Troubles of a New Year - 2023RE

This past year has come with its own burdens and accomplishments...

I’ve traveled to seemingly every corner of the world in the past twelve months. I have taken boat rides to the furthest regions of the West, as well as along the borders of Nightwing.  The forests have taken many days out of the past months and the deserts as I walked. I have swam (and nearly drowned) in the ocean's trenches, fighting off sea monsters I never knew existed. I have traveled by train, car, horseback, and on foot. I have met with the smallest of plant sprites, and the largest of extraterrestrial beings as if this world couldn't get any more complicated. With new magicks at my disposal, I have traveled by portal to opposite regions and passed through Sanctum Cafe as an interdimensional pause from the havoc that was the past year in this life.

I have made dear friends from unexpected places, where simple conversations made the differences of lives at stake. Likewise, I have met new comrades in real-time as the speed of life pushed us together. I have met up with old friends I couldn’t have missed more dearly, no matter the distance or time we spent apart. No matter how many dearest friends, I have made a formidable enemy in the past months.



One thing I have yet to visit are the skies. Recent leads regarding Chanook have changed the path for both Raiya and I. My resolution is to find the truth about where my most trusted friend has been after so many years. Chanook is alive. He has been waiting, just as I have been.  After what feels like countless years, my dragon is alive. Nothing will stop me from proving that. 

My second resolution is to stop this most formidable enemy mentioned prior. Not only has Marius stolen and killed in attempts to reach me, but he has also turned toward the dark arts in order to do so. I vow to put an end to the violence Marius Krein has turned against me and whoever he may think stands between us. I don’t know where his vengeance originates, nor why I have been hunted.  I only know that I can't let another innocent life get in the way of his war path... the sorcerer brings forth just as many questions as he does concerns.

As a third resolution, I vow to find peace through it all. I have given the better half of the past year solving troubles that have only evolved into deeper troubles. I yearn to travel again for the sake of simply traveling and spending my moments enjoying my surroundings. I yearn to return to my library work and bookbinding that I am sure has gathered unnecessary dust since I last stepped into the library caverns of Nightwing. I yearn to spend time with an old friend until boredom and curiosity lead the way to our mischief and spellcasting. I yearn to find out who I was, even if it has proven impossible over the centuries.

I can’t promise any of these resolutions. I can hardly fathom the first, after so many years. I fear the second. If the year shall choose to treat me kindly, I hope to reach the third. 

To whomever this letter reaches, let it be known that I thought as well as to protect those dearest. Until next time. "



Spencer of Nightwing

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