Basic Info about Aternia Part 1.

This lore and info belongs to me. This is lore and all future posts are to help my fellow roleplayers understand the world my muse lives in. 




• Aternia is a MASSIVE kingdom. Combined the USA and Canada and you have a pretty good idea of how large Aternia is.

• Aternia is not a hereditary monarchy. The reigning sovereign is chosen by the Heart of Aternia, a magical amulet inhabited by a sapient magical spirit named Astralis. Astralis reads the hearts and minds of potential rulers and, if he deems them worthy of the Silver Throne, will imbue that person with the Heart's power. The chosen sovereign will reign for as long as they live and/or holds Astralis' approval. 

• Aternia is not ruled by its sovereign alone. Four other individuals known as the Archons rule alongside the sovereign and together they make up what is referred to as the Council of Five or the Great Council. 

• Each Archon governs one of Aternia's four province's and is equal to the reigning monarch in authority. Though the monarch usually has the final say on certain matters of state. 

• The Nobility no longer exists in the traditional sense. During Aternia's Civil War the great noble houses all but destroyed each other. While a few houses survived the carnage the current descendants hold no political power or favor with Queen Merlyn.

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