Demon hybrid.   Semi-immortal.   Cursed.   Chaotic Evil.   Arms collector.   Borderline pyromaniac.    Mild  sociopath.    Murder for hire. 

 Hunter in training.









Pronounced " Kay "         

"Kitty-Prince"   "Kei-Cat"   "Prick"    "Asshole"   

"Gobbering brainy gun-loving, white faced, arse cat"   


Also Known As...               

"Jason"    "Jay"    "Jace"    "Blue-jay"   "Grasshopper"






 " Keep staring...

and you're gonna look as fucked up as me."




Upon first sight, Kei stands just above average height and strongly built, about as physically capable as a human around his size could be. Jet black hair falls forward in somewhat of a messy and haphazard manner, shaven close on the left side of his face. The ends still show remnants of being dyed a dark blue color once upon a time.Where one would expect a face, his skin gives way to scarred bone: a fanged | SKULL | of strange nature, sharing both human and feline attributes. Where eyes should be, hollow sockets linger. The interior vague as if a material seemingly too dark for light to penetrate.  

His ears themselves rely on a different frequency to hear, thus, his hearing is higher than that of a human. Things like humming from electronics, machinery, and other high pitched noises can give him a headache in a matter of minutes. He's gotten a knack for being able to understand other creatures as well, such as felines, canines, and an assortment of others.  A feline's tail lingers likewise, topping off the strange choice of demon physiology that is the man's make-up. It serves a use in aiding the adjusting of his balance. With little chance of facial expressions... one must rely mostly on his body language.

(For example. If he's coming closer it's probably to try and kill you.)






" And so, he made his home on streets altogether meaner and

dirtier than those others would walk. A place where blood runs

in the gutters and the occasional screams in the night drown

out the music. "


His residence is within an old abandoned theatre that had been shut down for many years. Originating in the 1800's as an opera house, the establish eventually shut down following the death of a young singer by the name of Ophelia. Left vacant for many years after, in 1920's renovations went underway to turn the building into a motion picture and small performance theater. A short thirty years after, the productions stop and it resumed its role as another vacant building in the city. For the few that wander in on accident, the inside is coated with a layer of dust other than the few parts he inhabited since the curse. He had chosen a room off to the side behind the theatre stage with a back door, as well as a few others that remain oddly locked. These maintained parts are surprisingly well taken care of despite his destructive nature. The theatre also has quite a large population of cats that he occasionally takes home out of pity. The demon considers it as 'paying rent' seeing that the strays came long before he.

Kei's second residence is an apartment in close proximity, following his release of the curse and in gaining his humanity back. Two blocks down and one to the left of the theatre building, he pays a landlord a royal sum to ask no questions and to take care of utilities on a six month basis. He spends his time there only occasionally to sleep and when cold; it serves as a retreat from his mercenary work. While nothing special, it serves as a link to humanity he had otherwise been lacking.

Part 1Part 2 |






The wrong person walked into the wrong place at the wrong moment.

What happened on that night, as a result he lost his life. Or rather, what little of a life that a homeless kid on the street could have. If you think he died, you would be both right and wrong. He lost a life. His old life, and he wouldn't be getting it back. The wrongful footsteps into the an abandoned theatre building were lead with the intention of refuge. In agitating the the spirit which still lingered within the ruins, what it would bring him would be five years of solitude to his name. What was once flesh withered to scarred bone. What were once eyes became hollow sockets. What were once teeth were turned to fangs. A loss of humanity and in place, something far more demonic to have altered his being. The breaking point that started the transition from unfortunate teen, to a promising sociopath in the making. In a way, he lost everything including his humanity. He gained something  far stronger all the same.

He lost a life. What he gained was nine more

It seems like something just short of immortality, doesn't it?

A 'gift' of immortality that would quite literally be the death of him. 






" You thought you could kill me off that easy..?  "



The cat has a reputation as long as the Empire State building high. Murder, theft, drugs, vehicular homicide, you name it, he's done it, even several times over. Being a bit of an anarchist, he has little respect for the law and truly believes his actions will never catch up to him. Adding in some supernatural ability and what seems like the promise of immortality, he somehow manages to keep himself under the radar.

He has a habit for destruction on impulse in which a life can sometimes mean little to him. With empathy being a rather lost emotion for some reason or another, the ideals or opinions of others occasionally fail to register, and can often mean little to the demon. 

Kei is well known to have a fixation on weaponry, and has amassed himself a small collection over the last five years or so. Mainly knives and guns, with some past dabbling in explosives. Hardly ever does he make a move without a weapon on him at all times. 

There isn't much hospitable about the man upon meeting. He's aggressive, and overall has a short temper. His words come out a bitter and laced with sarcasm. Kei finds enjoyment in making others squirm, whether it be by his cursed appearance or the smartass comments that leave his mouth.


To the few he has not driven away, to those that he considers good company, odds they aren't as fooled. He still has quite a bit of human at his core. He's stubborn. Sometimes clingy. Shows some emotion. Even genuinely smiles from time to time.



Note-worthy "Possessions" 

necklace from Alice. He tends to keep it on his person.

Two pistols- Glock 26/27, a gift from Naomi.

Totem-like necklace featuring animal bones. A gift from Nikki.

Ornate dagger bestowed to him by a Demoness, it holds some supernatural abilities.

An obsidian knife bestowed to him by Shikoba, in order to "help him escape death".


 -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -







 -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -


xxxxx - xxxxx - xxxxx - xxxx

 -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -




Alrighty, so I'll say it here now so you can't get nearly as mad at me later.

An advisory warning: Kei is an offensive character. He is built to be an asshole. Expect violence, language, gore, and so on to be a possibility in writing. Also be aware that he has a way with meeting people and then essentially 'tossing' them if they no longer seem beneficial. It's a built in character flaw, he's workin' on it. Expect harsh words, blood, possible falling outs, and general abrasiveness from him if you choose to move forward in writing. With all that being said I give you full permission to kill Kei as long as it fits into the plot reasonably. *Shrugs.*

Secondly, as the writer, I prefer long term plots unless we plan otherwise. This means I'm looking far into the future, and anything that happens within plot has the possibility to affect Kei's overall story, and even tangle with other stories. Finally, I am a site Admin (as you may already know by now). Feel free to come to me with any questions you have regarding the site, coding, issues in the community, or if you just feel like bullshitting. I'm around. 

 FC: A heavily edited Diego Barrcueco. 

Digital FC: Work by Genki-de

Questions? Ask away.

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  • Agnes tried her best to suppress a grunt when her back hit the ground with a pained expression, but then she would stare up at Jason with a neutral gaze.

    "I'm sorry....but I do." Her knees hugged his sides and locked at her ankles, her arms swiftly came up from the gap between his arms. One clamped around his neck once more, not to choke but to pull his head down or to pull her head up, and the other reached over his back, scrunching up his shirt to grab the helm of it and pulled it forward, exposing his back. The arm that held his neck grabbed the bunched up fabric of his collar and the helm, gaining more control of his torso and pulling him further down. Her other hand did the same, crossing behind her other wrist to form an 'x' just before his throat. Her hands pulled in opposite directions, constricting his throat, the more he struggled, the quicker he'd lose consciousness. This grip would knock someone unconscious in six seconds.

    "I'm sorry.." She whispered through, her voice shook with the amount of force she was pulling with.

  • Something about the hug felt real, perhaps how she was hugging him and the gentle movement of his shirt by her breath. "Those stingy, uptight Hunters can wait. I don't know when I'll ever see you again." Agnes took in a deep inhale, memorizing his scent. Her head lifted from his chest to meet his gaze, but then her eyes looked over to the table behind him. "Did you leave something there?"

    When Kei turned his head to look, Agnes took this brief window of opportunity to  use one of her arms as a clamp, however it wasn't a perfect guillotine hold. She's much stronger than what he'd expect, she's been working out, can he tell? Her heel kicked the back of his knee to get him down.

  • "Easier said than done, don't'cha think?" Agnes rose to her feet with her, casually making her way to the door to lean her back against it. Her hand went to the lock to keep the door locked. That cold stare gradually lessened into a neutral expression of gratitude. From the door, Agnes walked closer to Jason and hugged warmly, burrowing her face into his chest. "Thanks for listening to me. Could you...stay a bit longer?" Her voice muffled, but she was audible enough.

  • Agnes shook her head. "No, I had artillery training, sometimes it was mixed with the regular one. Remember Babycakes? The sniper rifle I shot you down with when we met, yeah she's been with me through hell and high water. One morning I had to a hundred laps, holding her high above my head, and I had to that with her unequipped and equipped with full ammo. After running, I went through obstacle courses with her, from hurdling fences, scaling buildings, and even crawling through sewers to get from point A to B. I guess timing is what I was really tested on, how quickly could I take her apart and reassemble her, how quickly could I change position and how many times could I do that until exhaustion. Until I got Roy's approval was I put out into the field. There was no hand-holding, I was alone with my training and the target I was sent out to kill. It ended up being the head of a company that was attending a corporate meeting of some kind, the mafia boss lent him money to kickstart his company, but the guy refused to pay back. He was still important, had a shit ton of body guards, but I managed to slip past them and get a clear headshot of his cocky ass." Agnes sighed, raising her eyebrows as she remembered how intense her first hunt was.

    "So yeah, I passed. As a 'reward', Roy taught me jujitsu and nearly dislocated my shoulder for the first day. There's no punching or kicking, it's a fucking chess game of how efficiently can you fuckin' wrestle a grown ass man into submission. Needless to say, as a twelve year-old, I was stabbing their egos. Roy deployed me in more serious shit, in and out of the city, from making sure imports and exports ran smoothly, to keeping important people safe. I did this for two straight years, when I was fourteen did I realize I could use the wolf for my benefit, but it turns out I've been using its energy the whole time. Enhanced strength, speed, stamina, and accuracy, and everything was going so smoothly, I thought my life would remain just as it was, until one night. Remember when I said the mafia boss was a fuckin' pedophile? It was in a hotel where all the important people in the mafia came to talk about...whatever was important enough to bring them all together in one building, Roy planned that shit out, keeping everyone in one building which I thought was a stupid ass idea until what happened that evening. I was guarding the boss' door, until he summoned me inside his room, told me to sit on his bed, offered me a drink, but I was on duty and refused, the fucker probably laced it anyway. He sat real close and tried to seduce me, but  it getting more and more uncomfortable by the second. I struggled even, until I took out my handgun at my belt and shot him in the head. Several other gunshots followed after, and later was I informed that wiping out the important people in the mafia was all Roy's idea. He disbanded the mafia, took some money, gave the rest of the money and all the ammunition to me. Roy even went as far as killing the others, guess he did have a heart. Before we completely parted ways, he said he knew my mother, not personally, but professionally, and that it was extremely unbecoming of them to leave her in such a state when she retired." The tone of her voice dropped slightly indicating the past she spoke of was nearing toward the present. "The next place I went to was Spencer's bar, the one I beat you down in. At first, he was eager to kick me out since I was just a kid that couldn't pay rent. I offered to be his bouncer for the next year, and he didn't believe me until I broke up three fights that night. I told him my story too, and he let me stay upstairs free of charge with my ammunition as long as I didn't cause a raucous. And when I met was pure, fuckin' catharsis." Agnes said with a sigh.

    "So yeah, I'm not used to taking it easy, I was carved into the person I am today to fuckin' survive. You of all people should understand, I'm cast molded to be a fucking monster, and no one can change it. I've accepted it as my identity, why you Hunters are so hellbent for me to change is bullshit." She spat those last words, her cold stare made those metallic blue irises all the more frigid.

  • "That's right, but first I had to go through heavy training, and I mean military training. The Japanese guy wasn't so happy that I was forced under his wing, his name was Ryu, but I called him Roy, he didn't give a shit. When I asked why he stood up for me, he said he meant every word that he said, that killing me would just make a mess and wouldn't solve anything, nothing more or less. He was a fucking dictator, woke me up at 4 am only to start training at 5, and then continually bust my ass until 7 pm. If anything, I can remember the amount of pain he put me through everyday, I felt my body feel like it was going to disintegrate after each day. I wanted to give up, I cried for having days off, but Roy said they'd kill me and him if he didn't prepare me for the work he put me through. At that time I was eleven, mind you, and that constant pain was just something I accepted to be part of my life. At one point, Roy thought I was strong enough to handle artillery, and I guess that's where the real mercenary work came in." Agnes added on after his question.

  • "Yeah, about that, those guys were mafia." Agnes replied to his statement. "The man with the gun kept it aimed at me until someone bagged my head and shoved me into the car. I heard them murmur, until one of them decided to knock me out cold." She said, raising a hand to run her fingers through her hair along the side of her head.

    "I woke up to frigid water being splashed on my face with a bright light nearly blinding my eyes. I was in a dark room, tied to a chair with thick rope, the light forced me to shut my eyes but I knew a guy was in the room with me. I heard him walk around me in silence, just...watching me, until he asked how I killed his men with my bare hands. I didn't answer, in fact, I think I spat on his expensive shoes, which almost made him slug me in the face until he was disrupted. Someone wanted to see him, and it must've been someone important since he seemed reluctant to leave. It was just a couple of minutes until he came back with someone in the room. The bright light was shut off and the lights in the room lit up so I could adjust my eyes. The guy in the room with me wasn't the man with the fedora, but a gigantic, bulky man with slicked back grey hair and in a very expensive suit. He leans in close to my face with a nasty ass stare and stank breath and asks me if I knew who he was. He was the boss of the mafia, and that he only shows up when special occasions like myself happened to his men. The guy next to him was much younger, or at least he looked younger, Japanese I think, dressed in dark clothes. The boss tells me the guy behind him thinks I could be an asset to his 'family', and that with his guidance I could pay for the losses of both the men I killed." She explained.

    "Oh yeah, the reason why that car stopped to pick me up in the first place was 'cause the boss was a fucking pedophile."

  • Agnes couldn't help but grin, no matter what his tone was. "The only benefit for you is that you'll never have grandkids." She reassured, knowing that was probably something he would enjoy to hear. Agnes thought to herself for a moment, odds were after she would return, her and Teddy would travel elsewhere, but that was planning too ahead, who really knew what would happen. "Nothing's really set in stone."

    "Fifteen." She corrected, Agnes took in a breath before she started. "But I've been on the streets since I was eleven. She told me about you when I was ten, so when I was kicked out, I came to find you. I looked all over for you, and the longer it took, the more it fueled that rage to rip you to shreds for abandoning me all those years. I remember one night when I slept next to a dumpster, and these two men tried to force me into a black car. Back then, I didn't have much control over my wolf at first, so I disemboweled both without much thought, but then a third guy appeared. I don't remember his face since it was cast in shadow from his fedora, but he had a gun on him. I didn't know about my immortality back then, but I was weaponless so I had to listen to him. Just by how he was dressed, I knew he was mafia, and I knew I was going to be killed for murdering their men."

  • "If you've heard of it than that's enough." Bentley stated hastily while he worked. He sounded like a response that it was a cursed thing to talk about. Out of sight out of mind; if its not spoken about its more safe. Those who tend to talk about it more become top people to get affected by it if they are not safe.

    Then that brought them to Bentley explaining who the man they were dealing with was. He wasn't an omen by any means, he thought himself on top of the world but get the right people and he would be taken down in a moment. The only issue here was that he thought that he was dealing with humans here, they didn't know the two women that they had targeted. One had a dragon, and the other was a skilled hunter. On the outside it looked horrible, putting two of the men's prized possessions in turmoil like this, something that might actually end up getting them killed and the women under trap from the psychotic man who threatened them. But look at it on the inside and the fear lessened. Since Sly had had the time to think about it things were getting better. He was sure the girls could protect themselves if Javar tried to do anything sticky.

    And it made Sly sure of one thing.

    That he the wanna-be Shakespearean play that the man attempted to pull would die. He proved too dangerous to live. And if he was a threat to Sly's friends and family than he had no reason to walk the earth any longer. Not with that much anger, not with that much power.

    "Sounds like it." Sly agreed with Jason."

    Bentley nodded and fixed his glasses. "He his showing his power through himself only. These people under him will either be just as strong as him or stronger. He's hiding them like a virus, letting himself be coated but not knowing the hidden truth behind it. It's like any malware ever." Bentley leaned back in his seat with a grumbling sigh. "It sounds like it. He found two that would be most entertaining to him. From your background it sounds like you two would fit the pot. A thief, one with honor, and a mercenary, with the eye to kill. How will the two last together? How will he face them? Its the better question here, and it's exactly why he chose you." Bentley could go on with this but he figured that the two know the answer by now. they were chosen because he wanted to chose them. No more, no less.

    Sly nodded to answer Jason with a bit of a sigh, "It would seem that way. our best guess is to stay level headed. When he gives us the place then we'll have Ben look at it, let us know possibly what we're getting into with all of this. We have to be safe about it though. Ben don't you get yourself more tied up in this than you already are, I'm not letting anyone lose you for my mistake."

    Bentley smiled, it lifted his glasses a little with his round cheeks. "Don't worry too much about me Sly, we both know how devious I can get. Besides. If I tell Penelope any of this then she'll just make some mech-suit and go after that dude on her own, pregnant or not."

    Sly laughed. Yeah, Penny was a gem, she would offer to kill the guy right now if they let her. Sly didn't want her apart of this, or anyone else for that matter. "Then don't tell her, just make sure that you stay safe."

    "Speak for yourself, Sly." Bentley scolded then turned his green eyes to Jason. "Stay on your toes, and watch your back. When that dude reaches out to you guys again you better come and find me."

    "We'll do that." Sly turned to Jason and motioned that it was time for them to leave. Where was that to? It wasn't yet known, but Bentley had one thing straight, make sure that they watch their backs.

  • Agnes gave him a look, what was he trying to hide with Alice. "You guys kissed in front of me twice, the either started it each time. Don't fuckin' pretend you don't have feelings for her." She stated, then frowned at what he said next. "But that fucking Jolly Rancher didn't imprison you, no, instead she saw potential in you. If you're so much worse than me, why haven't you been locked down here!? I'm just trying to fucking survive, and no one fucking understands that. " Agnes spoke through gritted teeth, staring at her feet. Just as quickly as she escalated, her shoulders relaxed and she took a deep breath.

    "You don't know what I've been through...believe me..." Agnes said quietly, almost in a defeated manner. It was more of an invitation if Jason wanted to hear the rest, if he had the time to spare that is.

    Agnes shrugged, meeting his gaze eventually. "Gotta make money somehow. Main priority of mine is winning back Ted, I know he'll be pissed as to why I just left all of a sudden. I know he's going to kill me, over and over maybe, but he's the closest thing to home I got. I gotta get my territory back too, fresh blood on the streets probably think it's theirs for the taking." She paused in thought before a slight smirk pulled at her lips. "On top of all that crap, if ya need me to shoot for ya, I'll consider it." At this point, Agnes would have to buy another set of twin pistols, her sniper was cumbersome as useful as it was. She'd have to play out this waiting game first.

  •  S c r e e c h i n g – a noise that seemed forced through a multitude of torn throats and clogged lungs. It resonated heavily even as Jason wound through the bookshelves in search of the nephew. The devourer’s shadow thrashed against the walls, mirroring its colossus in its attempts to thwart whatever attack Synova laid upon it – the fox distracting it until the child was found.

         The small figure ran into view, noticed Kei, then made a mad dash to the back of the building. Odd silence suddenly claimed the premises, followed by the rushed footsteps as the human-clad fox came into view.

         “Jason! Watch yourself, it slipped away.”

         Their search yielded success; the child was huddled in a corner, staring wide-eyed up at the two. Synova’s eyes narrowed as he stepped forward. With one fell swoop, he lifted the child up and held him up at eye—level. Narrowed golds stared into the wide, trembling eyes.



         “Found you~” Quietly uttered, vocals wavering in a sing-song voice. Synova threw the child into the fire, then grasped onto Kei’s wrist to pull him towards the door.

    Tendrils of flame enveloped the boy’s charring skin, and what appeared to be a hand  shot up and out of his eye. It too was trapped in the fire, and quickly withered away into dust.



         Many believe that anger burns red; red like the sudden roar that swells from a tiger’s breast; red like the fire, and the foreboding sunset above the blood-soaked ground. Few pause to acknowledge that anger also burns blue; a cold, quiet rage that burns with a calculated surge. Small and subtle next to a roaring flame, yet a flicker that holds the capability of searing so much worse than a torch of red.

         And it was that very flicker that burned within that razor-edged glower. A shift in demeanor maimed the collected confidence he had worn, and replaced it with a hooded gaze and clenched jaw. Synova led Jason down the street with a swift stride, away from the building that soon after went entirely up in flames. The purple fire faded into orange, yet there was an unusually odd stench that hung to the rising smog.  

         The male did not stop until they were several blocks away, not even to acknowledge the sirens that whaled in the distance. His stop was abrupt, and a sudden pivot brought him to face Jason. Both of Synova’s hands clasped other either side of the other’s face, ensuring no chance of avoidance as his own features came an uncomfortable mere inches away. Molten eyes bore heavily into Jason’s; unblinking, scanning for an expanse of several breaths. Was he searching for something? Whatever Synova was looking for, he had either found it, or was content with the results. Jason was released, and Syn continued walking.

         “From this point forward, we travel by night and rest during the day. We must keep moving so long as it is dark.” Even his words were sharp, dragging over a veil of thinly-worn patience. Not even an inquiry as to whether or not Jason was alright.

         “Elson, what did he say about Elson?”

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