“They say that he is one of the last few of his kind, and that he can bend the seas to his will.”

-Kevin Sheppard, former marine biologist


Tempest is a young Arctic Oceanic Drake from a dying breed that’s been poached into near extinction for their ability to manipulate water. Since being liberated from the New Zealand royal navy’s control, he’s been roaming the seas alone for several years in hopes of seeking out other dragon kin.


Like the rest of his kind, the big guy is a docile and gentle one most of the time, especially towards lessor mortal races. While slightly immature at times due to his current lack of age, he can be playful a majority of the time while friends may be present. Seeing him become hostile towards others is a rare scenario because of his passiveness.


Water Bending - Tempest possesses an advanced form of water manipulation, being able to create tsunamis, summon hurricanes at will, conjure up storms, whirlpools, or shoot beams of pressurized water at either an enemy or prey. His skills even allow him to influence the water molecules in a person’s blood to a degree. For fast travel across the seas, he can manipulate surrounding water to propel himself at unimaginable speeds below or above the surface.

Ice Magic - Another unique trait his kind carries. This includes being able to cool his surroundings, freeze a selection of water, create hardened ice spikes that can be turned into projectiles, and cause a devastating hailstorm by freezing a small portion of the heavens. A common defense move used by him is creating thick ice walls.

Weather Manipulation - Like the rest of his kin, he can conjure up devastating storms and hurricanes. This allows him to flood entire towns and cities if given enough time. While weather control can be one of his most powerful abilities, it often burns out most of his magic depending on the scale it’s being done on.

Lightning Redirection - Exactly what it sounds like. Knowing basic Atomkinesis has enabled him to draw electrons from the atmosphere until they can be charged enough to create a brief bolt and be projected where he wishes. If not done correctly, Tempest can risk frying himself in the process or anyone around him. This rare attack move doesn’t change the fact he’s vulnerable to electricity naturally. This can only be used if a severe thunderstorm is present.


Poseidon’s Trident - A legendary item given to him by the God of the seas himself. This allows Tempest to use more special forms of water manipulation and can be used as a melee weapon while in human form. In addition, the Trident can break any Ocean bound curse or be used to alter the sea level.


Despite being passive and like most drakes, Tempest is considered to be carnivorous. His list of prey ranges from varying shark species, to rays, seals, sea lions, or walruses. Since stingrays are both his favorite and pose the highest risk of being impaled in the eye, he typically grabs the end of the barb first before ripping it out and consuming it whole. Cetaceans are never hunted by him purely out of compassion, especially orcas since he frequently travels with them.


It all began with his kind being picked off over the years by a coalition between varying governments and corporations that have sought to exploit their potential, whether it be through dissection or capture. With North America’s Navy cutting off access to the Southern Ocean, returning home was a death sentence, and the Pod was given no choice but to flee to the warm waters between Australia and New Zealand. Even then they still weren’t safe from their pursuers, and retaliating only attracted more attention.

Tempest was no older than fifteen when their group chose to scatter, including his mother who was forced to let him go. With no guidelines on where to go, he fled towards Australia’s east coast to avoid being caught.

Wrong choice.

To his misfortunate, the NZRN made a successful attempt at capturing the male with the intent on bringing him in alive. Instead of ending up as a science experiment, they chose to tame and use him for their own purposes since many of his kin had been dissected in the past. The one chosen to work with him and become his handler was Vampryn, a young woman who was a marine biologist and a former mercenary. Despite being held there for several years against his will, the two warmed up to each other before he called her his first and only Rider.

The duo formed a symbolic relationship from there, almost to the point where Tempest wanted to address her as his mate, as wrong as it seemed for many. In order to accommodate for the size boundary between them, the aquatic male drained her blood and replaced it with his own. The end result was Vampryn becoming a sea serpent who could shift forms whenever she pleased, but kept her feral appearance concealed while on base.

The Royal New Zealand Navy made a decision to hand him over to Onyx Corporation, an organization that sought to butcher him on a lab table. Not wanting to lose her beloved Sea Drake, Vampryn and several others conspired to help him escape before the upcoming transfer. With the assistance of a few close friends, she successfully managed to undo his restraints and release him into the open sea, in addition to having his tracking chip removed through a somewhat painful process. As much as he dreaded going alone, the Arctic sea dragon had no choice but to give her up prior to leaving. If there was one thing he regretted doing, it was not taking the woman with him.

Everything took a drastic turn when she came into his life.

In what seemed like a great twist of fate, Tempest met a Demi Goddess from the Underworld while exploring a small island, she was the daughter of the Norse deity Hel. Her name was Trinity. From there, the two formed a symbolic friendship before she invited him to live with her and her adopted family. For once, he had a place he could call home.

It was through her where he learned most of his combat skills, the duo frequently practiced and sparred together in their spare time. Being the quick learner he was, the infamous Sea Dragon developed an increased talent for battling. Thanks to her, the big bug refined his water manipulation abilities and learned how to utilize Ice magic.

Him and Trinity were almost inseparable, they did everything together. Eventually, Trinity was claimed as a mate after she used a spell to take on the form of a Dark Dragoness. It seemed that both became an eternal couple that could never be ripped apart, even if the Universe demanded it.

Unfortunately, such a time came when the two were forced to go their separate ways in a series of complicated events. The feeling of isolation and loneliness crept up on him again upon having to give up Trinity. Even worse, his adopted family was forced to scatter in the winds when humans learned about a group of elemental beings living together.

Since then, the Oceanic Dovah has been on his own out in the wilderness of the high seas, hoping one day that either new species of Wyrm will appear, or another member of his dying breed. The next couple of years were spent in isolation to avoid another capture or being pursued again, with only his instincts and training from Vampryn to rely on.


Tempest is roughly ninety-one feet in length from head to tail. Reflective azure scales cover most of his hulking form, with a golden underbelly and varying turquoise flippers. Three horns can be found bent back across his head almost like a trident, along with emerald serpentine irises, and webbed ears. While he lacks a pair of wings, two large fins remain on his back to keep him level in water. Gold spinal fins run down along his armored back and stop near the end of the tail.

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  • When nothing but crumbs lay on her plate, Zoriko leaned back letting out quite a satisfied sigh as she was very much contented by the food. This restaurant was among her favorites around here. When the bill arrived, Zoriko placed her card into the folder, and allowed their waitress to take it, process it, and bring it back. Once she did, Zoriko laid some dollar bills onto the counter, roughly 20% of the cost of their meal. A tip for the waitress' hard work. When she laid the money down, she got up, putting on her cardigan, and in one swift motion, slinging her bag over one shoulder before nodding her head to Tempest; a gesture that asked "shall we leave?"

    When they left the restaurant she followed his lead until they finally got to the shoreline. When he transformed to his draconian form once more, anxiety loomed in the atmosphere around her, until it almost materialized, sending chills up her spine. She allowed herself onto his back, but was quite tense as he stepped into the water. His promise was kept as he stayed at the surface, not allowing most of her to be under water at any given moment. As they traveled further and further from the mainland, the air around them began to grow cooler, humidity in the air, but surrounding them, almost as a frosty fog. When she looked behind them, she could no longer see the land, which she immediately blamed on the fog, regardless of how true that was. Instantly regretting looking behind her, the dragoness felt herself get slightly light headed as she decided to close her eyes, and keep them closed until they would reach their destination.

    When the Ship came to view, Tempest reduced his speed, finally giving her the green light to open her eyes. When she did, the sight she saw left her rather bewildered. The vessel was absolutely massive, and the cold fog that surrounded them only added to the eeriness of the ship. The ship didn't scare her, at least not as much as the water did, and so the amusement could be seen in her ruby hues as they began to glow a bright ember sheen.

    Finally they reached the deck, and she wasted no time climbing onto its wooden surface, and waiting for Tempest to transform and join her. Zoriko's clothing was wet, and so was her hair, but that simply slipped her mind as she was way more focused on the view in front of her. She'd only seen ships like this in pictures, and recreations in movies, but behold, such a fantasy stood in front of her today. Standing there then, she suddenly questioned why she hadn't gone earlier, perhaps she would've been able to convinced an acquaintance from Nightwing to aid her in her travels. They were on the far side of the dock. The authorities were on the dock opposite. That would work in their favour as they wouldn't have to quite explain how they got there. This ship was shrouded in mystery, she couldn't quite piece together why it was abandoned, but one this was certain; there were definitely supernatural beings lurking inside.

    Before Tempest even had a chance to mention it, Zoriko sat on the damp dock and began a preliminary sketch. It took her roughly 10 mins for her to pen down the silhouette of the ship. Her photographic memory would allow her to do the rest at her leisure. For future use, she even pulled our her phone, and snapped a picture of this sunning view. With that, she stood up once more, she nodded her head once more, and they made their way to the land, and then to the other dock, where the bustling chatter of the media outlets and authorities could be heard. She turned to Tempest, and made sure his glamour was right, and that he looked as human as possible. Once that was confirmed, she hid the glow of her eyes with a simple spell. This spell only worked for humans though, so all non humans would immediately be able to tell that she was a different species. When they got near, they were no doubt greeted by a disgruntled security guard. Once she confirmed their identities, and cleared the security protocol, they were allowed inside. Security surprisingly did not force someone to accompany them; likely because they needed all hands on deck (heh) to keep the persistent journalists out. When they were in, she looked over at Tempest, and explained that the Alexandrite charm she wore around her neck casted a barrier that would help them not only see the spirits, but also communicate and protect against any invisible attacks, but it would only protect him if he stayed close in proximity to her.

    ALmost immediately after she finished speaking, they were greeted by another voice, except this voice echoed throughout the ship. "Look children; we have guests, finally! Zoriko and Tempest~"

  • (Hi! Sorry for the delay. My workload is huge and i'm reshuffling things so I can write again. I'll be slow for a while, more than likely. It's crunch time in the semester for my own courses and those I teach.)

    Geist watches and listens, though what is said inside Steelheart is out of his grasp. He does, however, know that this motley group of survivors are not aware of what year it is, what has happened, and the consequences of them showing up in town will be. When he tore himself from the grave, the time that had passed left him similarly disoriented. The consequences got an innocent man killed. Realizing this and feeling a heavy weight in his chest as he remembers the man's girlfriend crying over his body, he decides then and there he can't let others go through the same shock and pain.

    They don't know who he is. They don't know what he's done, or what he's responsible for. That gives him some safety. More than that, he's not in uniform. He looks like a civilian, presently, and from the band on his arm, he's clearly a doctor of some type. He's thankfully in normal clothes now, not the priestly garb he dons to murder facists. Hugo Boss is and always has been his designer of choice, perhaps thanks to the uniforms he has donned in the past. Well-tailored slacks, button-own, suit jacket, and overcoat are all black in color, the paleness of his face counteracting the appearance and making him less of a reaper. His armband is white with a red cross, worn where another of far darker origins once rested.

    He shifts through the air, still obscured, to place himself about a quarter mile in front of the tank. He slowly lowers himself, worn and bare feet settling down despite how hard it is for him to walk and stand thanks to his poorly-healed tendons. Then, and only then, he makes himself visible.

    His right hand raises, signalling a request to stop. His other arm rests at his side, no weapon visible- or carried at all, for that matter. Getting hit won't hurt him, whether it's by weapon or vehicle. There is no fear on his face, only persistence. The red-lensed goggles are pushed up on his forehead, leaving his bad eye and scar visible.

    He's ghastly. He knows this. But right now, he simply has no choice.

  • {Thanks for the add}
  • Lharamee was tough, self sufficient, strong and a primordial being that desired nothing more than to be feared. However, in her current state, she was small and weak and vulnerable. Everything she hated about her temporary human form. Although the tattoos had been a lovely bonus. When the sea Drake talon-handles her onto his back, she fights against him, threatening with a string of colorful curse words that followed. But using so much energy all at once only made the primordial tired and instead of trying to tear his scales from his body, she slumps forward, mildly thankful for the reprieve.

    “If you drop me, so help me I will tear you apart, one scale at a time.”


    From beach to boardwalk, Lhara keeps to herself, stewing away in the silence that encompasses her Draconian counterpart is hauling himself out of the water and setting her back on her feet. Modesty? That had long since flown out the window as she stood there, arms folded across her chest firmly, thin tattooed hip cocked to one side. With the exception of the hair on her head, eyebrows and a thin smattering along the length of her arms, she was completely hairless.

    Something she found to be quite strange considering she’d watched the humans evolve over time.

    Tempest’s transformation from sea Drake to human form gained little reaction from the woman. Was there nothing that surprised her anymore? Perhaps. Watching his form flicker from scale to flesh earned him a questioning raise of her eyebrows and nothing more. “Skin looks good on you,” she mutters, tone laced with boredom. Her stomach, defying her ability to control when it should make noise, grumbled loudly. But it was the moment he lent down and whispered at her that she stiffened.

    She’d just traveled on his back, stark naked, parts of her grinding against his scales in ways that probably shouldn’t have yet it was the mere whispering of breath that had gained him the greatest reaction of all. Goosebumps prickled the Leviathan mother’s human flesh as she was left to wait in his absence. She wasn’t sure how long he’d been gone, but by the time he’d arrived back, she was sitting on the lip of the wood, legs dangling over the edge, hands clasped together and lain to rest within her lap.

    “What is it?” Dark pools framed by inky black lashes blinked, pupils dilating as she narrowed her gaze on the plates. Sniff. Again that familiar smell breaches her senses as she inhales, moaning softly as she makes grabby hands for them. Plucking one of the shrimp from the seafood plate, she dunks it into one of the sauces and pops it into her mouth, inhaling rather than chewing. This earns her a sputtering cough. Note to self: do not try to breathe and swallow at the same time!

    When she’d regained her composure, cheeks red from the coughing fit and lips puffy as hell, Lhara would turn just in time to catch the sea Drake undressing. Her eyes widen as she shook her head and glanced away and down at her hands, the half eaten plate rested in her lap. She would wait until he’s changed back and was addressing her again before sweeping those hues back up to find his Draconia form hovering over her. “I don’t expect you to go… nabbing… anything. This will suffice.”

    Setting the plate alongside the untouched other, she reaches for the shirt, twisting it inside-out the right way then slipping into it. The shirt didn’t fit as well as she would’ve liked but it would do for now. “Thanks, by the way.”

  • Near violet orbs watched the intruder carefully, watching every nuance of movement, if there were any. Taking no chances. If the dragon moved wrong Edena had no qualms with ripping him into pieces. Only violent when other life forms trespass upon her Uncle's island. When the dragon before her froze Edena cautiously moved a step closer, eyeing the stranger anew. Then was surprised when the dragon before her leaped back into the sea, taking it as him trying to flee, Edena turned to prepare herself to take to the air again to hunt.

    Wings spread ready to leap up she turns her head around to look behind her, turning she eyes the dragon before her that had suddenly reappeared, having ignored the rustling from the ocean she had had no idea what the other dragon had done. Until a fresh great white shark was nudged before her. Eying it hungrily her hunt have been interrupted she suddenly strikes out, her long neck shooting forward as she took an step closer, giant maw closing around the shark she picks it up and brings it closer to her. Taking a large bite she lifts her head, blood on her maw as she eyes the dragon once again before her. The offering enough to calm some of her volcanic anger, at least she would not be hungry. She could hunt later. But that still had no standing as to why he trespassed! 

    Hearing the human like speech from him Edena managed a frown, stepping back she eyes the dragon before her. "Edena... My name is Edena"

    She would respond back to the dragon before her, violet orbs blinking as she settles down, relaxing for the moment. "You have a name?"

    Politely she asked, though she still eyed the dragon before her cautiously, determining he was not a danger even though he was a trespasser.

  • The others' panic fell to the background. The words spoken as his eyes glanced across them upon the page being primary importance and thus, even the rush of the water was merely a vibration to spur on the incantation. It was a matter of accuracy versus time. Words delivered unclearly were words one might as well have not uttered at all. It was coming close. The man could feel the pressure change. The temperature change as well from the ice barrier to the conditions upon the exterior. 

    His words came to a close. With some relief to wash over his form he felt the familiar sensation. A shift in energy, an outright burst of what was power leaving his fingertips. A lightness in his chest and has he would come to look up towards the opening, a long, quieted exhale left him. "...alright." He spoke quietly. Reassurance to his own mind rather than Tempest's, but, there was plenty to go around. 

    Feeling tension lingering in the room it certainly was not of his own. Yet there was no hint needed in saying that the drake behind him seemed ready to lunge out of his scales towards whatever action needed. Meanwhile he had stood. The book closed, strapped shut once more and tucked into the bag around his form. A wayward glance was cast back to Tempest. He wore what as an almost coy smile. A glint in his eye speaking to the fact that he was pleased with himself. 

    "Due West... the edge of the Earth Nation's territory lingers none too far off." Spencer cast a wayward glance back. "The caves you see serve as entry points to the dens. However... like any other den I would assume a labyrinth down below." Silver hues dwelled on what was the pitch dark further in the cave before he looked to the wall of water again. It would hold. Just as long as the man willed it to do so. Taking many years to lessen the strain it caused on himself to do so, yet no time wasted.

    When lifted, there was a mild look of annoyance to flash across Spencer's face. Wordlessly however he would not go kicking and screaming to the fact. His bag sealed, he looked curiously to the work done by the other. When the wall of water approached him he held his breath and would pass through. The cold held none but minor annoyance, his eyes kept partially open to look onward as they moved forward. His eyes went straight forward to the words of the Dovah, watching the strain on the other's face ahead yet he felt no shift in the atmosphere around him. 

    The water shifted quicker than he could comprehend it, the particles throughout seeming to disperse themselves from whatever force the dragon had. Whether magic or merely skill, he knew not how it was done. A bit of a grin spread across his lips as he now glanced around them. The hidden talents dragons possessed never ceased to amaze the man. Spencer kept his breath held. The feat came as something easy. His lungs lacking the burning sensation for a bit longer than the average of humankind or elvenkind alike. 

    Spencer's inhale was heard when they breached the surface. "You did well... I have never seen beast nor two-legged alike do such a thing... thank you." He spoke in a rather humbled tone. There was an edge of excitement on the words as well. Life and death had an odd way in drawing out such a response at the hands of victory. His hair was promptly slicked back with a hand, getting himself into sorts as his eyes glanced about. Trees were toppled. No signs of life seen nor heard aside from a flock of crows that dwell overhead. 

    "We are heading further in towards the mainland... do you see those peaks, up ahead? Due Northwest?" Spencer would point. Leaning forward some to make the gesture known. Up head indeed the peaks of two cliff sides seemed to line up as told. Between each a span of distance to serve as a passing point. "From there on... The Fire Nation due North. The Shadow Nation further west... Nightwing's great lakes in between within the forested land." Spencer settled back in his seat and looked to Tempest amusingly from where he sat. 

    "If you wish to see Nightwing... then you will be able to do so. Just past the second largest lake lies Arzian. I find it best suited we start point ourselves towards it... I just may have an item to tell us more of what we have just faced."

  • Out of the corner of her eye, Zoriko noticed the water in the cooler start to boil and bubble. It took quite some effort to keep a smirk from forming when she realized it was bubbling from Tempest's rage. When her manager would wrap his arm around Tempest, he instinctively gave an idea, pulling out her phone to support his thoughts.

    "Are you mad?!" Exclaimed Zoriko's manager. "G-g-ghosts aren't real! Y-you think you can spew whatever you want and I'd believe it???" Stutters filled his words, as he very obviously struggled to speak his mind. Zoriko's tension eased slightly when she noticed the water in the cooler cease its bubbling, and cool down. Zoriko placed her hands behind her back, as if straightening her posture, but the real intentions were not so simple. With a twitch of her fingers she casted an ice spell into the cooler, cooling the water to near freezing point. It was a public cooler nonetheless, and there was no need for it to be boiling, especially in the middle of fall. A sigh escaped her and when she looked up, she caught a glance of her manager snatching the phone out of Tempest's hands. The rude gesture annoyed her, but there was no changing one's character.

    "This...this... p--pub---publicity?! This is... marvelous! G-g-g-ghosts aren't real. Zoe, this is your next assignment, and you have your friend to thank. Go here, make our company famous Zoe! These pictures would send our magazine straight to Nirvana! Zoe, Zoe please don't refuse this time. Nosgoth has a reputation, and I need our magazine to have one too!" 

    Her manager was actually to the point of begging by now, and Zoriko felt somewhat bad about a man of his ego being lowered to this point merely for some stubbornness. Tempest seemed excited about this venture as well, and so for the sake of her friend, she would agree, but not before giving her manager a bit of a hard time. Take this as petty revenge for all the crap she'd dealt with regarding this guy.

    A more sarcastic tone took to Zoriko's voice as she began speaking. Clear to all at this point that she was merely playing devil's advocate and pulling his leg. "What do we get out of such a dangerous venture?" she mused. It wasn't dangerous at all, she was well aware of the presence of the ghosts on board the ship, but ghosts were typically friendly creatures. Few are what the humans refer to as "vengeful spirits", and even then, most of those given that title simple want to tease the living, and scare them a bit. No harm done.

    Her manager scrambled to find his words, before finally touching the topic of compensation according to the value of the art she produces, and equal compensation to Tempest as well. A smirk took to her face now, she'd been holding it back for a while, when she finally agreed. Her manager immediately let go of Tempest to give Zoriko a hug thanking her. THat was a gesture she didn't quite take well, resulting in a pinch, causing him to yelp and let her go in pain. "YOU RUNT---ah GOod Luck on that voyage! I'll call the security and inform them that you two will be going. As for you young man, write your name here, i'll go get you two tags so you don't have a hard time with security." Upon saying that, he handed Tempest a sheet of paper for him to print his name, and when he would, her manager would scurry off to get the materials he promised.

    As soon as he left a sigh of relief escaped her. Zoriko always held her guard way up around her manager, he's clearly a man who wouldn't hesitate to fight her. She continued to feed her papers into the machine after he left, intending to finish before he came back. As the machine did its job, she looked up at Tempest and smiled.

    "I put an ice spell in the water for you, its cold again" she spoke calmly. Zoriko was mostly comfortable around Tempest now, in his presence, she no longer had to think and hesitate before speaking. She chuckled a bit before she spoke again. "Are you excited for this venture? You're getting paid for it as well"

    Zoriko made conversation with Tempest, and before long her manager returned. Great timing, as she'd just scanned in her last drawing. He handed her a more pristine copy of the id she already had, except this one had a plastic casing with the company logo on it, and a lanyard by which she could hang it around her neck. The card itself had her picture on it, and her name printed underneath, in bold blue letters. He handed Tempest an empty sleeve, which was the casing with a lanyard but no id inside. Before they could say anything her manager began speaking, he informed Tempest that they had an id prepped for him, but they needed a picture, and asked him to follow him out to take a picture. 

    When everything was done, they headed out of her cabin, and into the elevator, soon to exit the building.


    Finally walking down the bustling streets of New York City once more,  they made their way to a restaurant Zoriko swore was amazing. 

    "They have all the foods you could possibly want! I go there with my human friends all the time. They call themselves an international restaurant so they've got an almost limitless menu, and of the things on the menu, you can customize it however you want, so even for people with allergies, its awesome!" As they walked down the street further, they finally stopped by a reasonably crowded restaurant, the sign above said "IntRes", short for international restaurant. Not the most interesting name, but an interesting spot nonetheless. The interior was ambient, with bamboo lining on the walls, with teardrop lights scattered around. It was well lit, more upscale than a fast food place, but not very fancy. A waiter dressed in all black greeted, them, and led them to a table where Zoriko eagerly grabbed a menu, her ruby hues scanning the pages. A similar one was given to Tempest. She ordered large portions of a bisque soup for herself, as well as a sandwich and a salad to the side. 

    "In the sky, we don't have many opportunities to eat meat, so though I eat it occasionally, I am mostly content on a diet of vegetables. When I do eat meat, I eat it in smaller portions, the meal mostly veggies anyway. What about you, what is your palate like?" As they made conversation, Zoriko could be seen dipping portions of her sandwich into her soup. It was something a human friend taught her, though in that case it was a sandwich of grilled cheese, and tomato soup, it was a comfort food popular in the area. 

    When they finished their food, satisfied with their meal, the waiter came around with some tiramisu. Seeing as she didn't order it, the waiter explained it was on the house for herself and her friend as she comes here very frequently. The bittersweet taste to the dessert was a nice way to conclude the meal, so she didn't object. She wasn't much of a fan of sweets, but seeing as it was a perfect balance of bitter as well as sweet, it came to be one of her absolute favourites, ordering it from time to time. Once she paid, they walked out of the restaurant, and looked up at him.

    "You lead this operation captain, I know next to nothing about boats. So what next? Do we head there now or later?"

    This was a sign of trust from Zoriko, allowing Tempest to take the reigns of the mission. She, who usually treads around with caution before dipping her feet into the water, had allowed herself to follow the mission at the behest of another

  • For now, everything remained a part of her daily ventures. Her mind was now temporarily free from the thoughts of her fiance - thanks to Namu's efforts. Again the maiden thought of the one she was 'destined' to marry..but why? Well, if it were her choice, the mermaid wouldn't even be engaged to begin with. But unfortunately it was an offer she had to accept, and to make things worse her potential husband was too stubborn to let her go. No matter what he had to do, the maiden would one day be his bride - but to this day he has yet to force her into anything. All she wants is her complete freedom, but it's hard to have that when one is engaged to the God of Sea himself..or in her mind, the God of complete Stubbornness.

    Namu would continue swimming at a higher speed until a gentle gesture from the goddess prompted him to stop. The duo were now closer to the islands they spotted prior. The adventurer within her wanted to explore the island, and to save some of her friend's energy, it was best to causally swim the rest of the way. But just as she was about to start swimming on her own, the maiden would freeze in place. Something felt...off. Not only was she a traveler of the sea, but the goddess was also its protector. It is as if she and the ocean were as one, which gives her the ability to sense when something amok occurs. Though what she sensed wasn't wrong or evil, but again just..off. Namu's expression showed confusion as sapphire hues glanced around - first to her left, then forward, before turning to her right. But nothing that caught her gaze seemed out of the ordinary, and just as she had that thought a sharp feeling was felt across her shoulder..as if someone, or something was attempting to gain her attention.

    It would be given as Namu was the first to turn around seconds before his companion did, and to his surprise, there stood a unknown creature that was looking back at them - one that appeared to be some sort of a serpent from what they could see. The shock along with being afraid of the unknown caused the dolphin to emit a high pitched cry from its mouth - but as nervous as he was, Namu never once thought of leaving the maiden's side. A glance to her was given in hopes that she had the same idea of fleeing, but instead he was met with her hand gently patting his head in hopes of claiming him down. All the while, however, her sapphire eyes curiously remained on the creature before them, and if one were to look at her expression while she stared, any could easily notice the slight confusion displayed on her face. Fear was nonexistent, but she pondered for a brief moment on what type of aquatic creature stood before her - she was aware of the beings known as Loch Ness Monsters as well as Krackens; and while this creature looked a bit similar to the Loch Ness, there were certain features that told her that this one was of a entirely different species.

    But no matter what the creature was, he was still an occupant the ocean - and when encountering her fellow aquatics, the goddess was always friendly. A gentle smile spread across her lips while keeping eye contact. Using her fin, the maiden did gain slight distance to not be too close in the creature's personal space. An action that Namu quickly followed as he remained close to his companion's side. After another moment of staring, her lips finally parted to speak. "Well hello, you're certainly a new face. Are you from this area? My friend and I are traveling this waters and were just passing through." The tone of her voice was just as friendly as her smile; and because of her ability to speak with sea life, the goddess had no doubts that the creature would understand her without issue. The unknown, however, was his temperament - yet instill he was the one to tap on her shoulder, so the creature had to be friendly as well right? She could only wait for his response to find out for sure.

  • As she opened her blinds, the sun light began to pour in, illuminating the room in its stead. A certain warmth loomed in the patches of light. This was finally enough to awaken Tempest, as she saw him sit up in the corner of her eyes. She sat back down at her dining table, continually sipping her hot coffee. When he scooted over slightly, it gave Zoriko the notion to get up. As such she did, walking to her room and grabbing a clean hair brush off the counter of her vanity. The brush had a rounded square  made from wood. The bristles were also wood, and they were sitting on a soft silicon base. It was a brush she'd found in Italy at some point; handmade.  She handed it to Tempest, with a slight smile on her face. She knew the struggles of bed hair all too well, but she couldn't help but find some amusement at the state of his. Placing it at the table in front of him, she sat back at her table, this time pouring coffee into Tempest's glass, signalling him to join her. 

    Drinking coffee had become somewhat of a ritual for her in the morning. Her anatomy wouldn't allow her to become hooked on something such as caffeine, so it never really buzzed her the way it does for actual humans. Nevertheless, it was something she enjoyed drinking. The elven tribe used to drink something similar, it was indeed a drink made from the arabica bean, just as coffee was, but the drink was more of a puree than a steeped concoction. Thus this smell often held a place in her heart. Zora loved to drink it, and when they were together she'd place a bowl of the stuff in front of Zoriko so they could drink it together, as dragon and rider. Modern technology and the advancement of human civilization allowed her to get these beans for incredibly cheap; what was a delicacy among the tribe was a commodity for the humans.

    His question was received with a nod of approval as she got up once more. No words were spoken, but a gesture to follow her if he would like. She picked up her coffee mug, so it wouldn't go cold, and walked toward her bedroom. When the door was opened, one could see directly in front was a broad window, with plum curtains that draped to the floor, alongside sheer white curtains that lay right underneath. The gentle sunlight illuminated a room with dark wooden floors. Her furniture maintained a white theme, as her vanity has a white frame, and her bedframe and nightstand were also white. Her bed was neatly made with plum and grey coloured bedding. Her phone lay on top of a novel on her nightstand. If Tempest observed any closer he would see that it was the Brothers Grimm's tales; An old time classic. She picked up her phone, and handed it to Tempest. Her company had given it it to her last year, but they allowed her to keep it, seeing as she didn't have a personal phone otherwise. Her actual work phone made it's home in her kitchen drawer, until she was actually going out. She typed in her password and handed it to Tempest, wondering if he knew how to actually use the thing.

    When she handed it to him, she led him out of her room, and back to the dining table. It was a slight notion, but mostly because she didn't like carrying food and drinks into that space. Not looking at what he was doing with it, she finally spoke "I have to get my assignment for the week, care to come?" she implied a trip to the office, trying to make it sound as pleasant as she could. "We can get food at whatever restaurant you please afterward, take it as my treat for giving you such a fright earlier" she said with a chuckle. With this, she grabbed the work phone from the drawer, and moved it to its other home; that one pocket in her purse that is absolutely useless. She then put on her cardigan, and a pair of shoes, grabbing her keys from the wall.

    "Let's go!" she said with some glee in her voice as she waited for him to walk out of her apartment so she could lock the door behind them.


    When they eventually got to her office, they walked in, into the familiar lobby with a bunch of disheveled models, and into the elevators, and finally up to her office where her manager would be waiting for her in front of her cabin.

    "Dust. Dust Piled on EVERYTHING in here Zoe" he emphasized.

    Zoriko shrugged his comment off, and walked past him, opening the door, holding it open for Tempest. 

    "I'm talking to you madame" he said once more.

    Zoriko didn't quite make eye contact with him as she asked what her next assignment was. All this while scanning copies of her latest drawings. The little flash drive she put into her computer's tower was blinking blue, which was a new addition. 

    "One word; horror. The audience wants to see something more fall trend than pumpkins and pumpkins with abnoxious amount of sugar and spices Zoe. They want to see horror, and what best than seeing images that are HAND DRAWN!"

    Zoriko sighed deeply, looking up at him. "I don't appreciate horror. You've tried this for the fourth year consecutively, and it didn't work, I'm not going to your stupid midscale horror house to see a bunch of holographic mummies

    Somewhat angry now, her manager's face went tomato red as he stepped up towards her again, speaking through his teeth now. "Now now, I tried to be nice to you hun. But if you aren't going to go, well, the most delicate way to say this is that you aren't coming back." This would cause Zoriko to inherently drop her hands as she gawked back that he had no position threatening her as such. They began to bicker now as they always did, at which point Zoriko pulled out the golden words, and began to attack him with them, each word like lightening bolts to his ego. 

    "I go, then your entire department goes with me, because let's be honest with ourselves yeah? Out of the Entire department, I'm the only one who frequently travels, and I'm the only one whose pictures are printed every week. If I go, your department does too, and when it does, you'd crash right next to it. So think before you speak next time." 

    Her manager got even more angry but this time seemed to give up somewhat, as a more dejected tone took to his voice. He was practically begging her to go, but she seemed pretty bent on not going. 

    He walked toward Tempest, grabbing his hand. Zoriko immediately eyed this gesture, more concerned for him and his glamour over all else. "Why don't you take this pretty boy with you eh? This is the second time you brought him here, take him, he seems like the kind of guy to really enjoy horror houses! I mean unless y'all want to go to an actual haunted ehm, ship or whatever nonsense, go to the house with this guy!"

    Her manager then put his arm around Tempest's shoulder, pretty obviously struggling to reach as he was much shorter than him. Still holding his had with his other hand, her manager looked him in the eyes, practically begging him to convince Zoriko. But the main reason she didn't go was that all of the gimmicks in the house were plastic, or simple illusions of light. None of them would make for a scary, or even slightly spooky artwork. 

    Somehow this decision fell onto Tempest's shoulders, and Zoriko was willing to do pretty much anything to get her manager off her tale except go to a fake haunted house.


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