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Male † Pure-blood Vampire & Day-walker  Elder One of Four Siblings


(Insert some prophetic prose here)

Careful where you step, Sweetheart. Not all that lurks in the night hides in shadows. Some Monsters are made of Sunshine & Gold, smiling at you from across the street in broad Daylight."  



Blood relatives

The below Family tree credit goes to Valentine Grimm. Image by Sahara

Parents - Godric Grimm and Isolde Grimm - unknown status
Eldest Brother - Valentine Grimm - Unknown Status
Niece as Fledgling to Valentine -Екатерина Вахров -Unknown Status (is subject to change based upon Player's decision or past for character)
Second Eldest Brother - Leopold Grimm - Unknown Status
Younger Sister - Sahara "Frost" Grimm - In contact
• No children
• No Fledglings.







 This little hellion is a storm of chaos at the heels of their enemies. As frigid as her powers are and she attempts to be, Apollo is one of the few who sees her 'soft' side. She is someone he always wishes to protect. This is the only one who he never felt abandoned him in his family. They are a strange pair. Best friends. Wing-man/Wing-woman and all. Onlookers may mistake them for lovers, especially with how much they tease each other, but their opinions are far from the truth.


Part 1

Apollo: "We're going to a small mountain town. Where else do you think the Dwarves keep themselves locked up at? And we're stealing a blood ruby, about the size of my fist...or maybe it was bigger." -Gives his hand a confused look-

Sahara: "You'll be the reason for my jail time, one day, Apollo. I don't understand why you have to go and steal things. Aren't you afraid of what Valentine will do if he finds out?"

Apollo: "Psh. Does it look like I care what Valentine thinks? It's not like the man hasn't done any worse. He isn't exactly role model material. Plus, I'll bail you out. You know I would. Then you would be a wanted prisoner." -chuckles-

Part 2

Sahara: "I think I'm in love, Apollo."

Apollo: -rolls eyes- Are you serious? Whose ass am I going to have to kick now?


(insert more prophetic prose here)

Shameless Flirt
Non-committal but not impossible for more.


Ten Years Ago:

A long hallway painted in black stretched on for what felt like miles. You've already crossed through that rackety door from the alleyway. A strange place for the entrance to any place of business. The hallway smelt of fresh paint and primer. Makes sense since the walls caught the light as you walk by. The paint was still drying. The nearer you came to the room at the end the better you heard them: Young monsters talking of things that should never be.

"Have ya ever been in love, Apollonius?" A female's southern accent filled the air. Quieter than it normally did but that's due to the expansiveness of the room they were in. Massive and more like a warehouse main floor than the back-end of a building's first floor.

"Love?" A confused but pleased voice responded. For a moment, silence settled between them. Why ask a question like that?

"Yes, love. Idiot. You know when-"

"I know what love is , Rosewillow."A breathless sigh slipped past his lips. "No, I've never been in love. "

"Have you ever wanted to be in love?"


"Why not?"

"Because love gets in the way."

"In the way of?" A playful growl rumbled in his chest. Apollonius rolled from his back onto his side. One arm propped up his head while the other reached out to touch her cotton candy colored hair. That crazy long mane of hers laid sprawled out beneath her head. Stark contrast to the grey floors and her fair flesh. It's a rare moment for these two. They are the only ones to see this side of each other. Carefree, innocent, and blissful. The time when hopes and dreams have yet to be retaliated by reality.

"Of doing what's necessary."

"Necessary is a blurred line, Apollonius. You know that."

"I do and my resolve remains the same."

"Will you ever fall in love?"

"God, I hope not." A fond smile pulled at his lips and softened those glacial eyes. There was a romantic hidden behind his layers.

"Why?" Rosewillow turned her head to meet his. Faces mere inches away. Green eyes, the kind cut from emeralds in a swirling green jungle, peered up at him.

"Because it means I would be a sap. And what good would I be then?"


There are few people who have entered into Apollo's life that he holds dear. Beyond his sister and those loyal to him that make up his crew, there are only a select few he would consider friends. Even fewer that he would admit were or are lovers. Apollonius would refuse to admit it to anyone else besides them for fear that one day those he holds dear will be dragged into any conflict. Beneath that movie star appearance or attitude, is a loyal, protective, and honorable friend/lover. His friends are few, but they are mighty.





D E M O N  D I R E W O L F


A shared history of broken promises, earth-shaking convictions, and drawn out love. There's a flickering flame left for these two. But put them together long enough and it's a scorching inferno. Apollo believes now more than ever this was the one that got away. A love meant to burn rather than feed his shattered soul. Though they'll always be fond friends, occasionally the lines blur in his mind. Together they walk a tight rope between friends and would be lovers. Alone, they are the power houses of an under world.


Part 1

Naomi: Your hair is so messed up haha you should go look in a....uh..

Apollo: Look in a what?

Naomi: Uhhhhmm

Apollo: I want to hear you say it.

Part 2

Naomi: You're acting like a high school girl.

Apollo: I am the definition of a high school girl.


Part  3 - "The Joke: The Love Child"

Naomi: ...Apollo?

Apollo: It is not a phase, Pup. This is who I truly am.

Naomi: I'm calling you David Bowie from now on.

Apollo: ...Its Jareth.

Naomi: Nope, David.

Apollo: *slams fist on table* I AM THE GOBLIN KING!

Naomi: *stares*

Apollo: *glares*

Naomi: *blinks* But...Vampires can't be Goblins...

Apollo: Don't tell me how to live my life! *is the definition of a high school girl*






After they interfered with each other's hunt, Apollo invited the Hunter along for an adventure. He has Rogues to kill and she is a Hunter. Their relationship is mutually beneficial. At first, he did it out of curiosity: he wanted to know more about how the Fun Sized Smurf ticked. They bantered in a way he didn't with others and it was bound to become an obsession. She keeps him on his toes and he knows he does the same for her. He invited her into a world she knows nothing about: His world.  Will she come to regret it or love it?


Part 1

Q-tip: "What do you know, the Smurf has a sense of humor..."

Twinkle Toes: "Am no' a fuckin' Smurf, ya bollix dit."

Q-tip: "Fine. No Smurf. You don't seem as mischievous as them anyways and that wouldn't be any fun. Twinkle work better?"

Twinkle Toes: "Am warse than a Smurf could ever be."

Part 2

Q-Tip: “Sure you aren’t a Smurf? You sure are playful enough to be one. Fun sized, too.”

Twinkle Toes: "Ya want yer dick 'fun sized' too? Am sure I could take off a few inches perfectly fine."







This precious little vessel first crossed Apollo's path in a bar. With a sweet promise and cheers to the next "bite" Apollo promised to cross Omega's path again. Omega doubted the toast would ever come true. Never doubt the Elder. For in his promise, Nikolas walked straight into trouble. Dabbling in his own curiosity he neared death three times in one night. First at the hand of Ricky, and twice by the equally as sarcastic Helena. Hence Nikki boy's nickname, Smartass. In his own mischief, Apollonius rescued the mortal from his companions and whisked him away for a healing drink. Apart they are completely different. Together they are smooth little criminals. Breaking and Entering may just become a habit...

Part 1

{Always adding or removing}



• Apollo LOVES  all Cookies; hence his nickname: Cookie Monster. 
• Apollo has a Sim Character.
• Apollo's Spirit Animal is the Swan.


Apollo Collage + Family Tree Credit: Sahara Grimm

FC when used: Lucky Blue Smith
Family credit and some background ideas behind Apollo go to Valentine.
Picture credit goes to their respected artists/model(s). 

Everything else is my original creation, including Apollo's past/history.

Anything Swan related is part of an on-going joke. Feel free to ask if you want to start being a part of it. ^_^

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  • Those midnight blue hues never left the vampire as she remained tense, mouth dry, every hair on the back of her neck poised like an alarmed animal, hackles raised. A blood drinker? Never before has she heard of such a thing outside of the temples. Europa remembered partaking in blood; it was the life force that pumped through any body, and the oracles, prophets and priests all believed drinking the scarlet liquid pleased their god, Nikos. Of course, their was more to the ritual than that, but Europa sensed this "blood drinker" was nothing like the priests she had resided with.

    "A vampire?" Europa's gaze flickered up to the sky, wetting her lips with a small tongue, the crisp morning air rustling her extremely dense blonde hair, golden tendrils tickling her sun kissed olive skin. "I have never heard such a thing before." She now began to wonder how to spell such a word as "vampire" and thought back to her dearest friend, Nikolas, who had a few times attempted to teach her the alphabet. "And...it is a pleasure to meet you too, Apollonius Grimm the Savior." At his encouragement, Europa immediately pressed her lissome fingertips against his alabaster skin, the temperature surprising her. It almost reminded her of a corpse heated by the sun. 

    As he spoke of saving her, her fingers began to dance into his hair, curious as could be. After all, Apollo was far from human, and she had never met one of these so called "vampires" before. He smelled interesting, he felt interesting, the way he spoke was most definitely interesting! Touch touch touch, everywhere if allowed, across his nose, his forehead, hair, anything! Never tell Europa to touch because Europa will touch until her heart is content. But the second she got an earful of his question, she tore her hands away, arms dropping back down to her sides, staring at him, gaze harder than granite. "I do not know for sure, Apollonius. But I know they have never seen anything like me. Maybe they wish to hunt me down for sport? I do not know, but they have never seen a Jabberwocky."

  • Dramatic Ass


  • My reaction to reading this woman's post:

    *silently fanboying*




  • *



    "Jus' git oof me!" Shrieked a girl, her Irish voice was like a bell, sweet and sound to the air but it cut through the air like a knife. "Yer drunk again' ain't ye?! Gon' off an' gambled all the money away again! Am tired of it!"

    "Lass, is that anyway to be talkin' ti'ye da?" The gruff sounding, deeper toned male asked her. 

    She tried to speak, her voice was muffled by a large hand, and in the world of misty darkness she could almost feel it over her chapped lips as her body shook. 

    "Shh, let da teach ye a lesson..."

    "MMF--Git! Let me go! Stop it! Let go! OFF!"

    A stranger. A pressure on her arm as she was being shook. "Holly! Holly! Dammit, lass, wake up!" Another shake.

    "Get off of me!" That same voice cried, she snapped up her head and slapped the hand off her shoulder, it was her classmate next to her. A girl who turned to her friend and giggled. 

    Holly's drowsy sparkling eyes opened and looked up to the face of an angry, narky bearded teacher who stood at the board. "Ore' ye wit us, McLunny?"

    "I'm--" Holly shuddered out, rubbing her head that throbbed with a pain, she could feel feel he slam of the all her father had thrown her on when she was taught her lesson form the night before. "I'm sorry. I'm awake now, Mr. Slome. Me jist.. I 'ad a brutal dream."

    The teacher gruffed a laugh and nudged the dreamy eyed student-teacher next to him whom most of the girls, and even a few boys in class had been oogling since he first stepped foot in. "'Mph, Oi damn believe it. Dis is de thurd time dis week ye've passed oyt in class. Dis iin't grade school, lass."

    "I-I-I know. Am sorry. Won' do it again."

    "Better. Git notes from Grimm after class. "Oi don't want yer failin' from studyin' too bloody 'ard."

    Hazel eyes shot to the male at his small desk next to the dark teacher, that pale man that made her fingertips tingly and the air stand up on the back of her neck. Holly nodded slowly, her arms folding in close to herself, this would also be the third time this week that she had to do this witht he pretty man. "Got it."

    "Aye." Slome grumbled then sat down, gesturing to the board showed different connecting conjunctions in English that he was teaching the class. "Quiz next week. Yer all dismissed."

    The class began to round up their things naturally. Some girls faster than the others, they soon crowded the infamous student teacher who occasionally taught the beginning of class while Slome graded papers. A giggling mess of them as three stood by him. "See you next time. Maybe.. tonight?" One bravely asked and held put a paper with pretty pink nail, and hot pink lips to add. A sun freckled blonde girl with a baby blue stare. It was a natural thing, the man should be use to it by now. Slome snickered as he wished the boy luck and left out the class. Leaving the three giggling girls and Holly who waited at her seat for them to leave.

    Holly sighed, indeed, this wasn't grade school, but it sure seemed like it sometimes. 

    The girls stood, waiting for those blue pools of his to give them the time of day.

  • If it wasn't for the damn stink in the air making everyone curve away like it were the damn plague Alice would have sworn that everyone was holding their breath at this very moment. Maybe even herself with tense feeling in the air that was trickling in her bones. Apollo was having his moment, but in the same time she was having her own. It shrunk up her consciousness and added a few more bricks to that wall in her head that told her that she couldn't trust anyone. Why were they on this wall and what the hell did this vampire have to do with it in the first place?

    Alice swept her chocolate eyes over as to guess his thoughts on this, but he looked like he might have lost a shade or two of color on his face. Did his hair possibly get whiter as well? Her eyes settled back to the redhead that was her mother,then to her father. They looked happy, as though this was when they had first gotten together, or when she had graduated college. Where the hell did these pictures even come from? The huntress could hardly pinpoint a single thought as to what why and how this happened, she could only come down to the fact that this was happening, and Apollo had something to do with it. Sadly if she asked anything from him right now she was sure that he wouldn't give it to her, he was going through his own shit.

    She as well did not feel the vampire's eyes on her back the entire time while, that would have been unneeded impediment for everyone.

    Her anger boiled to a higher level when he refused to answer her question. Either he did not know or he was just flat out ignoring her now. Why call her into here to see this with him if he wasn't going to bloody commit to her curiosity towards it. Her lips twitched for a snap but he spoke to his comrade instead. Telling what her what he wanted her to do. Alice looked back to the picture momentarily as though they would have disappeared in that very moment. Still there. Her mothers smooth curves, her father's jaw line, those hazel eyes of her mothers that captured light in the most beautiful of ways. The ones her sister got but did not deserve. Alice's memory did not serve them justice, they were beautiful being that she missed greatly and her heart ached in a place for them. But they're dead. Dead is gone. Her head turned back, looking at Apollo with a painless expression that defied what she really felt. But her interpersonal drama was not any of these monsters to worry about.

    Her eyes narrowed as though he had just directed those words just to be nocent to her, as well as the trickling power that he was now pluming into the air as he let go of that humanity that separated him from calm to beast. His esprit de corps with his mates here seemed like it were rehearsed with how they fanned into the room a his slicing words cut the air. Alice wanted to look back and snatch the photo off the all as though her parents did not need to be colleague into the darkness by these people, but she resisted ever word and did as she was told for once, and she was leaving. He fuse was already as short as it possibly could be without her snapping. She said no goodbyes or good nights, nobody in this room deserved it. Not even Apollo. His secrets were her turmoil, and if he did not want to tell her who did this, or if he did not know, she would find out herself.


  • Agnes rolled her eyes when he teased. Unlike  her parents whom had a history of lovers, Agnes was the fiercely loyal type, her interest in the one she was with never faltered and the two were approaching two years.

    "His name is Theodore, he goes by Ted or Teddy, he's a mutanic demon that was brought up from a laboratory that he ended up destroying after he devoured a lady he was obsessed with. Found him on the street, he ate me, I liked him, you know how difficult crushes can be." Talking about him  had already  caused a change in body language, her shoulders drooped slightly as that tough exterior melted into calmness. " We talked about how much of a hot mess we both were, our differences, and we hit it off." There was an underlying tone of sadness in her words, Agnes sighed gently. "We were madly in love with each other, but then he wanted to be immortal like me. There were multiple facilities of the same laboratory, so he went to another one and...they snipped his memory of me. Ted still found his way back to me, but...he wasn't really the same, I still love him though." Agnes muttered, her gaze resting on the glass of whiskey. Did she talk too much? Would he listen? Who knew.

    "Did you...love my mom? Or was she a one night stand?" That question was was curiously buzzing around in her mind. Whatever his answer was probably wouldn't change her opinion about him.

  • The Elder's words hit him suddenly, cold as ice as it snapped him out of the slump he'd fallen into, the aid of liquor and reminiscence of the event. It started like a chill at his spine, not reaching his head until he'd had a second to fully take in those two words, and what they were. His posture stood at attention little by little to the sharp edged tone. By all means, the voice he heard was not one he expected to leave the other's mouth. At first, he wasn't even sure why. It reflected all the same in light blue hues which were now widened. Nikolas' lips parted. They came together again when he realized he didn't have any words to come out.

    It seemed, he didn’t have to speak. All he had to do was listen. His stare didn't waver any despite their nagging 'want' to study the table a little further. And so, Nik held a surprisingly neutral face as the sharpness of those words hit him head on. A semi-wounded look in those eyes might gave hint that he was working to keep it there.

    Maybe it wasn't a matter of having to speak, or not. He was at the point where the words being spoken were worth more than interjecting and leaving himself with a cliffhanger. Was his heart still beating? Probably. It didn't quite feel like it at the given moment. When he felt a pause, Nik pried his attention away briefly. An exhale came from deep within his chest. "I'm sorry. I wasn't meaning to put words in your mouth, I just..." Just... what did he mean, then? His voice tapered off to silence when he lost where he was going with it, glancing back again.

    Make no further promises, it seemed, Apollo had already figured him out until thus far. With extra effort to hide the half-smile he had the notion to give, he stared at the bar counter and nodded his head. The vampire's tone of voice had seemingly cooled off, but he wasn't in the clear quite yet. Until the chuckle was heard anyways. Nikolas let that smile pass this time around and moved a hand up to sweep through his hair once. "Again. I'm sorry, and... thank you. For everything, really. I'll... be more careful next time."

    Next time? Odds were, there most certainly was. When Apollo's gaze shifted to the window his followed some time after, and as he did. the room itself seemed less dark than it had the moment before. With an audible exhale Nik slid off his bar stool. An immediate soreness in his chest was telling him that he'd regret what he'd done for a week or so to come, if he was lucky anyways. "I should head back anyways... get some sleep now that I probably can."

    [*Scurries to the chat*]

  • Agnes' brow furrowed, whatever he was going on about may have vexed her, watching as he stared at the glass between them longingly. Fortunately, he cut right to the chase, which made Agnes cringe in the slightest. "Ugh..." She muttered in utter disgust. "Well you'll never fucking know." She spoke more clearly, keeping that tough exterior, that she labels as composure, stable. She's heard her dad call her mother a whore, he was one to talk, but hearing her love life coming from other partners was something else. Unnecessary, a little too irrelevant almost, however naturally, in the back of her mind, she was slightly curious if they were still seeing each other.

    "Besides." Agnes began, her posture was more relaxed as she stretched her arms. "I'm committed to someone already, and if I wasn't, you wouldn't be my type. You're too....classy." Disgusting, she thought.

  • Not too long ago that very same girl had crashed into someone else. Someone tall and thin as a rail, with the bluest of blue eyes, crazy red hair that stuck of everywhere at all times, and a perpetual sardonic smirk plastered across his face. The person in question had been none other than Azazel Morgenstern; resident magician, true mastermind behind the carnival, and Prince of Hell. Just your everyday guy. Oh, and also one of the biggest, most shameless assholes anyone would be unfortunate to meet. He hadn't bat an eye when the little girl had bumped into his knees, he hadn't bothered to even look at her, or acknowledge her existence. When who was clearly the mother had run to catch up with her daughter, he hadn't concealed the annoyance he had felt. He had displayed it to his maximum capacity, in fact. He has never been particularly good at hiding his emotions, not unless he's emotionally wounded and so his walls go up sometimes without him even being aware of it. Otherwise, what people see is what people get.

    There's no sugarcoating with him either. When the woman apologizes over and over again for her daughter's actions, the demon holds a hand up at some point, hoping the abrupt gesture will shut her the fuck up. It doesn't. She continues to babble on and on, unaware of what is going on through his head. In a great display of self control he restrains himself for reaching out for her neck with his pale, bare hands and snapping it or strangling her. Instead, he watched with his eyes narrowed into slits, until he's had enough. He'd used that very same hand to give a pretty flick of his wrist to wave her off, dismissing the one sided conversation as unimportant.

    ''Brats will be brats. We can both agree on that.'' The woman frowned at first, then she watched him go on his merry way with her mouth slightly hanging open. She muttered something under breath, something anything but flattering that's for sure, but he paid no attention.

    It was ironic, really, how much children irritated him. Considering the fact that he was a father himself. Of ten year old twins nonetheless. Surely, someone who has experienced the joys of fatherhood such as he should be more patient and considerate towards someone so innocent, so ignorant to how the world works. Make no mistake, he's actually a totally different person when it comes to his two bundles of joy and not the abusive jerk many may think him as. He does love his children, truly. Just not other people's.

    Feeling himself entitled to do whatever the hell he wants, he brings a cigarette to his mouth. The cancer stick lights itself as soon as it makes contact with his lips. A few looks of disapproval are sent his way, which he returns by smiling in that mocking way of his he's so well known for. He's a walking chimney, there's no other way to put it. Had it not been for his inhuman status, his lungs would have suffered the consequences of years of endless smoking ages ago. 

    A worker in charge of a nearby booth shakes her head, though she doesn't seem to be upset about the scene she just witnessed. She looks somewhat amused about her boss's antics, in fact. She claps her hands together, just once. ''Bravo. You just met your daily quota of upsetting a child.''

    That shameless expression remains unchanged from the demon's face. ''Don't forget the mother.'' He takes a drag of his cigarette, then puffs out a long cloud of cigarette smoke, which shapes itself into a snake mid air. 

    ''I thought you were going to strangle her.''

    He mock scoffs. ''One dead body means one less costumer to empty their pockets into this lovely place we call our home.'' The only thing he seems to care about. Making money. Which wouldn't make much sense since he's already filthy rich. So what his true motives are? Leaning over the counter top, he reaches out for one of those huge, round lollipops adorned with multicolored stripes. 

  • He wasn't at all incorrect. Simple truly was and is always enough for Sahara. Ironically so, even. One of the many reasons she loved her brother was that he could always see right through her. 'Hold on to that distaste.' She could do that well enough. The baby Grimm gently nipped her lips at his finger tips before he pulled away.

    It was then that she began to listen to his story. His dream. Apollonius always did have big dreams, didn't he? Well, it wasn't as if she was any better. She too had her own dreams. Albeit, they were the type that would never come true given what she was. What they were.

    "Fifteen minutes." She repeated to Apollo, to assure him that she understood the time frame. "Until then," Sahara began, reaching for one of her brother's hands so that she could pull him towards her if permitted, "won't you entertain me, dear brother?"

This reply was deleted.


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