

    The cushion of space between the two receded as Synova took leisure steps forward, matching the number of steps that the other had taken back.
    "We do not have the luxury of hesitation, Jason." Urgency was evident, sharpening the syllables in his lowered tone.

    "There are certain things that you are not yet ready to comprehend. I never break promises, and neither should you. So, come."

    A pale hand was extended, palm-up in offering. His fingernails ended at a slightly curved point, holding resemblance to glossy black claws rather than human nails.

    "Come /here./"
  • Alice snorted with a sense of high pride that she carried with her being on her sleeve. "Am no' scared of some love struck mutant." This was Alice after all. It would be rare that she was actually scared of anything, or at least she would never show it. Maybe at times if he really tried then he could see it, but that was up for full debate, but none that were to be brought up with her, she just might throw a fit if thee was one.

    Seeing as he was not going to the shooting range she walked with him back up to the room where she set the duffel bag down next to the door and returned back to the bed where she had been before.  She passed the hours by reading, or going to her desk and researching. She knew all that there was but she was still cautious on what might be there. She looked up the lore of Russia and what supernatural creatures lied within it that they should be worried of. All that she was seeing come up were vampires, which she was sure that they would be running into a few of them there as well.. That was inevitable.

    But she was only human, and come around four in the morning, and not being able to find anything else to do she promptly passed out  against her pillows.

    At six am her phone went off and it signaled that they were headed out. Alice woke in a groggish state and stumbled up. Was Jason in the room? Did she care to check? Who cared. Alice so simply stepped out of bed to grab her phone where it had been charging at the desk and went to the wardrobe in the closet where she then chose out an appropriate outfit for the cold morning and even colder setting that would be Russia. Off went her, well damn, no fucks given. She stepped on her pajama pants to pull them off to pumpkin undies, next came the tank. With that off there were also a matching pumpkin bra. Rip him should Jason actually be awake for that. That said and done she bundled them up the chucked them into a basket inside of the closet. Hey, if she died, no laundry for her. Win.

    She took the select clothing and walked to the bed where she threw them down and proceeded in getting herself dressed. Pants on first, then the shirt which so happened to be a turtle neck. Her combat boots were tied on after a pair of socks were put on. A scarf was left on the bed along with a thick and long knitted jacket to throw on over it. She was already following suit with bundling up as it looked. Jason, if he were either asleep, dead from shock or gone should take it in mind. Because frankly if he were there or not, Alice didn't seem to care that he were there at all. She even spoke as if he were. "Russia will be frezzin' might wanna git yerself warm."

  • "N' safer. We have some hunters in our ranks that are demons themselves. Yer included. We cannae have em in fear of bein' killed just because of em bein' hunters. The tattoos help. They smell the magic in em an the Fools don' attack em. So, even if yer still shittin' brix from the boy, ya wonna have't once ya get the tattoo. Least, unless he be comin' after you personally. Then ya be havin' somethin' to worry aboot." She snickered to herself at the expense of him. She knew the few times that the man eater had killed the man himself. Alice had only met him when the kid was actually docile, but she saw the horror that were the Fools once before and she did not plan to see that again at any time. Especially directed towards her.

    It was a light surprise that he had not rain checked that, so hit was hard to assume if she were serious or not, she wasn't one to smile and cackle a things, there must have been some kind of genuine fun in that. trying to figure it out might plummet him into a strain of insanity that would have him questioning her on the mental state of her head or not. Was it real? Or not? Was she serious? Alice liked to think that she was not, but at the same time, with the Irish woman it was hard to really know.

    Alice was pleased to see that he was taking care of seeing the bigger picture of this. They were going to Russia after all. Where it was a known hotspot for vampires considering they went through winter most of the year without needing to fear of the sun so much. On that note she made sure to grab a few wooden stakes just to be safe for them should they run into any vamps.

    That being said and done they no longer had any reasons to be in the armory which caused for Alice to be ready to leave so that she could go back to the room and not sleep for the long plane ride that was ahead of them. Standing at the doorway with her own bag now she waited for him to finish off everything then began to head back up towards the room, stopping on her heel when he brought up a shooting range and she nodded. "They do. It's near the gyms, there's signs that will point you right to it if you follow it." Alice wasn't in the mood to be in there. There often were lots of teens who were learning how to shoot, she being one of them, she didn't want to deal with it. He could get more accustomed with the other hunters so it just might be good for him.

  • Sly wished that he could say that there were better days for him. Today was just not one of them, and it was sad that the world was seeing him like this anyway. Jason had seen him in worse. Hell, he'd held a gun up to him at worse too, but it didn't mean that Sly had to be any less ashamed by it. But this was what drinks were for, and he started himself off with a rather strong one for good measures too.

    Sly didn't need to ask if Jason had heard anything from.. the man, but Sly supposed that when it happened they both would know, and they both would be on edge. Sadly right now, he might not care about it either. To Sly, he'd already lost something important, and it had it's claws deep within him, not even the embarrassment of that man knowing most there was to know about Sly and Jason was going to stop that sorrow in him now.

    Sly's face fell into a grave state when Jason pointed that out. Great, now Sly really needed to get his shit together, this was not acceptable for himself or anyone to see. Much less Nikki, how was she tolerating this? "I know," he sighed out, "I've just.. Nikki and I.." Swallowing his words he took a big drink of the alcohol that seemed already gone. "Nikki and I went through something hard. And it's taken its toll on us both.." Sly scratched at his head, his lips in a tight line but they wiggled involuntarily, as though the truth and closure wanted to be said. "She.. We... We were.. expecting." Sly whispered, as though not wanting to believe it himself. Need he go on, did Jason catch that 'were' in there? It was already hard enough. His chest felt heavy and his heart felt like lead. It hurt even more to say it much less relive it. His throat was heavy along with his tongue. Those caramel eyes portrayed a heartbreaking sadness that would make Hades himself mourn. "T-two months.. We, um. We lost him."

    Another gulp, which he killed off then waved for another to take at least a little of the pain off. "We're both taking it hard." Anyone could imagine that. "But we're trying."

  • There was indeed quite the wait in there, wasn't there? It seemed like months had gone by and there was not a word from Sly. Periodically, however, he would check in with a text to ask the Catman if he had heard anything from Javar at all. Sly had not, and he had no idea how the man was going to get anything to them but Sly, and even Bentley who was now happily married and his wife was now rounding out very well with her beautiful pregnancy, was keeping a good eye on it. Not all theses could be hidden, and Penny herself was watching it too.

    Sly though, after some time, had called Jason in desperate need for drinks. Jason might have detected the defeated tone that the thief had, but it was ushered that they go out to get the drink. Thankfully the man agreed and Sly was on his way just as the sun had went down. When he got to the bar and walked in Sly did not look so great. He looked like a man that had faced a hardship. What normally was a man whom was was totally on point looked disheveled with his hair barely contained and his clothing was moderate. Not snazzy, not flashy, but normal. Jeans, a hoodie with sneakers. Something happened, it could be told just by what he wore alone.

    He got himself something hard then found his way to Jason, slumping into the seat with a heavy and shaky sigh. "Hey, man." He greeted. Bags under his eyes and a little sunken but he was intact. "Been awhile, hasn't it?" Understatement, but he was trying.

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