Hello, hello! My name is Zoe, and my character is a self insert. I have 12 years of experience as a writer and I love testing my limits in all kinds of role playing genres. I can write up to 7 full paragraphs and more depending on my partner as well as the situation in character. My favorite settings are all kinds of Dark Themes and Sci - Fi, as well as Action and Adventure. But don't let that disencourage you, despite them being my favorite, it does not mean that I don't want to write anything else other than that! Quite the opposite actually, I roleplay all settings with no restrictions, even predetermined stories with side characters or throwaway characters, as long as I am able to play her as she is. My character is made to fit in everything, everywhere and all at once. There are no excuses, she's built from scratch by none other than me to have that exact function. A core function, if you will. One of her abilities that allow such a thing is her ability to change appearances at will. I can even write her in an oriental, japanese setting and make it fit her. She can be anybody, anywhere. 

I've been told many times that talking, plotting and even writing with me seems to be so interesting and exciting! I am a sucker for interesting and exciting stories. But… if you come to me with a one sided story or with restrictions, then it is a completely different story. Restrictions, rules… triggers. Personally, I am mature and I don’t need to dance around such snowflake bullshit. I need my role plays to be authentic, immersive and especially realistic in no matter what setting. I do not want to settle for anything less than amazing, so if you are not limitless and can’t trust some stranger to not be weird or anything, then please do not contact me under any circumstances. I personally am able to discuss everything and be mature about it, so if you want to write with me, you have to be limitless.That being said, my DM's are always open which is an important thing considering that i am still figuring out how this site works and i mainly use Discord for writing as it feels pretty unappealing to write somewhere in a dark corner here when Discord has fancy writing and actual RP tools. Though be wary of what you send, I can read people very well through text which means that I'll prioritize the one who seems deserving of it. It has happened countless times that people requested my attention and failed very badly to do so! I know. Sounds scary, but it really is just up to you and your passion for writing. Other than that I am very friendly and loving! The best way to catch my attention is either sending your super crazy RP ideas and your favorite and good looking characters.

I play a character who is the depiction of "Mother Life". Light and Life are dependent on her existence and she has abilities that are considered overpowered which makes her an alien super weapon in relation to her background story. Some people may find it dull and bland, an overpowered character that is almost impossible to defeat in combat. Boring, right? Well, my friend. Thankfully this is not really how it works with my character, sure she may be extremely powerful but in the end it doesn't really matter because as said before, she can be anything. Anybody… she is more than just overpowered abilities. She barely even uses any of her abilities unless forced to. The main appeal behind the character is that she’s able to live a normal life as one of her abilities is appearance shifting. I personally find it extremely appealing to play a God who lives a normal life with or without knowing their deity side. Imagine your closest friend secretly being the god of death and at some point you’ll find out. Or one of your parents! A strange appeal, I admit. But! It has crazy potential for very good stories. Even if that isn’t your jam, we can do literally anything with her. I love discussing it all and you’ll never hear a no from me. So, if you've made it this far without clicking off of this Ad, then… Thank you very much for showing interest! Expect us to write amazing stories filled with adventures, beautiful memories and lots of journeys to be had! Oh and just to see if people really did read all this... Please mention the depiction of my character in your introduction which is mentioned in the paragraph above on the first line.

Many kisses, Zoe!

Full Character Biography and Commissioned Pictures in the DM's!

Special, Must Write Plots [WIP]:

Japanese Mythology: I’m a sucker for oriental style stories, Japanese mythology, and their magical beings. I’m keen on having Zoe play as a fox goddess or a japanese woman. I’d be looking for a magical setting, a perfect reference would be the movie Spirited Away” from Studio Ghibli but I don’t want to copy the movie, rather forge a world like that with somebody keen on writing the same setting as me. (Everything can be discussed beforehand).


Sci - Fi: The one thing that makes me fall in love with a Sci Fi movie is where the protagonist has a ship crew that are like close friends or even family to them. I always wanted to have Zoe be part of a crew like that and do real badass shit together. A good reference would be the movie Space Sweepers from Netflix. (Everything can be discussed beforehand).


Halo: Zoe is pretty much a heavily upgraded Cortana who is able to exist in the physical world AND the virtual, as a hologram. If you know about Halo then you know that this is pretty crazy. I’ve met many spartans before that were able to profit from this idea extremely well. But I also am interested in writing with Zoe as a soldier either for the UNSC or the Covenant or even the Flood. A normal soldier or an Omnipotent ally, I am not picky and even open to all ideas! (Everything can be discussed beforehand).

Super Villain: This would feed my universal need for bad endings or outright brutal defeat of my character. Zoe is able to play the perfect villain but the idea behind this is that she’d pretty much get defeated in any way possible. I don’t mind if you’d rape her, execute her or humiliate her at the same time. The more fucked up, the better it feels. Of course she doesn’t have to lose, she can definitely return the favor! But you get the idea. (Everything can be discussed beforehand).

Family: I always loved the idea of Zoe existing in a human or any kind of normal modern society and having a family. I’m not sure what I could use as a reference but picture an otherworldly family who is forced to use a different appearance to not get the attention of the humans and only use their original form in dire situations or in family dinners where it doesn’t matter. I can very well imagine Zoe having children, meeting a different normal family that does not know of Zoe’s true existence or the supernatural shit going on in her family. I could picture her telling a story about what they did last vacation and how beautiful the beach was, but of course not sharing the crucial information about how many otherworldly beasts she and her family had slayed during that very vacation. (Everything can be discussed beforehand).

Little Secret, I have an undying need for bad ends and gore deaths, you can also get my attention very, very quickly if you want to write that with me. Other than that, it is not really a must to write these things.

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