Hello! I've recently found this website and decided to give it a try, let's see how it goes!

I've been roleplaying for years, and actually, more than a decade! 

I love to chat, honestly, and roleplaying is something that little old me gets happily jumping at the joy of writing and producing my little scenarios with a companion.

Specifically passionate romance scenarios... Because who doesn't like a perfectly orchestrated passionate burn between two characters until they just snap against each other? 

For me, it's something that truly makes my mind light up like nothing ever does... 

My inspiration washes over me like a cold water bucket whenever the opportunity makes it's appearance, and I miss that feeling deeply. 

And that's where this website comed into action!

First of all, i apologize in advance for any mistakes I could make writing, since English it's not my first language and I may have some troubles sometimes to put things into words.

But anyway, let's get to the point already


What I can provide myself? 


- I'm an advanced literate writer, from novella style to multi-paragraphs.

- I love to brainstorm ideas, anything good and interesting enough that can evolve into a fun conversation to create, or, perfect the scenario for the both us.

- I'm open minded, acceptable to many ideas (But NOT weird, really hardcore stuff ).

- Understanding on a deep level, and, more than a roleplaying partner, can be actually a friend for you. 

- Exclusively plays as F character.


What I'm searching for?


- A person I can talk and have fun too, obviously! ( Had some awful experiences before, and I've come to the conclusion that it's better to rp with someone you can actually have a friendly conversation with than no exchange of words at all. ) 

- No minors ( As my roleplays usually include +18 scenes, even if it isn't the main focus, I'm just not comfortable roleplaying with someone younger than me, it feels wrong ). 

- Similar age range. ( OOC is 21 ).

- I'm not someone who usually needs to roleplay all day, but, at the very least, once a day could be necessary, just so I know that you're actually interested in the plot. 

As I said before, I don't have any troubles adjusting to my partners needs and availability, but to prevent ghosting, a response or dedication from the other person must be required. 

- Is comfortable with writing smut scenes. 

- Exclusively plays as M characters.


Lastly, what is my main focus or interest for a roleplay's theme right now? 


I've been actually quite attracted to the idea of a slow burn, enemies to lovers kind of plot, but anything my partner brings in is fine as well.

And that's it! If you've read this far, please, message me and talk to me! 


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