Another Year, Another Future - 2023RE

Another Year, Another Future - 2023RE

It hasn’t been easy, this past year. I’ve dealt with the loss of a family, the loss of my village, and the transportation to another world after losing my life in the one I called home to rid it of the demonic scourge that plagued the lands. I have been wandering for a long time, visiting new places and seeing new sights.

Normally, most people would have given up and probably have settled for less than their best knowing that they were in a new world and had nobody that they knew. At least, that’s how it was in my world before I left. But me? I see this new world as a fresh start, a clean slate, so to speak. This world is full of new adventures to start, new people to meet, and new creatures to encounter.

A new year is right around the corner, and honestly? I look forward to it this time, something to show that not everything has to end with sadness and sorrow. After all, who’s to say that an end to one thing isn’t the beginning of a new thing? Look at me! My life ended in my old world, and now, here I am in this new world, with a new life, and a new beginning to a tale that I can form into whatever I want it to be. I could be a hero, a villain, a monster, or a gentle being.

What do I choose to be? I choose to be me. The same old Haleth I’ve always been, but along the way I can learn new skills, meet new people, learn new histories of places I’ve never heard of. But deep down, I’m still the same elf I was back then. I still want to help people, I still want to protect people. A transference of soul isn’t cause to change who I am, but it is cause to explore who I could evolve into.

In the year since I have been a part of this new world, I have made many new friends. People I trust, people who trust me. I would not have it any other way than this, as having people by your side that you can trust will go a long way in living your fullest life. At least, that’s what I believe anyways.

So, what are my resolutions for the oncoming year? Well, that’s rather simple actually. See, I don’t have a lot of desires or things I want to change. But there are things that I would like to have, experience, and give over this next year. I would enjoy making new friends, greeting new faces and giving them a warm welcome to the world that they have joined. I would love to experience blossoming friendships, cooperative partnerships, and an overall love of the world that we are all a part of. I would want to give my support to those who would need it, my friendship to those who would want it, and the knowledge that no matter what happens in the world, people will always be able to find an ear that will listen, arms that will provide the most comforting of hugs, and heart that will never judge, no matter the circumstances.

To put my resolution in smaller wording, I’d like to be the person that people feel is welcoming and cares about them, even if I don’t know them that well. We all need kindness in this world, and I’d like to be someone people know they can go to in order to receive that kindness if they can’t find it.

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