Simple Youtube Embed (Page music player)


Putting this here for anyone else who needs it. 

Drop this in the HTML section of your page's text boxes to embed music.




<div style="padding-left: 120px; padding-right: 120px; background: transparent; text-align: center;"><iframe src=";autoplay=1&amp;wmode=opaque" width="280" height="157" frameborder="0"></iframe></div>




  • change autoplay =1 to zero instead if you don't want it to happen
  • The section in the URL that says k6960Im-09s is the identifying code you can find behind any youtube video link. That's what to change if you want a different song
  • Width/height are self explanatory, but going too small with the box will make pausing and playing impossible
  • Not sizing right when you change width/height? Mess with the padding I've placed on either side
  • Showing up as just text? Make sure your text box is set to 'HTML' before pasting it
  • Music not playing? Troubleshoot the autoplay settings on your browser
  • I generally put mine on the bottom of a text box so I can find it fast. Keep this chunk of code together as a whole so it doesn't break. 
  • Pop questions down below if you have 'em




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