I am particularly looking for someone interested in doing a human RP. I have had a vague idea of the relationship between the one character in danger and the other saving them. Extremely vague but we can workshop it and I am extremely easy going. Hell if you have your own random idea tell me. I might just love it. Honestly, I just want to RP. Just a heads up: I tend to lean towards some bdsm elements but if certain parts make you uncomfortable please tell me. I can play either male or female and either Dom or sub. Im looking for a MxF RP at the moment.

I can write on almost any theme(ex. Addictions, abuse, smut etc.) Name it and I've probably done it at least once.

Also if you find the RP makes you uncomfortable or you aren't interested, please let me. There will be no hard feelings if you tell me instead of ghosting me. My responses fluctuate between a couple lines to multi-para depending on the scene(ex. Conversations are short responses)

I also would rather write on discord. I can definitely respond faster there and this site lags too much for me.

If this interests you, please leave a comment or send me a friend request.

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  • Right now I'm up for almost any theme. I just want to RP 

  • Sending you a request. I'd love to plot! 

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